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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are writing this the day after Memorial Day. We hope all of you Loyal Airmen not only had a wonderful holiday weekend, but also, in your private ways took time out to thank in prayers, all Americans who fought in died in all wars to keep our great country free. Their sacrifices must never ever be forgotten and all of must strive every day to keep this land free for future generations. We owe them that much.


And while the long weekend meant time off for many people, some of the amazing artist the Air Chief is working with these days just kept on creating.  Above is a great panel showing Navajo shaman Eddie Nightsky, one of the characters from JIN & TONIK, as developed by the Air Chief and artist creator Cesar Feliciano.


Meanwhile Jim O’Riley was working on “roughs” from our Brother Bones graphic novel script. Artists do up these roughs so as to see what the strengths and weaknesses are inherent in each page. Then learning that, they adapt the final pages to reflect the best compositions. Jim’s plan is to do “roughs” for ALL 130 pgs before he begins the final artwork. Now that’s dedication to one’s craft.


Every Wed afternoon the Air Chief gets together with pals Todd Jones and James Gaubatz.  Wel this week, James surprised both Todd and the Air Chief with new hats carrying the Wicked Awesome Tales logo embroidered on them. This is the comic title Todd and James produced together and the Air Chief has contributed to. Thus far they have eleven issues out.  Hats are spiffy and nice addition to our hat collection.


Finally, a few weeks ago, we showed off an amazing piece of artwork done by our pal Cesar Feliciano of a Pirate Queen. Cesar is such a gifted artist. Well he’s also got a truly generous heart because upon reading my praise of this piece, he went and packaged it up and sent it to us as a gift. Wow. We are going to need to get it matted and put up somewhere in the office. The Air Chief is blessed with such amazing friends.

Ron – Over & Out!!


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