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Greetings Loyal Airmen, it is the Air Chief’s wish that all of you reading this entry will have had a great Thanksgiving, despite the limitations imposed on all of us by the pandemic. Americans are the most resilient and imaginative people on the planet and when it comes to being kind and generous, we don’t take second place to anyone. So on this day after the big feast, the Air Chief wants to thank the Creator of us for the gift of life, of love and of family.  Now lets roll up our sleeves and bring on Christmas and a vaccine.

So what else is there to talk about? Glad you asked because we found the quote and advertisement awaiting us on Facebook this morning. Oh, yeah.

The BLACK BAT & DOMINO LADY: Danger Coast to Coast graphic novel is now available at
Written by Ron Fortier with a striking cover byDouglas Klauba! Published byMoonstone Book.
Wahoo. We can’t wait to get our copies. If memory serves, we’ve been involved with this project over three years now. So grateful to see it finally completed and available to all you Loyal Airmen. We truly hope you enjoy it.
Finally, over twenty-five years ago we created an alternate world pulp comic called THE BOSTON BOMBERS. You can find copies of the collection from Redbud Studio at Amazon. Well, after all that time, we’ve dusted off the old ideas and are about to launch the second volume of adventures featuring this all girl team, led by the amazing Indra Divine. Joining us on this new series is none other than our good friend and Airship 27 Art Director, Rob Davis.  Stay tuned for more exciting news as this starts to come together.
And there you have it for this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here again next Friday.
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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we are thrilled to announce the release of fourth adventure in the weird western series created by the late Mark Justice.


As most of you know, Mark Justice was a talented genre writer and radio personality from Flatwoods, Kentucky. Several years ago he wrote a weird western novel called THE DEAD SHERIFF – ZOMBIE DAMNATION. A year or so after it had been published, Mark reached out to us asking if we’d be interested at Airship 27 in doing our own edition of that book and then continuing the series. We were thrilled with the idea and agreed to it. Then within months of all this, Mark passed away suddenly leaving all of us in shock. After a while, his wife, Norma Kay, reached out to us asking if we were still willing to go ahead with Mark’s wishes. You all know the answer to that question. Above is an image of the first Airship 27 Dead Sheriff book. We were so happy to fulfill Mark’s wish.


Then Norma Kay told us Mark had actually started a second Dead Sheriff novel and would we like to see it. Within days, the Air Chief was reading this new unfinished manuscript. It was filled with the same kind of zane, bizarre horror adventure that was the hallmark of Mark’s writing. Realizing it had to be completed, we took it upon ourselves, and with Norma Kay’s blessing, to finish and publish book # 2, CANNIBALS & BLOODSUCKERS.  It went on to become another success for us. It was clear to the Air Chief, that our readers really enjoyed these characters and would support more adventures with them. We reached out to our pal, and prolific New Pulp writer Fred Adams Jr. asking if he’d be interested in writing a new Dead Sheriff yarn. The result was the wonderful book # 3 – HOLSTER FULL OF DEATH which was released last year.


Well, having established an on-going series, it was time recruit another writer with the chops to handle these weird characters and this time we tapped Michael Housel. Michael’s written two novels for Airship 27 featuring his own mystic hero, The Persona, and so we knew he was comfortable exploring strange and exotic plots. Happily he signed on and this week we released Dead Sheriff # 4 – PURITY by Michael Housel. It features interior illustrations by our own Art Director Rob Davis and a beautiful cover as seen above by Michael Youngblood. The book is available in paperback from Amazon and on Kindle as well. If the weird wild west is your cup of tea, we think you’ll love this new entry. As ever, thanks so much for your continued support Loyal Airmen and yes, there is a # 5 on the way! The Dead Sheriff lives on!


Finally, we’ve been informed that our BLACK BAT – DOMINO LADY – DANGER COAST TO COAST comic collection arrives in comic shops next Wed, 25th Nov.  We hope you’ll check it out. And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, don’t eat too much turkey. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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  • On 13 Nov | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week Airship 27 Production has released it’s latest new book and it is one we’ve all had lots of fun with.  R.A. Jones’ novel ALICE IN NEVERLAND imagines Alice, from the Lewis Carroll classic visiting Neverland and meeting Peter Pan.


After reading the book, we knew immediately we’d go after Canadian artist Ted Hammond to do the cover and our dear friend Gary Kato to do the interiors. At the same time, we hunted all over the internet for images on how the two principle figures should look and came up with these above, one of a popular actress in costume and the other a classic drawing of the boy who never grew up.


