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Greeting Loyal Airmen, we thought this week we’d give you a little art peek at what’s coming down the line from Airship 27 Productions.  We are in the last stages of putting together our third Mark Justice’s Dead Sheriff weird western adventure.


Writer Michael Housel turned in a truly great novel called “PURITY” and whereas our own Rob Davis did the nine black and white interior illustrations, we assigned the cover to North Carolina artist Michael Youngblood. His last work for us was a gorgeous Sherlock Holmes cover. So for this one, we asked Michael to give us our zombie hero in a classic western shoot-out. A few days ago he sent in the above sketches. The one on the left is his personal take on the Dead Sheriff, which is just awesome. Then the roughs on the right are his preliminary sketches to get a feel for the composition that will eventually evolved into the finished, colored cover. We’d say Mr. Youngblood is totally on the right track.


Now for something totally out of the blue. A few years back we released “Mystery Men ( & Women) Vol 5″ which cover featured The Shrike, a sexy new pulp hero created by writer Gene Moyers. Imagine the Air Chief surprise today, when surfing Facebook, we came across the sketch at upper right done by another one of our stalwart artist, Mr. Graham Hill. We immediately downloaded it to compare it with the Ted Hammond cover of The Shrike.  Now, we don’t know if Graham ever saw that cover before, but this woman he drew could be her twin. Wild stuff, Loyal Airmen.


In the past few years, the Air Chief has noticed a gradual shift in the style of pulps we are now being offered by our amazing stable of writers. Consider the recent “The Road Twice Taken” by R.A. Jones, something totally different than we had ever done before. The thing is the more unique the manuscripts, the more excited we become in working with them. Now political spy thrillers have been a staple of American fiction ever since the late Tom Clancy came on the scene and since that time many new, gifted writers have jumped into the same genre pool. Imagine the Air Chief’s surprise and delight when writer Wayne Carey sent us one such modern day thriller. The book is called “Executive Gambit” and repeating what we just posted, it is unlike any other book we’ve ever done here at Airship 27 Productions. Above is a sneak-peek at the back cover. Art Director Rob Davis has provided the interior illustrations and the most fitting cover imaginable. At present the title is in the last stages of production. Stay tuned, we think all you spy fans are going to love this one.

And that’s our Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log. One in which we are happy to announce the release of newest Barry Baskerville children’s book, “Barry Baskerville’s Christmas Mystery.” Written by Richard Kellogg and illustrated by Gary Kato, this is the family friendly series about a young boy who wants to be Sherlock Holmes when he grows up.  Pretty much the old boy detective concept done with a nice twist. In this, Barry’s seventh case, he is after someone stealing outdoor Christmas trees from people’s front yards. As ever it is a fun read with over 30 colorful illustrations showcasing Gary’s amazing artwork. It, like the previous six Barry Baskerville books, is now available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. If you have young readers in your family, we totally recommend you pick this up for them. They will love you for it.


Over the last few weeks, Colorado, like California, has been dealing with severe heat on the 90s that ultimately led to dozens of major forest fires all over including the Peaks Canyon blaze taking place behind Fort Collins. For weeks a smoky haze lit up the sky as seen from my office window. Then this past weekend it became so bad that by Monday, Labor Day, a giant black cloud of soot covered the entire area including surrounding communities. The photo above was taken the night before. Driving around seeing the black sky over head was like something out of a disaster. Ash fell out of the sky like rain covering everything and making breathing dangerous.


Then on Monday night, like a gift from God, northern winds whipping down from Canada drop temperatures drastically and a mixture of rain and snow began falling. By Tuesday morning this was the view out our window. As we write this entry, it continues to fall and one can’t help but believe it is dampening those fires considerably. Hopefully enough to eventually put them all out.


Finally, to end on a fun note, two new toys have found their way into the Air Chief’s innner sanctum. The Golden Gorilla was found by Valerie at a local Holmeswood Store in town and then the new wonderful Rocketeer figure was a gift from our dear pal, Todd Jones. Todd saw it at a local store a while back, knew of our loved of the character and picked it up for us. And there you go, two more toys for this senior little boy. Things like this keep our hearts forever young.

