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Greeting Loyal Airmen, this week the Air Chief wants to start by recommending all you Loyal Airmen be sure to keep up with your medical well-being. That means regular yearly check ups and procedures. This past Monday the Air Chief, now 77 yrs young, had his third colonoscopy at a local clinic.  We had our first back in our mid-50s and polyps were detected and removed.  Then after moving to Colorado, sometime in our late 60s we had our second it everything fine.  Monday’s result were totally fine with the resulting goal of being told we have a healthy colon…and because of our general well being and age, this was officially our last. We bother to bring that up here because, unless you’ve all been living under rock, we suspect you already know that colon-cancer is one of the leading causes of death among men in this country. All of which could be easily avoided if all men had this procedure after turning 40 yrs of age on a regular basis. So please, do it not only for yourselves, but also those who love and depend on you. Sure the prep procedure is annoying, but a small price to pay for good health and peace of mind.



Last Friday night, Antarctic Publisher Ben Dunn launched the funding campaign for issue # 1 of our series The Crimson Nun based on a character he created back in the 1990s as part of his Warrior Nun universe. The Air Chief is writing this new 4 issue mini-series, with artist Jesse Thomas doing art and coloring and artist Mike Belcher the lettering. Above are the two alternate covers, on the left by Fred Lang and on the right by Ben himself. The funding campaign was launched at the Indiego site with a goal of $500.  By noon on Sat that goal had been met and exceeded. By that evening it was past $800 and today, Monday afternoon, it is already at $1,100 and still climbing. The Air Chief is still is shock. It’s obvious Ben and Antarctic Press have a really loyal fanbase and they are making this project fly. To all you Loyal Airmen who kicked as well, our sincere gratitude. The campaign still has 15 days remaining and one can only wonder where the fund will be when it does so.



Airship 27 Production’s latest release is a great action packed pulp adventure.  In “The Devil You Know” by writer Glen Held, a group of heroes; Ravenwood Stepson of Mystery, Ascott Keane, Major Steele and Secret Agent join forces to battle the insidious master criminal Doctor Satan. Our own art director, Rob Davis provides not on the great black and white interior illustrations and the amazing cover you see above. As ever available now at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.



This past Monday our youngest grandchild, Logan Fortier, graduated from Bethel High School. Now he moves on to college and his goal of becoming a music teacher. Val and the Air Chief are so proud of him. That’s his mom Katie and Dad Scott with him. Way to go, Logan!!!



Finally, the Air Chief has been writing comics for a long-long time. JIN & TONIK is one of those comics that both gives tons us fun a challenges all at the same time. Cesar Feliciano’s art is gorgeous. Only three short days till the end of our campaign. Thanks to all you supported us. (

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks so much for stopping by. We’ll see you back here this time next week. Until then, God bless.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, while our funding campaign is still underway for JIN & TONIK # 1, other projects are moving along the assembly line as well. Let’s take a look at a few.



Having wrapped up his great art on CRIMSON NUN # 1, artist Jesse Hansen has been really buys working issue # 2 as you can see above. These are the finished pencils for the first three pages of that issue. We are simply bowled over by Jesse’s work and enthusiasm. This also tell the Air Chief he better get busy writing script # 3.  Ha.



Meanwhile publisher Ben Dunn of Antarctic Press has started putting together the Kickstarter Campaign for issue number one which will feature a cover by Fred Lang plus alternates like the one above by Ben himself  We are all wicked excited about this, Loyal Airmen. Stay tuned.



Sixty years ago, the month, the Air Chief graduated from the first ever class of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover, NH.  Two weeks ago was our 6oth class reunion and quite a few of our classmates were able to attend the festivities. Sadly, due to a medical issue, we were unable to attend. Then the other day, one of our class, posted the above poster he has put together from our yearbook featuring those fifty-six who have since passed away. In looking at those bright, happy, smiling face, the Air Chief was able to recognize quite a few of those boys and girls he shared so many happy days. And now, they are gone and those of us remaining will naturally dwindle more with each passing year. Life is fleeting, like a Carly Pearce song laments, “…we fireflies, burning way too fast.” Rest in peace, fellow Saints. May our Love God keep you safe in his eternal embrace, as you enjoy the love that surrounds while awaiting the rest of us to join you eventually.  And what a grand reunion that will be truly be.

