• On 5 Mar | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we are thrilled to bring you all up to speed on a short little radio play we wrote several years ago called – NIGHT ARMY.


This is the story of ON ANOTHER WAVELENGTH audio anthology series coming soon from Evcol Entertainment’s productions.  Adam Dechanel and his co-producer/director Simon, began working on a 20 episode audio anthology project at the end of 2019. The idea was to create a sort of ‘Audio Twilight Zone’ if you like, with original audio dramas that have a running time of 5 – 20 minutes. They began recording but then the COVID 19 outbreak happened and it almost put a dampener on the entire project. However, they managed to get around the social-distancing issue with actors recording their individual lines in their home studios, which were then sent to their soundscape editor [the amazing Zachary Elliott-Hatton], who spliced each line into place and then added them to the individual soundscapes that he was creating. A painstaking task to say the least.
They have now completed 11 of the first 20 productions. One of which is NIGHT ARMY, written by the Air Chief and tells story of a dream we had over 53 yrs ago and still haunts us to this day. Having heard the finished production (it last a little over 7 minutes) we were simply astounded. Simon and Adam are now going to start recording the final 9 of the first series and then all will be available on the website — though some will be uploaded to YouTube for promotional purposes. Of course we will keep you all posted and once they are available for public download, we’ll let all you Loyal Airmen know.
Now for a little film fun. Obviously all you Loyal Airmen know how much we love airships and have always been fascinated by early Hollywood films that depicted. Over the years we had learned of an early Cecil B. DeMille movie released in 1930 called “Madam Satan” and described pretty much as a musical comedy. It tells the story of a high society married couple having problems. The lovely Kay Johnson is afraid her husband, Reginald Denny, has become bored with her and is quickly becoming enamored of the young brunette entertainer Trixie, played by Lillian Roth. Eventually the wife confronts the younger girl who confesses she has been seeing her husband. Shen then accuses the wife of having becoming boring and that is why she is losing her husband’s attention. Upon hearing this, the wife vows to win her husband back any way she can.
When she learns her husband will be attending a gala masquerade dance aboard a giant airship, she whips up a rather risque, sexy outfit and arrives at the event as the Mysterious Madam Satan. Her husband, as well as all the other men at the affair, are immediately mesmerized by her and all vie for her attention. Hubby wins and begins to woo her, never realizing he’s romancing his own wife.
When a sudden electrical storm suddenly appears, it shakes the giant airship off its moorings and it slowly begins to break up. The crew hurriedly begin hustling all the passengers into parachutes to make their escapes. The scenes of people in costume scrambling around to don their shutes and get thrown out of the gondola by the air crew has to be seen. Really wild. Meanwhile, wife takes off her mask, reveals her identity and hubby realizes what a fool he’s been. He, like everyone else, makes it off the shop and the flick ends with them back in their luxury apartment with him vowing to never stray again, while she also promises to be more carefree and recapture the fun they had while courting.
All in all “Madam Satan” is a madcap, screwball comedy that Hollywood was so fond of making in the 30s and still holds up quite well to this. We finally managed to pick up a copy from Amazon and enjoyed watching it a great deal. And that airship…WOW.
And that’s our Flight Log for this week.  As ever, thanks for stopping by.
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  • On 26 Feb | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are sure you will recall how we were shaken last year upon hearing of the passing of our friend, fantasy adventure writer Charles Saunders. His passing had come and gone without some much as a ripple among the residents of St. John’s in Nova Scotia. And ultimately he was buried in an unmarked grave. When the news finally did reach the writing community, it was received with much grief and shock. Charles was truly an amazing soul and his death was a true loss to the world, especially of black writers. Eventually a group of his friends, to include Milton Davis, Derrick Ferguson and others set up a Kickstarter campaign to have a tombstone and memorial made up.


Last week both were delivered and placed over his final resting place. Seeing the photos above was so heartening. We remember our friend in our daily prayers and God willing, we’ll one day make a trip to his grave to pay our final respects. Rest in peace, my old friend.


