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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope all of you are enjoying Spring, that you’ve gotten your vaccine shots and looking forward to all of us once again getting back to familiar, fun events with family and friends.

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Last year publisher Storm Gate Press won the Pulp Factory Award for their first issue of Pulp Reality. Now they have just released the second issue and above is the cover, featuring a truly beautiful illustration by artist Clayton Murwin. If you’ll look closely at the list of creators, you’ll see the Air Chief’s name smack dab in the middle. When publisher Charles Millhouse put out a request for submissions, we remembered our little weird western story, “The Wind Kid,” which we had written a few years ago and made available only on Kindle.  (Yes, it is still there Loyal Airmen.)  Whereas it has never been taken to print, we queried Charles, telling him of its history and inquiring if he could use it for this issue. He replied affirmatively and even went and got permission from artist Rob Davis to use the wonderful illustration that covers the Kindle version. Aside from the Air Chief, the list of contributors to this volume is really awesome and we hope you’ll check it out. It is available right now at Amazon. As ever thanks for your support.

Last week we had the fun of  introducing to you to Chef Pierre, the Pulp Factory Master of the Kitchens. This week, Airship 27’s own Chief Engineer Rob Davis wanted to present to you his number assistant at Hangar 27.



A 16 year old student at the Crest Valley Vocational Academy.  Father is a NASA Engineer her mother an Emergency Room nurse.  Gloria is youngest of three girls; older sisters Ruth and Grace are both away from home in college. Fascinated with all things aviation, she was introduced to Chief Engineer Rob Davis when he was a guest speaker at the school. Impressed by her uncanny skills and inventive abilities to make machines from spare parts, Rob offered her an Apprentice Scholarship and she now works as his assistant at the Airship 27 Hangar when not in classes at school and on the weekend. Aside from building things, she has a fondness for Cheery Cokes, stray animals and an obsession with airships. It’s rare to see her cute face without several blotches of grease on it. Nothing makes her happier than fixing something broken. Rob has become her mentor and she jokingly calls him “Pops” teasing him about his age.


Finally, after wrapping up that 108 pg Black Bat graphic novel, the Air Chief turned his attention to his next prose writing project. From the start of our Brother Bones series, one of the most radical and fan favorite characters in that world has always been Harry Beest, the mobster who crossed his boss, Topper Wyld, and for it suffered a horrid face. His brain was removed from his body and put in that of a Silver Back Gorilla. Thus Beest became a true Beast. Well all of that was hastily stated in a just a few paragraph before diving full into the story with him. What we never did was give the complete story of why and how this fate befell Harry. That is the core plot of the prequel novel we are now writing and hope to have completed by the start of July. Tentative title will be – CAPE NOIRE : A Beest & Beauty Tale. We think our Brother Bones fans are going to enjoy this filling out of the back story, not only of Harry, but other familiar players in the series. Stay tune and wish us luck.

That’s it for this week Loyal Airmen, thanks as always for stopping by and we’ll see you back her next week.

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  • On 30 Apr | '2021

Greeting Loyal Airmen.  We’re going to kick this week’s Flight Log off with announcing Airship 27 Productions latest release.


A few years ago we launched a series that would be based on myths from around the world. It was a lot of fun and our readers enjoyed enough for us to do a second.  PULP MYTHOLOGY Vol 2 features three brand new tall tales. The first is a story of the might Heracles by Samantha Lienhard. The second features the Russian witch Baba Yaga by Michael Panush. And then topping of the entire package is a rousing Pecos Bill novella by Mel Odom.  Our dear friend Gary Kato provided the black and white interior illustrations and the cover, based on these, is by the super talented Ted Hammond. The book is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Trust Loyal Airmen, this one is tons of fun. As ever we thank you for your support.


