• On 22 Jun | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen. After last week’s brief entry, this week’s is a bit longer and covers a bit more ground. Let’s start with the some comics news.


A few years ago the Air Chief created a character called Raizee the Ram in an 8 pg fantasy strip called, “The Wooden Blade.” It sat in our files for just about a year and then along came artist Olivia DeGaine. Olivia was looking for a new project to work on and we showed her the script. Within days she’d done up some amazing sketches of our hero and his world and asked to sign on. So right there and then, we became partner/co-creators of Raizee the Ram. Olivia wasted no time in illustrating that first story and last weekend it appeared in # 9 of Todd Jones excellent anthology, Wicked Tales. Todd debut the comic at last weekend’s mega Denver Comic Con. Since writing that first tale, the Air chief set about writing two more 8 pagers for Olivia, one based on her idea and the other we whipped up detailing how Raizee meets his friend, the Vulture.  Olivia has penciled all the stories and is now inking and lettering them. Once done she, and her husband Zane, will be publishing Raizee’s own comic via their Pulp Fission company. Meanwhile, the original “The Wooden Blade” will see print in other anthologies in the coming months as we continue promote both the character and new series. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you all posted for sure.


Oklahoma based New Pulp writer Mel Odom recently won two Western Fictioneers award. The first was for Best Western Novel, “The Pecos Undertaker” under his penname Colby Jackson and the second for Best Western Short Story, “The Train Robbery,” from “Bass Reeves – Frontier Lawman Vol II” from Airship 27 Productions.  Details can be found here. ( All of us at Airship 27 Productions congratulate Mel on these well deserved awards.


Airship 27 Productions’ newest title was also released this past week.  It is author Wayne Carey’s second Quatermain – The New Adventures novel for us and sub-titled The Lightning Bird.  Carey’s first Quatermain novel, The Beast Men, recently received a glowing review from the members of the on-line H. Rider Haggard society, Haggard the British author who first created the African guide/hunter in his classic adventure book, “King Solomon’s Mine.” As ever this new book, which features a cover by Graham Hill and interior illustrations from Clayton Hinkle can be found at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks for the continued support.

And there you have it for this week Loyal Airmen.  As ever, thanks for stopping by. See you next week.

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  • On 15 Jun | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen. Thus far 2018 has been a really good year for both Airship 27 Productions and the Air Chief flying solo. The Windy City Pulp & Paper con was our best ever and it was followed by a stellar Denver Comic Fest and Free Comic Book Day. All to say the Air Chief pretty depleted his inventory stock of books. What with two local conventions coming up soon, the Estes Park show and the Fort Collins Comic Con, it was time we restocked. So weeks ago we put in a new order and today three big, heave books of our books arrived in the mail. Oh yeah. Pooped us out just carrying them into the house. Ha. Here’s hoping the two upcoming shows continued the selling trend and force us to order even more stock by the end of the year.


Over the past year, we’ve been enjoying Netflix a great deal as part of our nightly television viewing. Aside from the Marvel Comics original series, we’ve also appreciated many foreign shows such a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries from Australia. Starring Essie Davis, the stories are set in Melbourne in the years right after World War One, and Miss Fisher is a private eye and often a pain in Inspector Richardson’s butt. Based on a series of bestselling novels, the production values are simply amazing what with costume, old cars etc.etc. We just wrapped up season one this week and have started watching two. If you like old fashion who-dunnits and are lucky enough to have Netflix, we highly recommend this show.

Finally it’s been almost two weeks since my successful cataract surgery. Life without eye glasses has been a really wonderful experience, though by habit the Air Chief still finds himself reaching for them….even though they are not there. We’ll eventually get use to this glasses-free life. And there you have this week’s Flight Log. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll catch you next week.

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  • On 8 Jun | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  As promised, this week we want to share with you our pictures and experiences from our second part of our trip back east. After leaving NH, we traveled south to Bethel, Conn. to spend four great days with son Scott, his wife Katie and our grand kids Taryn & Logan.


One of the interesting things we learned about Bethel thanks to Scott & Katie was that it was once the home of “The Greatest Showman” P.T. Barnum and there is marvelous statue of him in front of the town library.


Here’s the Air Chief with son Scott. He is such a great human being, we are so proud of him. He is a great father, devoted husband and all around fun soul willing to give you the shirt off his back should you need it. In many ways Scott, is so much like a man he never really got to know, our own father, George Fortier. Both were gifted by God with truly wonderful hearts. We miss Scott  and his crew so much, these visits are special.


One day they took us to a local ice cream joint and both Taryn (above) and her brother Logan, ordered these massive creations that were filled with ice cream, cookies, candies and whatever else could be imagined. Watching them attempt to eat them all was a hoot.


