• On 12 Apr | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, last weekend Valerie and the Air Chief joined Rob & Theresa Davis and traveled to Lombard, Illinois to attend the annual Windy City Pulp & Paper Con. To say we had a great time would be an understatement. The show as a blast. Check out all these pix.


Above Air Chief, Val, Theresa and Rob Davis. Across the aisle from us, Jonathan Sweet and his son David who happens to be a big Minnesota Twins fan.


So many of our great New Pulp amigos were there. Above left writer Andy Fix stops by writer Van Plexico’s table while down the aisle representing Pro Se Press were Aubrey and head honcho Tommy Hancock.


Robyn and Mark van Zanden above left and to right, writer pal George Tackes and Air Chief.


Above left writer Matthew Bienek and then Val and Air Chief enjoy a coffee break.


Above left, Air Chief, artist Steve Bryant of Athena Voltaire fame and Rob. At right, voice actor Mark Kalita in baseball cap meets New Pulp writer historian Will Murray.


Above left, the New Pulp gang heads for Portellos for Friday night get together, then it was back to the con for the Pulp Factory Awards handed out by Rob and the Air Chief, above right.


Happily Airship 27 Production’s Vol 9 of our hit series, “Mystery Men (& Women) won for Best Anthology, while Art Director Rob Davis won for best interior illustrations and among our four writers in the book, Jaime Ramos, Jonathan Sweet, Mark Allen Vann & Jarrett Mazza, Jaime’s story, “Exile of Avalon” won for Best Short Story. That’s his character, Steelgrave above at right. Other winners included Jeffrey Hayes for Best Cover and Charles Millhouse for Best Novel.


The following day was New Pulp Sunday and we saw two really great panels this year. Above left, Fred Adams Jr. moderated a panel on AI and its impact on publishing, which featured writers Dale Cozort, David C. Smith, Fred and George Tackes. The next panel was an interactive build a pulp story, wherein writer/moderator Andy Fic (at easel) took ideas from the audience when the writers, Van Plexico, Gordon Dymowski, Mark Van Zander &  Tommy Hancock will write stories. These will be published and made available to the public. Hopefully a panel that will become a tradition at Windy City.


And with Sunday afternoon the show wrapped up. We packed all our boxes and stuff and head out to downtown Chicago for real highlight, dinner with our daughter Heather, who lives there. She took us all to a wonderful Italian restaurant and we had a really great time. All in all another memorable Windy City Con. Our thanks to promoters Doug Ellis and John Gunnison. See you again next year.



While in Chicago, artist co-creator Cesar Feliciano was busy putting the finishing touches on “Jin & Tonik #1″ Above left are the official covers. Back cover to left, front cover in the center and to the interior credits page is to right. The book is now being lettered by artist Mike Belcher. Once done, Cesar will move on to getting a funding campaign going. You can only imagine how excited we are about getting this book out to you Loyal Airmen. Oh, yeah.



We were recently made aware that Dynamite Comics has gotten the rights to produce special editions of old Terminator graphic novel series. One of these “The Burning Earth” series we wrote and Alex Ross illustrated for the defunct Now Comics. Others were done for Dark Horse comics. The project is being funded by a Kickstarter Campaign. Seems like folks just can’t get enough of those stories. Be nice if the powers that be send me a few. Doubtful, but one never knows.



Tomorrow, Sat April 13th, we’ll be guest at the nearby Loveland, CO for the third annual Wicked West Comic Expo put on by our pal Todd Jones. Also on hand will be Zane & Olivia DeGaine, both of whom the Air Chief is working on. Zane hopes to have a completed mock up of the entire issue # 1 of our new western series “Hamlet’s End.” Hope to see lots of our Colorado and Wyoming fans there.

Phew, and that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you right back here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 4 Apr | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, by the time you read this Flight Log, we’ll be in Chicago at the annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Con. An event the Air Chief and Rob look forward to every year. What with the presentation of the Pulp Factory Awards on Friday night and of course the New Pulp Panels on Sunday. Never mind that we’ll also be having dinner Sunday evening with our daughter Heather, who lives in the Windy City. Hopefully we’ll have pictures to share next week. Meanwhile things haven’t slowed up at the old Hangar 27 one bit.



