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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you can see above, the Air Chief got in his copies of “The Adventures of Radio Rita” this past week and couldn’t be more delighted. From an kooky idea, to a 1940s pin-up picture and ultimately a grand old pulp hero, Rita’s road to her debut was anything but usual. Now that the book is finally out, with four amazing stories by Mel Odom, Gene Moyers, Samantha Lienhard and Teel James Glenn, we really hope you Loyal Airmen will give it a look. It is of course available now at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  And yes, we are happy to say, there will be a second volume. Clear the runway, Loyal Airmen, here comes Radio Rita!



As so many of you Loyal Airmen know, our professional comics writing career was launched when artist Jeff Butler and the Air Chief produced The Green Hornet comic series for the now defunct Now Comics. Well these days, Jeff keeps super busy teaching art at a local college near his home. But he also finds time to do private commissions for fans who, like us, love his work and would love to own an original Jeff Butler drawing. You can cut find him on line at this link.Just cut and paste it to your search engine and off you go. ( The piece of above is one he did for a good friend of our back in New Hampshire.



Two more colored pages from issue # 1 of “Jin & Tonik” by the amazing Matt Webb over artist Cesar Feliciano’s beautiful drawings. Really, really getting excited about this comic project.

And that’s our abbreviated Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks ever for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out


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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ve got a bunch of stuff to share with you this week. So here we go.



We at Airship 27 are happy to announce we are preparing to do another volume of “Mark Justice’s The Dead Sheriff.” As many of you already know, Mark was a fellow writer and radio DJ (above right) who created the zombie lawman shortly before he passed away seven years ago. Since then, working with his wonderful wife, Norma Kay, we’ve put out four Dead Sheriff novel. The first being the original written by Mark. The second based on his unfinished manuscript which we completed. This was followed by volume three by writer Fred Adams Jr. and volume four by Michael Housel. Now California based writer Phillip Pan has completed a fifth and we hope to have it out withing a month. Art Director Rob Davis is currently doing the interior illustrations and Michael Youngblood will do the cover. In this one the Dead Sheriff finds himself and his companions in Canada coming face to face with Bigfoot. Trust us, Loyal Airmen, this one is a hoot. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile a reminder, the previous four volumes are still available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.



Artist Olivia DeGaine continues her work on our series about the traveling warrior Raizee the Ram. These pages are part of issue # 3 now in production and we love them. Olivia is a master storyteller.



Last week we sent our third cousin Blake Fortier copies of our Mr. Jigsaw comic. His older sister, Natalie, loves mysteries, ergo we sent her one of our Airship 27 Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detectives anthologies. By that smile, we gather it was a big hit. You’re welcome, cousin.



Satin Wei is a character we created ages ago for the late Gary Reed and his Caliber Press. We wrote a 48 pg actioner introducing this love jewel thief from Hong Kong. Sadly, we could never find an artist willing to take that on. This morning the fourth artist to show any interest in the past twenty years dropped out. Sigh. And so it goes in the life of a comic book writer. One step forward, two steps back.



And on a much happier note, we’re happy to announce the first new pulp release of 2023 from Airship 27 Production is THE PURPLE SCAR Vol 4 – A great anthology featuring the weirdest, scariest pulp avenger of them all, the Purple Scar. Above is the back cover (left) and the front cover (right) by artist Adam Shaw. Features four great chilling adventures by Gene Moyers, Felix Cruz, Michael Housel and Fred Adams Jr. with interior illustrations by Chuck Bordell. Art Director Rob Davis designed it all. Now available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks for your continued support.



And finally this week we are thrilled to have super comic colorist back at work on our spy action series JIN & TONIK, as written by the Air Chief and illustrated by the amazing Cesar Feliciano. Always a creator in demand, Matt is working on several projects simultaneously and so had to leave us for a while to meet his other obligations. But he’s back again (even for a little while) and as ever his work on Cesar’s pages is fantastic.