Once we had set, it was time to envision a composition. What exactly did what we want to see on that cover? The Air Chief had this idea of Alice seeing Peter for the very first time with him floating a few feet off the ground thus amazing her. Thus one Sat morning we recruited our granddaughter Cora and her friend Daniel to help us out with posing. Daniel jump onto the tailgate of a pick-up truck and fold his arms over his chest. Cora’s was job was to merely look up at him.

WOODSTH Alice&Peter

The last element required was a woodsy background. Once we had all these images collected, we sent them off to Ted explaining what we wanted. A few short weeks later he sent along his finished artwork and we were blown away. All that remained was for Art Director Rob Davis to add the title, author’s names and our logo.

BackCVRTH Peter Pan1CVR

And voila, our covers, back one designed by Rob as well…and of course the beautiful front cover. It is one of the Air Chief’s favorite thus far. Everyone involved did a great job.

Title Pageimg-201028140213-0001

In fact while assembling the book itself, Rob went and did a map of Neverland to add on the title page and to the right above his Gary’s first illustration of the 9 he did for the interiors. As of today, “Alice in Neverland” is available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. It’s an adventure made for the whole family and we hope you’ll enjoy it. As ever thanks so much for continued support.


Now on a matter where the Air Chief needs your help. Above are the covers to BLACK LION # 1 and # 2. Currently we are in the process of assembling # 3 which we hope to have out by the end of the year. All fingers crossed. Wheres when the Air Chief went back to his files earlier this week to make sure all the pages for # 3 were ready, we found an earlier pencil sketch that had been sent to us many months ago.


This is a beautiful drawing but sadly we simply do not remember who the artist was who drew it and we’d very much like to talk with him. So if any of you Loyal Airmen recognize this piece, please let us know ASAP. Thanks for your help.

And that’s a wrap for this week Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen. When the Air Chief was in high school, we had a wonderful teacher who told us the secret of staying young at heart was to always keeping seeking new experiences. To never stop learning new things. Which is what we wanted to share with you this week; how we live in an amazing age of knowledge available to us at our fingertips and the amazing journeys that knowledge can lead us on.


One of our favorite films of all times is the 1927 German sci-fi silent classic METROPOLIS produced and directed by Fritz Lang based on the novel by his wife Thea Van Harbou. Inspired by an earlier visit to New York City and in awe of its amazing skyscrapers, Lang envisioned a world where the rich and the powerful lived among the upper levels of his future city while the poor and uneducated resided in the lower, ghetto like levels. The basic plot concerns this injustice and how two characters, one from each camp, attempt to correct it.

f1a85d138f9e6836e491ef4a3e61f7b5 739f9c5f5c115b557c5a356dfb702070

One of these is Maria, a spiritual leader of the underworld who desperately wants to touch the hearts of the powerful by showing them the plight of the children resigned to those lower levels. Fearing her sway for the populace, the mad scientist of Metropolis, Rotwang, has built a robot to replace her. He does this by kidnapping Maria and then covering his metal robot, Futura, with a synthetic skin thus make the automaton an exact double of the lovely Maria.


In this guise, Futura starts a revolution among the working class which almost destroys the entire city. If you’ve never seen Metropolis, we urge you to do so. For a film released in 1927, it was far ahead of its time. Kino has a Blu-ray edition sold via Amazon and we are sure you can find it.


We’ve always been impressed by the actress who played both Maria and Futura, Brigette Helm. So one afternoon, while surfing the web, we decided to visit Wikipedia and see what we could learn about her. Imagine how surprise when we discovered she was only 18 at the time she was cast and Metropolis was her very first film. Brigette Eva Gisela Schittenhelm was born 17 March 1908 and died 11 June 1996. In her career she made over 30 films and was even considered for the title role in “The Bride of Frankenstein” before it was given to Elsa Lanchester. In 1935 incurred the wrath of the Nazi party when she married Dr. Hugo Kunheim, and industrialist of Jewish background. They moved to Switzerland that year and had four children. Among her film credits was “Atlantide” in which she played the monstrous Queen Antinea, descendant ruler of Atlantis and parts were filmed in the desert sands of the Sahara.


The movie,is  French-German adventure-fantasy production based on the novel “Atlantida” by writer Pierre Benoit. That immediately caught our attention, as we recalled seeing copies of that book in paperback while still in our teens. So back to Wiki where we learned the following.  “L’Atlantide” is a fantasy novel published in Feb. 1919. The English translation of “Atlantida” was published in the United States as a serial in Adventure magazine.