As many of you know, “Satin’s Ways” is a comic project we’ve tried to get off the ground for a long…long…time. We even had an 8 pg completed and published with the first artist to ever draw her, Gonzalo Martinez of Chile. Since then several other artists have stepped in and offered to illustrate the 48 pg script we wrote way back when. For one reason or another, they never completed more than a few pages and then disappeared on us. Well, we’ve got as yet a new artist willing to take a stab at doing this comic, Richard Jun. This past week he sent along a few rough sketches of Satin and other characters to show us and Silverline Comics publisher Roland Mann. We like what we’re seeing. Fingers crossed, Richard is going to be the hero who brings us across the finish line at long last.

Front Range cover4

On another very welcomed piece of news. Back in 2019 the Air Chief wrapped up his fourth “How to Write Comics” at the Front Range Community College here in Fort Collins. As we’d done with the first three classes, we then set about getting a comic book made with stories from our four students, pairing them with talented professionals. Well things seemed to drag in regards to find a fourth and final artist and then Covid 19 happened and everything seemed to get pushed back further and further. Still we pushed on, regularly posting to our writers that the book would get down, come hell or high water. Well as of yesterday, the book is FINISHED. All the stories have been completely illustrated and artist Howard Simpson turned in beautiful finished cover. All that remains now is for Rob Davis, Editor of Redbud Studio, to put the files up at Ka-Blam’s printers.  Volume Four of Front Range Tales features “Space Monkey” by Nathanael Vidaurri as illustrated by Olivia DeGaine. “There Goes The Van Gogh” by Vincent A. Vidaurri (he’s Nathan’s dad) as drawn by Luis Rivera. “Real Zizzle Reel” by Stephen Beer as illustrated by Gary Kato and finally “Jake the Bandit” by Donna Braginetz as drawn by Howard Simpson. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier. Of course there was no class in 2020, and it is doubtful there will one this year. It is our hope, come 2022, that we’ll be able to once again offer this eight week course. We have so much teaching it. For now, our four writers only have a few more weeks before they get to hold their first ever published comic stories in their hands. Now that’s cause for celebration.


By far the best writer of Sherlock Holmes stories today is none other than I.A. Watson of England. Fittingly with a name like Watson, you’d figure he was predestined for such. I.A. has had a story in every each of Airship 27 Production’s bestselling series, Sherlock Holmes – Consulting. Now we are about to publish a new collection of I.A.’s stories that have appeared in other publications over the years. Above is a sneak peek of the back cover. The book is currently being proof-read and we hope to have it out within a week, two tops. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen. This is one you don’t want to me.

Finally, yesterday Valerie and the Air Chief received our second Covid 19 vaccine shots. We pray all you Loyal Airmen have either received yours or are enrolled to do so soon. It’s time to protect all of us and our loved ones and get the world back to normal, God willing. Amen.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 19 Feb | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re going to start this week off with some artwork from several comic projects the Air Chief is involved with.


We’ve mentioned JIN & TONIK often in the past year. Created by artist Cesar Feliciano and further developed by yours truly, it is the story of two unique assassins, one Chinese and the other Russian. Above is Cesar’s most recent drawing of Darya Tonikova. Guess which one she is. Chuckle. Kidding aside, Cesar is such an amazing artist and working with him is a joy.


On other fronts Chief Engineer Rob Davis and the Air Chief recorded Episode # 72 of the Airship 27 Podcast a few days ago and it’s up at You Tube…at this link.  ( We hope you’ll check it out.

129611090_1134939993604661_1675133137726140336_nBlack Bat

About a month ago, artist Mike Belcher drew the above colored pin-up of classic pulp heroes Domino Lady and the Black Bat, the piece being colored by his super talented son, Aiden. Well shortly after he’d completed that, he suggested we do a new Black Bat comic book together. All of which evolved into us doing a full out Black Bat graphic novel. Mike will pencil, ink and letter and Aiden will color. Once completed it will be self-published via Ka-Blam and sold on their retail site, Indy – The Air Chief couldn’t be happier.


In discussing the project, we decided we’d use to graphic novel to retell the characters origin story as it appeared back in Black Book Detective dated Sept. 1938 – Written by Norman Daniels under the house name of Wayman Jones, it tells of how crusading District Attorney is blinded in court by criminals he’s attempting to convict. Long after he’s accepted his fate, a mysterious young lady shows up and offers him a chance to regain his sight. Tony jumps at it. A special operation not only returns his sight, but it also allows him to see clearly in pitch black darkness.


