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Greeting Loyal Airmen, well we are back from our ten trip to New Hampshire. We got to see our Mom, Valerie attended her 50th High School Reunion (it was much fun) and we spent four days and night at this beautiful lake house on Webster Lake in Franklin N.H. Foliage had just started to turn and the colors were spectacular. October is when the Air Chief misses New England the most. We also got lots of great seafood while there.


Valerie stands in front a quilt of nature’s colors. And to the right, a glorious sunset on Webster Lake.


One of the big highlights of the trip was getting together with our daughter Michelle and her two girls, Kristi and Chelsea. In the picture above, going around table from left to right is Kristi (our oldest granddaughter) then her sister Chelsea. Both work at the University of New Hampshire as directors of various student halls. Then you the smiling Air Chief loving every bit of this. Across from us is our youngest granddaughter, son Scott’s daughter, Taryn, who just happens to be a freshmen this year at UNH. How about that? And she’s loving every bit of it. Doesn’t hurt that she has two older cousins on hand to help her along with her college career. Then there is Valerie and daughter Michelle. It was a truly awesome get together.


While we were gone, a very special event kicked off. Radio Archives is having a huge Anniversary Celebration. Right now 13 of the 15 Airship 27 Audio CD versions are discounted 50%.  Don’t miss this price cutting sale. ( The sale runs to Dec 31st.


Finally, in regards to Airship 27 Productions, our next title, now in the final stages of production will be the 14th volume of our Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective series. Above is a sneak peek at one of the 12 black and white interior illustrations by Art Director Rob Davis. This volume features writers David Friend, Ray Lovato and I.A. Watson. Fingers crossed you’ll be seeing it in a week or two.  And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen, thanks ever for stopping by and we’ll see you next Friday.

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  • On 11 Oct | '2019


Greetings Loyal Airmen, Valerie and the Air Chief are still out of town, visiting friends and family back East. Never worry, we will return next Friday as always.

Take care,

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  • On 4 Oct | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, about a month ago we announced we would be getting baseball caps with the Airship 27 logo embroidered on them. Twelve of you immediately chimed in saying you wanted one and so we put in an order for fifteen and are happy to report most have been sold.


70680204_2557319657624661_8826120697647464448_nDANIEL SCHROEDER69404160_10216713858213642_6608645884634726400_n


So here are several Loyal Airmen ( two with the Air Chief) all wearing their spiffy Airship 27 baseball caps and we think they all look fantastic in them. If any of you Loyal Airmen out there would like to get one, please give us a holler. E-mail the Air Chief or contact us on Facebook.


Finally, as you are reading this week’s Flight Log, Valerie and the Air Chief will be back in New Hampshire visiting with friends and family. We rarely get back there at this time of year and are very excited about the prospect. New Hampshire (and the other New England states) is never more beautiful than in October at the height of Fall Foliage when Mother Nature changes her green gown to that of multiple hues from yellow, to orange and red. It is a quilt of unbelievable beauty and we can’t wait to see it all again.

See you all back at Hangar 27 in two weeks.

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  • On 27 Sep | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen. We’re excited to introduce you all to the Air Chief’s newest class of comics writing students.


Here we have Vincent Vidaurri and the two characters he created for his idea proposal. The Brit barbarian general was drawn by our own Rob Davis and the Roman Emperor by pal Cesar Feliciano.

NATEBaronLeedsScarion Redshire

And here we have Vincent’s son, Nathanael Vidaurri with his characters. Hero flier is by Rob and the enemy flier to right is by Mike Belcher. This is the first time we’ve ever had a father and son in the same class. Both are extremely talented but in totally different ways.

STEPHENKaren MatthewsThe Ghost

Writing student Stephen Beer is creating a horror concept with his leading lady battling a vengeful ghost throughout multiple lifetimes. The art on both illustrations by Kevin Wiggins, a friend who has never said no to us.


Taking her inspiration from the old Muppet show gag, “Pigs in Space,” student Donna Braginetz has created “When Pigs Can Fly,” a comedy sci-fi series. Above her hero Captain and to the right one of the space pirates. Art by a dear friend and former student, Olivia DeGaine.


And much to everyone’s delight, Olivia made a surprise visit to the class Tuesday and we snapped this picture of her and Donna together, holding up Olivia’s illustrations of Donna’s character. Then Olivia was gracious enough to take our official class photo, with Ye Old Air Chair joining his really talented quartet of writers.  We love teaching this class and hope to continue doing it for a long-long time.