The plot – In 1896 in the French Algerian Sahara two officers, Andre de Saint-Avid and Jean Morhange investigate the disappearance of a fellow officer. They are then kidnapped by a Tarqui warrior under the direction of Queen Antinea. She is the descendant of the rulers of Atlantis. Saint-Avid is unable to resist her charms  and after seducing him, persuades him to murder Morhange. Ultimately he managed to escape her domain and get out of the desert alive.

Many believe writer Benoit was inspired for the character of Antinea by the Berber queen of legend known as Tin Hinan. Schooled in Algeria as a youth, Benoit recalled hearing many stories of the mysterious queen who was supposedly the mother of the fierce Taureg tribes of the Sahara.


Okay, so now we were intrigued. Who exactly was this personage. Back to Wikipedia to learn Tin Hinan was a 4th century legendary Tuareg queen.  According to stories told in the region, she was a fugitive princess who was driven from the northern parts of the Sahara and she and her caravan of followers nearly perished in the wilderness until they stumbled upon grain found in desert anthills. Of course many believed her story was a myth until explorers discovered her tomb in 1925 proving she was a historical figure.


Located not far from the oasis of Abalessa, Algeria, about 1,000 miles south of Algiers, on a rounded hill rises about 125 ft above the junction of two wadis. The tomb is pear-shaped. It contains 11 rooms or courts. The tomb of Tin Hanin was opened by Byron Khun de Prorok with support from the French army and archeologists made a more thorough investigation in 1933. The tomb contained the skeleton of a woman on a wooden liter, lying on her back with her head facing east. She was accompanied by heavy gold and silver jewelry, some of it adorned with pearls. On her right forearm she wore 7 silver bracelets, and her left 7 gold bracelets. An anthropological study of the remains concluded the skeleton was that of a tall middle-aged Berber woman. The body now resides in the Bardo Museum of Algiers.


From science fiction to the legend of a desert queen. A net surfing journey filled with wonder and knowledge.  You can find books about Tin Hinan on Amazon as well as that Blu-Ray copy of Metropolis. And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Who knows what we’ll be talking about next week? see you then.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 30 Oct | '2020

Greeting Loyal Airmen, in the past the Air Chief has done quite a few post on the process by which certain covers were made for our Airship 27 Production titles. And we love doing it, showing all of you the beginnings from an idea to realization. So this time, we’re going to take you step by step in how we and Art Director/Artist Rob Davis put together the cover to our latest volume of SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE # 16.


Over the years, the Air Chief has digitally collected dozens of images of the great detective and keep them in a file on our PC. One such is the pen and ink illustration above that has always been one of our favorites. It was drawn by Ugo Matania for an Italian translation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes story “The Sign of the Four. Upon reflection, we often wondered what it would look like with the actual background of their apartment at 221 B Baker Street filled in.  As it were it is only Holmes playing his violin and Watson, paper in hand, reclining on a sofa. So we brought the idea to Rob and asked if he thought it was doable.


Now as most of you Loyal Airmen know, Rob is a super Holmes fan and has done all our interior illustrations for our titles to include the cover for Volume 12. (Above to left.) Rob loved the whole idea and searching online discovered that a recreation of Holmes’ digs at 221 B Baker St. had been made in London at that address with a store on the first floor and the museum like room upstairs. He downloaded several pictures of it. (Above at right.) So now Rob was going use that photo and the sketch and merge them into a single drawing.


Once he was satisfied with his pencil drawing, it was time to add the colors. At this point we had a nearly completed cover for SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE Vol. 16. All that remained was to add the logo and writer credits. Thus from Senor to Matania to Rob and now to you, Loyal Airmen.


And there’s the final cover to our 223rd title from Airship 27 Production. Now available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon. We think it came out looking fantastic and hope you Loyal Airmen will agree. It features a long novel by Lee Houston Jr, a regular from I.A. Watson and two short-shorts by Greg Hatcher. Each is a wonderful mystery gem.


And from one pair of famous classic British characters, we have a sneak-peek of a new Airship 27 title coming your way – “Alice in Neverland,” by R.A. Jones. In this the heroine from “Alice in Wonderland” finds herself in Neverland and meeting Peter Pan. They then set off on an amazing adventure. Our dear pal Gary Kato provided the wonderful interior illustrations such as the one above. The cover, by the amazing Ted Hammond will blow you all away. Look for this in a few more weeks, Loyal Airmen.

