Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re going to start this week’s Flight Log with some truly exciting news. After being unable to attend PulpFest the past three years, due strictly to economic issues, Airship 27 Productions is now set to return to that wonderful convention this year. Yup, the Air Chief and his partner, artist Rob Davis will heading to Pittsburgh for the show held Aug 6th to Aug 9th. Having been a regular participants of the con while it was in Columbus, where it was launched, we’d tried stay with them when the show moved to Pittsburgh. Sadly the extra distance and poor attendance that initial year forced us to sit out the following years. Much to our dismay. We truly missed seeing so many of our friends and colleagues. Then last year the show announced a major jump in attendance; enough so that it was time for us to reconsider going back. After some lengthy discussions on how to overcome some of the remaining hurdles, we’re happy to report we came up with a travel plan that will make it feasible for us to be a part of this year’s con. In fact we announced it on our latest Airship 27 Podcast Episode # 60 which aired just a few days ago. You can find it at the You Tube link below. Bottom line here, we are thrilled and excited to be going back to PulpFest and hope you are too. Why not plan on joining us there. We’d love to see you. (

DD PG 5_SBPRO_FINALTWO87064425_1204946409709229_8020742814147018752_n

On the comics front, LOTS of great project we’ve penned are moving along very nicely.  Going from left to right above we have. 1) Another page from the wacky DEATH DERBY, a manga inspired racing mayhem tale with art by Brian Loner. When completed, the strip will appear in several different black and white anthologies. 2) Page one a GREATER CALLING as illustrated by the fantastic Michael Belcher which introduces a brand new 40s style pulp hero, Nighshift. And finally 3) a panel from the opening sequence in the JIG & TONIK super-project we’re doing with Florida based artist Cesar Feliciano. This one is long and involved and we’re having a blast creating this truly decades long saga. As ever Loyal Airmen, we’ll keep you posted on all of them.

And that’s it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next Friday.

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  • On 14 Feb | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, sometimes many of our pulp writers enjoy using historical figures in their stories. Case in point, Chuck Miller’s latest Bay Phantom thriller is now in production at Airship 27 Productions.


In the story, famous Federal Agent Elliot Ness comes to Memphis to hunt down the Bay Phantom to ascertain whether he’s really a vigilante working on the side of law and order or an actual crook. Above is a picture of the man himself and next to that illustrator Kevin Paul Shaw Broden’s wonderful sketch of Ness arriving in the city. We’ve said it before and this is just another example, Airship 27 has the best artists in publishing today.



Ever since we released our first ever full color Mr. Jigsaw Christmas Special, we thought it would be smart go back and look closely at the five issues of THE ADVENTURES OF MR. JIGSAW.  Keep in mind, that each issue contains 3 full issues of the regular 24 pg MR. JIGSAW Man of a Thousand Parts comics series. In doing so, we realized that several volumes were no longer available and some actually had missing pages. At which point Redbud Studio Editor Rob Davis took it upon himself do to all brand new editions of each of the five volumes, insuring that each was complete and that includes adding special pin-ups rarely seen until now. And the Air Chief is delighted to tell all you Loyal Airmen that Rob’s task is complete. You can go to Amazon today and order any of these books with no problems should you wish to complete your Mr. Jigsaw comics collection. And don’t forget, that Full Color Christmas Special that kicked all this off is still there. We think you’ll enjoy any of these and will your kids or grand kids. As ever thanks for your continued support.


Finally this week we want to leave you with a sneak-peek at one of the nine interior Illustrations Rob is doing for the next Jezebel Johnston Pirate Queen saga by Nancy Hansen. This one is called SISTERS OF VENGEANCE and should be out in another month. We’ll keep you posted. Till then, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you next Friday.

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  • On 7 Feb | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we kick off this week’s Flight Log with announcing the release of our second Airship 27 Productions pulp title of the year.


“BULLDOG DRUMMOND – Disaster Zones” offers of three new adventures of our re-imagined classic pulp hero from the 1920s as written by Ian Watson. Artist Howard Simpson provides the interior illustrations and the cover is a team effort between artist Chris Rawding and Art Director Rob Davis. The happy news here is Ian is having fun with the series and has agreed to write a third volume.  For now you can pick this one up, plus the first, both at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  As always, thanks so much for your support.