When our children reached school age, they didn’t waste a second telling their teachers that their Dad made comic books and just like that we found myself giving little presentations at their schools. Later it was my grand kids who got us hooked into these informal school appearances. And honestly, we had a great time doing them. In our home here in Fort Collins, we happen to be neighbors with the wonderful Good Samaritan senior living facility and without elaborating on how, let’s just say they learned of our writing comics and invited us to come and talk to their residents about our career yesterday afternoon. We began my talk with letting them know they were by far the oldest “kids” I’d ever addressed. Valerie and the Air Chief were there for an hour and it was a blast meeting these amazing folks.


A little footnote to this. Valerie took the above to photos, note the elderly gentlemen in the foreground listening to the Air Chief. BOTH of them were veterans of World War II. It was a real honor for us to meet them.

And there you have it for this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you bac here next Friday.

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  • On 20 Sep | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, Valerie and the Air Chief spent last weekend in Cheyenne, Wyoming as guests at the second annual Chey-Fi Comic Expo held at the historic Plains Hotel in downtown Cheyenne.


We had such a fun time.  Above is the main flier done up for the show, then a shot of Val and the Air Chief at our table once we had it all set up. During the weekend, we made it a point to get outdoors and do a little sight seeing of the city. We took a we pix we thought you’d enjoy seeing.


The Plains hotel is across the street from the landmark train station with its gorgeous clock tower. There were also lots of these get giant boot sculptures depicting elements of Cheyenne’s western history.


Not to be outdone the Air Chief found as yet another giant cowboy boot. And then there were these amazing murals painted on the sides of various building like the sleeping baby above.


One mural hidden away in a back alley was of this guitar playing buffalo. While on the left above, is a long shot of the Plains hotel taken from the Train Station. If any of you Loyal Airmen ever visit this part of the country, do yourselves a favor and visit Cheyenne, it’s a truly beautiful city with great people.


While back the con things were moving into high gear fast. At upper left is the Air Chief, writer Mike Baron and con director himself, Jon Puls. To right of course is our dear friends from Pulp Fission, Zane & Olivia DeGaine.


Fort Collins amigo, Todd Jones of Wicked Awesome Tales was on hand and we got to meet the affable Tim Mandese, a reporter for the Cowboy State Daily covered the show and shot a video you can find at the a paper’s website. A great guy and we joked around with this selfie.


The lovely cos-player holding a copy of our Lady Action is none-other than writer Josh Walker’s wife Macarena. And on the right, the Air Chief was delighted to meet Grace, a very enthusiastic new Mr. Jigsaw fan.


As you can see by the con picture above, we were kept pretty busy during the entire show. We love to look back and see what the big sellers were at the shows we go to. This time the most popular of our titles were the new Sherlock Holmes anthology from Australia in which the Air Chief has a story. Then the Mr. Jigsaw How to Make a Comic Special went over big. Lots of people, both you and old want to learn the mechanics of comics.


Likewise our graphic novel Daughter of Dracula and the Script Book for it went over big time. We sold lots of both together, and separately. The biggest surprise of all was how many copies of our play, Where Love Takes You, we sold. Honestly, there appears to be a very large and vibrant theater community in Cheyenne. Finally, to all who come to our table and picked something up, making this another successful endeavors for us, our heartfelt thanks. We truly hope you enjoy our books.

And there you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for stopping by and see you next Friday morning.

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  • On 13 Sep | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, lots of fun things happening this week. Let’s get to it.

Page 4 black and white cropped low  rez02 ship low rez

The Air Chief is always writing new adventures of space Captain Jain Marlee, a rouge and smuggler. The latest called GHOST WORLD, was begun over a year ago by an artist named McShane. Unfortunately for various sound reasons, he had to bow out of the project and we turned to the inker, Ariel Aguire to complete the strip. Ariel and the Air Chief go back a long-long way and he’s a great guy and dependable creator. So last evening, after a long hiatus, we found our in-box filled with all kinds of sketches and page compositions. Above is one of the pages and some designs Ariel did up for Marlee’s space hauler. Everything he sent in was gorgeous and we’re extremely excited this project is finally going to get finished. We’ll keep you all posted.


As this week’s topic title states, the Air Chief is teaching his ten week course on How To Write Comics & Graphic Novel at the Front Range Community College here in wonderful Fort Collins. Our lovely grand-daughter Cora volunteered to show you the syllabus folder done up for the class by the Director of the Continuing Adult Education program of which our class is a part; Mrs. Laurie Rue. Had our first class this past Tuesday and my students are excited and ready to learn this crazy world of comic creating.


As of this past week, our 201st Airship 27 Productions title is released. “Behowls The Moon,” is an historical horror novel by Philip McCormac. It deals with the Irish 1918 Easter Rebellion and among the Irish resistant is a werewolf. Really great, pulp tale with interior illustrations by Rob Davis and a truly mind-boggling cover by Steve Otis, as you can see above. As ever available from Amazon in both paperback and soon on Kindle. Thanks so much for your continued support, Loyal Airmen.