God bless all you Loyal Airmen.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, and as the heading applies, here comes June and we are officially into the summer season. You have notice, this week’s Flight Log is coming to a day early; on Thursday instead of Friday. The reason for that being, tomorrow morning, bright and early, the Air Chief will take Val to the orthopedic clinic for minor surgery to repair a tear in her right rotator cuff. It has been paining her for a few months now and tomorrow we get it fixed. Will certainly appreciate any of your prayers for her quick and speedy recovery.



The comics project front, work progresses on artist Javier Lugo’s pencil pages currently being inked by Jesse Hansen. We hope to show you more of those as the project develops.



When writing the character of Darya Tonikova for JIN & TONIK, this was the model we had in mind. The Indiegogo campaign is still on-going and we do need your help, Loyal Airmen, to reach our goals. (


AIR-298Sherriff of Hell illo 3 copy

After an extended hiatus, we’re happy announce the latest title from Airship 27 Production. “The Sheriff of Hell” is a weird western novel by Canadian Carson Demmans about a British dandy who ends up in the western town called Hell. How he becomes its sheriff and what happens then is a fun read. Artist Adam Shaw provides the stellar cover and Sam Salas the nine black and white interior illustrations. As ever the title is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Thanks for your continued support, Loyal Airmen.

And there you have it for this shortened week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for stopping by and for all  your support on our many projects, both in comics and pulps. God bless.

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  • On 24 May | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as most of you know, last weekend was wild around the old Hangar 27 what with the JIN & TONIK campaign finally going live on the Indy-Go funding platform. Within 24 hours we had reached half our goal!


But as Darya reminds us all here, we need to keep those pledges coming, Loyal Airmen. Even if you personally can’t do so at this time, we’d ask that you share the link with your comic loving friends. As ever thanks for you support.



Meantime, while JIN & TONIK is rocketing its way to publication, we’re equally excited to report all twenty-two pages of CHIVALRY, INC. # 1 have been penciled by artist Javier Lugo. Easily some of his best work to date. Two fine examples above at left and right. While at center a completed inked page by artist Jesse Hassen. He and Javier make a great team. When they are done, pages will go to Mike Belcher for lettering and and Aiden Belcher for coloring. Honestly, Loyal Airmen, this book is going to rock!



At the same time super artist Andrea Bormida is whipping along on issue # 4 of our six part sci-fi saga, BEYOND THE STARS. Above are pencils for pages 12 & 13. As always, he’s delivering amazing work. The Air Chief loves working with Andrea.



Artist Jesse Thomas is now doing preliminary sketches of locales for issue # 2 of Crimson Nun. As we reported recently, he’s already completed the pencil roughs for all 22 pages. These are sketches of places that appear in the story to include a very special chapel devoted to the series titular saint. Stay tuned.



Continuing the adventures of Raizee the Ram in THE WOODEN BLADE issue # 3. Above is a sketch of our hero by Rob Davis and to the right another completed page from issue # 3 by co-creator Olivia DeGaine. She hopes to have his issue done by Aug.  Wahoo.



Meanwhile Olivia’s husband, artist Zane DeGaine continues to work on the first issue of our western series, HAMLET’S END which, with fingers crossed will be done by this Nov.  Whereas the Air Chief turned in the finished script for issue # 2 two weeks ago. Moving right along.



Finally…and most importantly, Americans this coming Monday celebrate Memorial Day. It is the Air Chief’s fervent hope that amidst whatever gathering you participate in, each of you will take a moment to remember all those American men and women who sacrificed everything to keep our country free. We will always owe them and must never forget them. They didn’t come home….so we could have a home.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 17 May | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, the Air Chief is thrilled to announce the launch of the funding campaign for issue number one of JIN & TONIK by yours truly and artist/creator Cesar Feliciano.