Tony decided to keep the fact that he can see a secret and use his new found abilities to fight crime as the masked the avenger, the Black Bat. He’s aided not only by Carol, ex-prize fighter Butch O’Leary and reformed con-artist Silk Kirby. Now initially our thought was to adapt Daniel’s story word for word, scene for scene. But upon reading, it simply isn’t the right approach. The story takes more twist and turns than a pretzel and Mike and the Air Chief wanted to present a straight narrative with a beginning, middle and ending, filled with drama and action. So our version will be that, an adaptation for the graphic media. When will it be available? You’re guess is as good as ours. We’ve started writing the script and hope to have it wrapped up in March. Then its off to Mike to work his magic. Wish us luck, keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you posted along the way.

Finally this past week Christians around the world celebrated the beginning of Lent, the 40 days period of prayers and fasting before Easter. It is a time of reflection, of setting one’s house in order and being aware God loves us despite our sins and failings. To all of you on this journey, know we are fellow travelers and every day of this Lent the Air Chief will be praying for you, that you reach Easter with a heart full of hope and love. Amen.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 12 Feb | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ve got a new pulp book to announce this week. And if, like the Air Chief, you’re a fan of those old swashbuckling movies, then you will love this one.


“The Musketeers – New Adventures Vol One” is a collection of three brand new adventures starring Alexandre Dumas classic swordsmen, Athos, Aramis, Porthos and the you D’Artagnan. Paul Beale and Alan J. Porter provide two short stories and Joel Jenkins a full length novella. Ed Catto did all the wonderful black and white interiors and Adam Shaw painted the gorgeous cover you see above. Now available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. En Garde!!  Pulp fans.


As most of you Loyal Airmen are aware, the Air Chief writes a review blog devoted to all things pulp, both old and new. Recently we reviewed the first issue of a new title “MEN’S ADVENTURE Quarterly” produced by friend Bill Cunningham and Bob Deis. It is a tribute to all those Men’s Adventure Magazines (MAMS) that filled the newstands between the 1950s and 70s. This premier issue is devoted to westerns and filled with reprints of both fiction and factual articles. All of which are wonderfully done. It is a truly beautiful package and we recommend it highly. It’s available from Amazon.

The-speeders-left-from-the-earlier-days-are-now-owned-by-hobbyists-and-can-cost-several-thousands-of-dollars-to-rebuild-and-maintain.-640x427I.V FROST GREY BIS

Earlier in the year we wrote a new I.V. Frost story that will be published soon by Moonstone Books. In our story, a massive train engine disappears in the woods of Vermont and Frost and his comely assistant, Jean Moray are called in to help the police. In writing the story, we had to have our detective pair travel the railroad line where the train engine disappeared from. Immediately we reached out to the train authority in our family, our oldest son, Scott. Scott grew up loving trains. We lost count of how many he now has and how many sets he’s constructed over the years. We wanted to know the name of those little train mobiles that inspectors used when checking out rails. Scott immediately replied, “Speeders.” Our next step was to find several images on-line of these vehicles and then pass them on to the publisher. He turned passed them to the artist doing the illustration for the story. It’s above to the right. He did a great job and of course, thanks Scott. We couldn’t have done it without you.

And that’s all for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you here next week.

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  • On 5 Feb | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well even though Airship 27 presents ALL STAR PULP COMICS Vol 6 is out, it has yet to arrive at the retail on-line site, Indy Planet. Trust that when it does the Air Chief will let all of you know and share that link.


Meanwhile our copies arrived in the mail this week. These are being put away for when we are back to conventions. Got to love that amazing Mike Belcher cover.


On the writing front, earlier this week the Air Chief finished his newest story, “The Last Trail.” It is our fictionalize telling of famed Oklahoma Lawman Bass Reeves’ final case. After thirty-two years of traveling through the Territories, and bringing in over 3,000 outlaws, Reeves learned that his oldest son, Benjamin, had in a fit of rage shot and murdered his own wife. Whereas none of the other Deputy Marshals wanted to go after him, Reeves personally demanded the warrant from Muskogee Marshal Leo Bennett and rode after Bennie. “The Last Trail” tells that heart-wrenching story. It is being to submitted to Pre So Production, owned and operated by Tommy Hancock. If accepted and published, we’ll be sure to let you know where and when. This was our third Bass Reeves tale.