Speaking of Tall Tales, here is one we hope you Loyal Airmen will really enjoy. Way back when the Pulp Factory group was started as a way to connect pulp creators and their fans, the Air Chief became the site moderator when it was up on Yahoo. And whenever we know a member was having a birthday, we would let everyone know about it. When Yahoo closed down the site and we were forced to move to a Pulp Factory Page, lots of things changed, i.e. our membership skyrocketed from 160 to almost 300 now. Of course being still aware of members’ birthday, we began posting pictures of birthday cakes when announcing their big day. Then one day, out of the blue, we started talking about how these cakes were made in the Pulp Factory HQ kitchens by a famous trained cook and we called Chef Pierre. From that point on, every time we mentioned a person’s birthday, we add a bit about Chef Pierre’s joy in cooking up these treats. As time went on, we added some background to the character, ala the fact he was ex-military, as superb martial artist without peer and when not cooking, a globe-trotting adventure of renown.

Ultimately many of our PF members began asking questions about the Chef, his likes and dislikes, his past adventures and would we ever one day see him written in up a pulp tale. All which inspired the Air Chief to contact Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis about the possibilities of his bringing Chef Pierre to life in a sketch.  And today he did just that. Above is the Pulp Factory’s very own famous CHEF PIERRE, and man at ease in a gun battle, romancing exotic beauties as he is in his stainless steel kitchens at PF Headquarters. What’s next for this amazing character. Only time will tell, but we assure you, it will be a very TALL TALE.

And that’s our Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next Friday.

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  • On 23 Apr | '2021

Greeting Loyal Airmen, it has always been our belief that after family and friends, no one influences us more in this world then our teachers. From our early formative years in grade school, on to high school and college, good teachers have the ability to shape our thoughts and thus our actions, setting us on paths we might never have dare to try.


Such was the case sixty-three years ago when a shy, nerdy 13 year old named Ronald Fortier walked into his freshmen high school homeroom class and was greeted by a teaching sister of Notre Dame named Sister Raymunda. Little did he know how four the next four years she would inspire him. She was both an English and Math teacher. It was in the former that she taught us and she did with so much enthusiasm she made literature magic. We’d already been an avid reader but it was Sister Raymunda who somehow saw in us that tiny spark of a dream to be a writer. Then she proceeded to fire it up by her constant encouragement and support. Every day in her class was an adventure. We would go on to have her for English three of our four years at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. The memories of those years still echo warmly in our thoughts. Shortly after we graduated, Sister Raymunda was made principal as seen by image to the left. Later, when reassigned, she’d go on to teach at many schools throughout New England and even in her later years working with immigrants in nigh school to help them learn the English. We’d guess in her career she must have touched the lives of thousands of young people. Touched them in her special, loving way. The picture on upper right was taken in 2017, at a retirement home in Conn. where she and the other resident nuns were visited by the then St. Thomas Choir. Sister Raymunda was so thrilled to be reunited by who she called “Her Saints.” A few days ago, we learned that she had passed away at the age of 95, gone home to her Loving God. Though saddened by that news, we believe in our hearts that through God’s mercy, we’ll see her again one day. After all, He was blessed us with her in the first place. Rest well, Sister Raymunda.


Two weeks ago, if you Loyal Airmen stopped by while the Air Chief was on vacation in Florida, you would have seen the sneak peeks at several pieces of artwork from the new Black Bat graphic novel we wrote and that the amazing Mike Belcher is illustrating. Above is a snipped from a page in progress and is one of the most vital moments in the story of Anthony Quinn, the battling District Attorney who will become the hooded avenger. We’re sure you pulpsters out there can deduce what is being shown.


Finally we are very excited to announce the release of our newest pulp thriller, FANGS OF THE SEA by writer Fred Adams Jr. This one is about vampire pirates and is pure horror-adventure as only Mr. Adams can provide. Our own Rob Davis did the interior illustrations and the amazing Adam Shaw that beautiful creepy cover you see above. As ever it is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Thanks always for your support, Loyal Airmen.

Which wraps up this week’s Flight Log. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all here next Friday.

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  • On 16 Apr | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week’s Flight Log is one we’d never imagined writing. As you Loyal Airmen know, the Air Chief and Valerie were in sunny Florida on vacation last week. It was turning out to be a wonderful time until we received the news that one of dearest friends, and writing colleagues, Derrick Ferguson has passed away.

