• On 15 Feb | '2019

Greeting Loyal Airmen, one again, Airship 27 Productions has released a brand new title.


During the days of the classic pulps, one of the finest mystery magazines on the stands was 10 DETECTIVE ACES.  Among the revolving series that appeared in that monthly were the cases of tough guy private eye Marty Quade as written by Emile C. Tepperman whose career went from 1933 to 1942.  His most remembered work has been the Purple Invasion Series for Operator 5. Little is known about Mr. Tepperman. He was credited for writing radio broadcasts for programs such as Suspense and Gang Busters. Other than that, his life remains a mystery.

Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to bring back this classic pulp character in four brand new adventures written by Gordon Dymowski, Chris Bell, Gene Moyers and Michael Black. From a missing pulp writer to spies on a military base, gumshoe Quade finds himself knee deep in hot dames, flying fists, and lethal lead. But Quade is no ordinary shamus, with both a quick wit and street-smart survival skills; he almost always solves the case.

Brian Loner provides 12 black and white interior illustrations while Airship 27 Productions’ own award Winning Art Director, Rob Davis, the cover, which is our homage to that old classic pulp mag.  As ever book is available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Thanks always for your support, Loyal Airmen.


The Air Chief is also excited to tell you that we’ve begun work on our third Domino Lady anthology and once again two of the finest artists in New Pulp will be on board.  James Lyle will be providing the 12 black and white interior pieces (that’s his work in the middle above) and Ted Hammond is doing the new cover. Domino Lady was one of the very few female masked avengers during the classic days of the pulps. She is a great character we are thrilled to be bringing all of you her newest adventures.


Recently while strategizing how to market Airship 27 books, Art Director Rob Davis came up with this flyer. We are now giving it out to all our writers and artists to post freely anywhere they want to. Any Loyal Airmen reading this, feel free to do the same…and thanks.


Finally, we thought you Loyal Airmen would like to see some of the new additions to our office. We’ve a nice collection of tin plates, all reflecting something we have interest in.  The three newest feature Captain America, our favorite comic book hero, King Kong, our favorite movie of all time and Marilyn Monroe, one of our favorite stars from the days of classic Hollywood.


The new Wonder Woman print was a Christmas gift and we’re happy to have it up finally.  As well as the Red Sox parking sign given to us from our oldest son, Scott. As you can see, clutter rules in our inner sanctum and inspires us daily with new ideas. We hope all you Loyal Airmen have similar fun decorations and toys.  See you next week.

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  • On 8 Feb | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as all of you know by now, the best selling series from Airship 27 Productions is our “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective” anthologies.  To date we’ve published 12 volumes and number 13 is now in production.  One fun note is that British writer I.A. Watson has had a story in each and every single volume. A few years ago, to applaud that fact, we collected all of Watson’s stories from volume one through to six in one book. Ian added a then unpublished story, and we released it as a Kindle Only edition.


Much to our delight that collection has sold extremely well and continues to do so. Thus when Watson approached us recently to do a second Kindle Only Edition, we jumped at the chance.


Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by I.A. Watson Vol Two collects Watson’s stories from volumes 7 through 12 of “Consulting Detective” as well as a new, unpublished tale. Ian Watson is a truly gifted writer and he loves these characters. His stories are simply wonderful. So if you are a Loyal Airmen with a Kindle, we recommend you download this treasure. You’ll be glad you did.



Over the past few years one of the finest writers we’ve ever had the pleasure of working  with at Airship 27 Productions is Fred Adams Jr. A retired college professor who taught writing for many years, now Fred is creating his own masterful works. Above are covers that represent five of the six on-going series he is writing for us.  All of them are exception and terrific reads. Soon we will be producing a book that will act as a Fred Adams sampler and it will contain a story from each of his six series. Called “Fred Adams Jr. – Pulp Writer,” we are really excited about this title. Keep following this Flight Log for updates.


As for comics news, the Air Chief today finished the second chapter of the new Jin & Tonic project he is doing with super talented artist Cesar Feliciano. It is the sage of two assassins, one Chinese and one Russian and how each was manipulated from birth to become deadly killers. Above is a color of Darya Tonikova. Cesar came up with the core concept and then handed it to the Air Chief. Seeing the potential of this spirit vs science foundation, we’ve been having a blast bringing this story to life. The first chapter ran 27 pgs long and the second went to 50. When completely illustrated, these 87 pgs will make up the first graphic novel in the Jin & Tonic series. It is Cesar’s hope to fund the books through on-line programs such as Kickstarter etc. It will be dependent on you, our fans, to tell us if you really want this series by your support. We’re keeping our fingers crossed you will want to jump on board. Personally, the Air Chief hasn’t had this much fun writing a tale since our Green Hornet days long ago. Again, we’ll be sure to keep you posted, Loyal Airmen.

