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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as most of you know, for the past several years Chief Engineer Rob Davis and the Air Chief have been doing a monthly podcast. At first it was only audio but earlier this year we brought our show to You Tube and now you can see us…as well as hear us. Overall, our shows have averaged about 80 views each although last month, July, that number dropped to a very poor 41. We suspect it being the height of summer had much to do with it as most of our Loyal Airmen were most likely on vacation and traveling. Two weeks ago we released Episode # 54 and in it talked a great deal about the fun and mayhem we experienced during our trip to the Pikeville Comic and Toy Convention in Kentucky. If you haven’t checked out our hour long show, we urge you to give it a try. All you need do is go to You Tube on the internet and once there simply type in AIRSHIP 27 PODCAST # 54. Rob and the Air Chief have a really fun time doing these and very much want to share them with all of you. Oh, and while there, do click on the Subscribe button. It doesn’t cost anything and is just an easy way for you to be reminded whenever we post a new episode. As ever, thanks so much for your support.


Now on to some great news. Several years ago, as most of you Loyal Airmen are well aware, Airship 27 Productions did a brand new edition of the late Mark Justice’s weird western novel, “The Dead Sheriff.” This had been Mark’s wish and our agreement before his untimely passing.


Then with the approval of Mark’s widow, Norma Kay Justice, we completed his unfinished second Dead Sheriff novel, “Cannibals & Bloodsuckers” and released it last year in 2018.

fred books-1Air-200b

Then earlier this month, we released the third Dead Sheriff novel, “Holster Full of Death” by the amazing Fred Adams Jr. much to everyone’s delight. Our idea from the start was to keep Mark’s literary legacy by continuing this unique, creep and fun series.


Which is why we are thrilled to announce there will be a fourth Dead Sheriff novel coming your way in 2020 and it will be written by one of New Pulp’s finest writers, Michael Housel. Michael is the creator/writer of the Persona series for Airship 27 Productions and he has a real affinity for the supernatural and creepy. Which is why he was the perfect scribe to pick up the trail and bring us all the newest adventure of Sam, the Dead Sheriff and journalist Richard O’Malley. So stay tuned Loyal Airmen, will keep you posted as the project develops.

And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log. As ever, thanks for stopping by, Loyal Airmen,

Ron – Over & Out!

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