We first met Derrick via the internet over fifteen years ago when he dropped us a line about a book he’d written called “Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell.” It was a modern day pulp thriller and he was hoping we might read and review it for him. Both of which we did and were only to delighted to do both. You see, up until that point in time, there were all too few black pulp heroes and Dillon was a truly exceptional action adventure hero as brought to life by Derrick’s skills as a writer. He could spin the most outlandish tale and over time continued to produce many more Dillon adventures. And our friendship simply grew stronger and stronger.


Above is the latest edition of that first Dillon adventure plus a really great drawing of the character. Eventually as the New Pulp community continued to grow, writer/publisher Tommy Hancock got it into his head to hold a pulp convention in his hometown of Melbourne, Arkansas and invited a whole bunch of really amazing new pulp writers. You know Derrick was going to be there.


Derrick and his wife Patricia were vacationing in Florida that year and decided that before driving on back to Brooklyn, where they lived, they’d head west and come to Pulp Ark # 1. In the photo to the left (from left to right) are Van Allen Plexico, Derrick, yours truly, Tommy Hancock & Barry Reese. Trust us, there lots more pulp creators at that show, alas not in that one seminal photo. Nancy Hansen and her husband were along, Rob Davis, Dr. Art Sippo, Terry Alexander, Lee Houston Jr., Bobby Nash and for sure one or two others we’ve forgotten. Please forgive us.


Panels on pulp writing were held in the building’s cellar. No lie. As is evidenced from these pictures. To say that show was memorable for so many reasons would be a gross understatement. In a way, that weekend might be considered as the unofficial birth of the New Pulp movement in this country.


From that time on, our friendship evolved and we learned a whole lot more things about this amazing fellow. One of which was his passion for the movies and for the longest time he co-hosted a podcast with fellow Brooklynite Thomas Deja about the movies called, “Better in the Dark.” It was one of our first ever introductions to the world of podcasting and it was a joy to listen to.


In the end it was this love of movies that brought Derrick to write for us at Airship 27. When he learned that we would be launching a brand new Sinbad the Sailor series, it wasn’t the fact that our Sinbad would be black that lured him to sign on, but that we wanted the stories to reflect the fun and action of the old Ray Harryhausen Sinbad movies. That’s all Derrick needed to know and he whipped out a great novella for our very first volume.


By then he knew of our affection for his hero Dillon and when he offered us this novel teaming Dillon with the classic pulp figure Jim Anthony, we jumped at it. He co-wrote “The Vril Agenda” with his old pal Joshua Reynolds and it remains one of our finest titles. People still pick it up years later. Adam Shaw turned in such a stunning cover.


Then when Derrick learned we were going to be doing a series based on the exploits of the legendary black U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves, he was one of the first to give us a holler. All total, he wrote three Bass Reeves tales for us and they appear in volumes, 1 – 2 & 4.  Above is a shot of Derrick and Tommy taken at the only time he ever attended the Windy City Pulp & Paper convention in Chicago back in 2019.


Above are two more pix taken at that show. The one on the left was taken Friday night at a burger joint before the Pulp Factory Awards were given out. As you can see, Derrick was all in having a blast with the rest of us zany pulp folks. The pix on the right had been shot on the vendor’s floor earlier and is of course now one of our favorites to remember him by.


Another of Derrick’s many loves was boxing and a few years back he’d written a novella called “Brooklyn Beatdown” that had appeared elsewhere and since gone out of print. Dismayed by that, he’d inquired if we’d be willing to reprint it at Airship 27 to get it back into print. We were thrilled to do so, gave it the cover spot with as yet another gorgeous Adam Shaw cover and Rob Davis did six beautiful interior illustrations. Derrick was delighted with the results.


And please understand, aside from his stories for Airship 27, Derrick wrote for all the major New Pulp publishers and if you’d truly like to honor his memory, go to Amazon and simply punch in his name. Then when all those great titles pop up, go on and pick up a few. You’ll be glad you did. Finally in that regard, although Dillon appeared in lots of great prose, to the best of our knowledge he only ever showed up in a comic book story and that happened in Redbud Studio’s Airship 27 presents All Star Pulp Comics Vol 2. He had the cover spot battling alongside Jungle Lord Ki-Gor’s mate, Helene.

