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Greetings Loyal Airmen.  As promised, this week we want to share with you our pictures and experiences from our second part of our trip back east. After leaving NH, we traveled south to Bethel, Conn. to spend four great days with son Scott, his wife Katie and our grand kids Taryn & Logan.


One of the interesting things we learned about Bethel thanks to Scott & Katie was that it was once the home of “The Greatest Showman” P.T. Barnum and there is marvelous statue of him in front of the town library.


Here’s the Air Chief with son Scott. He is such a great human being, we are so proud of him. He is a great father, devoted husband and all around fun soul willing to give you the shirt off his back should you need it. In many ways Scott, is so much like a man he never really got to know, our own father, George Fortier. Both were gifted by God with truly wonderful hearts. We miss Scott  and his crew so much, these visits are special.


One day they took us to a local ice cream joint and both Taryn (above) and her brother Logan, ordered these massive creations that were filled with ice cream, cookies, candies and whatever else could be imagined. Watching them attempt to eat them all was a hoot.


Later that day, Katie booked us a room at this new fun game place called ESCAPE ROOM.  The idea being people are locked in specially designed rooms filled with clues and given an hour to figure out the puzzles and find the key that unlocks the door.  All the while the groups in the rooms are being monitored on closed-circuit TV by the “Game Master.” Well the group above, left to right, Air Chief, Valerie, Katie, Taryn, Scott & Logan, give it our best shot but the room beat us and we were unable to solve the final clues. Although our Game Master did say we’d solved 80% of the overall puzzle.  The photo was taken after our release.  Honestly, if you ever have an opportunity to do one of these Escape Room things, go for it. It was a blast.


On our last night in Bethel, Scott & Katie treated to a wonderful dinner at a Japanese Grill. Taryn loves shrimp while Logan is steak man.  The Air Chief and Val chowed down on chicken and scallops.


Driving home from the restaurant Scott took us past a famous diner where ever Sat night car enthusiasts gather to show off their classic wheels. All the while the public address is playing classic 50s and 60s music. We stopped and checked out some truly gorgeous cars. What memorable way to end our trip.  Thanks Scott & Katie. We made so many great new memories.  Until next time.


And after a few long weeks, we are happy to announce the release of our latest pulp title at Airship 27 Productions. WU DANG – First of the Wanderer is by the ever popular Barbaro Doran, this being her fourth book for us. It’s an action packed adventure that begins in Shang Hai and ends in 1848 San Francisco during the Gold Rush. Now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  As ever thanks for your support.


After wearing glasses since the Air Chief was 13 yrs old, this past Monday, we had eye surgery to remove a cataract from our right eye.  We had had the same surgery way back in 1995 to remove one from our left eye. Since then our glasses had feature a clear piece of plastic because we had 20/20 in the left eye.  Monday surgery’s has now done the same thing for the right eye and the picture above is the happy Air Chief holding up the last pair of eye glasses he will ever wear. We thank all our friends and family on Facebook who send their prayers and well wishes, and of course the doctors and nurses and above all our loving God, who continues to bless us in so many way we could never count them all.  71 years old and we seem to be getting younger.  Ha.

Ron – Over & Out!

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