EPSON MFP image52

As most of our Loyal Airmen are aware, all Airship 27 Production titles have interior illustrations by some of the finest artists in the world. We thought you might enjoying samples of one such brilliant creator, British artist Morgan Fitzsimons. All the pieces above are hers. Morgan has an affinity for fantasy and mythology.


Morgan’s first work for Airship 27 appeared a few years ago when she did all the art for “The Eye of Quang Chi” by writer Fred Adams Jr. We’re thrilled to announce that Morgan is currently illustrating a new book for us and once again it will grace cover and pages of yet another Adams thriller. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted as ever. And please, Airship 27 is always in need of talented artists like Morgan. Should you know of any such, send them our way. We’d be eternally grateful.




Launches Two Charles Saunders Series

Since his arrival on the fantasy adventure scene back in the 70s, Charles Saunders has been recognized as one of the most successful African American writers in the field today. His action/adventure hero Imaro has been featured in a half dozen novels all of which went on to inspire generations of young black authors.

In 2011 Saunders wrote “Damballa” the first ever black pulp hero for Airship 27 Productions. Operating out of Harlem in the 1930s, Damballa employs unique African magic to battle gangsters and crooked politicians. Two years later Saunders introduced the Jungle Witch Luluma in his short story “Mtimu” which appeared in the Pro Se Production’s bestselling anthology, “Black Pulp.” At the start of the tale, the beautiful Luluma is a servant of a villainous hunter but by the story’s end she realizes his true nature and regains her independence thanks to the hero, Mtimu. Atypical of Saunders talent, she is a powerful character worthy of her own series.

Now Airship 27 Productions is proud to announce their creation of two new on-going book series, “Charles Saunders presents Damballa” and “Charles Saunders presents Luluma.” Managing Editor Ron Fortier elaborates. “In recent years, Charles Saunders has been extremely busy working on a truly unique black fantasy saga. So much so that it became impossible for him to devote any time to his other creations. When we suggested the possibilities of continuing both Damballa and Luluma with other writers, he was very excited about the concept and gave us his approval. Have no fear, he will be overseeing each series as they progress.”

Writing the first ever Lulama novel will be writer/publisher Milton Davis of MVmedia LLC. “I’ve known Charles Saunders for eleven years and had the privilege to work with him on a number of projects. I’m excited to have the opportunity to develop a novel based on one of his characters. It’s a dream come true.”

While Pulp Factory Award winning writer Derrick Ferguson will write the all new Damaballa adventure.  “To say that I am honored to be given the opportunity to write a character created by Charles Saunders with his blessing is truly an understatement. Charles Saunders is one of the reasons I am writing today and to be working with him is an opportunity I never would have dreamed could have taken place. I pray that I do justice to the magnificent character of Damballa.”

At present there is no specific time set for the release of these new books. “Our plan is to move forward with full length novels first,” Fortier continues. “Later, if there is an interest, we may also produce anthologies featuring both Damballa and Lulama. We’ll leave that up to our network of pulp writers and the response of our readers. We see some truly amazing possibilities in the future for both characters and are greatly indebted to Charles and his faith in us.”




Finally above is Nightshift, a 1940s pulp-style avenger we created with artist Michael Belcher. If all goes well he will be making his first appearance in the latest issue of ALL STAR PULP COMICS.  Fingers crossed. And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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  • On 31 Jan | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as we get ready to close out January, the Super-Bowl is once again upon us and football fans across the country are going nuts. Hopefully it will be a great game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.  Enjoy, all you Loyal Airmen.


Ever since the Air Chief was a little guy, we’ve loved western movies. Our Dad took us to many a Saturday matinee were we saw lots of great John Wayne flicks such as The Searchers, Rio Bravo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and so-so many others starring Randolf Scott, Joel McCrae etc. etc. The list is endless. Thing is once bitten by the western bug, we were hooked for life. One of our all time favorites was the 1993 Tombstone starring Kurt Russell, Sam Elliot and Bill Paxton as the Earp brothers and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. Though George P. Cosmatos is credited as the director, it is widely known that Russell actually did most of the directing throughout the production. The film is considered a classic and we’ve owned it on DVD since it first was released. Over the Christmas holidays we had a chance to pick up a Blu-ray copy and snatched it up quickly. Then just the other day, while surfing the internet we came across a colored drawing of Russell as Wyatt by an artist named Martin. It was so beautiful and faithful to the actor in this role, we knew we had to share it with all you Loyal Airmen. So give, what’s your favorite all time western?