And now he’s gone. Just like that. A fiery comet of a literary giant who shot across our heavens and made all our lives so much better with his presence. In the weeks and months ahead, there will be many more memorials and tributes. Tommy Hancock has a book coming together that will pay homage to our friend. It is one we are truly honored to be a part of. Rest assured, we’ll let you know when it is published and how you can obtain copies. For now, our deepest condolences to Patricia and all her family. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for sharing Derrick with us all these years.

Derrick, see you in heaven some day. Till then, rest easy my friend.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 9 Apr | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you read this Flight Log, Valerie and the Air Chief are in Ft. Meyers, Florida, enjoying a much needed vacation. Knowing we’d be gone, we decided to give you a little comic preview concerning the 104 pg graphic novel THE BLACK BAT, that we wrote for artist Mike Belcher.


On April 1st, Mike debut the beautiful pin-up piece drawn by him and colored by his son, Aiden. When writing scripts, we try to maintain a formula of no more than five or six panels per page. Below are Mike’s pencils for Page Number One.

To the left is the complete page penciled.  Then Mike tightens up the pencils with his inks. Next Aiden will take over with his letters and coloring. Page one has District Attorney Tony Quinn arriving at the courthouse for a very important trial, accompanied by his valet/bodyguard Silk Kirby, a reformed con man. They are met at the front entrance by a group of very excited newshounds. Mike loves to put cameos in his stories, so do you recognized a certain journalist among that group?
And that’s it for this week. The Air Chief and Val should be back by next Friday. Till then, be well and stay safe.
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  • On 2 Apr | '2021

Greetings Loyal, Airmen, you are reading this on Good Friday of Holy Week. It is our prayer that all of you have a truly wonderful and blessed Easter, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Valerie and the Air Chief are in the process of packing up for our first trip in over a year. Since the pandemic, obviously travel was impossible. Now, both of us have had all our shots and looking to get away to sunny Florida for a week of rest and relaxation. Long overdue.


But before heading out, we’re happy to announce the latest Airship 27 pulp novel release. “Killing Shadows” is by writer Teel James Glenn and features his character, Jon Shadows. He’s a private bodyguard and investigator who always finds a way to get into trouble. In this story, an old love returns claiming her life is in danger from a husband who would rather see her dead than grant her a divorce. The action throughout is fast and furious with plenty of twists along the way. As ever the book is available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you check it out.


And just as we were announcing Glenn’s latest book, lo and behold this year’s Pulp Factory Awards were announced and he won for Best Pulp Novel of 2020 for “A Cowboy in Carpathia” from Pro Se Press. See cover above. The book is available at Amazon. We had the great fun of reading and review it and know it truly deserved this honor. Other winners this year were John L. French for a Zorro short story, Editor Rose Shababy for the Stormgate anthology PULP REALITY # 1, cover artist for that same anthology and finally, our own Ed Catto for his interior illustrations for “Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery Vol 4.” Our sincerest congratulations to wall the winners. New Pulp is alive and well, Loyal Airmen.


At long last Moonstone’s first Double Shot book is available on their website. Features my I.V. Frost story, The Ghost Train. (


Today is Good Friday. And on this day Our Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross for all of us. Had he been just a man, His story would have ended it there. But He was not just a man, He was God, the Savior and two days later, He conquered death. The empty tomb was actually the true beginning of the Salvation story. We want to wish all our Loyal Airmen a truly blessed HAPPY EASTER…HE IS RISEN!!! Alleluia.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 26 Mar | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are happy to shout that Spring has sprung!!  And hopefully all of you will be the benefactors are warmer days ahead, flowers and green grass in your future. To day the past winter has been rough would be an understatement. Both the Air Chief and Valerie have had both their Covid shots and are actually packing to take a vacation trip after a year long confinement. Oh yeah, this will be heavenly. We’re looking at mid-April for one week getaway. Long over due.


Meanwhile work continues at Airship 27 Productions as we’ve just released our latest title, MASKED RIDER – Tales of the Wild West Vol 3. This one features two Masked Rider adventures. A short story by Kevin Findley and a longer novella by Gordon Dymowski. There’s also a Wyatt Earp & Doc Holiday story by western scribe and good friend, Thomas McNulty. Artist Jason Wren provided the 12 interior illustrations and Australian artist Shane Evans the colorful cover above. As ever it is available now at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll check it out and of course, continued thanks for your wonderful support.