Another piece of good news we want to share. This week, both Valerie and the Air Chief received their first Covid 19 vaccine shot here in Fort Collins. We have to wait 21 days before we can get the second, which will be the 25th of the month. Needless to say we drove home from the hospital very happy and feeling a whole lot safer. It’s our wish that all you Loyal Airmen will be vaccinated and eventually we can all start socializing again. Thank God.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 29 Jan | '2021

Greetings Loyal airmen. The Air Chief first discovered science fiction literature while in high school. During our senior year, Analog magazine serialized a new novel by Frank Hebert called DUNE. We were enamored by the scope of its tale that when the actual book came out, we immediately bought a copy. Eventually DUNE was brought to movies by director David Lynch in 1984.


Though not considered a critical hit, the reaction among sci-fi fans was missed. Whereas we loved it. Of course that was not the end as in 2000, director John Harrison did his own version which aired as a min-series on the Science Fiction Channel. It was somewhat different from Lynch’s version, but the same story staying true to Hebert’s tale. When this arrived on DVD, you guessed it, we wasted no time buying a copy.


Years later, while browsing in a book store, we discovered a wonderful, illustrated version of the book and had to own it. Immediately upon getting home, we sat down and re-read it. And amazingly the book again amazed us with its complexities, fully realized worlds and characters. It has obviously become the Air Chief’s favorite sci-fi book. Then back in 2019 rumors surfaced that as yet another film adaptation was in the works to be directed by one Denis Villeneuve. Stills from the production began to pop up on the internet and we were thrilled. All ready to see this one too. But then 2020 rolled around, Covid hit and the movie was put on hold. As of today, it is scheduled for an Oct 2021 release date. All fingers.


Whereas the marketing people behind this new version could not predict the pandemic, their plans to create merchandising went ahead full tilt even to producing action figures of the lead characters. Imagine our surprise when we learned of this. We wasted no time and ordering the above figure of the book’s hero, Duke Paul Atreides as played this time by actor Timothee Chalomet. We posed it in front of that much read illustrated volume above. Here’s fingers crossed the new DUNE will arrive in October and wow us again.


And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Looks like Jan 2021 is almost done. Time just keeping whipping by at hyper speed.  Be well and stay safe. See you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 22 Jan | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well this week we have the fun of announcing the release of our first Airship 27 pulp title for 2021.


JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – MASTIFF, is the 7th volume in this pirate queen saga by the wonderful Nancy Hansen.  Our very own Rob Davis provides the interior illustrations and the amazing Adam Shaw painted that beautiful cover you see above. As ever the book is available at Amazon in both paperback on Kindle.


Meanwhile Captain Ron & Chief Engineer Rob just posted their 71st Airship 27 Podcast up at You Tube. If you want to see and hear and hour of madcap fun, check us out. (


On the comic front we are thrilled to let you know that BLACK LION # 3 is finally available for purchase from Indy Planet. (  Note 1 & 2 are there as well, while we are busy putting together fourth and final issue. Stay tuned.


And finally, coming just under the wire to get this posted today, we have Airship 27’s second title of the year, RUNEMASTER – Shield Maiden’s Blade by writer Mike Bullock. This is Mike’s first work for us and we hope it isn’t the the last. Artist Christ Nye provided the nine interior illustrations with painter Steve Otis turning in that amazing cover. All in all, a great read if you like the old style sword and sorcery action adventure ala the great Robert E. Howard. Again, you can find this at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Looking like 2021 is starting to shape up quite nicely. Til next week, be well and stay safe,

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 15 Jan | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, recently the Air Chief had the fun of being a guest on the AdamMesser Radio/podcast show with our dear friend and writing colleague Bobby Nash. It was a fun hour to help Adam launch his new magazine.