The official campaign launches at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Friday night, 17th May. Below you’ll find a link to the site. Up front, thanks so much for all your support, Loyal Airmen. It means the world to me, Cesar, Matt & Mike.



Meanwhile artist Jesse Thomas isn’t wasting any time getting issue two of THE CRIMSON NUN underway. Over the past weekend he delivered rough thumbnails of all twenty-two pages of that second issue. Above are pages one and two. We are psyched. Meanwhile, Ben Dunn at Antarctic Press is busy putting together the funding campaign for issue number one which he hopes to launch at the start of summer. No worries, Loyal Airmen, we will keep you posted.



With issue# 3 of BEYOND THE STARS published and out, artist Andrea Bormida is working feverishly on getting issue # 4 into your hands. Above is the completed Pg 11, meaning he’s now half-way through the issue. We’ll keep you posted. Trust us, Loyal Airmen, the action is only heating up.


While jumping through hoops getting up a brand new PC, the Air Chief did manage to get some writing in. We finished script #2 for the western series HAMLET’S END we are doing pal, artist Zane DeGaine. Believe me this is a rip-roaring shoot’em up. Hopefully we’ll see issue # 1 out in Nov to debut at the Rocky Mountain Con in Denver. All fingers crossed.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Again, as always, thanks for all your support. Do check out the campaign for JIN & TONIK.

Till next week, Ron – Over & Out!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen, before we launch into this week’s news, the Air Chief wants to thank all our wonderful fans who stopped by Gryphon Games & Comics here in Fort Collins, last Saturday, Free Comic Book Day, to say hi and to buy some of our titles. By day’s end we’d completely sold out of The Boston Bombers Vol 1, Daughter of Dracula in regards to comics, and the first Brother Bones The Undead Collection, plus lots of other titles. Our local fans never let us down and the day was a real joy for the Val & the Air Chief.  Again, many, many thanks.



JIN & TONIK creator/artist Cesar Feliciano has started putting together the promotional package for the funding campaign which he hopes to launch for issue one within the next week or two. Above is a sketch of Daray Tonikova, one of the lead characters in this action packed spy thriller. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, the second that campaign launches, we’ll be posting the link all over the internet.


wordsmith-1-679x1024David Stefano Darrigo505039

We learned this past week that our old friend, Canadian comic writer Dave Darrigo has passed away.We first encountered Dave when he created and wrote the independent comic series, “Wordsmith.” It told the story of a 1930s pulp writer living in New York City and was brilliant. Every issue our protagonist would get a new writing assignment for various pulp titles and was always having to imagine the adventure stories of pirates, cowboys or masked avengers. Taken by the series, we wrote Dave and soon became correspondent buddies. After the Now Comics Green Hornet series that we’d been writing folded, Dave wrote me suggesting the two of us create our own modern hero in the Hornet mold and call him The Black Scorpion. Each of us would write one story per issue, both of us using the pen name George Stryker. Dave published three issues under his Special Studio banner. He was truly one of the good guys.  May he rest in peace. (

BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 Issue # 2

Boston Bombers 2-23L

Artist Rob Davis is nearing the completion of Issue # 2 of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 and is producing by far the most beautiful work of his long career. Every single page, ala the one above, has been gorgeous. With only four pages left in this issue, the Air Chief is getting more and more anxious for all of you Loyal Airmen to see the final comic. Stay tuned.



A few years back comics writer/artist Mike Belcher produced a fantastic original graphic novel called “Man in the Mask.” It was, and remains, one of my all time favorite comics. Mike’s ability to tell a dramatic story about believable characters is wonderful and shines in this particular setting inspired by his own family. So imagine all our surprises when we learned last year that Mike wanted to re-do “Man in the Mask” and expand it in a deeper, more relevant retelling. Now that’s not something you hear off in this business. Mike sincerely felt there were other subplots that needed to be examined closer and in more detail and so at the start of the year he launched into this retelling project. Thus far two issues have been released (see covers above). They are wonderful and totally prove his idea had tons of merit. We like “Man in the Mask” even more and we think you Loyal Airmen will as well. You can purchase these two issues at ( or learn more about Mike’s projects at ( or ( Tell him the Air Chief sent you.