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Dear Loyal Airmen, what follows is an editor bio of my friend, Charles Saunders, lifted from Wikipedia. Yesterday, I discovered that Charles had passed away months ago and the news of his death is just reaching the public. Why that is, I don’t know. My association with Charles goes back to the first few years of my return to civilian life after being discharged from the Army in 1968. Getting involved with fandom, I had several pieces of fiction published in various fanzines including Gene Day’s Dark Fantasy. Eventually I joined a writer/artist group called THE SMALL PRESS WRITERS & ARTISTS ORGANIZATION – SWPAO. Among its members were Richard and Wendy Pini, Charles, Gene Day, Gary Kato, Ardath Mayhar, Joe Bonadonna, David C. Smith and Kevin Anderson.


At one point, I was the club’s President and Charles my Vice-President. All this was prior to computers and the internet and all of us corresponded by mail. Whereas both Charles and I were baby boomers having been born in 1946, we couldn’t have been more different in our backgrounds and upbringing. When Charles learned I was a veteran of Vietnam, he told me in a very sincere letter that he had felt that conflict immoral and because of that ignored his own draft summon and fled to Canada, where he became a citizen. He wondered if a Vet and Draft Dodger could be friends. Truth is I admired a man who had the courage of his convictions and told him that. It was a mutual respect we would share for many, years. Our mutual love of writing the bond that cemented our friendship.


Shortly after Valerie and I were married, at Charles’ invitation, we flew to Ottawa to visit him and Gene Day. Charles was nearly 7 feet tall and upon greeting us at the airport, he grabbed Valerie in a bear hug and lifted her off the floor. She confessed the last time anyone had ever done that to her had been a store Santa Clause. Charles told her to call him her very own “Black Santa.” Our trip was a week long and we had so much fun. This was all before Gene passed away and Charles eventually moved to Nova Scotia. Over the years his career continued to rise, inspiring several generations of young black writers with his adventure tales of his mythical Africa. After Rob Davis and I started Airship 27 Productions, Charles became one of our first proof-readers and after years of me pestering him, created Damballa, the first ever black 1930s pulp avenger.

In the past few years he’d become involved with Milton Davis of Atlanta Georgia and his Sword and Soul novels and anthologies, becoming a friend and mentor to as yet another generation of young writers. The legacy he leaves behind is beyond my humble ability to measure. I just know it is real and for years to come, his name will be spoken along with those of J.R. Tolkein and Robert E. Howard. Charles was a great man and my friend. I will miss him greatly.  Now read the facts…


Charles R. Saunders also credited as Charles Saunders (born July 12, 1946[1]) was an African-American author and journalist living in Canada. During his long career, he  wrote everything from novels both fiction and non-fiction, to screenplays and radio plays.Saunders was born in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, a small town outside Pittsburgh. He later lived in Norristown before going to Lincoln University, from which he graduated in 1968 with a degree in psychology. He moved to Canada in 1969, living in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario before a 14-year stay in Ottawa. He moved to Nova Scotia in 1985.[2]


Charles read his first work of science fiction in 1958, a misremembered novel by Andre Norton; this he states was what got him into the genre.[3] Inspired in Africa, he created the fictional continent Nyumbani (which means “home” in Swahili), where the stories of Imaro, his sword and sorcery series, take place.[4] In 1974, Saunders wrote a series of short stories for Gene Day‘s science fiction fanzine Dark Fantasy. The issue of Dark Fantasy with the first Imaro story found its way to Lin Carter, who included it in his first Year’s Best Fantasy Stories collection, published by DAW Books in 1975. This publication brought Saunder’s work to the attention of Daw publisher Donald A. Wollheim, who eventually suggested that Saunders turn his Imaro stories into a novel. Six of the novellas originally published by Gene Day in Dark Fantasy (“Mawanzo”, “Turkhana Knives”, “The Place of Stones”, “Slaves of the Giant Kings”, “Horror in the Black Hills”, and “The City of Madness”) would later be used in his first novel, Imaro, which was published by Daw in 1981.[5]


