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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re fairly certain you’ll recall how a few months ago we announced we’d soon be working on a truly summer special project to be called WHO’S WHO in NEW PULP.


And now we are thrilled to announce the book is finished and available up at Amazon. Above you can see both covers (back cover on left – front cover on the right). Airship 27 Production’s own Art Director Rob Davis did a truly fantastic job compiling 222 entries we got in, plus lots and lots of photos and artwork to create something truly beautiful and we hope useful in the years to come as literary historians look back on these days and the rise of New Pulp. A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to make this a truly special book.


Meanwhile work continues on the new Brother Bones Web Series with writer Jeff Provine having completed Part One of Episode One, “The Bone Brothers” adapted by our story which is the origin story. In reading it, we were intrigued by the small changes Jeff did with his version to suit the needs of film and approve of them. Earlier next week we will join Jeff and producers Bryan Patterson and Eugene Hawkins for another video conference. We’ll go over the script and talk about the next step in the process. As ever, we’ll do our best to keep you all up to date. Meanwhile the new Brother Bones book, “Tales of Cape Noire” is in the final stages of production. Cover artist Michael Stribling is doing the cover and sent in the preliminary piece to the right above. There will be lots more added before the piece is completed, but we thought you Loyal Airmen would appreciate this sneak-peek.


Finally, Wayne Carey is one of our finest Airship 27 pulp writers and recently he’s put his tremendous talent to creating a new space opera series. These center around a former mercenary turned trader named Anthony Michaels who flies around the galaxies meeting other alien races and having incredible adventures. Though Carey has finished two manuscripts, we’re only just now getting the first book into production and thought you’d like a peek at one of the interior illustrations that will be featured. It’s by artist James Lyle and it, and the other eight to go in this book are gorgeous. We hope we can get a cover to match them. Stay tuned, as ever we’ll keep you posted.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for dropping by. Be well and stay safe.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Last week we gave you all the good news about the new Brother Bones Web Series now being developed and how a Facebook pg had been created dedicate to it.


At the same time we announced there would be a new Brother Bones You Tube channel put up to keep all of you posted on the progress of the web series. Thus after an hour long video conference meeting, a short video clip was done to introduce you all to the production team and here is a screen shot for you. At upper left is Producer Bryan Patterson, the guy who started all this. To upper left is his partner and co-producer Eugene Hawkins, who will be also be directing the pilot episode. To bottom left is series script writer Jeff Provine, who will be adapting our stories from the first book collection, Brother Bones the Undead Avenger. And of course that the Air Chief at bottom right. Should any of you Loyal Airmen have any questions regarding this project, please send them along and we’ll try to answer them for you in our next video Update. Stay tuned.


The pulp side of things, Airship 27 Production just released its latest title, “The Road Twice Taken” by writer R.A. Jones. This is a wonderful fantasy about a man who, towards the end of a very sad life, is given the magical opportunity to relive it…and this time get it right. When first reading/editing it, all the Air Chief saw was “It’s a Wonderful Life” by way of the Twilight Zone. “The Road Twice Taken,” is one of the finest novels the Air Chief has ever read and we recommend it highly. Art Director Rob Davis provided the cover along with 9 beautiful pencil illustrations. Available now at Amazon in paperback and by the time you are reading this, on Kindle. As ever, thanks for your continued support.


We’re sure many of you Loyal Airmen will recall the anthology “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not” that was published a few years ago and edited by Christopher Sequeira in which the Air Chief had his one and only Sherlock Holmes story, “The Locked Cell Murder.” Above is the cover to the left and to the right a beautiful illustration for my story showcasing Dr. Amelia Van Helsing, who accompanied Holmes in this story. Sadly at the last minute, the publisher opted not to include these illustrations and no one ever saw them outside we writers. Anyway, the anthology itself went on to be a profitable winner (it is still available at Amazon should you be interested) enough so that the publisher has asked Christopher to do more of these so called “what-fi” anthologies and we are delighted to report, we’ve been signed on to do a story for the next volume. This one will be focus on none other than the King of the Vampires, Dracula. Of course the caveat being, we writers have to envision this fictional character in an entirely new way. Initially we thought that might prove difficult, but within minutes of signing the contract, we had an idea way too much fun to pass up. We ran it by Christopher and he was extremely excited about it. So there you go, Loyal Airmen. What’s next on the Air Chief’s writing schedule. Oh, and at present, they are considering titling the new book, “Dracula Unfanged.” Stay tuned, more as things develop.


