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Greeting Loyal Airmen, this past week the Air Chief was once again  guest at the Rocky Mountain High School here in Fort Collins, for their Career Day. This is a special day put aside for juniors in which dozens (and I do mean dozens) of local professional people from all walks of life, are invited to come and talk to these bright young people about their own careers and perhaps along the way inspire some of them with thought of following those particular fields of endeavor. This was the Air Chief’s fourth year of talking to this kids about our career as a freelance writer in the comics, pulps and sci-fi.  And as ever we had such a fantastic time. Sharing what you love with others who might want to become creators is so satisfying. The Air Chief still holds out hope that one day we can find a teaching gig here at some small local community college.  We’ve put out a few inquiries but as yet now bites.


On the pulp front, Airship 27 Productions just released our fourth title of 2017. SHADOW LEGION – Nightmare City by Thomas Deja is the second in his series about a group of superheroes operating in Nocturne, Florida. This one has all four members of the team in individual stories. Interior illustrations are by Vincent Marchesno and the cover (above) is by Zach Brunner. If you like pulp superheroes, we hope you’ll check it out at Amazon. Available now in paperback and soon on Kindle.


The above pin-up of Mr. Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts, was done by our good friend, artist Darren Goodhart, a while back and used in the back of one of our issues. Darren later volunteered to do a cover for us. And so, at present we have issue # 15 in production and it will feature two new Jiggy Stories.  Darren will be drawing the cover for it and another friend, Mort Todd of the Charlton Arrow, has agreed to color it. This should be a great cover when completed. Stay tuned.

And that’s it for this week Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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