But a lawsuit by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate over a poorly chosen cover quote, The Epic Novel of a Black Tarzan, caused a one-month delay in shipping as the books had to be reprinted, which led to poor sales. Saunders wrote and sold two more books in the series, The Quest for Cush (1984) and The Trail of Bohu (1985).[3]

In Nova Scotia, Charles worked the night shift at a local newspaper as a copy editor, and wrote his thoughts out in longhand during the day. Nova Scotia’s black community is largely descended from African Americans who went over to the British side during the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812; they were given freedom and land in Nova Scotia after those wars ended, and created communities such as Africville. Charles wrote four non-fiction books about the Nova Scotia black community, including a collection of his columns.[5]


In 2006, small press Night Shade Books made a deal with him to publish an updated edition of Imaro. This new edition excludes the novella “Slaves of the Giant-Kings”, which Charles felt held too many parallels to the present day Rwandan genocide.[3] In 2008 the second novel in the updated Imaro trilogy The Quest for Cush was published by Night Shade Books, and the company has decided not to publish any other Imaro novels at this time.


In 2008 Saunders released the related work Dossouye through Sword & Soul Media and the online publisher Lulu, Dousouye is a fix-up novel created from the short stories “Agbewe’s Sword”, “Gimmile’s Songs”, “Shiminege’s Mask”, “Marwe’s Forest”, and “Obenga’s Drum”, the last previously unpublished. Dossouye herself is a woman warrior inspired by the real-life female warriors of the West African Kingdom of Dahomey. Her first stories appeared in Jessica Amanda Salmonson‘s Amazons![6] and Marion Zimmer Bradley‘s Sword and Sorceress,[7] two anthologies designed to increase the number and recognition of female heroes in sword and sorcery fiction. Agbewe’s Sword was adapted by Saunders himself in the screenplay of the film Amazons (1986).[8] In 2009 he released The Trail of Bohu, the third title in the now ongoing Imaro series, through the Sword & Soul Media storefront.[9] In 2009 he released The Naama War the fourth and latest Imaro novel through Lulu.[10] In 2012, he released Dossouye: The Dancers of Mulukau, the second novel of Dossouye.[11] In 2017, released “Nyumbani Tales”, a collection of Nyumbani stories that have not yet been republished, among them “Katisa,” about Imaro’s mother.[4] In 2018, a story of Imaro appeared in the anthology The Mighty Warriors, edited by Robert M. Price.[12]


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Greeting Loyal Airmen, we’re delighted to kick off this week’s Flight Log announcing the release of two new pulp titles. First up is “Mystery Men ( & Women) Vol 6 – This being our showcase series wherein Airship 27 pulp writers get to create brand new pulp heroes. In this one we have three such while the fourth tale returns a hero who debut in a previous volumes. Stories are by Teel James Glenn, Curtis Fernlund, Greg Hatcher and Dale Cozort and they are fantastic. Our own Art Director Rob Davis provided all the interior illustrations plus that nifty cover seen above that features martial artist Kiri.


While on the subject of that particular new book, we thought you’d all enjoy a little bit about how it came about. The Air Chief, while surfing the web one evening found this nifty picture of a supposed docking of an airship with the Empire State Building. Those of you who know your history will be aware that while being constructed, the idea was that the pinnacle of the building would becoming an actual airship docking station from which passengers could board and exit those beautiful lighter-than-air crafts. Sadly, once completed, engineers realized the winds at that height made a stationary docking way too dangerous and near impossible and it was never attempted. Though fanciful artists and movie makers in the years to come would imagine it…like the image above. Whereas there is an actual such docking in the story by Curtis Fernlund, we sent this image to artist Rob Davis, who then flipped it to merge artistically with his drawing of the main character, martial artist Kiri. And voila, another great Airship 27 cover.