Later that day, Katie booked us a room at this new fun game place called ESCAPE ROOM.  The idea being people are locked in specially designed rooms filled with clues and given an hour to figure out the puzzles and find the key that unlocks the door.  All the while the groups in the rooms are being monitored on closed-circuit TV by the “Game Master.” Well the group above, left to right, Air Chief, Valerie, Katie, Taryn, Scott & Logan, give it our best shot but the room beat us and we were unable to solve the final clues. Although our Game Master did say we’d solved 80% of the overall puzzle.  The photo was taken after our release.  Honestly, if you ever have an opportunity to do one of these Escape Room things, go for it. It was a blast.


On our last night in Bethel, Scott & Katie treated to a wonderful dinner at a Japanese Grill. Taryn loves shrimp while Logan is steak man.  The Air Chief and Val chowed down on chicken and scallops.


Driving home from the restaurant Scott took us past a famous diner where ever Sat night car enthusiasts gather to show off their classic wheels. All the while the public address is playing classic 50s and 60s music. We stopped and checked out some truly gorgeous cars. What memorable way to end our trip.  Thanks Scott & Katie. We made so many great new memories.  Until next time.


And after a few long weeks, we are happy to announce the release of our latest pulp title at Airship 27 Productions. WU DANG – First of the Wanderer is by the ever popular Barbaro Doran, this being her fourth book for us. It’s an action packed adventure that begins in Shang Hai and ends in 1848 San Francisco during the Gold Rush. Now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  As ever thanks for your support.


After wearing glasses since the Air Chief was 13 yrs old, this past Monday, we had eye surgery to remove a cataract from our right eye.  We had had the same surgery way back in 1995 to remove one from our left eye. Since then our glasses had feature a clear piece of plastic because we had 20/20 in the left eye.  Monday surgery’s has now done the same thing for the right eye and the picture above is the happy Air Chief holding up the last pair of eye glasses he will ever wear. We thank all our friends and family on Facebook who send their prayers and well wishes, and of course the doctors and nurses and above all our loving God, who continues to bless us in so many way we could never count them all.  71 years old and we seem to be getting younger.  Ha.

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  • On 1 Jun | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well Valerie and the Air Chief are home again, after a really fast two weeks back east visiting friends and family.  We will be sharing pictures from that trip with you over the next two entries. The first part deals with our stay in New Hampshire. Enjoy.


Upon our arrival in the Granite State, we hooked up with Val’s family at a local restaurant and had a great time together. Seated around the table going left to right are, Andy Fagen and wife Sandy Fagen (she is Valerie’s younger sister) then next to her is Desiree and Ronnie Mailhot (Ronnie is Valerie’s younger brother) and across from him is Barbara and Gus Papajohn (Barbara being Valerie’s older sister). Then of course Valerie and up front right, the Air Chief. These are really a special people and we so loved being with them again.


The following day we headed down to Dover to the Wentworth Home to see Mom. She looked fantastic and both Valerie and the Air Chief were overjoyed.  During our week long stay we visited with her four times, above is a picture taken on our last day. What a truly remarkable woman. She’ll be 94 in Nov and is still painting.


One of the major reasons for this trip was to see our grand daughter Chelsea receive her Master’s Degree at the University.  Above (left to right) are friend Steve and his son Nathan in his arm.  Our son-in-law Chris, oldest daughter (and grand daughter) Kristi, Chelsea, their Mom Michelle and Steve’s wife Kristin.  All of us were so happy and proud of her. Happily the forecasted rain held off until after the outdoor ceremony was over.


Valerie, Chelsea and the Air Chief. What a truly wonderful day for our family.  Chelsea finished her Master’s work in only one year, doing an accelerated program.


At the party for Chelsea, we had to get a pix with our beautiful grand daughters. We love them so much and it was a pure joy to be with them again, even for this little while.


While in New Hampshire, we stayed at Andy and Sandy’s home, they generously inviting us to do so. Andy, a one time car racer, is now retired and into model plane flying. At one point he brought the Air Chief down to his basement workshop. We’ve seen him flying these beauties and he is truly a pro at it. A super talented guy and most gracious host.


Of course we also did see a few dear friends other than family during our stay.  One of these being Kim and Ron Paradis. Ron and the Air Chief worked together side by side at a General Electric facility for 30 years. Like the Air Chief, he is also a Vietnam veteran. A truly good friend.  We managed to squeeze in a breakfast together at a local restaurant before he had to run off and shoot nine holes…being an avid golfer now retired.