Segueing from western movies to country western music sounds about right. Growing up in the sixties, the Air Chief remembers loving the music of those times with such singers as Gene Pitney, Bobby Vinton, Neil Sedaka and so many others. The pleasure of the songs they sang were the stories told in those songs. Then there were the Bee Gees, Beatles, Rolling Stones and other great British rockers. Again, it was all about the music. Alas, eventually Heave Metal came along and we thought we’d go deaf. Still don’t like and still think Heave Metal is really just about being loud…period. This was followed by something even worse, rapping. You can argue till you are blue in the face, by talking a song is not singing a song. Ergo, 2 & 3 don’t make 4. Rapping is and will never be real music.

Obviously it looked like the Air Chief was turning into an old soul and good music seemed to be disappearing from our lives altogether. Then we moved to Colorado and rediscovered Country Western music. Now we’d been familiar with it most of your lives back east, starting with hearing and loving Patsy Cline and the there was Johnny Cash and Glenn Campbell. But we weren’t diehard fans at that time. Now, living in the west, it was as if we were surrounded by this style of music and slowly we began to truly appreciate it. We soon realized, like the balladeers of the sixties, Country Western music is ALL ABOUT THE STORIES.  We can actually hear the words and sing along. We soon became fans of lots of great current C&W artists like Blake Shelton (thank you The Voice), Darius Rucker and last year we got hooked on the Grand Old Opree’s latest inductee, Luke Combs. Combs’s songs are both funny and then heart wrenching. At the start of this year he released his latest album, “What You See Is What You Get.” It is simply amazing and covers his range of human topics.  His “Just Because I’m Leaving,” is a father and son homage that the Air Chief recognized immediately via his own memories of our Dad who passed away a long-long time ago. So much so that we rarely hear the song that we aren’t in tears by its end. Oh yeah, living in Colorado has been a blessing to us and this wonderful music known as Country Western is truly the icing on the cake.


And lastly, more on the comic front. As we reported in the past few weeks Rob Davis, via Redbud Studio, has been doing all new editions of the Amazon series THE ADVENTURES OF MR. JIGSAW.  To date we’ve had the first 12 issues of the regular comic collected in four volumes. Well as of today, Rob is assembling the new Vol 5 which will contain issues 13 – 14- 15 of the regulars. Gary Kato turned in a wonderful cover that features elements from several of the stories reprinted inside to include the team-up with Liberty Bell, Jiggy’s appearance at the Rocky Mountain Con and our beloved Zeke the Super Dog. As you are reading this, the actual book should be up at Amazon within the next few days. Thanks as ever for your continued support Loyal Airmen.

And that’s a wrap for this week.

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  • On 24 Jan | '2020


Greetings Loyal Airmen, some of you may recall we talked about the fact that Redbud Studio was doing new editions of our ADVENTURES OF MR. JIGSAW.  Well the re-done volume # 1 is now officially up at Amazon. It contains the first 3 issues of the regular series.  Fingers crossed volume # 2 will soon be on its way. Stay tuned.

EyeOfDawnPage7 final inksGreyTone2

While on the pulp front, artist Clayton Murwin continues to turn in gorgeous illustrations which will appear in the upcoming novel THE EYE OF DAWN by writer Brad Sinor. This is Clayton’s first work for Airship 27 and we are totally wowed by how great it is. Ala the sneak-peek above. His attention to details is fantastic.  With luck we should have this title within the next month.