And then our second title is DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol 3 with stories by Whit Howland, Gene Moyers, Aaron Powers and Fred Adams Jr. Kevin Paul Shaw Broden provides the interior illustrations and Christ Rawding this up that snazzy cover above. As always both books are now available at Amazon in paperback and soon will be on Kindle. We thank all you Loyal Airmen for your continued support of our publishing efforts. We couldn’t do this without you.

Finally our latest AIRSHIP 27 PODCAST # 66 is up on You Tube. Simply cut and paste the link below.

As you can see, we’ been busy this week. Thanks ever for stopping by and we’ll catch up again next Friday.

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Brothers Twins

Greeting Loyal Airmen, well the folks behind the new Brother Bones Web Series aren’t letting any moss grow under their feet as their new website is starting to come alive with the biographies of all the talented people joining the production team. You can find the website at the link below

(  Do check it out. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


And now for the sad news. Earlier in the year we reported that artist Chris Nye had signed on to draw the 130 pg original graphic novel of Brother Bones. Now, at the time Chris had been dealing with health issues involving his eyes and he is currently having to go through a series of surgeries to correct them. Not ever a pleasant thing and especially for an artist like Chris. As time neared for the surgeries, he found himself caught up in lots of other things, older projects demanding his attention and the reality that the use of his sight might be limited for a while as he recovers from what we all hope is a very successful surgery. Thus earlier in the week, Chris wrote asking to be released from the Bones project as the length is too much for him now. Whereas he at the same time offered to do smaller projects for Airship 27. Chris is really a great guy and his professionalism unquestioned. After reading his letter, the Air Chief knew immediately that we would grant his wish with absolutely no hard feelings. We value his friendship a great deal. So…Loyal Airmen, it would appear the Brother Bones graphic novel is back to square one as we begin anew a search for a graphic artist. Meanwhile, always true to his word, Chris is now doing illustrations for a new fantasy novel by Mike Bullock called RUNEMASTER, which Airship 27 will be publishing when completed. And as ever, Chris’ work is stunning. In the meanwhile, we’d ask all of you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes those crucial operations to restore his sight. Thanks ever.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, someone this week posted this photo from 1942 show not only the news headlines concerning the war, but this amazing display of classic pulp magazines which we simply had to share with all of you.  Oh to time-travel back to this place and pick up a few of these while they were brand new.


Last week, much to our surprise, we received a message from Art Director Rob Davis’ wife, Theresa. She wanted to remind us that yesterday, Aug 13th, was not only Rob’s birthday, but also his first official day of retirement. Yup, our partner in Airship 27 was about to sign up for social security after a lifetime of working.  Theresa obviously hadn’t let Rob know she was reaching out to me and hoped the Air Chief might be able to get the word out to all our friends and colleagues. The Air Chief immediately set about getting the news out without letting Rob know.


Then much to our surprised delight, British artist Graham Hill did up the portrait above and promised to post it on-line come the 13th which he did. We were thrilled. Then another British artist, Morgan Fitzsimons wrote saying she wanted to do a sketch of Rob, but in the costume of one of his favorite heroes. Now we knew Rob where comicbook heroes are concerned, like us, Rob loves Captain America and we almost replied with that answer.


But at the last second, we realized Rob is also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and over the past decade has probably done more illustrations of the Great Detective than any other artist in the entire world. Geez, what would Rob look like that familiar get-up. So we told Morgan to do him up as Sherlock and wow, but did she deliver…as seen above. And not only did she make Rob a great Sherlock, she went and added the Air Chief (without telling us) as Dr. Watson. We absolutely love this piece, as does Rob.


And finally, we are happy that our copies of the newest Brother Bones volume 5, Tales of Cape Noire have arrived at long last. Hope to have these on my table next year when returning to the convention circuit. And who knows, maybe by then there might even be a Web Series on the air. Time will tell. Till then, the book is available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Thanks ever Loyal Airmen for your continued support.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we’re really happy to let you know that the long awaited, often stalled, Captain Hazzard graphic novel is once again back in production. For those of you who may not remember this project, a little history is in order.