And there you have part of our stay in NH and neighboring Maine.  Next week we’ll tell you all about our trip south to Conn. and visit with son Scott and his crew.


And now for some comicbook fun, this new press release from publisher Warren Montgomery. (Fun Adventure Comics! #8 from Will Lill Comics on sale July 11th featuring the ever popular Brother Bones by Ron Fortier. Cover art by Barry McClain Jr. Issue #6 now on sale, and issue #7 on sale June 13th. Available in print and digital. Visit

That’s it for our first Flight Log of June. See you back here next Friday.

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  • On 25 May | '2018


Greeting Loyal Airmen, as we explained in last week’s Flight Log we are still back east on vacation visiting family.
But while gone we wanted to give you a special peek at the cover to our forthcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE Vol 12…done by none other than our own Art Director Rob Davis.  This is the first time Rob has done a cover for this series and those are his detailed pencils above.  Wait till you see the finished piece.


And finally the above logo pretty much speaks for itself.  This is a new anthology now in production we think is going to be great fun. Stay tuned.  And come back next Friday and ye old Air Chief will be back at Hangar 27.

Thanks for stopping by,

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  • On 18 May | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, by the time you read this, Valerie and the Air Chief will be back in New Hampshire starting a two week vacation to visit friends and family.  The trip will start in the Granite State, where both Val and the Air Chief were born and loved most of our lives. We lived in a small town named Somersworth that isn’t even on most tourist map. It’s located right in the middle between Rochester and Dover…look to the right of the map. We were right on the Maine border. The Air Chief’s mother, resides in a senior facility in Dover and it will be so great to see her again.


From north to south, New Hampshire is a wonderful place filled with old Yankee traditions.  Above is a shot of Berlin, located in the north.


One of the highlights of our trip will be attending the graduation ceremonies at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, where our grand daughter Chelsea LeClerc will receive her Master’s Degree. That we are so proud of her goes without saying. She completed a two year program in just one year. Going to be a special for all our family.


Of course while the Air Chief is gone, Art Director Rob Davis will still be working away on our new titles coming your way. One includes the latest from writer Barbara Doran which begins in 1848 Shanghai and then ends in the gold fields of California. Above is one of the settings in the book. During the Gold Rush, thousands of people from around the world traveled to San Franciso and then simply abandoned their ships in the harbor to go off hunting for gold. It is said that one time people could walk from one ship to another across the entire by without ever once touching water.  Believe me, this is a fantastic novel and we’ll hopefully have it ready for you by the time the Air Chief returns the week of May 27th.

Oh, and though there will be no regular Flight Log next Friday, May 25th, do stop by regardless and we’ll have posted a couple of surprise visuals for all you Loyal Airmen who stop by every week.  Until then, be good and God Bless.

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  • On 11 May | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week saw the annual Free Comic Book Day celebration which happens the first Sat of every May across the country. And comic shops everywhere joined in on the fun, including our own Gryphon Games & Comics here in Fort Collins. Hundreds of fans lined up outside the doors for the 9:15 opening.  By the end of the day they would clock in thousands of visitors.


The store staff was hopping all day, and here’s a pix of one of them handing our former writing student Maxwell Williams a cup of coffee to keep him going.  Max, like everyone else had a blast.


Here’s a shot from inside the main room of the comic shop. Naturally, beside picking up their “free” comics, most fans continued on into the shop to see what other goodies await them.


Lots of local creators, such as artist Ben Mikkelsen above were on had to meet comic fans.  Others include Todd Jones, Abe Akins, Jeff Herndon, Laurisa Hughes and ye old Air Chief himself.


Here we are talking with artist Jeff Herndon just prior to the doors opening. On the wall to the right of our banner are some of Jeff’s amazing paintings. He’s truly a gifted artist.


Here we are with young Addison, a fan who picked up our collected Tales of the Macabre.  Here dad snapped this picture. All in all, it was a long day, but we wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. We hope all you Loyal Airmen had as much at your own local comic shops as well.