And there you have it, Loyal Airmen. Another busy, hectic week at Hangar 27. As ever thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next Friday.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, when the Air Chief was growing up in the little town of Somersworth, N.H. he lived near many of his Fortier relatives. A street away my cousin Richard lived; we called him Dickie. He grew up, married a wonderful girl from Canada and they had two children, a girl and a boy. His son, named Richard Jr. grew using the name Ricky. A few weeks again, Ricky, our second cousin, reached out to us on Facebook. Ricky is married and he himself has two beautiful children; daughter Natalie and son Blake. Ricky informed us both of them loved to read. Natalie loves mysteries whereas Blake enjoys drawing and comics.


We wasted no time picking out five issues of our Mr. Jigsaw comic book and mailed them to Blake. Above are photos dad Ricky snapped upon Blake getting his comics. He reported Blake liked the cover to the time travel issue (see image above to the left) and started with that one first. By the end of the day he had read three of the five and enjoyed them all. We were delighted to hear that and are now giving some thought to what we can send his sister, Natalie. More on that later.



A couple of years ago we published writer George Tackes first ever novel, “The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy.” Well this past Christmas, George had the wonderful idea of turning the cover to that book into earrings to give to both his wife and daughter. Now just how cool is that? Way to go, George!



Artist Olivia DeGaine whips up pencils for another page to the forthcoming adventures of Raizee the Ram in our series The Wooden Blade. We so love her work in adapting our script our script.



Artist Andrea Bormida delivers Pg # 18 of issue # 2 of our BEYOND THE STARS sci-fi. Adventure, with our heroes caught in the swirling chaos of a space nebula. Stay tuned. Lots more to come. Oh, yeah.



We’d been waiting for months to make this announcement, and yet somehow it got out weeks ago without us being aware? Okay, so time to correct. The big guest, as announced by con promoter Todd Jones, of this year’s Wicked West Comic Expo is none other than indy comics creator/publisher, Ben Dunn. The same Ben Dunn who created the Netflix series “Warrior Nun.” Ben and the Air chief worked ages ago on a Popeye comic, but this will be the very first time we get to meet in person. So welcome to Colorado, Ben!!  See you in April.



Finally, we end this week’s entry with bidding our younger brother Daniel Paul Fortier farewell. Paul, as he preferred to be known, passed away Wednesday morning after a two year battle with cancer. Paul was son number three, after yours truly and brother George. Our little brother. Then our sister Ann Marie came along and completed our loving family. Paul was smart, kind, vivacious. He had a pure love of life and lit up a room whenever he appeared. At the end, in a hospice facility in Vermont, David, his partner of thirty years was by his side. Above is a newspaper clipping printed when Paul was a student at Keene State College in New Hampshire. He so loved to travel. To the right is Paul and sister Annie. They, being the two youngest of our clan, were always close. We Fortiers are people of faith, we believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Today, Paul is in heaven with our parents, getting basking in the pure love of his creator, where, with prayer, we will all join him one day. God bless you all.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, Valerie and the Air Chief celebrated a very quiet New Year’s Eve. First by attending evening mass and then home for Chinese take-out. All was going fine until we received a really sad e-mail as explained below.


Airship 27 writer Lou Mougin 27 Nov 1954- Dec 31 2022 passed away yesterday at the age of 68. Though we never met face to face, we became friends online and last year we published his first JOE COMPUTER Private Detective. Joe loved it, especially the art by Fer Calvi. Below is the bio he gave us for that publication. I loved Joe’s humor that came through all his e-mails. He will be sorry missed by the New Pulp community. God bless you, my friend and may you rest in peace.

LOU MOUGIN – despite rumors to the contrary, is a writer.  In prose, he’s written the Frankenstein novel, MONSTER IN THE MANSIONS, and several other items for ProSe Press.  His first Joe the Computer story debuted in Airship27’s LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION.  SECONDARY SUPERHEROES OF GOLDEN AGE COMICS, a history of lesser-known 1940s comic heroes, has been published by McFarland Books.  In comics, his current gig is scripting horror stories for Warrant’s THE CREEPS, SHUDDER, and VAMPIRESS CARMILLA.  He’s also written stories for Marvel, Eclipse, AC Comics, InDellible, Claypool, Lucky, and others.  (What others?  At this point, he’s not sure himself!)  This is his first ever detective-type book.  If you buy it, he’ll be exceedingly happy.  If not, he’ll probably cry for a week.