When we were much younger we spent a great deal of time watching old black and white movies on television. We have fond memories of a comedy series based on a character called Tugboat Annie. She first appeared in a Saturday Evening Post story written by Norman Reilly Raine which were supposedly based on the life of Thea Foss of Tacoma, Washington. The story was about a cantankerous female tug skipper and her crew of lovable misfits. In 1933 MGM and director Mervyn LeRoy brought her to cinematic life. The movie starred Marie Dressler and Wallace Beery, on of the studio’s most popular screen team at that time. The film was successful enough to be followed by two sequels, “Tugboat Annie Sails Again,” and “Captain Tugboat Annie.” They were cast with different actors.

We bring this up because the films were so lighthearted and fun, our memory of them resurfaced several years ago when penning CAPTAIN HAZZARD – Cavemen of New York. In it, our plot called for Hazzard and his crew to get into Manhattan via water route and just like that we remember Annie and her tug. And so with very little disguising, we brought her into the story and gave her a cameo. To this date only a very few of our Loyal Airmen recognized the tough and lovable Annie. And that Loyal Airmen is how we have fun writing.

That’s it for this Flight Log, as ever thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll see  you next Friday.

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  • On 17 Jan | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen, a few years ago we wrote a manga inspired comic strip called DEATH DERBY, done as an over-the-top silly story wherein savage racers drive their super-charged cars through a dense, high populated city causing all kinds of mayhem along the way.


An artist friend agreed to illustrate and produced a character sketch design and actually drew the first page of the script. Then, due to other obligations, had to drop the project and so the script languished in our files. The pieces above were from that first artist. Recently, another local artist came on the scene and decided to take a stab at it.

Death Derby Characters

Above is artist Brian Loner’s interpretation of our two main characters and we’re happy to say he’s very much committed to actually completing DEATH DERBY. Note, the illustration above is meant to be a promotional piece, whereas the finished strip will only be in black and white. When finished it will be featured in our continuing anthology comics series RON FORTIER’S TALES OF THE MACABRE.  Stay tuned.

IMG_9981EOD page 6 illoFinal inks2

On the pulp front we’ve peeks at artwork from two titles in production. To the upper left is an illustration from Ed Catto that will appear in RAVENWOOD – Stepson of Mystery Vol 4 – The latest anthology featuring this classic Occult Detective with four brand new stories.  To upper right is an illustrations by Clayton Murwin from the novel THE EYE OF DAWN, a suspense thriller by writer Brad Sinor.  Hopefully both titles will be out within a few months, Loyal Airmen.


And back to comics we go.  A short while after the Air Chief and partner Rob Davis began publishing the Mr. Jigsaw comic book series, we had the idea of doing collected edition. Thus ever three issues of the 24 pg books would be collected. At that time, another outfit named Wild Wolf Entertainment produced what we called THE ADVENTURES OF MR. JIGSAW and sold them at Amazon.  Eventually Rob’s own Redbud Studio comics took over and recently, during our last Airship 27 Podcast, the subject came up about these ADVENTURES titles. We agreed it was time to go over them and correct any mistakes or omissions and eventually do a firth volume containing issues 13 – 14 – 15.  In the past few days Rob has started on this. Above is the new Redbud edition of issue #1.


And here we have the new edition of ADVENTURES # 2. This one actually had several great new Jiggy pin-ups by various artists added to the book that were never in the original edition.  It also appears that issues 3 & 4 are in good shape and will remain as is.


All that remains now is for Jiggy artist to do a cover for ADVENTURES # 5. Once in Rob will assembled the collection and have it up at Amazon, at which time we’ll notify all you Loyal Airmen. It is the Air Chief’s plan to have lots of these at our convention tables this year. Meanwhile, you can buy these first four books at Amazon.

And there you have it for this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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  • On 10 Jan | '2020


Greetings Loyal Airmen, while driving through nearby Loveland last Saturday afternoon, we came across a truly amazing site. Over one hundred mountain elks had come down out of the foothills and were grazing in a wide open fields just outside of town. It is really rate that these magnificent animals come down so close to any population center. Weather men have been saying many creeks and ponds have dried up recently and this may be one of the reasons the herd moved south. Still in all it was a memorable sight we wanted to share with you.