Our latest pulp releases from Airship 27 is Frank Schildiner’s novel, “Count Rochefort and The Seven Circles of Satan.” A swash-buckling adventure set in the world of the Dumas’ Three Musketeers. British artist John Gallagher provided the black and white interior illustrations and our own Rob Davis above left. It is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As always thanks to you Loyal Airmen for your continued support.



Years ago the Air Chief became friends with music historian and re-constructionist John Morgan. When we learned that he and conductor Bill Stromberg were going to record these two scores by the great Max Steiner, we wrote John a long letter about the story behind those films. He liked our letter so much, he had us tweak it and it became an essay in the CD’s liner notes.


We are thrilled to announce artist Cesar Feliciano has finished coloring all 39 pages of our spy action thriller, JIN & TONIC.  Above is the official comic book logo. Now the book is off to artist Mike Belcher for lettering. Wahoo!! Stay tuned Loyal Airmen, this comic book is going to knock your socks. Below is that final page of issue # 1.

COLOR (39)



Last Sunday being Easter, we are now finally in the Church’s Easter Season. As always we celebrated with a morning mass and then getting home, Valerie put the finishing touches on our Easter dinner where our little family gathered.  During the afternoon, daughter-in-law Nicole thought it fun to pose her giant Cadbury Easter Egg next to our Grogu toy and the kids got behind it for a pix. Looking at them, left to right we have Cora, her brother Alex, her husband Calvin and the family pet Boomer. He was such a good dog all day, he loves being surrounded by family. Though the Air Chief will admit, our right arm was tired after throwing the frisbee with him in the backyard for almost thirty minutes. We hope your Easter was as blessed.



Last week we finished script # 2 for this three part mini-series.  One more to go. Hope to have it wrapped up after we get home from Chicago.



And finally we’re thrilled to announce the release of the 9th Barry Baskerville boy-detective book. In this one, the family car is stolen and Barry accept the challenge to find it and bring the car thief to justice. Written by Richard Kellogg with illustrations by Gary Kato. Now available at Amazon.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Next week we hope to show you some pix from the con. Till then be good and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 29 Mar | '2024

Greeting Loyal Airmen, as we come to the end of Holy Week and are about celebrate Easter, Val and the Air Chief wanted share a few our of pictures from our recent vacation in Fort Myers, Florida.


Fort Myers has a lot to offer tourists including the Edison & Ford estates where both men built beautiful winter homes and brought lots of attention to what was once a small Florida village. Above is the Air Chief and Val. To the right the Air Chief relaxes in the lobby of the Margarita Hotel on the beach.


To left is another shot the Margarita complex, the Atlantic in the background. To the right is Val with her siblings and their spouses. Front left to right, Val, her sister Barbara, her sister Sandy, Sandy’s husband Andy (really) and Desirare, married to Val’s brother Ronnie. Standing in back, again left to right, Air Chief, Barbara’s husband Gus and Ronnie. First time in many years Val was able to be reunited with family like this. Needless to say we all had a great time. Family is one of God’s greatest blessings to all of us.


COLOR (36)IMG_5914

Above is page # 36 of issue # 1. Artist Cesar Feliciano has only two pages left to color. And our big news is we’ve added a great new member to our team. Artist Mike Belcher has signed on to letter this series. So once he finishes issue # 1, Cesar will start putting the Kickstarter campaign. Stay turned, Loyal Airmen, more as things progress.



With the Windy City Pulp & Paper con only two weeks away, Airship 27 continues to release exciting new titles. This week we offer up GEEZERS, a story about a group of Vietnam veterans living in a California senior facility who take on a bunch of secret communist terrorist in their community. It was written by Army vet Darryl Purcell, who also provided all the interior illustrations and artist Adam Shaw whipped up that wonderful cover (above left). This one is a special title for the Air Chief as well. As ever available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.



We are currently half-way through the script for CHIVALRY, INC. # 2. As artist Javier Lugo had finished issue # 1 over a week ago, we were nudged to get # 2 done so as to keep him busy. Chuckle. Sit tight, Javier. It’s on its way. Oh, and above are two of the supporting cast, Father Peter Dumont and Donat Richer, an ex-cop.