And there you have it for this week, as Feb rolls along.  See you next Friday.

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  • On 1 Feb | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, after a rather slow production end to last year, we’re happy to see 2019 kicking off to a good start. We released our first title last year and now here’s comes a second in one month.


CODENAME – INTREPID is by writer Robert Mendenhall, and features five stories of an elite military unit created by the President in the 1930s to combat all manner of weird threats to the USA. James Lyle provides the interior illustrations and Ted Hammond the gorgeous cover above, which we love. As ever, available now at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.


Meanwhile the class comic progresses nicely. Here’s more from artist Luis Rivera on Justin Green’s tale. We only need the rest of this strip and two more to come in and issue three of FRONT RANGE TALES will be ready to put together and publish.  As ever, we’ll keep you posted.


We’re sure you’ll recall in our last update we mentioned that our computer had gone on the fritz and had to been sent out to be repaired. Happily it was still under warranty.  Valerie was kind enough to let use your laptop but it still was a chore working around certain things all week long.  Happily my PC is fixed and we picked it up this afternoon and the Air Chief is VERY happy to have it back and be working at our normal station. Lots of things to catch up on.

And there we have it for this week Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for dropping by.

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  • On 25 Jan | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ve got some exciting news as we’ve just released our first Airship 27 Productions pulp title of 2019!


Company of Shadows by Wayne Carey tells the story of Frank Blaine, a high school science teacher, who along with his teenage son, enjoys participating in Civil War re-enactments. While in Virginia for one such even, Frank begins to see the ghosts of actual soldiers who fought in that place. They are haunting him to reveal a secret buried for over a hundred years. Company of Shadows is a terrific read, with interior illustrations by Ed Catto and a gripping cover by Laura Givens. Now available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your support.


On the comic book front, artist Cesar Feliciano has finished doing layouts for all 40 pgs ofr JIN & TONIK Chapter One, the mega graphic novel we are doing together. These are the first steps in producing pages. He lays out small thumbnails of each page, how panels to each and very loose sketching in each. Next step, the penciling of the actual pages.


Meanwhile artist Scott Lanzinski has reached inking and grayscale part of the 10 pg “Amanda Says” that we wrote.  When done, this one will be popping up in various black and white anthologies, including a future issue of “Ron Fortier’s Tales of the Macabre.”


Next we have the new Captain Jain Marlee  strip, “The Fugitive Prince” as illustrated by Richard Jun. 8 pgs of old fashion sci-fi action, now being lettered by the amazin Elisa St. John.  As you can see, Ye Old Air Chief is keeping busy with all this fun stuff.

Evan (1)

And the new class comic FRONT RANGE TALES is coming along nicely. Here’s the first page of student Evan Hundhausen’s “One Last Favor for Snooky” as illustrated by our pal, Gary Kato. This is shaping up to a really great issue.

And three you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll meet you back here next week.

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  • On 18 Jan | '2019

It always amazes me how much we all rely on computers today. In one lifetime, the world has be come so dependent on these machines that when they do break down, as all machines do every now and then, we’ seem to suffer beyond reason. And the Air Chief finds himself in sad state of affairs as our own PC crashed last week and is now out being repaired. Leaving us to do our best with Valerie’s laptop. Thank God we had. Okay, enough whining, on to this week’s Flight Log.


You’ll recall how last week we gave you Loyal Airmen a peek at some of the titles on the way to include SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective Vol 13 and how artist Michael Youngblood’s cover would be an homage to the late Sydney Paget. Well take a look at that very cover now in progress above. Michael is doing a fantastic job. Fingers crossed once he wraps it up, the actually book should be out a few days later.


Now for the latest on the newest comic edition of FRONT RANGE TALES. This is the comic the Air Chief puts together using scripts from his How to Write Comics class at the local community college. This past week artist Mike Belcher turned in the finished pages for student David Drasheff story “Under Pressure.” As ever Mike did a great job. See page one above.