On a much happier note, while wishing all in the family a Happy New Year, our son Kevin sent along this new picture above doing what he loves best, playing one of his guitars. Kevin’s always had a gift for music and though he spends his days buy as the manage of a good sized supermarket in Massachusetts, his nights and free time are for his music. As some of you will recall, we even put Kevin on the cover of the new Sam Dunne novel by Fred Adams Jr. that we also released last year.

And so 2023 kicks of with both sad and happy moments as is typical in life. We cherish our loved ones and miss those who have passed. Amen.



Setting aside time during the holidays, Rob Davis devoted his energy to get issue # 1 of the new Boston Bombers series wrapped.  Above are his just turned in Pages 17 & 18. With only a few more to go before the end, these will be our last sneak peeks. With fingers crossed we’ll have the comic out within the next few months. We are super thrilled with the work Rob has done here and think it is some of his best. Stay tune for updates.


Cattura 17Cattura 17a

Artist Andrea Bormida is now finished with Pg # 17 of Issue # 2 of our sci-fi comic book adventure “Beyond the Star.” Looking awesome. Our team of Science Warrior about to traverse an unstable Nebula.



During Monday night’s football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered heart failure and collapsed. Medical staff rushed to the field to begin CPR and within minutes an ambulance was carrying him away to a nearby trauma center. As it drove off, his teammates fell to their knees in prayer to Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ and prayed. The Air Chief will remember this scene as long as  he lives. In minutes, a team, a stadium full of fans and millions watching on TV prayed. And we will continue to do so until this young man recovers. Amen.



With the release of “The Wooden Blade” issue # 2 last year, Olivia DeGaine and the Air Chief are now hard at work on issue # 3 of the adventures of Raizee the Ram and his vulture sidekick Orai. Above are Olivia’s first roughs and layouts. Wahooo!!



Was checking You Tube recently and discovered something great. Seems our last Podcast Episode # 89 has to date received over 100 views.  Wowser!! We generally get about 70 to 80 views. So whatever happened, we have no clue but still Rob and the Air Chief want to thank all of you Loyal Airmen for tuning in and obviously telling your friends about the show.

And that wraps up this Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron Over & Out!



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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope your Christmas last weekend was the best one ever. As we look to jump into the New Year 2023, we’ve all kinds of hopes and wishes. But first let’s look at the some of our Santa goodies.



As we’ve said often enough here, family is everything to us. Val and the Air Chief have five amazing grown up children and six super grand kids. So Val went and had this custom made sweatshirt made for us. Pepere is French for grandfather…and here represented from left to right, according to their ages are our Six Super Grand Kids: Kristi, Cora, Chelsea, Alex, Taryn & Logan. We love them all so much and this shirt is something truly special to the Air Chief. Oh, yeah.



Our family knows the Air Chief loves action figures and we’ve quite a collection doting the book shelves in our office. So it was a wonderful Santa surprise to unwrap a really awesome Madalorian action figure which you see above to left. But the funniest surprise was later opening a box with a Funko bobble head version of the character (above to the right) who also comes with the baby Grogu in his arms. They are both awesome toys.


BIBLEFather Mike Schmitz

Over a year ago, while surfing You Tube, we discovered a daily podcast series from Ascension Press titled the Bible in a Year hosted/narrated by Father Mike Schmitz. Father Mike is such a wonderful, humorous soul devoted to his ministry and as we began to watch episodes daily, it didn’t take us long to get hooked. As we recall, we’d come in towards the end of that first year.  So…after we’d reached the end of the program, we simply went back to Day One on You Tube and started from the beginning. One of the marvels of this series is the accompanying Great Adventure Bible put together by the folks at Ascension under the guidance of bible expert Jeff Cavins. Their approach is to cross-reference books from the Old Testament with those from the New to ultimately reveal a linear narration that is God’s beautiful story of salvation history. From Adam and Eve’s original falling to sin to the miraculous incarnation of Jesus to save mankind…once and for all.  Thus, our kids, knowing of my affection for this video series, gifted me with a copy of the Great Adventure Bible. We are wicked excited as it will be a tremendous aid to our ongoing bible studies. As for Father Mike’s Bible in a Year series, if any of you have ever wanted to read the bible, we recommend it highly.