Boston Bombers 2-2-21Lv2_MF-Headshot-030813

Morgan Freeman as a Catholic Cardinal continues his guest appearance in The Boston Bombers Vol 2 Issue # 2 courtesy of the amazing Rob Davis.  This comic is gorgeous and only a few more pages from completion. Wahoo!



We are writing this on Holy Thursday of Holy Week. The night we Catholics celebrate the Eucharist, when our Lord Jesus shared his last supper with his apostles and gave them his body and blood. The following day, he would complete the Father’s mission and die on that cross for you and me. For the salvation of our souls. It is our wish that all of you have a truly beautiful and blessed Easter Sunday, seeing in your hearts that He Has Risen!!!  Alleluia!!

Ron – Over & Out!




  • On 22 Mar | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well Val and the Air Chief are back from our ten day vacation in Fort Myers, Florida and we had a great time. That R & R was just what the Air Chief needed. While away, Chief Engineer Rob Davis kept things at Hangar 27 hopping, to include release two brand new titles, so what say we get to them and lots of other stuff.


Air-(293)I, BARBARIAN 09

First up a collection of great sword and sorcery stories by one of the best writers in New Pulp today, Gary Lovisi. All the art for this issue, plus the colorful cover were turned in by artist Ron Hill. As ever, available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.


The next week saw the release of TOWERS OF METROPOLIS Vol 2. This is our second anthology featuring stories based on director/producer Fritz Lang’s classic silent sci-fi movie, Metropolis. This volume includes stories by Dexter Fabi, Carson Demmans, Harding McFadden and Gary Lovisi. (He’s a busy guy.) All art from interiors to that wonderful cover by artist James Lyle. We love this series and hope you’ll enjoy this new collection. Again available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your support.


COLOR (35)

Artist Cesar Feliciano turns in the colors to pg # 35 of our JIN & TONIK issue # 1. As ever his work is beautiful and he has only 3 more pages to go. Cannot wait to see this one out there for all you fans.




We are thrilled to announce that artist Javier Lugo has finished the pencils to all 22 pgs of our new series CHIVALRY INC.  Above are a few rough samples of the action. Honestly, this is some of Javier’s finest work ever and the Air Chief is really excited about bringing this to all you Loyal Airmen. Stay tuned. Now comes inking, coloring and lettering. We’ll keep you posted.

Phew, and that’s all just the tip of the iceberg, Loyal Airmen. We’d hope to show you a few pix from our Florida vacation, but like the Air Chief, Val is swamped with catch-up work. Hopefully we’ll have some downloaded by next Friday. Till then stay well and God Bless,

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 8 Mar | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this will be our last Flight Log before flying off to Florida in two days. Valerie and the Air Chief are going on vacation for the next week and a half. Looking forward to nothing but sun, sand and beaches. There will be no Flight Log next, but rest assured, we’ll be back on the 22nd with our steady fun stuff.  And boy do we have a lot of great things to discuss this week.



Having earned nearly $1,800 in its funding campaign, we are delighted to announce it was a success and issue # 3 will soon be off to the presses. Meanwhile Andrea continues his awesome work on issue # 4.

8 clr9 inks

Above are pages 8 & 9 of that issue. The saga takes a pivotal turn with this chapter and we are anxious for all you Loyal Airmen to see it. We’ve crossed the half-way mark to this six-issue tale.



Meanwhile artist Jesse Thomas has wrapped up drawing and coloring the entire 22 pages of Crimson Nun # 1 and it is now in artist Mike Belcher’s talented hands for lettering. The entire book, along with artist Fred Lang’s stunning cover, should be completed by the time Val and the Air Chief get home. Then its off to Ben Dunn and Antarctic Press. Oh, yeah.

And there you have our Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks ever stopping by and we’ll see you back here on Friday, March 2nd. Till then be well and God bless,

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 1 Mar | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, in another week or so, Valerie and the Air Chief will be off to Florida to visit family and enjoy the warm sunshine and beaches. A real get-away vacation from the cold and winter here in Colorado. But before then, we’ve still tons of good stuff coming way, ala our latest Airship 27 release.


SMALLHarvey Strong 09

STRONG ADVENTURES was written by Tyler Aufhammer and features his new pulp hero, Harvey Strong. Sort of an Indiana Jones kind of adventurer. The book features three of his stories and the cover and interior illustrations (above) were all handled by artist Ron Hill. Book is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As always, Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your support.



