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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this has certainly been a really strange Spring what with our getting hit with severe storms here in Northern Colorado. Last night, the second such in three days saw hale and snowfall in the high country. Honestly, the only good thing about the bad weather is it has kept the protesters/rioters off the streets at last. Okay, on to more pleasant topics.

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Super artist Cesar Feliciano continues his work on the first chapter of our new comic project JIN & TONIC. We posted several views of pg 6 last week; one with letters and one without. Above his pg 8. We are thrilled with these pages, as watching our script come to visual life is always exciting and why we love writing comics so much. Stay tune for more updates on the project as it develops.


When Rob Davis and the Air Chief started up our Airship 27 publishing venture, we realized that our inability to pay our creators upfront, and not a whole lot ever was going to be a realistic fact of life. To that end we told all new writers and artists wanting to work with us that we would never set deadlines. The policy was simple. When we had all the stories and art we needed for an anthology title, only then would we go to press. Creators could take as long as they needed. We even encouraged them to do that. So time rolls along and things run pretty smoothly. But every so often the Air Chief started getting requests from certain creators, “Please give me a deadline. I can’t get it done unless I have some kind of editorial pressure on me.” Now as crazy as that sounds, after some thought, we began to understand the reasoning behind such approaches. Enough so that in the end, whenever a writer or artist asked us to give them an actual deadline, we were only too happy to oblige them. Though, we still pushed it out a wee bit to be sure we weren’t bee too pesky.


Finally going to end this week’s Flight Log with a bit about one of the weirdest characters the Air Chief ever created, Harry Beest, the gorilla mobster. Those of you who have read our Brother Bones books are familiar with this guy. He was once a top mob killer but when he seduced the boss’ daughter, the old man had him drugged and delivered to a mad scientist. This was Dr. Bugosi and in the grand tradition of those old Universal Monster movies, Bugosi cut out Harry’s brain and put it in the body of a silverbak gorilla. Now Harry runs his own mob and his one dream is to one day have his brain put back in a human body. Little did we realize when envisioning this bizarre character how much our readers would come to enjoy him. So Loyal Airmen, in a little while there will be lots more Harry Beest exploits and we near the completion of the next Brother Bones collection; Tales of Cape Noire. Stay tuned. More as things develop and till then, go have a banana on Harry.

Ron – Over & Out!

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