Radio RitaCVR2Rita Back CoverRITA(2)

Just before Christmas, we managed to release our 22nd (and last) title of the year. Kind of fitting that we’d do 22 books in 2022. Ha. This was of personal interest to the Air Chief as it features a fictional character we created as whim to announce our You Tube video podcast. We’d found an old classic 1940s pin-up picture on line (at right above) and called her Radio Rita, the manager of Hangar 27 where all the magic of Airship 27 happens. Eventually, several of our writers started asking if we’d ever do a book starring this lovely redhead. The idea sounded like fun and we came up with this concept wherein we’d write a very brief bible in regards to the Rita’s character…and let each writer who signed on to fill in the rest of just “who” she was. Of course this would immediately have each writer doing a “different” version of Rita and that’s exactly what transpired. Vol One features four Radio Ritas as envisioned by writers Mel Odom, Gene Moyers, Teel James Glenn & Samantha Lienhart. Rob Davis provided all the great interior illustrations and Ted Hammond that gorgeous front cover (to left above). The girl fliers collage is the back cover. “The Adventures of Radio Rita” is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We think it’s something special and we hope you’ll give a look.



Several days ago, the Air Chief received a surprise e-mail from a woman named Randa Hassan. She’s French and she and her husband, Sherif Negati, were in Fort Collins visiting her mother for the holidays. Sherif is a big comic book fan and they were hope to make contact with any comic book professionals while here. The Air Chief wrote back suggesting we all hook up at the local comic shop and they agreed. So on Wed afternoon, the Air Chief, along with our pal, pro letterer James Gaubatz, had the real pleasure of meeting and getting to know these truly wonderful people. Sherif recently gave up a good paying IT job for an oil company in France to start writing/drawing his own comics. So for an hour and a half  the four of us talked comics, pros and cons, those here in America and the French comics back where they live. It was a fun, informative meeting. Sherif promised to send us sample of his work when he gets home and asked the Air Chief to be totally honest in our critiques. Which we’ll gladly do. We snapped the picture above. (Left to right is James, Sherif, Randa and the Air Chief. Like to think we made two new friend today from way across the globe.

And that’s it for our last Flight of 2022 Loyal Airmen. Thanks ever for following this blog all year long, we truly appreciate your interest and support of our humble activities and ramblings. Here is wishing all you a truly wonderful and great New Year. God bless you all.

Ron – Over & Out!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen. As this post, we are just two days away from the “big day” and it is our fondest wish that Santa has wonderful surprises in store for you and all your loves come Christmas morning. Here at Hangar 27 all our gifts are wrapped and under the tree and we’re all getting wicked excited.



One of our fondest writing projects was getting to do a Peter Pan adventure for Malibu, which they published under their Adventure comics line. Our pal Gary Kato provided all the art. After the two issues were published, they actually did another edition combining both. Of course that was years ago and the book has sadly been out of print. We’re about to change that, as working with the original black and white pages, artist Aiden Belcher is recoloring them. Gary has done a new cover (above at the right) and with fingers crossed, Peter Pan, Return to Neverland will be out from Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio sometime in 2023. Yahooo!!



So the mail delivers a big package from our artist pal Mike Belcher. (Yup, he’s Aiden Belcher’s dad.) We opened it up and our jaw drops. Mike gifted us with all 9 original pages of our recent Green Hornet (Paul & Mishi) strip that we produced together and sent out freely to all our GH friends. This was such a wonderful surprise. Best Christmas gift ever, Mike. Thank you so much.


Wanted to remind all you Loyal Airmen, there is an active link at the top of this site which leads you to our almost twenty year old review column, Pulp Fiction Review. It is still active and the Air Chief averages about 50 reviews there every year, so on occasion when visiting here, you might want to click on to it and see what recent books we’ve looked at. An example being our latest, which we’ve copied here.



OTR Publishing LLC  ( 123 pages

In this self-published book, award winning cultural historian, Martin Grams Jr. pays homage to one of early radio and television’s most popular heroes, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. Working from the first 16 radio scripts written Detroit’s WXYZ station by writers Tom Dougall and Frank Striker, Grams adapts them to prose form. He takes us readers on a trip back to the wild and wooly frontier days of the Yukon when gold was first discovered in the frozen north.