Artist Rob Davis continues his stunning work on issue # 2 of The Boston Bombers Vol 2. At one point in the script, female priest Mother Jordan Pirelle is summoned to meet a black Bishop. In our script we suggested to Rob that he use actor Morgan Freeman as his model. As you can see by the two panels above left, Rob once again delivered beautifully.



We just had a short story accepted by Pulp Adventures. It features, with his permission, writer Percival Constantine’s character, Myth Hunter Elisa Hill. His Myth Hunter books are all available at Amazon. Last we looked there were six of them.


8 clr9

Artist Andrea Bormida continued to work up beautiful pages for issue # 4 as seen above while the funding campaign for issue # 3 is coming to a speedy end. As of today, we only need $539 to reach our goal. The campaign ends Monday 4th of March. ( Thanks for your support, Loyal Airmen.



Artist Javier Lugo has begun roughing out the pages to issue # 1 of our CHIVARLY, INC. That’s Javier above and our gal. Now below are Javier’s roughs. Sorry they are so light.

G (3)G(1)

Hopefully you Loyal Airmen can see how much work has gone into these pencils and how they are going to rock once inked and colored. Javier (that’s him above) and the Air Chief hooked up ages ago on a short 16 pg vampire comic based on a small budget independent film and had a great time. Over those intervening years, his art has matured greatly and this comic will easily be his best work yet. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen, Chivalry Inc. is on its way.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Again, let me remind you, we need $539 before Monday to get issue # 3 of BEYOND THE STARS funded. The link is above. Please, over the next few days help us spread the word and get this over the top. Thanks ever.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 23 Feb | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as always we’ve got tons of wonderful artwork and other goodies to share with you. So let’s get cracking.



All twenty-two pages of this first issue have been penciled and inked by artist Jesse Thomas. As of today he has only six pages left to color and then the entire issue goes to artist Mike Belcher who will add the lettering. And then it’s finished and off to Ben Dunn at Antarctic Press. Note, artist Fred Lang is hard at work on the cover and when you see it, trust the Air Chief, it will blow you way.


88 inks

Artist Andrea Bormida continues his stellar work on issue # 4 as seen above. Note since going from Kickstarter to Fund My Comic for launching issue # 3, that shift allowed Silverline Comics to drop the money goal from $2,500 to $2,000.  Still, at present only 38% of that has been raised. Meaning only $776 of that 2,000 needed. The campaign ends officially ends March 4th. Only 10 days left to go. Not a happy picture my friends.



COLOR (33)COLOR (34)

Artist Cesar Feliciano’s coloring work on “Jin & Tonik” continues to a key scene in our opening story. Such beautiful work.



The Air Chief recently was notified by his alumni group that our 60th high school graduation reunion is happening in June. Ronald J. Fortier (above left at 17) graduated from the first ever class of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in1964. STA was a parochial high school opened four years earlier in 1960 in Dover, New Hampshire. That’s the Air Chief (above right at 77). Lots of water has passed under the bridge of life during the past sixty years. Happily the most it has been an amazing, blessed life. And yes, Valerie and the Air Chief are planning on going back home to attend this special reunion. Lots of memories are anchored in that old building and it will be wonderful go back one more time. Wish us luck.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 16 Feb | '2024

Greeting Loyal Airmen, we’ve big news. BEYOND THE STARS is no longer at Kickstarter. The publisher made a decision to switch to Fund My Comic. Here’s the link.  Here’s is the new link to the new site. ( Please do spread the word to your friends and families who enjoy solid sci-fi action. Thanks ever.


Remember, the only place you can pick up the special foil cover (above right) will be by pledging for the Fund My Comic site.  ( We still need all your help.



Artist Joe Arnold continues his work on the Brother Bones graphic novel (above right) and we coudn’t be more excited. The painting (above left) is a wonderful piece by Canadian Steve Otis we’ve had in the files for a while now and thought we’d share it with all of you while reporting on the comics progress.



Artist Rob Davis continues is fantastic work on issue # 2 of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 # 2. We are constantly blown away with how beautiful his storytelling art is.