And there you have this week’s Flight Log. As you are reading this, Valerie and the Air Chief will be in Cheyenne Wyoming for the all week-end Chey-Fy Comic Expo where we’ll be a guest. Looks to be a great show. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures to show you next week.

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  • On 6 Sep | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we want to talk about some of the comic projects currently in the works.


In the past, working with Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio imprint, Airship 27 Productions has delivered comics that features pulp heroes in the series ALL STAR PULP COMICS. To date we’ve done four of these and are currently looking at assembling a fifth.


Schedule to appear in issue # 5 of ALL STAR PULP COMICS will be the first ever comic strip adventure of the classic golden age pulp hero, The Crimson Mask. Above to the left is the anthology we produced at Airship 27 years ago, while at right is a panel from the Crimson Mask comic strip written by Mark Davis and being illustrated by the super talented Luis Rivera. To say we are excited about this is putting it mildly. We’ll keep you posted as more strips are announced for the comic.


Meanwhile work continues on the giant sized, full-color issue # 16 of Mr. Jigsaw – Man of a Thousand Parts. This is going hopefully going to be our super-duper Christmas special, as the main story, “Miracle on Christmas Island” finally has our Jiggy coming to the aid of that merry old elf from the North Pole. This 25 story was written by the Air Chief and is now being illustrated by Gary Kato. After which Mort Todd will apply his coloring-magic and…is schedule to draw the cover. The rest of the giant-sized comic will reprint the previously colored Jiggy adventures we’ve put out in the past few years. At present, our guest is when completed, it will be at least 50 pgs long. Sit tight, Loyal Airmen, this one is going to be worth the wait and then some.


More happy comics news. After two years, we’ve finally collected all three issues of the mini-series PARADISE FALLS. It is a science-fiction murder mystery that takes place in the futuristic city of Paradise Falls. Written by the Air Chief with art by John D. Williams, letters by Warren Montgomery (who also colored the covers) and edits by Redbud Studio head Rob Davis.  PARADISE FALLS, the complete collection is now available at – we hope you’ll enjoy it. John’s artwork is truly something unique.


Finally, because the Air Chief they are so adorable, here’s the latest pix of our son Kevin’s two bulldogs, Moxie (female) on the left and Zuko (boy) the right. Such truly lovable pets.  And there you have this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday morning.

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  • On 30 Aug | '2019


Greetings Loyal Airmen, as most of you know, for the past several years Chief Engineer Rob Davis and the Air Chief have been doing a monthly podcast. At first it was only audio but earlier this year we brought our show to You Tube and now you can see us…as well as hear us. Overall, our shows have averaged about 80 views each although last month, July, that number dropped to a very poor 41. We suspect it being the height of summer had much to do with it as most of our Loyal Airmen were most likely on vacation and traveling. Two weeks ago we released Episode # 54 and in it talked a great deal about the fun and mayhem we experienced during our trip to the Pikeville Comic and Toy Convention in Kentucky. If you haven’t checked out our hour long show, we urge you to give it a try. All you need do is go to You Tube on the internet and once there simply type in AIRSHIP 27 PODCAST # 54. Rob and the Air Chief have a really fun time doing these and very much want to share them with all of you. Oh, and while there, do click on the Subscribe button. It doesn’t cost anything and is just an easy way for you to be reminded whenever we post a new episode. As ever, thanks so much for your support.


Now on to some great news. Several years ago, as most of you Loyal Airmen are well aware, Airship 27 Productions did a brand new edition of the late Mark Justice’s weird western novel, “The Dead Sheriff.” This had been Mark’s wish and our agreement before his untimely passing.


Then with the approval of Mark’s widow, Norma Kay Justice, we completed his unfinished second Dead Sheriff novel, “Cannibals & Bloodsuckers” and released it last year in 2018.

fred books-1Air-200b

Then earlier this month, we released the third Dead Sheriff novel, “Holster Full of Death” by the amazing Fred Adams Jr. much to everyone’s delight. Our idea from the start was to keep Mark’s literary legacy by continuing this unique, creep and fun series.


Which is why we are thrilled to announce there will be a fourth Dead Sheriff novel coming your way in 2020 and it will be written by one of New Pulp’s finest writers, Michael Housel. Michael is the creator/writer of the Persona series for Airship 27 Productions and he has a real affinity for the supernatural and creepy. Which is why he was the perfect scribe to pick up the trail and bring us all the newest adventure of Sam, the Dead Sheriff and journalist Richard O’Malley. So stay tuned Loyal Airmen, will keep you posted as the project develops.