And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, save one final reminder.  The funding campaign for JIN & TONIK is now less than a week away. More info on how you can sign on to support us next week.

Ron – Over & Out!


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A new Golden Age begins here.Extraordinary Comics Group presents Extraordinary Comics #1© /TM Frank FiddySeben Scott & Kevin Birge 2024Featuring the first ‘Golden Age’ appearance of Major Liberty (created by Ronald Fortier with Golden Age variant conceived by me, Frank Scott) facing the threat of the Master Apes!Cover , logo , letters , colors by the extraordinary ???? Dave Mowry.  Note for you Loyal Airmen, Dave was the talented dude who inked artist Jeff Butler on our Green Hornet series for Now Comics.
Recently our friends from France (now living in Switzerland) Randa Hassan and Sherif Nagti were in Fort Collins and visited with Val and the Air Chief. They’ve finally self-printed their own book. It’s a cross between a comic and children’s book that deals with the history of Rock N Roll. Sherif is the artist, a great guy, while his wife Randa is co-writer.  Scattered throughout the book are Q R codes that when scanned on a cellphone allow the reader to “hear” the song being discussed. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page listed here (My friends have just printed their new book, a cross between a comic and children’s book dealing with the history of rock & roll. Check out their FB page. ( It is their hope to soon find an American publisher. Believe me, Loyal Airmen, this book is wonderful.
IMG_062910 clr
We were also thrilled this back week to receive our copies of BEYOND THE STARS # 3 after a bit of a delay. The book looks fantastic. With its release, we are now officially half-way through this six part mini-series. Kudos to the amazing artists Andrea Bormida and Mike Belcher. Thanks guys. And as you Loyal Airmen can see above right, that’s Pg 10 from Issue # 4 now in progress.
Back in 2014, when the Air Chief and Rob Davis attended the Windy City Pulp & Paper Show for the very first time, we met a tall, likeable fellow named Rick Lai. We were soon to learn that Rick was not only a talented writer, but an authority on classic pulps and their history. Over the years all of us became good friends until at one con, Rick confessed his loved of those 70s and 80s spaghetti westerns starring Lee Van Cleef. Enough so that he suggested a new anthology and we happily went along with creating “Rick Lai’s Major Sabbath. See above right. We know Rick was delighted with the book. We had, and still, plan to do more though Rick will have to read them from above. You see, Loyal Airmen, this past Tuesday, Rick passed away after a long, long medical condition. And for us who knew him in the New Pulp community, the world just became a little colder, though we’ll always remember what a great guy he was and how all of us were blessed to call him friend. Rest in peace, Rick. Hope to see you again one day.
Artists Javier Lugo (pencils) and Jesse Hansen (inks) continue to bring issue # 1 to visual art. This is beautiful stuff, Loyal Airmen. We’re really happy and excited about this project moving forward.
Finally, as you are reading this, tomorrow, May 3rd is the annual Free Comic Book Day across the country and as we have in the past 15 years, Val and the Air Chief will be at our local comic hangout here in Fort Collins, CO, Gryphon Games & Comics between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you’re anywhere near the area we hope you’ll stop by and say. Or, you’ll visit your own comic shop in your town. And we hope all of you have a great time.
Ron – Over & Out!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re sure by now you are looking at those comic pages above and totally impressed by the artwork. As you should be. These are Javier Lugo’s pencil pages for the three part mini-series CHIVALY, INC. which we are doing for Silverline comics. This is a project the Air Chief first conceived ages ago when first getting into this comic writing stuff. Maybe 35 to 40 years back is when we began thinking about a Montreal based cop who…. Well, hey, we don’t want to give away too much too soon. After all, we do want you to pick it up when published. The rest of the creative team includes inker Jesse Hassan (inked panel above right) and the father and son team of Mike & Aiden Belcher. Mike will letter and son Aiden do the colors.  The Air Chief wrapped up the scripts last week and so now it’s up Javier and the gang to bring Valerie Chevalier to life.  And yes, the Air Chief took his wife’s name for the hero of this story. We truly hope you’ll support the project when the time comes.