And lastly we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Mr. Jigsaw # 16. This one features a main story by yours truly with are by co-creator Gary Kato and a very special 8 pg back-up by writer/artist Jon Bonjour and letterer Elisa St. John. It features two supporting characters from the series, the Blimp & the Turtle in their first adventure.  We think you are going to love it. The comic itself should be available from ( in another few days.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As every thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday morning.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen, we’ve some big news for all of you this week, but we’re going to save that for last and go out with a bang. First up more on the Air Chief’s varied comic book projects.


BULLDOZER is a story we wrote ages ago when still living back in New Hamsphire. It is about what happens to three young boys in Maine in the summer between Jr. High and High School and we were thrilled with Jon Bonjour signed on to do the artwork for the project. Then letterer Elisa St. John joined the team and elevated to an entirely new level. When finished, issue # 1 of BULLDOZER will be published Wicked Wolf Pub, the outfit run by our good friend Todd Jones. Will keep you posted.

DD PG 5_INKS_FINAL_7 x10.5_300 dpiDeathDerby PG 6_INKS_FINAL_7x10.5_300 dpi

And then we have the stand alone story, DEATH DERBY inspired by Japanese anime cartoon shows. This wild and wacky racing comic was illustrated and lettered by Brian Loner. He took our 9 pg script and turned it into a 14 pg knock-out strip that is just fantastic and fun. You’ll be seeing this in a future issue of RON FORTIER’S TALES OF THE MACABRE.


So at the start of the Flight Log we hinted at a major announcement in regards to Brother Bones, the Undead Avenger and here it is.


Filmmakers Bryan Patterson and Eugene Hawkins are teaming with accomplished comic book/New Pulp writer Ron Fortier to bring Fortier’s New Pulp character Brother Bones to life in a new web series. Patterson is producer of Another Girl (by Allison Burnett), War of the Zombies and Broken Freedom, and his production partner Eugene Hawkins served as producer of Daddy’s Little Girl and Totem and director of Two Scoops and The Sacrifice. Fortier has written for such prestigious names as the Terminator, the Green Hornet and the Incredible Hulk. Brother Bones is released by Fortier’s very own Airship 27 Productions. The pilot, to be directed by Hawkins, will be scripted by Jeff Provine, whose previous screenplay was The Woods. He also founded the Okie Comics Magazine, where he edits and contributed New Pulp titles such as “When Film Goes Missing” and “Thunderbird.” In addition to his writing, Provine is professor of English at OCCC and instructor at OU for their History of Comics seminar.


Needless to say we’re pretty excited about this. The gentlemen behind the project have already created a dedicated Facebook page – Brother Bones Web Series. Be sure to sign on to it to get updates as things move along. Also by the end of the weekend there will be a Brother Bones You-Tube Channel, be sure to check it out.  And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next week.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen, we’re sure you remember our posting the beautiful sketch artist Luisa Russo did of our mother who passed away last month. Well Valerie went out and found the perfect frame for it and now it is up on one of the walls in the Air Chief’s office where we can see it every day…and remember how blessed we were to have such a wonderful mother.


After a somewhat lengthy period, we are delighted to announce the release of Airship 27 Production’s newest pulp title – The Bay Phantom Vol 3 Midnight in Hell’s Cathedral by writer Chuck Miller. Artist Kevin Paul Shaw Broden provides the interior illustrations and Chris Rawding did that dynamite cover above. As ever the book is available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Thanks so much for your continued support.


Talk about something sweet. My niece, Emily Robinson, walked into her daughters’ room the other night to kiss them goodnight and found them sitting up reading our children’s book, JAMIE & THE FISH-EYED GOGGLES. They are Kylie to left in yellow and Brenna to the right.  Emily reports they loved the story and said they want to meet me the author some day. Hopefully, when this whole Covid 19 crisis is past, Valerie and the Air Chief will able to fly back to New England and make that happen. Thanks Emily for this wonderful pictures. Your girls are so beautiful.


