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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you are reading this week’s Flight Log, the Air Chief is enjoying this year’s Pulpfest in Pittsburgh, PA along with partner, Chief Engineer Rob Davis. But that certainly doesn’t mean we’ve slacked off on getting out new and exciting pulp titles.


Our latest release is THE EYE OF QUANG CHI by the prolific Fred Adams, Jr. It is the first in a mystery series starring the co-joined Chinese-American Smith brothers in San Francisco at the turn of the century. And believe us, it is easily one of the most unique and original mysteries you’ll ever have the fun of reading. The art and cover were all handled by the super talented of Morgan Fitzsimons from England. She is a treasure and we certainly hope to have her do lots more for Airship 27 Productions in the future. As ever the book is now available at Amazon on paperback and on Kindle. As ever, thanks for your continued support.

silver5_finalFinally before heading out, we thought we’d share a sneak peek illustrations with all you Loyal Airmen. The above illustration is by Chris Kohler, winner of last year’s Pulp Factory Award for Best Interior Illustrations and it is for a new weird western novel by writer Greg Hatcher called, THE SILVER RIDERS. We hope to have this out in a month or so. Enjoy.

And that wraps up this week’s log entry. Hopefully next week we’ll have lots of pictures from Pulpfest 2017 to share with all you Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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