After posting last week’s report on this year’s Wicked West Comic Expo, we received the picture above from con photographer Mike Barry.  It features the Air Chief (center, arms folded with white baseball tee) and some of the folks who were students of my How to Write Comics course.  Kneeling (left to right) is Evan Hundsman, Gabriella Saenz (in cos-play make up) and Stephen Beer. Middle row (again left to right) Terry Crawley, Zane DeGaine and the Air Chief. Standing back row are Olivia DeGaine, Scott Ladzinski and Aaron Powers.  All of them are terrific, talented folks and it was my privilege to be their teacher.



Now that all the artwork for JIN & TONIK # 1 is finished and turned in, artist Cesar Feliciano is busy putting together the funding campaign will most likely launch within the first two weeks of May. Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. A we bit short, but trust me we’ve lots of things popping here at Hangar 27 so stay tuned and we’ll see you back here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 19 Apr | '2024

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well Todd’s Wicked West Comic Expo is now history after a truly awesome fun weekend. The Air Chief and Valerie really had a blast at the show reconnecting with old friends and make lots of new ones.


Consider the above left witch an unofficial greeter to the con. She was TOTALLY CREEPY!! Our pal, photographer Mike Barry was also on hand doing his thing, snapping pix of the show. He was gracious enough to stop by our table and take this really nice pix of Val and the Air Chief.


Our con neighbor to the left was pulp writer and former student, Terry Crawley. Terry and the Air Chief recently wrote a horror movie screenplay which we hope to show independent filmmakers. Next was the lovely and ever bubbly Gabriella Zaenz, another former student now in college studying art and education.


Across the aisle from us were Zane & Olivia DeGaine. The Air Chief is working with both these super talented artist on various projects. This includes the western comic project of which you’ll see pages below. To their left was legendary comics writer Mike Baron showing off a cool new con banner.


Another old friend, Scott Ladzinski, stopped by to give us an autographed copy of his just published first novel, “The Twins of Aimsire,” which we’d helped edit for him the past few years. It was a joy to see his labor of love finally in print. It is the first in a truly wonderful fantasy series and now available at Amazon. If you liked books such as “Lord of the Rings” you will love “The Twins of Aimsire.”


Also at the even were Lee Oaks (left) with his table full of really fun mini custom figures. Then there was the creator of the Rocky Mountain Con himself, Tim Moret (right). Val and the Air Chief consider his show, RMC, our home con and look forward to be guests there every November.


Two other con guests included Aaron Powers, a really terrific writer who does both comics and prose. He’s written for Airship 27 in the past and is currently working on another short for our Rick Ruby Private Eye. Series. To upper right, was a truly welcome sight, artist Felipe Echevarria, a dear friend who had, up until this weekend, been absent from the con circuit for six years. Having him there and getting reacquainted was a really joy.


Having artist Joe Arnold on hand was also terrific as Joe is the artist currently bringing to life the new Brother Bones graphic novel which will for the very first time tell the entire origin story of our Undead Avenger in comics. The pages he’s finished are fantastic. All you Bones fans are in for a real treat.


And finally we end our Wicked West report with our buddy, official protege and con found, the one and only Todd Jones. Putting on a con is hard work, Loyal Airmen. Work Todd never shirks in making sure his show is fun for everyone, from out of town guests, to the local fans. And it is a goal he never fails to achieve. Thanks ever, Todd, once again you rocked it!!



As promised above, here are some of artist Zane DeGaines’ newest pages for our western comic series, “Hamlet’s End.”  Issue # 1 will be 22 pgs. The book will be funded via Kickstarter. Stay tuned for more as the project develops.



This is a Kindle only title that reprints all of writer Gene Moyers previous five DL stories. Accompanied by all the interior illustrations by James Lyle. Again, available from Amazon only on Kindle.



We are thrilled to announce that issue number one of JIN & TONIK by the Air Chief and artist/creator Cesar Feliciano is finished. Artist/letterer Mike Belcher completed the lettering last week and now all thirty-nine pages are back in Cesar’s hand to launch the funding program. Stay tuned for more info as soon as we have it.

