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Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well Valerie and the Air Chief are home again, after a really fast two weeks back east visiting friends and family.  We will be sharing pictures from that trip with you over the next two entries. The first part deals with our stay in New Hampshire. Enjoy.


Upon our arrival in the Granite State, we hooked up with Val’s family at a local restaurant and had a great time together. Seated around the table going left to right are, Andy Fagen and wife Sandy Fagen (she is Valerie’s younger sister) then next to her is Desiree and Ronnie Mailhot (Ronnie is Valerie’s younger brother) and across from him is Barbara and Gus Papajohn (Barbara being Valerie’s older sister). Then of course Valerie and up front right, the Air Chief. These are really a special people and we so loved being with them again.


The following day we headed down to Dover to the Wentworth Home to see Mom. She looked fantastic and both Valerie and the Air Chief were overjoyed.  During our week long stay we visited with her four times, above is a picture taken on our last day. What a truly remarkable woman. She’ll be 94 in Nov and is still painting.


One of the major reasons for this trip was to see our grand daughter Chelsea receive her Master’s Degree at the University.  Above (left to right) are friend Steve and his son Nathan in his arm.  Our son-in-law Chris, oldest daughter (and grand daughter) Kristi, Chelsea, their Mom Michelle and Steve’s wife Kristin.  All of us were so happy and proud of her. Happily the forecasted rain held off until after the outdoor ceremony was over.


Valerie, Chelsea and the Air Chief. What a truly wonderful day for our family.  Chelsea finished her Master’s work in only one year, doing an accelerated program.


At the party for Chelsea, we had to get a pix with our beautiful grand daughters. We love them so much and it was a pure joy to be with them again, even for this little while.


While in New Hampshire, we stayed at Andy and Sandy’s home, they generously inviting us to do so. Andy, a one time car racer, is now retired and into model plane flying. At one point he brought the Air Chief down to his basement workshop. We’ve seen him flying these beauties and he is truly a pro at it. A super talented guy and most gracious host.


Of course we also did see a few dear friends other than family during our stay.  One of these being Kim and Ron Paradis. Ron and the Air Chief worked together side by side at a General Electric facility for 30 years. Like the Air Chief, he is also a Vietnam veteran. A truly good friend.  We managed to squeeze in a breakfast together at a local restaurant before he had to run off and shoot nine holes…being an avid golfer now retired.

And there you have part of our stay in NH and neighboring Maine.  Next week we’ll tell you all about our trip south to Conn. and visit with son Scott and his crew.


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That’s it for our first Flight Log of June. See you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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