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My name is Ron Fortier, and I have been a professional writer for over thirty-five years. I have worked on comic book projects such as The Hulk, Popeye, Rambo and Peter Pan. With my two most popular comic series being The Green Hornet and The Terminator (with Alex Ross). With Ardath Mayhar I penned two TSR fantasy novels, and in 2001 I had my first play, a World War II romantic comedy, produced.

This site serves as a portfolio of the work I've done to date, as a showcase for projects in the works, and as home for my online Journal (below), which will be updated frequently.

I am currently writing and producing pulp novels and short stories for various publishers and have several movie scripts floating around Hollywood looking for a home, and if that isn't enough, I also have a review column at the www.pulpfictionreviews.blogspot.com website.

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A devoted grandfather of six, at 67, I am thrilled to be part of the new web-comic evolution. Part of this joy is in the realization of a life long dream, that of becoming a pulp writer.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay.

Latest Flight Log

2014-10-23 15:55:43
  Greeting Loyal Airmen, as most of you are reading this, the Air Chief will be busy packing up his comics and other goodies to take to this year's Rocky Mountain Con being held Sat & Sun. But more about that in a minute.  Right now it's time to promote our 23th Airship 27 Productions title of the year.


Several years ago, British writer I.A. Watson came to us with this idea to write a brand new trilogy re-writing the Robin Hood saga.  Whereas he lives near Sherwood Forest and is a huge fan of the legend, we were totally receptive to the idea never realizing back then what a great series he was about to write for us.  Soon we had ROBIN HOOD - KING OF SHERWOOD out and our readers loved it.  What Watson had done was placed the myth against a real historical background and blended them so that while reading the familiar Robin Hood tales, albeit in a new and exciting presentation, fans were also getting a marvelous dose of authentic British history as well.

Soon ROBIN HOOD - ARROW OF JUSTICE was out and the following year the entire thing wrapped up with ROBIN HOOD - FREEDOM'S OUTLAW.  Believe me, we are Airship 27 Productions be more proud of these three amazing books...and if you are a true Robin Hood fan and have yet to read them, we advise you strongly to do so.  Anyway, late last year Watson wrote me saying that he still had a half dozen or so short Robin Hood tales, some that had seen print in other publications, some never, and a few added histories about the character, the legends and that time in English history.  The thing is, combined, all these extra stories were enough to fill as yet another book.  But should we do it?  A trilogy usually means three books and then you are finished.  Well, considering the quality of what he had given us previously and the entertainment these book gave our Loyal Airmen, we realized it would be a crime NOT to publish what we came to promote as a very special, BONUS fourth title - ROBIN HOOD - FORBIDDEN LEGEND.  See that great cover above by Jesus Rodrigues, his first work for us...but not his last.  The volume, now available at Amazon in both hard copy and Kindle, has those short stories, essays, maps and even an 8 pg Robin Hood comic strip illustrated by our own Art Director, Rob Davis.  That alone should make you want to get it immediately.  It truly is a super package and we hope you'll give it try.


Okay, back to subject about the Rocky Mountain Con.  We showed you this amazing limited edition print by artist Michael Dorman, who will be one of the many guests at the show,  a few weeks ago and response to it has been amazing.   RMC is being held at the Crown Plaza Convention Center located only a few miles from the Denver International Airport. Along with the Air Chief and Mike, other guests include Mike Baron (Badger - Nexus) Chad Hardin (DC's Harley Quinn) and one of the most accomplished Marvel artists of the 1960s, Mr. Bob Hall.  And dozen of others.  The show opens 10 a.m. on Sat and kicks off with the Air Chief moderating a panel on comic writing, joining me will be writers Todd Jones and Shawn Gustofson.  Should be a blast.  Also remember, part of the proceeds for this weekend's show go to AURORA RISE, the charity established to help the victims of that tragic movie house shooting in Aurora, CO several years ago.  It is a great cause and the show brings in quite a few dollars for it.  So again, if you are anywhere in the Denver, Cheyenne area this weekend, why not drive on up and come join the fun.

And there you go, Loyal Airmen.  Hopefully we'll have some photos of the con to show you next week. Till then get ready, HALLOWEEN is coming fast!!
Ron - Over and Out!

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