And that, Loyal Airmen, is it for this past week. Phew, first the Windy City Pulp show in Chicago and now Wicked West Comic Expo.  We aren’t as young as we use to be ha. Time for a little more rest. See you back here next Friday,

Ron – Over & Out!



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Greetings Loyal Airmen, last weekend Valerie and the Air Chief joined Rob & Theresa Davis and traveled to Lombard, Illinois to attend the annual Windy City Pulp & Paper Con. To say we had a great time would be an understatement. The show as a blast. Check out all these pix.


Above Air Chief, Val, Theresa and Rob Davis. Across the aisle from us, Jonathan Sweet and his son David who happens to be a big Minnesota Twins fan.


So many of our great New Pulp amigos were there. Above left writer Andy Fix stops by writer Van Plexico’s table while down the aisle representing Pro Se Press were Aubrey and head honcho Tommy Hancock.


Robyn and Mark van Zanden above left and to right, writer pal George Tackes and Air Chief.


Above left writer Matthew Bienek and then Val and Air Chief enjoy a coffee break.


Above left, Air Chief, artist Steve Bryant of Athena Voltaire fame and Rob. At right, voice actor Mark Kalita in baseball cap meets New Pulp writer historian Will Murray.


Above left, the New Pulp gang heads for Portellos for Friday night get together, then it was back to the con for the Pulp Factory Awards handed out by Rob and the Air Chief, above right.


Happily Airship 27 Production’s Vol 9 of our hit series, “Mystery Men (& Women) won for Best Anthology, while Art Director Rob Davis won for best interior illustrations and among our four writers in the book, Jaime Ramos, Jonathan Sweet, Mark Allen Vann & Jarrett Mazza, Jaime’s story, “Exile of Avalon” won for Best Short Story. That’s his character, Steelgrave above at right. Other winners included Jeffrey Hayes for Best Cover and Charles Millhouse for Best Novel.


The following day was New Pulp Sunday and we saw two really great panels this year. Above left, Fred Adams Jr. moderated a panel on AI and its impact on publishing, which featured writers Dale Cozort, David C. Smith, Fred and George Tackes. The next panel was an interactive build a pulp story, wherein writer/moderator Andy Fic (at easel) took ideas from the audience when the writers, Van Plexico, Gordon Dymowski, Mark Van Zander &  Tommy Hancock will write stories. These will be published and made available to the public. Hopefully a panel that will become a tradition at Windy City.


And with Sunday afternoon the show wrapped up. We packed all our boxes and stuff and head out to downtown Chicago for real highlight, dinner with our daughter Heather, who lives there. She took us all to a wonderful Italian restaurant and we had a really great time. All in all another memorable Windy City Con. Our thanks to promoters Doug Ellis and John Gunnison. See you again next year.



While in Chicago, artist co-creator Cesar Feliciano was busy putting the finishing touches on “Jin & Tonik #1″ Above left are the official covers. Back cover to left, front cover in the center and to the interior credits page is to right. The book is now being lettered by artist Mike Belcher. Once done, Cesar will move on to getting a funding campaign going. You can only imagine how excited we are about getting this book out to you Loyal Airmen. Oh, yeah.



We were recently made aware that Dynamite Comics has gotten the rights to produce special editions of old Terminator graphic novel series. One of these “The Burning Earth” series we wrote and Alex Ross illustrated for the defunct Now Comics. Others were done for Dark Horse comics. The project is being funded by a Kickstarter Campaign. Seems like folks just can’t get enough of those stories. Be nice if the powers that be send me a few. Doubtful, but one never knows.



Tomorrow, Sat April 13th, we’ll be guest at the nearby Loveland, CO for the third annual Wicked West Comic Expo put on by our pal Todd Jones. Also on hand will be Zane & Olivia DeGaine, both of whom the Air Chief is working on. Zane hopes to have a completed mock up of the entire issue # 1 of our new western series “Hamlet’s End.” Hope to see lots of our Colorado and Wyoming fans there.

Phew, and that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you right back here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!