Here is the stalwart Sgt. Bill Preston, his faithful dog, Yukon King as well as a supporting cast to include Canadian Pierre LeRoux. Each story is set against the rugged, unforgiving Yukon with locations such as Frozen Gulch, Skagway and Dawson. Names that echo romance and adventure. Gram’s prose is straight forward, without flowery embellishing adding to the rugged drama of each story. It’s his first venture into fiction writing and we certainly hope not his last.



And finally we want to wish all of you and your loved ones a truly joyous and blessed Christmas. Join us in celebrating the arrival our savior, Jesus who came into this world to save us all from our broken state of sin and once again open the gates of heaven. Believe in this babe in a manger. He is love incarnate.

Ron – Over & Out!



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Greetings Loyal Airmen. Last week we gave you a peek in the pre-production of what we hope will result in the publication of our 130 Pg BROTHER BONES graphic novel.


As our yet-to-be-named artist on the project continues to do up character sketches. See above. It is time we put out a call for a colorist to join our team. Note, there will be no up-front monies as this project will be funded entirely by some kind of on-line program ala Kickstarter. So our artist, and whoever joins signs on as colorist will only be paid IF the campaign is a success. And of course much of that will depend on the talent involved…and promotion. Not being all that savvy about such funding programs, the Air Chief expects the final money goal will be up there. Paying people to do a 130 pg comic book isn’t going to be cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. To be successful, we’ll need ALL you Loyal Airmen not only to help us by contributing, but to spread the word throughout the internet. But relax, we’re still months away. For now, we need that colorist.



Look what mail delivered a few days ago. Our first Christmas gift. A wonderfully detailed Templar Knight figure from my dear friends, Michael & Donna Housel. Michael’s is one of our writers at Airshcip 27. There was a second surprise in the box and we’ll share that later after some special adjusting.



The Air Chief turned 13 the Nov of 1960. As a comic book fan, we were in seventh heaven as that year had seen the birth of Marvel Comics and the start of what would be known as the Silver Age of Comics. The amazing Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had given us the Fantastic Four, and then Steve Ditko joined Lee on Spiderman and just like that, we fans were being bombarded by amazingly wonderful new titles. Of course, the good people at National Comics (now known as DC Comics) weren’t oblivious to the sudden burst of sales competition they were getting. For the past few decades after World War II, they had pretty much owned the superhero market, though those titles had fallen into woefully childish tales not fit for anyone by a five year old. Thus, with Marvel whipping up Iron-Man, Thor, Ant-Man like popcorn month after month. Thus as 1960 started slipping away into the future, the big guns at National began offering up “new” versions of their own classic Golden Age titles and almost overnight we had a new Flash, a new Green Lantern, Atom and Hawkman. All were brilliant and this 13 old fan just couldn’t get enough. Eventually Lee assembled the Avengers and hot on their heels National began posting adds for Brave & Bold # 28 to be out in the Spring of 1961. We had always loved team books and the cover of that comic excited us to no end. And so when that month arrived, we jumped on our bike and peddled all over our little town of Somersworth, N.H. in search of that comic. Remember, there were no comic shops in those “olden” days and distribution was random from drugstores to Mom & Pop grocery markets. The same title was guaranteed to appear at any one location monthly. Thus the hunt was on and after a desperate few weeks, we finally found the comic in one of those neighbor markets. The euphoria of actually getting our hands on is one of the fondest memories we have. Tie to the fact that we’d be going to high school that Fall and you can see why the memory is so vivid. We didn’t even wait to get home to read the darn thing, but rather sat down on the cement steps of that little store and read it there and then. Ah, what a rush.

That was 63 years ago. A lifetime indeed. Now imagine the Air Chief’s wonderful shock when looking through new titles at our local comic shop here Fort Collins, CO. and we see that exact comic. And we do mean exact. Picking it up and flipping through it, lo and behold we immediately realized DC had printed an exact facsimile reprint of Brave and the Bold # 28….to include not only all the great story pages, but even the old ads that had been featured in the original issue. Obviously there was no way the Air Chief was leaving that shot without it. Getting home and rereading it again, after all those years was simply wonderful. Of course back then we only paid .10 cents for it. This reprint was $4. Ha. My how the times have changed.