Called STORYTELLERS MAG – every issue will feature interviews with today’s writers discussing their craft. Above is the cover to issue number one. Each issue will be offered both digitally and as a hardcopy. Interested folks can sign up for a free digital subscription at this link. ( We’re very excited about its debut and hope you Loyal Airmen will check it out.


Now for the world of comics. We’re sure many of you remember Raizee the Ram, and character created by the Air Chief and artist Olivia DeGaine who appeared in several different comic titles, including his very own called “The Wooden Blade.” Well after a long hiatus, Olivia has been hard a work on issue


number two and  above are two random pages from that issue. In this one our wandering paladin is reacquainted with an old flame at the same time challenged to a unique seaside footrace we think you won’t want to miss. As ever we’ll keep you posted on its progress and when it is finished and available. We love with with Olivia on this series.


Another comic project in the works is JIN & TONIK created by artist Cesar Feliciano and developed by the Air Chief. It tells the story of two different assassins, one a scientifically enhanced Soviet named Darya Tonikova and the other a lethally trained martial artist, one Sammy Jin.


Recently Cesar has been doing lots of new sketches of these characters in different artistic interpretations as he tried to define what he wants the “look” of the series to have. It is our hope that by year’s end to have most of the first issue completed and a Kickstarter program launched so that we can publish and bring it to you in full, dazzling color. Again, stay tuned.

And that’s all for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 8 Jan | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we want to discuss a subject near and dear to us, movie music. Ever since we devoted ourselves to becoming a professional writer, we learned that listening to music scores from movies helped put us in the proper frame of thought for whatever we writing.


In fact the first actual novel we ever penned, “Trail of the Seahawks” co-written with the late Ardath Mayhar owes much of its existence to John Williams score to “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” It was such a rousing score, that before starting the novel, the Air Chief bought a vinyl album of the score and then proceeded to play it all the while we were pounding away at the keyboards. Honestly, thought it did help a great deal, poor Valerie was really happy when the book was finished and she wouldn’t have to listen to that one album over and over again.

Seriously though, from that point on, we continued to collect movie soundtracks. Eventually when CDs came along, we switched over to them. During that time we’ve amassed a collection of nearly 500 movie music score. And us clarify that, by score we me original music written by a composer. No songs ala a soundtrack. Songs would only conflict with our creative juices while writing. This little hobby of the Air Chief has been really rewarding to the point we were actually wrote liner notes for a Marco Polo disc recording of “The Most Dangerous Game” & “Son of Kong” CD produced and conducted by Hollywood composers John Morgan and Bill Stromberg, two good friends.


Now in the past, a few enterprising composers have actually written music scores for books. One such was composer Joel McNeel who was asked to write a score for writer Steve Perry’s Star Wars novel “Shadow of the Empire” which was based on a SW video game. Taking cues from many of John Williams earlier movie scores, McNeely created others from the characters in the book and with a full orchestra  actually produced a beautiful score that was packaged and sold. We have a copy. It was recently re-released on-line.

Now another such talented young composers did the exact same thing, which in turn led to a rather surprise meeting with the Air Chief.


George Mann is a British writer of steampunk, that sci-fi sub-genre that is so popular these days. In fact Mann is one of its best proponents and over the past twenty years has written several novels in his fantasy adventure series featuring Queen Victoria’s personal agents Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes beginning with “The Affinity Bridge” back in 2000. It was later followed by “The Osiris Ritual” and “The Immorality Engine,” and several others. Among Mann’s legion of fans, was American music composer, Brad Hoyt. Hoyt contact the author and somewhere in their exchanges, suggested the possibility of his writing a music score for each of these first three books. Mann agreed and Hoyt set about writing his score.


Hoyt set up his own webpage and as he completed each musical score, he would make them digitally available there. All until a few months ago when he was ready to combine all three scored into one CD set and sell that. To help promote it, author Mann shared the news of the album’s completion on his own Facebook page, which is where the Air Chief discovered all of this. Going to Hoyt’s own FB page, we queried him about ordering a copy of the disc and he immediately responded asking that we provide him with our mailing address. We did so. Less then ten minutes later he got back to us very, very surprised. You see, Brad Hoyt and his wife now live in Loveland, Co. our neighbor town. We actually live less then five miles away from each other. Amazing. By the end of that very day, we rendezvous in the parking lot of our local comic shop where he personally delivered my copy of his CD “The Music of Newbury & Hobbes.”