And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log. As ever, thanks for stopping by, Loyal Airmen,

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this past week-end we once again headed into Fort Collins’ Old Town for the fifth annual Fort Collins Comic Con, which benefits the Poudre Valley Library. Above left is the Air Chief after having set up my table and banner on Friday. The actual show happens Sat and Sun. To the right was one of the last pictures taken on Sunday afternoon, after a truly awesome weekend. The Air Chief with Valerie, grand-daughter Cora and her boyfriend Calvin.


So many of our friends and colleagues were at the show. To upper left for the first time ever was writer Aaron Powers and his wife Abby. Aaron was one of our students in our How To Write Comics at the Front Range Community College a few years ago. So at his table he had is first published comic plus his first novel. To the right about is old friend writer/artist Abe Akin and his lovely wife.


Sci-Fi Fantasy author Carol Van Natta was a con neighbor across the aisle. Also on hand was Jesse Bonafazi and his step-son Charlie. Jesse teaches a class on cartooning at the local Senior Center and for the first time ever his students, under his guidance, put out other on Blind Dog Comics # 1. Way to go, Jesse!


Two more of our own former students were on hand as well. Gabriella Sanchez, a first time, is a super talented writer and artist. She had lots of beautiful prints. And there was Jon Bonjour, selling his collection of truly funny cartoons. Jon and the Air Chief are currently working on a comic book series to be called BULLDOZER. Stay tuned.


At upper left all the way from Denver is artist James McFarland, who not only does comics, but James has illustrated an Airship 27 book for us. At right is was artist Jeff Slemmons, a truly fun guy and awesome artist.


Also on hand was Hawaiian artist Ka’Rihue whose work is truly fantastic. Speaking of which the Air Chief also picked lots of cool books at the show, as seen in picture top right.

O&Z (2)O&Z (1)

Both Olivia and Zane DeGaine of Pulp Fission comics were also on hand. Someone went up to the second floor balcony to snap a pix of Zane doodling away. Both are dear friends and Olivia and the Air Chief are doing the Raizee comic series called “The Wooden Blade.”


Horror artist Robert Elrod looking dabber as ever in his Fez was another con neighbor in our alley. Robert is a great guy and fun to chat with. To right is the Air Chief’s Official Protege, writer Todd Jones of Wicked Awesome Comics. Todd is one of the primary workers who make the Fort Collins Comic Con as especial as it is. Believe us, he was running around all weekend long.


The picture to the left was taken just after Todd and the Air Chief spent an hour in a Panel room where he prompted us to related stories from our many years in the comics biz. We had a nice audience and they seemed appreciative of the anecdotes we entertained them with.  All in all, as we said above, this was a really great con. Bravo to all involved.

And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. See you back here next Friday.

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  • On 16 Aug | '2019


Greetings Loyal Airmen, and here we go with another round of what’s happening around Hangar 27. Ever since starting Airship 27 Productions, the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis had brought forth all kinds of cool swag with the company logo, which Rob designed by the way.  We’ve done lots of hats in the past, but they were all those using iron-ons and for the longest time we’d hoped to see one with our beloved Zeppelin actually embroidered. Well, at long last and thanks to an outfit called the Queensboro Shirt Company out of Wilmington, N.C. we finally have one. The Air Chief couldn’t wait to put it on. And we wondered, would any of you Loyal Airmen be up to purchasing one of these nifty hats? And how much would you be willing to pay for one? Let us know your thoughts and thanks.


A few years ago, at a Colorado comic con we met Green Hornet enthusiast who build his own custom Black Beauty. Frank even went so far as to have the Air Chief autograph the dashboard. Now Frank is bringing this gorgeous automobile up to Fort Collins this coming weekend to display at the Fort Collins Comic Con. Going to be great to see Frank and that amazing car once again.

sentinel page 1 inks

As many of you know, after each How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels course we teach at the local Front Range Community College, we’ve do our best to produce a comic book written by our students and illustrated by some of the top professionals in the business. Whereas our last class, back in Winter of last year, had seven students, it was a challenge finding seven artists to help us out. The last script to find a home was written by Zane DeGaine, himself an artist, and happily a few months back recruited our old friend from Dario Carrasco, he agreed to help us out. Last week Dario turned in page # 1 of Zane’s six page story.  So with this one now in production, it is our hope that we will have the published FRONT RANGE TALES # 3 out within another month or so. All fingers crossed meanwhile.


Meanwhile the Air Chief hopes to kick off another 10 week course to kick off Tues night the 11th of Sept provided we can get at least 3 students to sign up. Anyone living in the Fort Collins, CO area in taking the class, above is the telephone of the Administrator to call for registering.

And that’s our Flight Log for this week Loyal Airmen.  As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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