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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we wanted to chat with you about just how cool the internet can be. One has to figure most of you Loyal Airmen have either watched or been told about the amazing new western mini-series that is currently running on Netflix.  “Godless” is a seven hour classic western melodrama written and directed by Scott Frank (pictured above). At this writing Valerie and the Air Chief have seen the first five episodes and we are totally hooked. Honestly, this series has echoes of every classic cowboy flick you’ve ever seen from Lonesome Dove to Shane with little touches throughout that pay homage to a half dozen other great westerns. The large cast is fantastic with so many interwoven stories as to keep even the most jaded viewer on board. Frank is a truly original writer.

Another aspect of the production we absolutely love is the lush, bold music score by composer Carlos Rafael Rivera and we confess, until today we had never heard of him before. Then, through the magic of the internet we learned Mr. Rivera lives in Florida where he is a musical director at a school and has worked with Frank before on the gruesome crime thriller “A Walk Through the Tombstones.” Anyways, on the whim the Air Chief reached via Facebook and lo and behold was able to connect with Mr. Rivera and tell him just how much we love his music. He was grateful and responded almost immediately. The Air Chief is keeping his fingers crossed the studios will record all of the music to “Godless” on disc so that one day we can own it and listen to it over and over.  You gotta love the internet.


As most of you Loyal Airmen know, it has been months now since the Brother Bones movie project came to a unsuccessful finale. Since that time the Air Chief has devoted himself to focusing on the positive and writing brand new Brother Bones adventures to share with all of you. But at the same time we’ve felt really bad that all our great supporters never even got to read the amazing movie script writer Erik Franklin had written based our our collaborative story.  The more we thought about that the more we began realizing there might be something we could to correct that one issue. So we entered into talks with both Erik and Airship 27 Productions Ace Art Director Rob Davis. The result is we’ve all agreed that movie script needs to be published and we are going to do it. As yet we’ve not decided on a final format (wither paperback or comic shaped) but one thing you can tell you, it will be the actual shooting script from which the movie would have been made….and…Rob is going to profusely illustrate plus doing a new original cover.  We’re excited about the project and hope you will be as well. Don’t expect too soon, as all of us have lots on our plate to wrap up before the end of 2017 but a good bet would be this book will be available at the start of next year.  As ever, we’ll keep you posted.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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