And as we are talking about the book, a humble reminder it is still available at Amazon in paperback as written by the Air Chief and illustrated by Gary Kato. Fun for all ages.


We’re thrilled to announce the newest promotional event orchestrated between Radio Archives and Airship 27 Production. For a very limited time, Radio Archives will be selling their Doc Savage and The Shadow Bargain Pack, containing 14 Double Novel Pulp reprints that feature 7 classic Shadow pulp books and 7 classic Doc Savage books. This is 28 pulp novels for the low sale price of $56. Here is the Cool Part. Along with this purchase, customers will receive 25 codes redeemable for 25 Airship 27 audiobooks at no extra cost. Postage is $4.00 and Radio Archives will select the 25 audiobooks you will receive. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities for buyers of the Bargain Pack to get codes for all 147 Airship 27 audiobooks on Audible/Amazon.
Podcast listeners can go to: go to and type Bargain in the search box.
This is a “last call” bargain event as Radio Archives has a limited number of this Bargain Pack remaining. As each purchased if finalized, you will receive 25 promo codes and a url link to redeem them at There is no cost to redeem the codes at Audible. You will have a library of 25 audiobooks of the best New Pulp adventure titles from Airship 27. You’ll be able to stream or download the audiobook to your smart phone, tablet or computer. You own the audiobooks for your lifetime.
This is a fantastic deal not to be missed. Pulp fans get 14 mint classic pulp reprint books plus 25 exciting Airship 27 audio experiences. Airship 27 is one of the leading pioneers of the New Pulp movement and Audible contains 147 of their titles. Something for any pulp fan’s taste. Don’t waste another second. Again, once the audiobooks are gone, the event ends.

Well that ends a BUSY week, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday. Till then be safe,

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this has certainly been a really strange Spring what with our getting hit with severe storms here in Northern Colorado. Last night, the second such in three days saw hale and snowfall in the high country. Honestly, the only good thing about the bad weather is it has kept the protesters/rioters off the streets at last. Okay, on to more pleasant topics.

ME (3)

Super artist Cesar Feliciano continues his work on the first chapter of our new comic project JIN & TONIC. We posted several views of pg 6 last week; one with letters and one without. Above his pg 8. We are thrilled with these pages, as watching our script come to visual life is always exciting and why we love writing comics so much. Stay tune for more updates on the project as it develops.


When Rob Davis and the Air Chief started up our Airship 27 publishing venture, we realized that our inability to pay our creators upfront, and not a whole lot ever was going to be a realistic fact of life. To that end we told all new writers and artists wanting to work with us that we would never set deadlines. The policy was simple. When we had all the stories and art we needed for an anthology title, only then would we go to press. Creators could take as long as they needed. We even encouraged them to do that. So time rolls along and things run pretty smoothly. But every so often the Air Chief started getting requests from certain creators, “Please give me a deadline. I can’t get it done unless I have some kind of editorial pressure on me.” Now as crazy as that sounds, after some thought, we began to understand the reasoning behind such approaches. Enough so that in the end, whenever a writer or artist asked us to give them an actual deadline, we were only too happy to oblige them. Though, we still pushed it out a wee bit to be sure we weren’t bee too pesky.


Finally going to end this week’s Flight Log with a bit about one of the weirdest characters the Air Chief ever created, Harry Beest, the gorilla mobster. Those of you who have read our Brother Bones books are familiar with this guy. He was once a top mob killer but when he seduced the boss’ daughter, the old man had him drugged and delivered to a mad scientist. This was Dr. Bugosi and in the grand tradition of those old Universal Monster movies, Bugosi cut out Harry’s brain and put it in the body of a silverbak gorilla. Now Harry runs his own mob and his one dream is to one day have his brain put back in a human body. Little did we realize when envisioning this bizarre character how much our readers would come to enjoy him. So Loyal Airmen, in a little while there will be lots more Harry Beest exploits and we near the completion of the next Brother Bones collection; Tales of Cape Noire. Stay tuned. More as things develop and till then, go have a banana on Harry.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen. One of the positive things about social network sites like Facebook is we get to meet some truly remarkable people. What with our writing career, it is always fun to hook up with writers and artists from all around the world. A little while ago we connected with Italian artist Luisa Russo. Luisa does comics primarily and her work is so beautiful and romantic, we fell in love with it the minute we saw.  When our Mom, Gabrielle Fortier, passed away a few weeks ago, we posted some photos of her as a young woman. You’ll recall, one of these had become the cover to the play we wrote about her meeting and falling in love with our Dad, George Fortier.