Captain HazzardAir-1

Captain Hazzard appeared in his own magazine dated May 1938. The story was titled “Python Men of Lost City” and was credited to one Chester Hawks. Whereas that is believed to be a house name for the veteran pulp writer Paul Chadwick. The concept of Capt. Hazzard was to launch an adventure hero who could compete on the newsstand with Street & Smith’s popular Doc Savage. Sadly Chadwick’s hear wasn’t really in it and the story was subpar and never captured the readers. Ergo, after only one issue the mag folded thus earning the pulp reputation as the One Hit Wonder. Many, many…many years later, the Air Chief found a reprint of that original magazine and we took it upon ourselves to re-write that original adventure and republish via Airship 27 Productions. Which we did all those years ago. It would be the first of five Captain Hazzard novels would would write and publish.


Along about the time we were putting out the first novel, the idea of adapting it to comics popped into our heads and we set about doing a graphic novel script version. It would take us almost ten years to find artists Craig Shepard and inker Eric Lebow to agree to bring it to visual life. Another fifteen years passed and in that time both Craig and Eric move homes and of course pages that all of us assumed were safely stored away were not. Thus after fifteen long years, thinking all three issues were completed, we discovered to our horror that half of the pages for issue # 2 and all for # 3 had been lost. No one knew what happened to them. Craig and Eric by then washed their hands on what seemed a cursed project and said so-long. It seemed we’d ever ever seen a Captain Hazzard graphic novel.


Then last year, an artist named Clayton Murwin hooked up with Airship 27 via Facebook and ended up illustrating one of our pulp novels for us, “The Eye of Dawn” by Brad Sinor. Both Rob and the Air Chief were delighted with his work and made sure to keep our connection with Clayton. Then towards the end of 2019, the Air Chief did a posting in which we recapped the sad conclusion to the graphic novel project. Clayton saw it, dropped us a line and asked if we still had the scripts for those missing pages. Why? Because if we did, he was volunteering to draw them for us. To in fact, FINISH the project. A few days ago, Clayton messaged me on FB that he had begun working on project. Above is his first page and next to it my twenty-five year old script. We are simply bowled over. Will a miracle finally come our way? If Clayton Murwin has any say in it, you can take that to the bank.  WAHOOO!!


And because we love sharing early peeks at new artwork, here are a few you’ll soon be seeing in Airship 27 titles entering final stages of productions. To the left above is a scene from a Dan Fowler G-Man story from the new anthology by artist Kevin Paul Shaw Broden. To upper right is a scene from a new Curtis Fernlund story appearing in Mystery Men ( & Women) by our own Rob Davis. Both are gorgeous and drew up the volumes they appear in. We told you we had good stuff coming your way.

And three you have it for this week Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log. As many of you will recall from an earlier post, the Air Chief has been busy writing a new short story for another alternate world style anthology. This one focuses on the famous bloodsucker, Dracula and all the contributors where challenged to invent a new, non-vampire Dracula. We loved the idea and yesterday afternoon put the words THE END to a 9,000 word tale we call “World of Wonders.” Valerie says it’s a winner and we’ve always relied on her judgment. Anyways we digital submitted the manuscript and are now awaiting the editor’s decision. We’ll keep you posted for sure.


We are also thrilled to announce the release of a new Airship 27 pulp title. This one is a sci-fi adventure novel called “El’aris” and written by the always entertaining Wayne Carey. When he was a teenager, the Air Chief would reads lots of sci-fi paperbacks from Ace and Daw books. They were lightweight space operas (think Star Trek & Star Wars) and we absolutely loved them.  “El-aris” is a genuine throw back to those kind of fun paperbacks.  Artist James Lyle provided the black and white interior illustrations and the ever amazing Ted Hammond the beautiful color cover above. As ever the book is now available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Oh, and heads up, this is actually the first in a series, Wayne tells us. So you’d best hop on now.

clues_detective_stories_193508frost duo-1

Finally, with the Dracula tale wrapped up, the Air Chief turns his attention to his next writing gig. We’ll be writing new I.V. Frost  stories for Moonstone Books. I.V. Frost and his lovely assistant Jean Moray were the creations of writer Donald Wandrai and appeared in 18 stories in Clues Detective Stories. We’ve written both prose and comics stories of them and look forward to doing more. They are great pulp characters. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen, we’ll keep you posted.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, after a rather quiet past week, things are once again revving up. Not only with an old project made new, but the Air Chief is wound for sound in announcing the release of the newest Brother Bones book.