Falling under the heading, The Captain’s Newest Toys.  All Loyal Airmen by know how much we love the Republic serials and among our favorites were the three Rocketman titles that eventually would go on to inspire the late Dave Stevens to create his masterful homage, The Rocketeer. In its time, Republic made three featuring this high flying hero. The first was “King of the Rocket Men” with Tristram Coffin playing a scientist who develops the rocket pack and then uses it to thwart villains. The second 12 chapter adventure titled “Radar Men From The Moon” featured George Wallace as an actual hero now publicly known as Commando Cody.  This time the threat was from outer space and for the first time we got to see Commando Cody’s rocket ship. Tons of fun. And finally, wanting to capitalize on the success of their new hero, we were given a final serial, “Zombies Of The Startosphere.” This time our hero was simply named Larry Martin and portrayed by Judd Holdren.  The interesting trivia bit with this serial is one of the alien invaders from Mars was played by a very young Leonard Nimoy; long before he would garner success as the Vulcan Mr. Spock on Star Trek.  After “Zombies” Republic actually produced a fourth serial, once again with Holdren and his mated but by now television had come into its own and so the individual chapters were altered to complete segments and it was sold as a TV series entitled, “Sky Marshal of the Universe.” Over the years the Air Chief has managed to collect all four on VHS, and “King” on DVD.  Whereas Eric Steadman and his amazing Serial Squadron operations has released a collector’s set featuring all three of the original serials. The second we saw it advertised, we knew we had have it. The packaged arrived in today’s mail and we only thought it appropriate we snap a pix of it along side one of our several Rocketeer action figures. Lots of good nostalgic viewing ahead, Loyal Airmen.


And lastly for this week, we are happy to announe the release of our newest Airship 27 Productions pulp book, THE PURPLE SCAR – The Black Fog by Gene Moyers.  This is the first full length featuring this horror-infused avenger. Moyers has been one of our most talented creators and with this, his first novel, he attains new heights of thrilling story telling. As ever available from Amazon on paperback and Kindle. And of course, thanks for your continued support.

And that’s a wrap for this week.  See you back here next Friday.

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  • On 4 May | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re thrilled to kick off this week’s Flight Log with the release of our latest Airship 27 Productions’ title. JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – Mourning Star…is the fourth in the Jezebel Johnston Pirate Queen created and written by the amazing Nancy Hansen. It follows the rise of a young Caribbean island girl who matures among various pirate crews and quickly finds herself addicted to the life of a freebooter.  Canadian artist Ted Hammond provided the gorgeous cover and our own Rob Davis the 9 black and white interior illustrations you’ll find within the book.  This fourth chapter actually ends the first part of Jezebel’s saga and we do plan on putting out a big book later in the year collecting them. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, as ever, you can pick up JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – Mourning Star at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle…and eventually as an audio book.


In other news, the Air Chief finished his second class in “How to Write Comics & Graphic Novels,” at the nearby Front Range Community College last evening.  The past ten weeks working with these three talented writers was a pure joy. Left to right you have Scott Ladzinski, Max Williams, the Air Chief and Olivia DeGaine.  The work they produced in this class was simply amazing and we have no doubt all three will go on in the comics game to have stellar career. As for the Air Chief, we’ve found so much pleasure in teaching we’ve no intention of stopping now. We will take the summer off, what with planned trips back East to visit friends and family, but if all goes well, we’ll look to starting up the next class some time in Sept. We’ll keep you posted.


Finally we though we’d give you Loyal Airmen a sneak peek at a project currently in the works at Airship 27 Productions.  Always wanting to do more mystery/crime type books, a few years ago we asked Chicago based writer Christ Bell to find us an authentic pulp private eye who we might resurrect with new stories. Taking to his task like a kid to ice cream, Chris soon unearthed a series of stories written for Ten Detective Aces, one of the finest mystery pulps of its time, featuring a gumshoe named Marty Quade; created and written by veteran pulpster Emile C. Tepperman.

Marty Quade Illo 5_Final

Chris then proceeded to write up a short “bible” of the character and we solicited our stable of Airship 27 writers to see who wanted to pen a new Marty Quade tale.  Chris naturally did one and was joined by fellow scribes Gordon Dymowski, Gene Moyers & Michael Black. Then we were truly lucky in recruiting new artist Brian Loner (see illo above) to sign on to the project.  Brian has approximately 5 more illustrations to wrap up, and then we’ll go into final production on a spanking new title – MARTY QUADE – PRIVATE EYE.  This is why the Air Chief loves his jobs.

And that’s a wrap, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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  • On 27 Apr | '2018


Greeting Loyal Airmen, last weekend the Air Chief was a guest at ComicFest down in Denver. This is one half of annual con that partners with sci-fi fandom called StarFest. It was held at the Mariott Tech Center and honestly was one of the best con experiences the Air Chief has ever had.  That was due in large part to our good pal and organizer Rio Herrera. As this year’s theme was “Robots in Comics,” we were invited because of our work on the Terminator comic.  Above was one of those issues and the Air Chief with one of the helpful volunteers, Arnie. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful, again, making this such a great experience.


Of course 50% of a good con experience is who your neighbors are at adjoining tables and we couldn’t have had better.  To our immediate right was artist Bob Hall, a good buddy. You can just see Valerie behind him…and our banner.  And here’s a straight up shot. This was Friday night. By Sunday afternoon most of the books you see on our table were sold.  We kid you not.