Artist Jesse Thomas continues to amaze us with his work on The Crimson Nun issue # 1. From pencils, to inks to colors, he’s doing such an amazingly beautiful job with this project. Can’t wait to have it finished and off to Antarctic Press and finally into your hands, Loyal Airmen. Stay tuned.


COLOR (32)

More great paged colored by the amazing Cesar Feliciano.



And finally, we’re happy to announce the release the newest Airship 27 Production title, “Shadows of Love” by R.A. Jones, with artist James Lyle doing all the interior spot illustration and that fantastic cover above. Considering this is our very first romance novel, it coming out the day after Valentine’s Day seemed rather appropriate. As ever available at Amazon and on Kindle. And as ever, thanks for your support, Loyal Airmen.  And that’s a wrap for this week. Phew…we’re tired.

Ron – Over & Out!

Greetings Loyal Airmen, here we are in the month of February and things are humming along.


On Monday afternoon, the Air Chief wrapped up the sixth and final script to “Beyond the Stars.” It was the end of a two year journey. We hand off the scripts to artists Andrea Bormida and Mike Belcher. Keping in mind, the Kickstarter for issue # 3 is only days away now. Now on to “Jin & Tonik,” “The Boston Bombers Vol 2,” “The Crimson Nun,” “Chivalry Inc,” “Mister Jigsaw 20,”….etc. etc. etc. etc. A comic writer’s work is never done. Ha.



The Air Chief goofed last week when announcing the date for the Kickstarter, campaign. It isn’t the 16th, it started this past Tuesday, the 6th. Below is the link to where you can check it out. Note, the goal for this (and the other title Beah) is only $2,500.  We’d like to think we’ve enough loyal fans out there to make this one go smoothly. Above right is Andrea Bormida’s original cover, with logo and word blurb by letterer Mike Belcher. (It also features a special silver foil.) To the left is one of two alternate covers, this one by Kevin West. There is a third on the way by pal Rob Davis, but it has yet to be colored. We love them all. The campaign only last a few days, so please share the link with your comic loving friends. And as always, thanks so much for all your continued support. (


We mentioned letterer Mike Belcher above. The Air Chief can’t stress how important good lettering is to any comic book. It joins the story and the art, merging them seamlessly. And Mike is a master letterer. He’s also a dynamite artist as his own take on Warrior Supreme Kal (above right) proves.


Color (30)COLOR (31)

Meanwhile down in Florida, artist Cesar Feliciano continues to beautifully color his amazing pages for “Jin & Tonik” number one. Valerie absolutely loves these pages and like the Air Chief, we can’t wait to see this book finished in published. You Loyal Airmen are going to be amazed with what we’ve cooked up for you. Count on it!

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Hope all you sports fan out there have a great Super Bowl Sunday and next week we Catholics start our Advent Season. On St. Valentine’s Day no less. Which seems rather appropriate, as the greatest love known to mankind, was that of our Lord Jesus Christ for every single one of us.  God bless and see you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 2 Feb | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, things are rolling along fast at Hangar 27. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year, and now one month is already in the rear-view mirror. So let’s see what’s been popping both in comics and pulps.


PAGE (28)COLOR (29)

Artist Cesar Feliciano continues his wonderful coloring over his pages of JIN & TONIK # 1. He’s quickly reaching the finale of this issue. Then it’s lettering and off to our Kickstarter. The Air Chief is still wound up about this project. Stay tuned.



So while artist Andrea Bormida continues to pump out fantastic new artwork for issue # 4 (above left) the Air Chief, along with the rest of the Silverline Comics crew has been busy promoting the new Kickstarter Campaign which will launch Feb 16 for BTS # 3. If you Loyal Airmen would like to check this out on You Tube, here’s the link. ( Feel free to leave a comment. And as always thanks so much for your continued support.


apocalypse1952BkCVRILLO 1

Hopefully in another week or so, we’ll be announcing the release of writer Darryle Purcell’s latest thriller “Apocalypse 1953.” Where is isn’t quite ready yet, we thought we’d tease you Loyal Airmen with a look at the back over …and an interior illustration by artist Jeff Dobberpuhl.  This is Jeff’s first work for Airship 27 and it won’t be the last.

Alright, that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. We hope you’ll check out our video, brave men behind enemy lines sacrificed to bring you that video. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Chuckle. And as ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!