When Luisa saw it, she decided to draw it for us and a few days ago sent it to us via Facebook. We were simply blown away. It is such a beautiful picture of Mom when she was 17. We’ve since shared it with all our family and eventually Valerie is going to help us get it printed up on heavy stock ala print and then have it framed so we can put it up in our office. One final word, thank you Luisa from the bottom of my heart. You are a truly gifted artist and generous soul. God bless you and yours.


As you can see from the photo above, we wasted no time in getting a print made up at our local Staples. It came out great.


On the comics front we’ve some fun news.  Artist Cesare Feliciano is busy drawing more pages from our super action project JIN & TONIC. This past week Cesar asked us if we could recommend a top-notch letterer to join our team. We wasted no time in telling him about Fort Collins’ own Elisa St. John. Elisa had recently lettered a back up strip for the forthcoming Mr. Jigsaw comic # 16. When Cesar saw those pages, he asked Elisa to do up one page from his art and my accompanying script. Above is pg # 6 from the opening chapter of JIN & TONIC, without…and with Elisa’s amazing lettering. Needless to say she got the job. Welcome to the team, Elisa.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, with Memorial Day behind us, looks like all of us are wondering what this Covid 19 summer is going to look like and what we’ll be able to do…and not do. Still, despite even the most stringent restrictions, creative people find a way to stay positive and keep doing what they do best.


People like our good friend, artist Gary Kato who just wrapped up his work on the newest issuse # 16. Above is the start of the cover before Art Director Rob Davis adds the logo and other text. Seen here are Jiggy behind the wheel and his pal, Portland Police Detective Lt. Boltz…and we won’t say too much more, only that this issue features an 8 pg back story starring two of Jiggy’s pals, Blimp & Turtle. It was written and illustrated by our pal Jon Bonjour and lettered by the amazing Elisa St. John. We think all our Jiggy fans are going to get a big kick out of this issue. We’ll keep you posted.


Another comic project we’ve been talking about for the past three years is all the Black Bat comic stories we penned for Moonstone Books. Well, the published 3 issue mini-series GUNS OF THE BLACK BAT, which was released, is now being collected, along with a yet unpublished 4 issue mini and all 7 comics will appear between the covers of this mega collected entitled BLACK BAT – DOMINO LADY – Danger: Coast to Coast. Not only do these stories start these two classic pulp heroes, but joining them at various points in the action are the Phantom Detective, Jim Anthony Super Detective, the Laughing Man, Airboy, I.V Frost, Nighthawk and Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord. If that isn’t a classic pulp heroes mash up, we don’t know what is. The cover for this treasure collection is by the Pulp Factory Award winning Douglas Klauba. As of now, we don’t know when this will be out. Diamond Distributors only recently started shipping to comic shops again. Out best guest is the end of summer. As ever we’ll keep you posted Loyal Airmen as we really don’t want you to miss this one.


Finally we’ve spent the past few days working on the next Bay Phantom book by Chuck Miller. With fingers crossed will have it for you in a few weeks. Above is an interior illustration by artist Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and next to that a custom Pay Phantom figure done by our pal Jase Marshal. Both look fantastic. Stay tuned.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen, last week we shared the sad news of our mother’s passing. One of the duties asked of me by my siblings was to write Mom’s obituary. You will find it below.



Born Nov 1s, 1924 to Donat and Dorilla Richer of Sanford, Me.  The second oldest of ten children, she attended St. Ignatius grade school and excelled. She always loved learning new things. She was unable to go to high school because she was needed to help the family during this period known as the Great Depression. It was a regret she would never forget.