Also in this room were artists Steve Pulawa and Jeremiah Floyd. Both fun guys.


With Bob Hall on our right, to our immediate left was artist Robert Elrod…with his amazing fez hats. We sweare he had a different one on every day. Here we are with Steve all hamming it up.


Of course it wouldn’t be a con without cos-players and the show had plenty. One fellow was decked out like Hugh Jackman from the new movie musical, “The Greatest Showman,” which Val and the Air Chief love. Then along came the eerie Bride of Frankenstein, that we just had to get a picture with.


And how could we forget the Terminator who showed up, armed to the teeth and ready for action.


Of course StarFest had some recognizable celebrities on hand to include the affable Malcom Barrett who stars in the weekly sci-fi series, “Timeless.” Malcom went out of his way to visit all the artists rooms and picked up a few items here and there. He bought several of the Air Chief’s comics and two prints from our pal, Kevin Johnson, which he shows off above. Truly a fun guy.


Of course we comics folks also had some really cool guests at this show, among which joining the Air Chief and Bob Hall, were Tone Rodriguez and Gordon Purcell.  The four of us did a really wild panel on “Robots in Comics.”


We did our best to stay on topic, but with these guys, it was near impossible.


Meeting old friends and making new ones is what cons are all about in the first place.


Easily one of the highlights was our getting interview genre journalist Hayden Mears. Hayden was scheduled to do a one hour panel about his career and was nervous about being in front of the audience by himself. Seeing this, the Air Chief volunteered to join him as an interviewer and immediately dispelled his anxiety. The hour went by speedily and Hayden shared so many wonderful stories of his career with us and the audience.


And lastly, another great con moment. We had brought copies of our class comic FRONT RANGE TALES. As you’ll recall this was the comic completely written by the Air Chief’s students from his first ever comics writing class. Well one fan saw the cover and picked it up curious as to what it was all about. As we were explained our teaching class etc., who walks up to our table but none other than one of the five writers, Aaron Powers. At which point we introduced him to the fan and told the gentlemen if he bought the comic, Aaron would be only too glad to autograph his story for him. Which is exactly what happened and here’s a picture of writer Aaron Powers signing his very first ever autograph.  Trust me Loyal Airmen, these are the moments we all live for.

And there you have it. Val and the Air Chief came home Sunday exhausted but happy beyond words. Our super thanks to Rio, Sue, Arnie and all the great people who helped make the Denver ComicFest a con we will never forget.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 20 Apr | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, a few months ago we mentioned ATHENA VOLTAIRE – PULP TALES. Here’s more about that amazing character and our personal involvement. 8 yrs ago Steve Bryant asked me if I’d like to write a prose Athena Voltaire story for a new anthology he and Chris Murrin were putting together. As the AirChief had been a fan of this globe-trotting aviatrix from day one, we jumped at the chance and delivered something called “The Austrian Prisoner.” Again, 8 yrs ago. The book was officially released to Amazon last year with a wonderful introduction by New York Times bestselling author, Paul Malmont who had some really nice things to say about the Air Chief. Steve, who stuck with the project through thick and thin explains the hurdles this book went through to finally reach publication in a post-essay. That’s us above, holding these copies in my hand…think the wait was TOTALLY worth it. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you are missing one of the best New Pulp titles on the market today. Nuff said! And thanks Steve.


Meanwhile in the here and now, our beloved Boston Red Sox have been on a tear since the baseball season got under way. With spot on pitching and the bats coming alive, as of this week in April, the Sox have the best record in baseball as they play out on the west coast. In fact in last night’s game against the Los Angeles Angels, pitcher David Price was stellar only giving up one run while Mookie Betts 3 home runs powered the Red Sox to a 10 – 1 victory.  GO SOX!!!


Finally, the convention season rolls on and Valerie & the Air Chief will be in Denver all weekend long as guests of ComicFest held in conjunction with StarFast  (one half for comics, the other for sci-fi) being held at the Marriott Convention Center.  The show opens Friday afternoon at 3 P.M. and runs till 7 PM. Then all day Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday afternoon the Air Chief will host a fun panel to discuss robots in comics. We previewed this a few weeks ago right here in the Flight Log. Joining us on the panel will be pros Bob Hall, Tone Rodriguez and Gordon Purcell. It looks to be a fun and lively discussion. So if you are anywhere in the Denver area this weekend, do stop by and say. The Air Chief will have two tables filled with comics and pulps. Lots of good treasures in the mix. We hope to see many Loyal Airmen on hand.

Ron – Over & Out!