Ever since moving to Colorado, it was inevitable that Valerie and the Air Chief would become huge fans of Country Western Music. Don’t get us started on how awful today’s modern music scene is. Thank God for good old fashion C & M, with great songs that tell stories by some of the finest singers in the land. Thus it was which much pleasure we watched Georgia native, 22 yr old Bryce Leatherwood become the winner of The Voice talent show this past week. There’s a photo of him with his coach, veteran C & M super star, Blake Shelton. Week after week this kid knock our socks off with his melt-butter-in-your-mouth voice and knowing he won by the viewers vote, tells us America still knows good music when it hears it.


Finally a film recommendation to found on Netflix.  Guillermo del Toro’s own version of the classic children’s book Pinocchio. Be warned, it’s not the cute little Disney cartoon version, and the setting if Facist Italy during the second World War. But it remains a haunting story of love and loss brilliant envisioned by del Toro and the people at the Jim Henson studios. This is stop-motion-animation at its finest and the voice cast is terrific. Don’t miss it.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Again, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday morning. Counting down to Christmas.

Ron – Over & Out!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re starting off this week’s flight log with a bang.


Several weeks ago, after having attended this year’s Rocky Mountain Con, we reported that one of our local artist friends had expressed an interest in taking on our Brother Bones 130 pg graphic novel. Well after several e-mail exchanges, this really talented artist confirmed wanting to take on the project. Above you will see several of his early sketches of three of the characters from the story. He did up about ten of them and the Air Chief will be be posting them here in the coming weeks. We don’t want to reveal the artist identity just yet, as we are preparing an official Press Release which give all of you Loyal Airmen more details in regards to the project. We’ll also be announcing the name of the Editor and putting out a call for a colorist to join this creative team. So stay tuned, lots more to come. Oh, as as for the image of the very awesome Brother Bones custom figure above the drawings, it was done by our pal, expert model maker Jase Marshal.


Cattura 16 clrCattura 16 clra

Artist Andrea Bormida has colored Pg # 16 of book # 2.  Wahooo!  Our heroes are about to start their voyage to learn the secret of the alien technology and hopefully safe the universe.



We’ve been saying for many years now that the best comics produced today do not come from the big guys ala Marvel & DC, but rather the self-made comics from new creators. Here in Fort Collins, among our informal Fort Collins Comics Coffee Clutch Crew, two such creators have proven that theory once again. Writer Seselis has been one of the crew for several years now. Recently he and artist Yazmine Tatiana produced a black and white gem called “Beyond the Wall.” It is a wonderful comic, simply told with terrific black and white art. Then just a few months ago, N. Honor Vincent and her husband moved to our little part of Northern Colorado and within a few weeks she was part of our crazy gang of writers and artists. Honor is a gifted writer and her latest example of that talent is the full color two issue series “New Rat City” done with artists George Quadros & DC Alonso. It is simply fantastic. So dear Loyal Airmen, the next time you visit a comic shop or attend a con, go check out the independent titles, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


RITA(2)Rita Back Cover

Repeating for all you new Loyal Airmen.  Several years the Air Chief used the above 40s pin-up to announce new Airship 27 Podcasts. We named her Radio Rita. Eventually lots of our writers at Airship 27 Production began asking if we’d ever do a book with her. End result, the Air Chief challenged them to create stories of a female aviator, using the same simple facts. 1) She’s tall. 2) Has green eyes. 3) Has red hair. 4) Is an expert pilot. And sure enough, four of the best writers in the business delivered above and beyond our expectations. Above the back cover to “The Adventures of Radio Rita” now in the final stages of production. We hope you Loyal Airmen will this special book.



Earlier in the week, Valerie and our daughter-in-law Nicole, got busy decorating the house for Christmas. One of the annual events is Valerie putting her collection of old world Pipka Santas on display. Surrounded by lights, they are each one beautifully sculptured and painted. And so for the next couple of weeks, this festive display, along the Christmas tree on the other side of the room, will put a huge smile on all our faces. Here’s hoping each of you Loyal Airmen all have your on family traditions to show off the Spirit of the Season.