As most of you Loyal Airmen are aware, the Air Chief writes a regular review blog titles PULP FICTION REVIEWS. We don’t often share those reviews here, but in this case we wanted to make an exception.  This is a charming little book by writer/editor Jonathan W. Sweet that is a marvelous introduction to what pulp fiction is/was, its history and place in American Literature. He published it via his ( where you can find copies for sale. Meanwhile, here’s the link to our review. (

Ravenwood #3

Another B pulp hero from the 40s was Ravenwood – The Stepson of Mystery. To date Airship 27 Productions has published three anthologies featuring this occult detective and now we’ve volume four in production. The book is going to have 12 black and white interior illustrations by artist Ed Catto who is doing an amazing job with them. So much so we had to give all you Loyal Airmen a sneak-peek here.  Fingers crossed the book will be out in another month or so. We’ll keep you posted.


Finally, the mail this week brought the Air Chief a couple of real treasures. One is a classic Republic serial, “Perils of Nyoka” delivered in a crisp, sharp blu-ray format. We’re hoping to eventually get many of those already in our collection as more and more companies transfer them to this superior version. The second is the entire season of a short lived TV show based on mystery writer Rex Stout’s famous sleuth Nero Wolfe. It started William Conrad as the rotund, beer loving Wolfe and the Lee Horsley as his debonair assistant P.I. Archie Goodwin. Remember this series fondly and we are thrilled to be able to view them again at our leisure.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next week.

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HELLO 2020!

  • On 3 Jan | '2020

Greetings Loyal Airmen and Happy New Year to all of you. It is our prayer that 2020 is a fantastic year filled with joy, happiness and blessings to all of you.


For the Air Chief, finally getting in our copies of the Mr. Jigsaw Full Color Christmas special was a real treat. Thus far reaction to the book has been overwhelmingly great.  Due in large part to the fantastic coloring work of Mort Todd. He made those pages sing, and at along last, the Air Chief and artist Gary Kato finally manage to do our Christmas story and have our loveable hero finally team up with Santa Claus. This was one of those stories we’d been wanting to do for a long-long time. Now that it’s done, we are really very proud of it.


On the pulp side of things, it looks like Airship 27 Productions first new title of 2020 will be THE WRAITH, a prose anthology based on the comic superhero created by writer Frank Dirscherl.  With any luck we’ll have it out to you within another week.  Well, artist Chris Nye, who did the 12 great interior illustrations thought it would be fun to do up a little poster announcing that release (see above) and he surprised us with it a few days ago. We love it, and Chris’ work. Now he’s off to do his own graphic novel and we wish him all the best with it. And of course hope to have him rejoin Airship 27 on another project in the near future.


One of our most popular releases in 2019 was the kick off our new Bulldog Drummond series, wherein British writer Ian Watson revamped this classic hero from the 1920s, and wrote an amazing novel “On Poisoned Ground.” Canadian artist Ted Hammond delivered the cover on that one, while California based Howard Simpson did the interior illustrations.  Well, we are thrilled to announce, Ian’s second Drummond book “Disaster Zones” is now in production and this time Chris Rawding will handle the cover chores, while much to our delight, Howard has returned on interiors and that black and white piece above is one of the new illos from that title. Again fingers crossed, look for it within few weeks.

And so we are off and running full tilt into the New Year. Hang on for wild and exciting ride, Loyal Airmen, lots more fun things coming your way.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 27 Dec | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen. Another Christmas has past and we pray all of you had a great holiday. Now we’re getting ready to say good-bye to 2019 and welcome in 2020.  The Air Chief had two major goals this holiday season and with God’s blessings and the help of close friends, we realized both of them. The first being the publication of our “Life in Comics” our memoirs book about our career in comics. Having that come out, we figured it would only be fitting to then release a brand new Mr. Jigsaw comic. But we wanted this one to be extra-special. How? Well first we had the idea of collecting the three previous published stories that Mort Todd had colored and printed in his own comic series. We would then write our first ever Christmas story wherein Jiggy would meet none other than Santa Clause and help him with a super special Christmas miracle. That in mind, by the end of summer we began writing what would become “The Miracle on Christmas Island.”