And pretty much all we have for this week. The Air Chief has been busy of late with his book reviews and if any of you would like to see what pulp titles we’ve been recommending for folks, simply writing PULP FICTION REVIEWS BLOG in your search engine. One of recent books was really fun updating of the old Six Million Dollar Man TV series. It’s called EVOLUTION MAN and was written by Charles Millhouse. You can find it on Amazon. Tell them the Air Chief sent yah.

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  • On 19 Mar | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well seems like Mother Nature decided to give Colorado another winter kiss over the weekend.


Over the weekend a brutal winter blizzard hit the entire state of Colorado starting Saturday. Above is our front yard on Sunday morning (to left) and the aftermath on Monday morning (to right). Here in Fort Collins we got two feet of the heavy white stuff. This, Loyal Airmen, is what we left New England in the first place. Ha. Spring can’t come soon enough. Clean up crews will be working for several weeks before all the streets are free, clear and safe again.


On a real fun note, we received Radio Archives CD audio recording of Airship 27 Production’s “Bass Reeves Frontier Marshal Vol 4 the other day. Here’s our beautiful granddaughter, Cora, holding up one of the sets. Stuart Gauffi is the narrator and he is brilliant on this set. His voice is perfect for a western adventure yarn. We do hope you’ll check it out at their site on-line. You won’t be disappointed.


One of the things we’ve always loved about pulps is how they often mixed genres together. Recently writer Fred Adams Jr. sent us a new novel that simply blew us away. It deals with pirates who just happen to be vampires. Oh yeah, the second we heard that pitch, we were on board. The novel is called “Fangs of the Sea” and our Art Director Rob Davis is doing the the interior illustrations at present along with designing the book’s title logo above. When done, artist Adam Shaw will provide the cover. As ever we’ll keep you posted this. This one is creepy good.


Finally, after a full year of not traveling, Valerie and the Air Chief are planning their first getaway trip for the second week of April. One that is long-long overdue. A little R & R is always a good thing. April will also the start of the new baseball season and our beloved Red Sox are really a totally different team this year having traded away many of their top-notch players over the winter months. One can only hope with Manager Alex Cora back in the dug-out, we’ll get some eager young rookies willing to work hard and show the Fenway fans what they’ve got. Going to be so wonderful to hear the umpires yell out, “PLAY BALL.”

Ron Over & Out!



  • On 12 Mar | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as many of you know, the Air Chief has currently been working with artist Mike Belcher to produce a brand new graphic novel starring the classic pulp hero, the Black Bat.


Inspired by the pulp novel “Brand of the Black Bat” written by Norma Daniels and published in 1939. Mike and the Air Chief had hoped to take that origin story and adapted it to a comic story. Unfortunately Daniels story, though much fun, is a pretzel of twists and turns that simply doesn’t work in comic format which relies on a more straight line narrative. That being the case, we soon realized we would have to create something new from something old. In the end, it will be our readers who decide if we succeeded…or not. And so it begins.  Above to the left is the first appearance of the character in the magazine Black Book Detective. On the right the credit page and sketches of Tony Quinn in his civilian disguise as blind lawyer Tony Quinn, then with the hood on as the vigilante Black Bat, below them, Quinn’s right-hand man and valet, Silk Kirby and his secretary, girl-Friday, Carol Baldwin. The only member of the Black Bat’s team not present is ex-boxer Butch O’Leary, though trust us, he will be in the book along with a brand new member Mike and the Air Chief are very eager to debut. Still tight Loyal Airmen, as time goes by, we will be sharing lots of artwork as the progress starts to take shape.