In 1942, while at a local dance, she met George Fortier of Somersworth and they began dating. While he was 25 at the time and she only 17, it was most likely their courtship would have been short-lived had not World War II begun and George was drafted. During the next three years they would write to each other often and would eventually fall in love through their letters. By his last year in the South Pacific, they were writing to each other every single day. Upon his return to civilian in Nov. of 1945, they became engaged and were married the next month, Dec. 1th, at St. Ignatius Church.

The story of their romance was chronicled in the play, “Where Love Takes You,” written by their oldest son, Ron Fortier and premiered at the Sanford Stage Company in Aug. of 2011. George and Gaby would have four children. After Ron there was George Jr, followed by Paul and then Ann Marie. They had thirty years together before George passed away, Aug 24th, 1975. After his death, Gaby found interest in traveling and along with her dear friend and neighbor, Mrs. Julie Daigle, traveled to such countries as Peru, Spain, Guatemala and Columbia.

Never having lost her passion for learning, Gaby made it a goal, which she achieved, of reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety. So devoted was she to education that she inspired her children and all four went on to graduate from college. As a young girl, she had discovered she had a talent for drawing. Then somewhere in her 60s this love art resurfaced and she taught herself how to paint. For the rest of her life, she would never be without an easel and paints. Many of her paintings were sold to friends and relatives and today can be found in the offices of local professionals such as dentists and lawyers.

In 1979 she met Ludwig Goscinski, a retired divorcee with five children. Ski, as he was lovingly known, loved to dance and on their first meeting he swept Gaby off her feet.  Gaby came to love his children and they returned that affection. She and Ski would go on to share life’s adventures together for the next thirty-two years, until his passing in 2011.

She is survived by two sisters, Hortense Tanguay and Rose Goodrich and one brother, Henry Richer. She leaves behind a legacy of four children and their partners, nine grand children, Scott, Kevin, Heather, Michelle, Alan, Justin, Emily, Jason and Mathew, and eight great grandchildren, Kristie, Chelsea, Taryn, Logan, Kylie, Brenna, Colbie and Chase.

The family would like to thank the dedicated staff at the Wentworth Home for their compassion and exceptional care. A private gravesite service will be held at a later time.


As we shared this news of her passing over on Facebook, so many of our friends there sent condolences over the past week. So many, it was truly heartwarming, and many, both family and dear friends, sent beautiful sympathy cards, an old tradition we don’t see much any more. Those cards were particularly touching to us and we will be forever grateful for them. Our daughter Heather sent along the plants you see pictured above. They are indoor plants and there were four of them who will, when the time is right, each be replanted in a separate pot and then placed around the house. Caring for them and watching them grow daily will be a beautiful reminder of Mom and the love she shared with all of us.

PDStreet Promo

Finally we want to close out this week’s entry on a wonderful piece of news. One of our oldest friends in the New Pulp community, is Tommy Hancock, a talented writer, editor and publisher. Shortly after working with us at Airship 27, Tommy went a built his own publishing house, Pro Se Productions and in the past decade has published so many great pulp novels and anthologies that have help make New Pulp as vibrant as it is today. Sure, we’re competitors, but we’re also buddies and the Air Chief is proud to have minute quite a few stories for Pro Se in the past and am still doing so today. Okay, where we? Last week Tommy queried the Air Chief wanting to know if we’d be interested in publishing a new series for him starring a rather unique private eye, P.D. STREET – Private Detective of the Forgotten. The concept was so original, we jumped on it immediately. Then, based on Tommy’s own idea for the look of this new character, we had Rob Davis do up a quick sketch and promotional logo which he of course did a truly magnificent job on. The above and an accompanying Press Release went out all over the internet two days ago. It’s Tommy’s hope to have the first PD Street book out by the end of the year and Airship 27 is so proud to bringing it to you Loyal Airmen. More news as things developed. Stay tuned.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as most of you know, one of the hardest challenges facing us at Airship 27 Productions is finding new illustrators for our new pulp novels and anthologies. As it turns out, we have several top-notch cover artists who work with us on a regular basis, but it is recruiting artists to do the black and white interior illos that is really difficult.