Part of the plot included our beloved jolly Elf falling out of his sled as it flew over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine. Wherein Jiggy and his friends on their way to an island village would be on hand to save him.  Mort had volunteered to do the cover and the Air Chief had a specific scene in mind. One afternoon we recruited our granddauther Cora and grandson Alex to help us out, along with Cora’s beau, Calvin. We posed Cora and Alex in the back of a pick-truck that would double for the back end of the boat, while Alex (as Jiggy) reaches out to try and reach a floundering Calvin (as Santa, actually sitting in a lawn chair) while Cora (as Amy Boucher) looks on encouragingly.


We then sent the photo to Art Director Rob Davis who using it as inspiration, did the rough black and white sketch you see above to the left. Then that was sent along to Mort and from it he did the actual cover. Once his art and coloring were finished, it went back to Rob for the logos and Amy’s word balloon and voila our Super Mr. Jigsaw Full Color Christmas Special was a reality. It is available from Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle. We hope you’ll pick up a copy and enjoy it.


And now a look at the Fortier Family Christmas 2019.  Shortly after 1 p.m. the photo to the right is what our living room looked like on Christmas Day, after Santa had made his visit during the night. Things were about to get hectic.


The eight of us were happy  and as ever to once again celebrate this wonderful day together. Upper left is the “senior” generation, i.e. Nicole, Alan, Valerie and the Air Chief. To Upper right is grand-daughter Cora, her fellah Calvin, Chloe and our grandson Alex.


Alex as ever volunteered to play Santa and quickly began handing out colorfully wrapped packages. As ever the Air Chief was surprised with another fun toy, this one of the Pop Yeti from the animated feature Abominable which we loved.


Valerie was delighted with her counter-cutting tool for foil and plastic wraps, which she uses constantly while in the kitchen. Meanwhile Nicole was enjoying the fragrances of several scented candles. Santa sure had their number.


Alex got lots of technical manuals which he loves to read.  Calvin holds up unique shot-glass. He also got an aged bottle of Highland Scotch. While Cora received some truly beautiful new blouses and an electric foot massager.


These are only a few of the items that put smiles on all our faces.  But again, the great happiness was being altogether, happy and healthy. In the end, those are the greatest gifts of all and we sincerely hope and pray that all you Loyal Airmen received them as well.  MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS!!

Ron – Over & Out.




  • On 20 Dec | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re kicking off this week’s entry with some awesome new concerning a series near and dear to the Air Chief.


In 2014, Airship 27 Productions published Robin Hood – King of Sherwood by I.A. Watson; the first in his trilogy reimagining the saga of fiction’s greatest hero. The two subsequent sequels, Robin Hood – Arrow of Justice and Robin Hood – Freedom’s Outlaw soon followed to the critical delight of fans everywhere.  A few years later, a fourth volume was released containing a collection of Watson’s Robin Hood short stories titled, Robin Hood – Forbidden Legends.  Now, at along last, the entire four volumes are offered in this special Omnibus Edition containing all the previous published works. Also included is The Dead of Robin Hood, the poignant conclusion to the saga never before in print.  With each new volume, I.A. Watson put forth a truly fantastic adventure willed with all the action and romance one would expect from a Robin Hood story. Then, to top that all off, he set the darn thing against a real, historical background. The notes in these book are enough to teach a course in Old World British History and politics.

The new Omnibus edition  contains all 52 of Art Director Rob Davis’ beautiful interior illustrations and features his brand new cover spotlighting Robin and his true love, Maid Marion.  That is 660 pages of fun, suspense, adventure and thrills. Believe us Loyal Airmen, you won’t be disappointed. Available now at Amazon and it is a great Christmas gift for the readers in your family.


On the comic book front, we are thrilled to announce our giant 56 pg full color MR JIGSAW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is now available at Amazon. It features a cover by Mort Todd who also colored the entire book. The brand new story is “Miracle on Christmas Island” and has our Jiggy come to Santa Claus’ rescue when Santa has splash down trying to deliver toys to a distant off-shore island village during a savage winter snow storm. We think it is something special all our Jiggy fans will love. Then the remainder of the book reprints three past stories never before done in full color. We kid you not, this book is a comic book treasure.

And that’s it for this last Flight Log before Christmas.  We want to wish all our Loyal Airmen a safe, super wonderful Christmas and hope you all can spend it with those you love. You will all be in our Christmas wishes

Ron – Over & Out!