Finally, those of you who follow our Airship 27 Podcast, episode # 68 is now up at You Tube. Check it out if you want to see the Air Chief and Chief Engineer Rob Davis wax eloquent about all things pulp and offer up two really, really bad jokes every show.

Ron – Over & Out!

52 Years Later

  • On 23 Oct | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, way back in July of 1968, we came home from Vietnam.  We’d enlisted for a three year period back in 1965, a year after graduating from high school. Honestly, it was a time in the Air Chief’s life when he wasn’t at all certain where he wanted to be; what he wanted to do. After twelve years of nothing but school, we wanted to do something…anything, else instead of just going on to four more years in a college. So for a year we worked in a shoe factory in our hometown.


By this time in our history, the Vietnam war was ramping up and it seemed the only thing we ever saw on the evening news. As the summer of 1965 rolled around, we were only too aware that a huge draft was coming up and without any deferment, we’d most likely get drafted. Whereas the military made it known through various sources that if one were to enlist and do well on their battery of intelligent tests, they would be guaranteed a particular assignment, i.e. job while in the service. Deciding to go that route, we went in and took those test. The end result, we pretty much maxed them and were told if we enlisted, we’d be trained as a Personnel Specialist. All other clerical designations fell under this one, meaning no matter where we were sent after this training, we’d be given a clerical job, be it company clerk, transportation clerk, ordnance clerk etc. etc. etc. We signed up and that September were flown to Fort Dix New Jersey where we’d do 8 weeks of basic to be followed by 8 weeks of clerical training. At the end of which we would be certified a bonafide Personnel Specialist. Then most likely be shipped to either Germany, South Korea….or Vietnam.


Imagine our shock when we were ordered to a training battalion in Fort Ord, California. Arguably the only Army base with its own private beach. Our barracks were across a highway from the beach and a bridge crossed that busy roadway. Shooting ranges were set up along the dunes but at night, the place was deserted and many a GI, ourselves included, would walk cover that bridge and go sit on the sand watching the sunset over the Pacific. For two years Ft. Ord was our home and it was only five miles from Carmel, the Bob Hope Gold Classic site and pretty much half-way between San Francisco to the north and Los Angeles to the south. To say it was cushy duty would be an understatement. Of course as 1967 rolled around we were only to aware that the length of a tour in Vietnam and were we to have less than that allotted time, we wouldn’t be sent there.  So along about the time our enlistment reached 13 months to go, down came our orders. We were off to the war zone. As writer Stephen Crane described in his book “The Red Badge of Courage,” we were off to the see the elephant.


Three weeks later Pfc. Ronald Fortier landed at the Tan Son Nhut airbase approximately twenty miles north of the capital city of Saigon, where we were assigned to the Adjutant General’s Department in charge of publications. Meaning exactly what? Meaning that if a helicopter mechanic wanted to patch up bullet holes in a chopper, he had to fill out a specific form to supply accounting. Where did he get this particular form, at a warehouse operated by three clerks who’s job it was to maintaining and stock those forms.  Yup, the army fought the war using both bullets and blank forms. Trust us, no one can make this stuff up. At the time U.S. Army Headquarters was in Saigon, but two months after we arrived, the entire HQ was loaded onto 18 wheelers and transported up north to a new site called Long Binh Post.

While there, we wrote a weekly column for the hometown newspaper, the Somersworth Free Press. It was more or less one GI’s experiences. If we summed up that year overall, it would be more like Catch 22 than Rambo. Anyways, the year passed and then it was time to come home. A week before leaving, we visited the U.S. Mortuary in Saigon. That was the facility with contracted American morticians embalmed the bodies of the young men who died and got them prepared for shipping back home to their families and loved ones. We didn’t realize how much that experience affected us until a few night later we had one of the most profound dreams we’ve ever known. A dream that still haunts us to this very day.

Upon returning to civilian life, we put all of that behind us. It was nothing we even wanted to write about. We had gone, done our duty, survived and come home. End of story. Whereas recently, for whatever cosmic reasons, we’ve actually dealt with Vietnam in three rather special stories. The first two are print stories. The first is a sports tale about a returning vet who has lost a leg in combat. It will appear in All American Sports Stories Vol 2 either at the end of the year, or early next. The second story deals with a great character created by Derrick Ferguson in his Dillon series. He’s Eli Creed, Dillon’s older, mentor amigo, who was himself a Vietnam vet and that story takes place a little while after Creed’s return home. Finally the third, and perhaps most personal to me is “The Night Army” a ten minute radio drama based on that dream we had two nights before shipping out. It has been recorded by a British company for an on-line series called “On Another Wavelength.” As soon as it is on-line, we’ll be sure to post the link here.