Edna entering appt_Print

Which is why we were stunned these past few weeks by finding four new super talented artists willing to join the Airship 27 team and work with us. We showcased one of these, Jeff Cram, a few weeks ago and now we want to introduce you to another talented fellow, Jason Wren. Jason has taken on JENNA COYNE MYSTERIES, a new title by writer Robert Ricci and the gorgeous piece above is one of his illos for that project. We absolutely love it and are thrilled to having this project now in production thanks to Jason. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, in the weeks to come we’ll be giving you more such peeks our new Artist Airmen.


Another artist who has recently begun working with us at Airship 27 is Chris Nye. His work on THE WRAITH anthology was stellar and we hit it off immediately. Chris let us know he’d been wanting to get back into comics and the Air Chief mentioned the 130 pg Brother Bones graphic novel script we had in our files collecting dust. As some of you may recall, another artist had agreed to take this on, only to quite a few months later for personal reasons. And once again we were left high draw. Whereas this time things are going to happen, as Chris is committed to completing the project. Once he begins, he will be penciling and inking the pages and Rob Studio will letter and ink and ultimately publish at Amazon via his Redbud Studio imprint. The script is derived from the aborted screenplay that was done several years ago, based on the two stories, “The Bone Brothers” & “Shield & Fang.” It will be the first time ever that Bone’s origin is told in comic form. What with the work entailed, we hoped to have the book out some time in 2021. Stay tuned.


Finally it is with a heavy heart that had to say good-bye to our mother yesterday, May 12. Gabrielle Marie Fortier, Mom, passed away in the afternoon suddenly. She was 95 and her passing was peaceful and pain free. Her heart just stopped. Obviously we knew this day would come, but that knowledge in no way can ever prepare you when it actually happens. She was a wonderful mother and we owe her so much. Now she’s in that better place, reunited at long last with our Dad. Rest in peace, Mom, no one deserves that rest more than you. Give Dad a big hug from me. I will miss you always till the day I see you again.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 8 May | '2020


Greeting Loyal Airmen, over last weekend the Air Chief was invited to be a guest on a Savannah, Georgia, community radio program, the Adam Messer Show. Adam is an avid comics fan and pulp writer. We spoke on those subjects for two hours and it was a blast you. You can find part one of that show here –  ( and the second half here – (


As of this writing, we’ve received over 80 entries for our WHO’S WHO in NEW PULP project being produced by Airship 27 Productions. Since most of the pages will be text data and some photos of the individual writers and artists listed, we thought we would solicit some fun art work to spice up the book. Several truly generous artists have answered the call, including Chris Nye who did this marvelous pirate drawing for us. Thanks Chris. And rest assured Loyal Airmen, we’ll continue to update you on the books’ progress. With any luck, it should be finished and in print by mid-July.


Now for something truly special. Last year, Oklahoma writer R.A. Jones came to us with an interesting question. R.A. is a veteran comics and pulp writer and we’ve published both his fantastic adventures and his straight up westerns. The man is super talented. In his letter, he reported having just finished a new novel unlike anything else he had ever written. He made it quite clear this was not an action-adventure pulp. Rather it was tender fantasy about a man, who on reaching his 6oth birthday, realizes he had lived a truly awful life. All of which was brought about the poor choices he’d made along the way. He’s divorced, childless and alone in the world. All in a rather miserable soul. At which point a strange little fellow shows up and offers him the chance to go back and live his life over a second time. Only this time, with the opportunity to make good choices instead of bad ones. And that’s the basic plot of THE ROAD TWICE TRAVELED. It is one of the most beautiful, profound novels, the Air Chief has ever had the joy of reading. In fact in several places, it brought tears to my eyes. Now, the book is in production and our very own Art Director, Rob Davis will be providing both the cover and interior illustrations. Unlike his previous illustration work, Rob is doing these in pencils only…to add to the overall atmosphere of tenderness this story demands. Above is Rob’s first illo we had to share with you. Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll be announce the release. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen. This one is that special.

And three you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!