We’ve now had the pleasure of listening to it several times and it is beautiful. The cues and character motifs exceptional, moving and even haunting. He has totally captured the mood and atmosphere of each novel and when listening to the music, it is all too easy to see those various scenes coming to life in one’s imagination. So, if any of you Loyal Airmen love movie music as much as the Air Chief, do yourselves a favor and go check out his site ( – You’ll be glad you did.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 1 Jan | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen on our very first Flight Log of 2021. What with the pandemic and the loss of many of our loved ones, our Mom at the top of that list, 2020 proved to be a truly sad time for many of us. And our hearts do go out to all you Loyal Airmen who suffered similar losses. But here we are, at the start of a brand new year, with a viable vaccine now making its way to the general population and hopefully by year’s end, social gatherings such as comic and pulp conventions will be back in full swing.


Of course life has a way of balancing out things, if one is willing to see the silver lining even under dark clouds. Most likely because there were no conventions last year, and lots less traveling on our parts, we soon discovered most of our Airship 27 writers and artists were putting their pent-up frustrations to positive actions by producing more great titles. Thus here we are happy to tell you that in 2020 we produced and released a total of 23 books. Now that’s a busy year for a small publisher like us. And the 23rd, just out a few days ago, was BASS REEVES – Frontier Marshal Vol 4 – It features four new stories based on the historical black lawman, as written by Mel Odom Terry Alexander, Derrick Ferguson and the Air Chief. Interior illustrations were provided by Howard Simpson (the book is dedicated to his father) and Art Director Rob Davis did that great cover seen above. As always, the book is available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll check it out.

All the while, the Air Chief was out straight with Airship 27, we also found time to do our own writing and manages to get completed several short stories that will be seeing publication in 2021. These include a different kind of Dracula, a new I.V. Frost for Moonstone Books and a brand new pulp character, Doc Dunninger for Pro Se Productions; all of which we are extremely proud of and anxious for you Loyal Airmen to read. Whereas in the past few weeks, the Air Chief has started looking ahead to new writing assignments for 2021 and believe us, we’ve got some rather amazing writing projects in the work.


The most ambitious of all these proposed writing projects is going to be a new full length novel called CAPE NOIRE – Beauty & The Beest.  As most to you Loyal Airmen are aware, Cape Noire is the fictional city on the coast of the Pacific North West that we created to set our Brother Bones pulp stories. The thing is, when we first launched the series with the first collection, BROTHER BONES – The Undead Avenger, we presented certain aspects as already being a part of that landscape. But we’ve never actually told those prequel stories in detail and after ten years, it is time we did so. Thus, this book will present the hell-hole that is Cape Noire a few years before the coming of Brother Bones. It is our hope that Brother Bones fans will be intrigued by the idea and anxious to discover the events that set the saga of the Undead Avenger in motion.


Now while working on the Cape Noire novel, we’ve also promised certain publishers more short stories. The first in line will be my third ever Bass Reeves story. This one will deal with reality in relating the legendary lawman’s very last mission. The one that in the end had him give up his badge and retire. It will be coming from Pro Se Productions and you won’t want to miss it.


Then, along about mid-summer we hope to write a prose story featuring comic artist Dario Carrasco’s avenging hero, the Gargoyle. We’ve several of his comic adventures in the past, whereas Dario asked if we could whip up a pulp-like prose tale. Wish us luck.


Of course we haven’t even discussed the great comic book projects lining up for 2021.  We’ve got JIN & TONIK with artist Cesar Feliciano, SATIN’S WAYS is still at Silverline but we did lose our artist on the project and publisher/editor Roland Mann is once again on the hunt to bring this two part mini-series to life. There’s also a top-secret one shot project with artist Mike Belcher and the return of another old series, back by popular demand, with pal Rob Davis providing the art.

So as you can see, 2021 looks to be a really busy year for the Air Chief.  Heck, we’re getting tired just thinking about it.  Ha.  Honestly, we’ve always loved telling stories and entertaining good people like you. Here’s hoping we can keep doing it for long while to come.


Ron – Over & Out!