Thousands of wonderful, brave American boys sacrificed their lives for this country and never came home. All their ghosts have ever asked of us is that we never forget them. I never have.

Ron – Over & Out!



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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we are happy to announce the release of Airship 27 Production’s 222 title. JENNA COYNE MYSTERIES.

Jenna CoyneFRNT

Written my Boston based Robert Ricci, this is the debut of a new series featuring a very likeable new female detective. Jenna Coyne lives in Boston’s North End, working for a sleazy insurance company. When her apparent is broken into by mistake by two drug dealers looking for one of her neighbors, Jenna gets is involved and is soon playing Nancy Drew. Volume one feature two complete stories, interior art by artist Jason Wren and a beautiful cover by Ted Hammond. (Above) As ever available now in paperback from Amazon and on Kindle. We think you Loyal Airmen are really going to like this one.


On the comic front, we’re happy to report that the second issue of THE WOODEN BLADE is coming along nicely. This is a fantasy series created by the Air Chief and fellow Fort Collins neighbor, the talented Olivia DeGaine. We first met Olivia at a local convention here in town. She and her husband, Zane, are both comic creators and graduate of the Joe Kubert Graphic Arts college in New Jersey. Olivia has a talented for drawing anthropomorphic creatures, i.e. intelligent animals populating comic tales. Such was Raizee the Ram, the hero of this series. Olivia has been hard at work on issue number two and to the left above is a page from it. No worries, we’ll keep you posted as it progresses. Meanwhile, the first issue (cover to left above) is still available from (

Calero Bat Colors v3sm

Remember that Black Bat – Domino Lady graphic collection coming from Moonstone in Nov? Well it is in the final stages of production and will contain at least 175 pgs, if not more. Joe Gentile has done an amazing job putting this package together. Above is an early idea for the cover from Doug Klauba, not the final one, but we wanted to share it with all you Loyal Airmen. Now most comic shops will NOT carry this book unless you personally order it from them. Remember, the book is due out in Nov, so if you’d like a copy, tell your comic shop now. As ever, thanks for your support.

Ron – Over & Out!


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Greetings Loyal airmen, as we’ve no new releases for a few more weeks, we thought we’d show off some art be assembled for several upcoming title.


As most of you are well aware, the best selling series from Airship 27 Production is our SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective and we’re happy to tell you Vol 16 of that series is coming along nicely. This will feature stories by Ian Watson, Greg Hatcher and Lee Houston Jr. At present Art Director Rob Davis is doing the interior illustrations and at the right (above) is one such completed. One of the elements of Rob’s work that all of us admire so much is his detailing. That illustration demanded a lot of time and attention, from the cobblestones on the street to the actual buildings and streetlamps. Rob is truly a master illustrator. He also took time to adapt the back-cover text we did up and designed it with that picture of London. We think it looks super. But wait until you see the cover. We’ve put together something really terrific for this one. Stay tuned.


One of our favorite writers at Airship 27 is the wonderfully talented Nancy Hansen. Many of you Loyal Airmen will recognize that name as Nancy is the author of the amazing Pirate Queen Saga Jezebel Johnson which we’ve publishing for the past few years. Well, Nancy has kicked off another series with us and this one is an all out fantasy entitled THE SILVER PENTACLE. While editing the first volume, we starting thinking ahead as to who would be best suited to do the illustrations for this series. The first thought we had was of our pal Guy Davis, a Colorado resident. After explaining the concept of the series to Guy, he delighted us with signing on. To day he’s done several terrific illustrations including his latest which is above here. We couldn’t be happier. This is really going to be a gorgeous package when it is completed, with both a great story and beautiful artwork.


And finally, as most of you Loyal Airmen are aware, when releasing WHO’S WHO IN NEW PULP months ago, we told people all proceeds would be going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and with weeks of the book being out we sent them a check for over $300. Well after another three months up at Amazon, we are now sending them a second check, this one for $409. We can’t thank all of you who supported this project enough, and our 222 writers and artists who participated. The New Pulp Community is wonderful indeed.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 2 Oct | '2020

Greeting Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log.  As most of you are obviously aware there is a live Brother Bones web-series in production and producer Bryan Patterson has been assembling quite an impressive production team of industry talent, from casting directors to a top-notch camera guy. With all this hoopla, it is obvious we’re capturing the attention of lots of people across web. One happened to be a long time fan of ours who we had never met before. His name is Jesse Baer.