Well, Loyal Airmen, it’s that time of year again when the members of the Pulp Factory Group vote for the best New Pulp fiction and artwork from the previous year. Above are pictures of three of the five awards handed out last year. Sadly due to the pandemic, they had to be mailed to the winners and such will also be the case this year. On March 7th the nomination phase of the process concluded and now the Awards Committee is tabulating all those nominations. The biggest vote getters in each category will be put on the official ballot and then announced to the public at large to vote on. The Air Chief and artist Rob Davis will be doing a special 15 You Tube video to make this announcement. Whereas the venue at which these awards are presented, the Windy City Paper & Pulp Convention, isn’t until in Sept this year (again due to the pandemic) ergo the awards will once again be mailed out to the winners. Hopefully come 2022, we’ll all be on track and we can have both that convention once again in the Spring and thus do the presentation there as we have in the past. That’s it. Stay tuned. We’ll happily share more as it develops.


And finally for those of you Loyal Airmen who enjoy audio books, as of this morning Radio Archives is offering BASS REEVES Frontier Marshal Vol 4 as an audio book you can buy either as a streaming download or CD set. Radio Archives always does such a great job with these.

And that’s our Flight Log for this week. Thanks always for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

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  • On 5 Mar | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we are thrilled to bring you all up to speed on a short little radio play we wrote several years ago called – NIGHT ARMY.


This is the story of ON ANOTHER WAVELENGTH audio anthology series coming soon from Evcol Entertainment’s productions.  Adam Dechanel and his co-producer/director Simon, began working on a 20 episode audio anthology project at the end of 2019. The idea was to create a sort of ‘Audio Twilight Zone’ if you like, with original audio dramas that have a running time of 5 – 20 minutes. They began recording but then the COVID 19 outbreak happened and it almost put a dampener on the entire project. However, they managed to get around the social-distancing issue with actors recording their individual lines in their home studios, which were then sent to their soundscape editor [the amazing Zachary Elliott-Hatton], who spliced each line into place and then added them to the individual soundscapes that he was creating. A painstaking task to say the least.
They have now completed 11 of the first 20 productions. One of which is NIGHT ARMY, written by the Air Chief and tells story of a dream we had over 53 yrs ago and still haunts us to this day. Having heard the finished production (it last a little over 7 minutes) we were simply astounded. Simon and Adam are now going to start recording the final 9 of the first series and then all will be available on the website — though some will be uploaded to YouTube for promotional purposes. Of course we will keep you all posted and once they are available for public download, we’ll let all you Loyal Airmen know.
Now for a little film fun. Obviously all you Loyal Airmen know how much we love airships and have always been fascinated by early Hollywood films that depicted. Over the years we had learned of an early Cecil B. DeMille movie released in 1930 called “Madam Satan” and described pretty much as a musical comedy. It tells the story of a high society married couple having problems. The lovely Kay Johnson is afraid her husband, Reginald Denny, has become bored with her and is quickly becoming enamored of the young brunette entertainer Trixie, played by Lillian Roth. Eventually the wife confronts the younger girl who confesses she has been seeing her husband. Shen then accuses the wife of having becoming boring and that is why she is losing her husband’s attention. Upon hearing this, the wife vows to win her husband back any way she can.
When she learns her husband will be attending a gala masquerade dance aboard a giant airship, she whips up a rather risque, sexy outfit and arrives at the event as the Mysterious Madam Satan. Her husband, as well as all the other men at the affair, are immediately mesmerized by her and all vie for her attention. Hubby wins and begins to woo her, never realizing he’s romancing his own wife.
When a sudden electrical storm suddenly appears, it shakes the giant airship off its moorings and it slowly begins to break up. The crew hurriedly begin hustling all the passengers into parachutes to make their escapes. The scenes of people in costume scrambling around to don their shutes and get thrown out of the gondola by the air crew has to be seen. Really wild. Meanwhile, wife takes off her mask, reveals her identity and hubby realizes what a fool he’s been. He, like everyone else, makes it off the shop and the flick ends with them back in their luxury apartment with him vowing to never stray again, while she also promises to be more carefree and recapture the fun they had while courting.
All in all “Madam Satan” is a madcap, screwball comedy that Hollywood was so fond of making in the 30s and still holds up quite well to this. We finally managed to pick up a copy from Amazon and enjoyed watching it a great deal. And that airship…WOW.
And that’s our Flight Log for this week.  As ever, thanks for stopping by.
Ron – Over & Out!