Finally we started writing a new Raizee the Ram adventure. The character we created with writer/artist Olivia DeGaine. Olivia ended issue # 2 (see above right) with a cliffhanger ending. We are no finishing that story and it will kick off issue # 3 which we hope to have out at next April’s second Wicked West Comic Expo. More as that develops.

And that Loyal Airmen is it for this week’s Flight Log. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all here next Friday morning. God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 2 Dec | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, a few years go Airship 27 Production put out a book collecting stories by writer Fred Adams Jr. appropriate called “Fred Adams Jr. – Pulp Writer.” Now we’re happy to announce we’ve just released a second collection in this vein this time featuring veteran writer Brad Sinor.


Brad is truly an amazing writer. As if the book is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll check it out. This is our 21st release of the year. Will there be another before 2022 says goodbye? Stay tuned Loyal Airmen.



Last Sunday began the church season of Advent; the four weeks before Christmas wherein Christians around the world prepare their hearts for the coming of our Savior on Christmas day. In his homily at mass, our pastor reminded us once again, this should not be a time to get lost in mere commercialism and buying gifts for each other, but a time to give thanks to a God who set such a wonderful plan in motion. That a broken world would be saved by a babe born in a manger, and loved beyond measure by his parents. Family is the heart of God’s wondrous plan for our salvation. We would suggest in the coming weeks all our Loyal Airmen reflect on their own families and cherish them for the true treasures they are. The birth of the baby Jesus, is the reason for the season. Amen.



Every now and then some enthusiastic Green Hornet fan will come along and built his or her own custom made GH figure. Just like Lex Barker who put together the figure above. Someone on Facebook saw the pix and began sharing it with others. Which is how the Air Chief discover. Well done, Mr. Barker, this is a beauty.

OTHER PROJECTS – Working on so many different comic projects, things often go up and down like a roller coaster for all kinds of reasons; first fast and then slow. Right now this is where some of these projects are.   BEYOND THE STARS # 2, hard working artist Andrea Bormida is juggling at least four different comic series to earn enough to pay his bills. He’s up to Pg # 15 on issue # 2 and we should see that wrapped up after the start of the new year.  JIN & TONIK status, issue # 1 is fully penciled and inked by Cesar Feliciano and we are now waiting for colorist Matt Webb to complete his beautiful colors. Again, he was pulled off by a paying gig and will return to ours when time allows.  MR. JIGSAW # 18 is now be drawn by artist Gary Kato and we should see that issue out from Rob’s Redbud Studio some time in January as well. Those are the top three projects the Air Chief has going. There are four more, but those are still in the early stages. Hopefully in the next few weeks’ Flight Log we’ll be able to cover them as well. Till then, thanks for your continued encouragement and support.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 25 Nov | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week we showcased the wonderful Comic Crusader Omnibus we had just purchased which collected all the great issues of this truly wonderful fanzine created and published by the last Martin Greim. Well, lo and behold, the mailman once again brought us another giant sized book written and assembled by Jon B. Cooke for TwoMorrows Publishing that details the entire history of Charlton Comics.


The book features a cover by Joe Staton, co-creator of E-man. Inside Chapter 16 you’ll find pictures of a very young Air Chief and his artist partner Gary Kato along about the time we had given Charlton our lovable comedy super-hero, Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts. It’s all there, our reminiscing about those early days when we breached the walls of comicdom with raw talent and a dream that wouldn’t die. Hope you go to Amazon and pick up a copy.


Cattura 15 inktCattura 15 clr

Meanwhile artist Andrea Bormida has completed the pencils, inks and colors to issue to Pg !5 of BEYOND THE STARS # 2. He’s so making this issue even better than the first. We kid you not.

Whereas yesterday was Thanksgiving, it is our fondest wish that all our Loyal Airmen had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Val and the Air Chief had a great day with lots of good food. We started our day with attending mass and giving thanks to God for all our many blessings. Among those are all you Loyal Airmen who have made our career such a joy. Take care and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!