Apparently Jesse tripped over my work while still in middle school. He became an instant comics fan and then later really enjoyed the appearance of Brother Bones from Airship 27.  Enough so that by the time Jesse was in college, he talked several of his pals into doing a short Brother Bones film. Sadly they never went beyond filming one scene one evening and that was it. But all of them kept pictures and when he saw Bryan’s news regarding the new Web-Series, Jesse sent along the pictures. Bryan then shared them with us and we reached to this super-fan.  Jesse Baer is a great guy, married, has a beautiful daughter and works in a hospital kitchen as a chief. He studied film-making in college and still wants to pursue that dream one day. Meanwhile he’s written a comic series called “Burlap” and it looks to be a nifty crime series. As soon as we get copies, we’ll tell you more about. Thing is getting to meet Jesse because of this connection has been a joy for us. We’ve said all along, we have the best fans in the world and Jesse is really one of the tops.


A few weeks ago we informed you of the passing away of one dear friend, fantasy writer Charles Saunders. Well, having no surviving family or relatives, Charles was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where he lived. Now friends have begun a GoFund Me page to raise $15,000 to purchase a beautiful stone for his final resting place to do honor to this wonderful man. If you would like to help us in this, below is the link to that GoFund Me page. Simply cut it out and paste it to your search engine…and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We are happy to announce the release of our latest Airship 27 title, EXECUTIVE GAMBIT by writer Wayne Carey. This is unlike our previous pulp adventures in that it is a modern day, edge of your seat political much like a Tom Clancy or Brad Thor novel. Art Director Rob Davis provided all interior illustrations and that terrific cover seen above. Book is now available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. As ever thanks for your support, Loyal Airmen.

And there you have this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 25 Sep | '2020


Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we want to talk about friends, an all important topic even in this year of Covid 19. The gentlemen above is Jaime Ramos, a writer/editor we were introduced to by our mutual pal, Brant Fowler. Jaime put together an anthology a few years back that won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology and writer David Michelanie Best Pulp Short Story. It was this show that we met Jaime and his family. He’s a great guy, although his health for the past few years has been anything but good. He has diabetes and his kidneys are shot. He was on a kidney transplant list but that never happened. As time as moved on, his condition only continued to deteriorate until recently he had several surgeries but they proved unsuccessful and he was sent home.


He then learned that his insurance would cover the cost of a wheelchair and a hospital bed, which he and his wife then procured. Through all this, Jaime’s spirit never waivers. He’s a fighter and recently told the Air Chief in a message that he’s simply not ready to die. He has too much to live for. Today, over on FB, he posted that he will be going back into the hospital and it is most likely his right leg will be amputated. Right now, we find ourselves at a true loss for words and would ask all you Loyal Airmen, please, regardless of your faith, send lots of prayers to Jaime. And if you’r not of that inclination, then your kind thoughts will also be most welcome. It’s a matter of all of recognizing another human being and his struggles, struggles that could easily be ours as well.  Hang in there, Jaime.  You are and have always been a winner.


Another super good pal is comics creator Warren Montgomery of Portland, Oregon. We hooked up with Warren online when putting together our comic series BLACK LION and were looking for someone to letter it. Warren saw our posting and signed on. From that point on, he not only did lots of lettering for us, he also published several of our own comic stories in his Will Lill Comic anthologies. We became a mutual admiration partnership and now, Warren is giving his very cool super hero his very own title.


Lightning Marval first appeared in FUN ADVENTURE COMICS, Warren’s really great anthology series that ran for 15 issues. Now, as said above he’s starring in his own title and it absolutely fantastic. The first issue weirdly titles “After Prologue” has Happytoe Oregon’s might hero attacked by villainous super beings. He deduced they are merely the minions of a controlling mastermind. All it all, Warren’s art is clean and perfect for his straightforward narrative and all his characters, from Fred our heroes, to the supporting cast and bad guys are just wonderful. If you miss the fun in comics, you need to check this one out fast. Simply visit on-line ( and tell them the Air Chief sent you.


And that’s our Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by, be well and stay safe out there.

Ron – Over & Out!