But first some truly exciting news about a project we created well over twenty years ago. “Satin’s Ways” was a character concept we introduced in a 48 pg comic script that was never published. It featured a Chinese jewel thief called Satin Wei, born and brought up in Hong Kong and now living in Seattle, Washington as an art boutique owner. Quite a few other artists over the years did sketches and even full pages of the character but nobody was willing to stick with it as we didn’t have a publisher. Thus the revolving door of artists kept on spinning. A month ago, we were contacted by writer/editor/publisher Roland Mann of Silverline Comics.  Apparently Roland had a very talented young lady wanting to work for him but no project ready to hand her. Having wanted us to work with Silverline, he came knocking on our door and after about ten minutes of thinking, we recalled “Satin’s Ways” still sitting there in our files collecting dust. We described it to Roland, he loved the concept and then went to sound out Ms Jenna Deriggi. Jenna is currently a student at the famous Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art in New Jersey. She loved the concepts, Roland hooked us up on Facebook and over the weekend, based solely on my script, Jenna drew the above the sketches of our hero.  We LOVE them and honestly believe, twenty years later, our girl is about to make her comic debut. Oh, and did we mention the comic will be in fully color? Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, things are about to get fun.


And now this week’s big news. After a rather lengthy delay, BROTHER BONES – Tales of Cape Noire is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. This is the latest in the Bones series (#5) and contains four stories by yours truly and three other talented pulp pen pushers. Fred Adams Jr. kicks it all off with his Harry Beest story. This is followed by a Sister Blood tale by writer Andy Fix. Then comes Drew Meyer’s story featuring detective Lt. Dan Rains. Each of these writers produced amazing stories and then left it up to the Air Chief to tie all the various plot elements together at the end. Which is what we did our best to accomplish in a story called “Dark Real Estate.” Keep in mind, the events in the Brother Bones saga do keep affecting future stories, characters come and go. Some die and are replaced by others. Art Director Rob Davis provided 10 wonderful interior illustrations for the volume and that gorgeous cover you see above is by Michael Stribling. We’re very excited about this book, especially now that the new live action Brother Bones Wed-Series is in pre-production. We hope you’ll check it out and as ever, thanks Loyal Airmen for your continued support.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next week.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen. One of the things we love to do is enjoy super talented artists who post their work on Facebook. One such is Thomas Haller Buchanan, who’s portraits are simply gorgeous. The other day he posted one of a young woman and….


…the Air Chief about fell out of his chair, as she looked exactly like our beautiful granddaughter Chelsea. We posted the pix of Chelsea on-line to show Mr. Buchanan and he not only agreed, but said she was “…a natural beauty.” Amen to that. We just had to share that with all of you.


After a heartfelt missed start of the 2020 Baseball season, MLB is going to begin a shortened season next week, on the 27th. All teams will play 60 games total, and strictly in their divisions to stadium with no fans. It is going to be weird for sure, but even limited baseball is better than no baseball at all. Mark your calendars.


And finally, the next Brother Bones Airship 27 title, #5, Tales of Cape Noire should be out in just a few more days. Again it features a Harry Beest story by Fred Adams Jr. A Sister Blood story by Andy Fix. A Lt. Dan Rains story by Drew Meyer and wrapping everything up is the Air Chief’s new Brother Bones adventure…part of which is connected to the one-shot Brother Bones comic-book “Bullets of Jade” still available from ( – Rob Davis provided all the interiors and yesterday artist Michael Stribling turned in a stunning cover…which all of will see right here next week. Thanks for you patience, Loyal Airmen. We think the wait was worth.

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