Then a few days ago artist Luis Rivera send along this rough composition of the story he’s drawing for us based on Josh Green’s story. It’s going to be amazing. With fingers crossed we should have the book out in mid Feb.

And that’s our news for this week Loyal Airmen.  Hopefully next week we will be announcing our firs title release of the year.  Talk to you then.

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  • On 11 Jan | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as most of you know, last year Airship 27 Productions released 19 books. Not our most productive year, but then again fairly average for what Rob Davis and the Air Chief are use to. As ever, we were proud of all of these titles and our philosophy of publishing will always be quality over quantity. Whereas rolling over into 2019, we suddenly found ourselves flooded with several amazing projects all nearing production within a week or two of each other. We thought you’d all appreciate sneak-peeks at what is coming so here we go.


CODENAME – INTREPID is a new action thriller by Robert J. Mendenhall that introduces the Intrepid Team; a group of military specialist working for the Pentagon in the early 1930s.  This first book contains their first five adventures. The interior illustrations (ala the one above) are all by artist James Lyle and Canadian Ted Hammond has provided the gorgeous cover. The book is currently being proof-read.

ILLO # 4

COMPANY OF SHADOWS is a novel by Wayne Carey.  A group of Civil War re-enactors encounters actual Confederate ghosts while on a weekend at an historic battlefield in Virginia.  Interiors illustrations (as the one above) are by Ed Catto and Laura Givens has turned in her beautiful cover. This one is also being proof-read as we pen these words.


SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective Vol 13.  The newest in our bestselling series of brand new Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson adventures.  This volume will contain 5 new mysteries. As ever Art Director Rob Davis handles all the interior illustrations (see above) whereas the cover to this book is going to be something truly unique. Sydney Paget was the British artist who drew most of the illustrations that accompanied the original tales by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when they appeared in The Strand Magazine, thus forever guaranteeing his legend as THE Sherlock Holmes artist. A title we like to think has now been earned by Rob, considering he’s done well over 150 Holmes pieces via the Consulting Detective series. Now over the years, many of Paget’s pieces have been reproduced multiple times and many have become quite recognizable. So the Air Chief, with Rob’s blessing, had the idea of taking one of those Paget illustrations and assigning artist Michael Youngblood to make it the basis for a new cover.  At present, while this book is also being proof-read, Michael is hard at work on this cover. We can’t wait to see it.


Ever since my cataract surgery corrected our eyesight, we’ve been aware that all the photos of the Air Chief on-line were old ones taken with our glasses. Realizing that fact, we took this new on, donning the western hat we picked up Mount Rushmore several years ago. Lots of living lines on that face, heh?

And there you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday.

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  • On 4 Jan | '2019

Greetings Loyal Airmen and welcome to our first blog of 2019. Kind of hard to believe just how fast the years are rolling past us. The Air Chief’s mom, who herself is now 94, would always tells growing up that time would accelerate as we got older and now we’re realizing she was all too right. But still, no matter its speed, life continues to bring with it new challenges, wonders and above all else adventures. One of these being a new comic book project the Air Chief is working on: JIN & TONIK.


The story is about two of the world’s deadliest assassins, Sammy Jin Zhu and Darya Tonikova. The idea itself was hatched by a truly amazing artist, Cesar Feliciano. Now Cesar and the Air Chief never worked together but were all too aware of each other on social networks. Thus when Cesar came to us last year asking if we liked to work on this idea with him, we didn’t take two seconds to reply “YES!” he is an incredible creator and when he told us the general plot and described the two main characters, we were totally hooked.


To date Cesar has begun some preliminary sketches, both in pencil only and others he has completed to full inks. He’s trying to find a specific style that will suit this spy-assassin thriller. Obviously it is clear to see, Darya has quickly become one of his favorites.




Meanwhile the Air Chief has completed chapter one and is hard at work on chapter two. Once we have an issue ready ready to go, we will most likely be seeking funding via one of the many programs available to us on-line. The Air Chief is leaving that to Cesar. Hopefully we’ll be able to offer all you Loyal Airmen something truly special and different enough for you to want to support our efforts. We’re still a ways away from that point, but it is never too early to start the Promotion Machine. Thus this blog and all these amazing pieces.  Enjoy. We’ll certainly keep you posted.

On reflection, it has been a long time since this Air Chief has been this excited about a comic project. Guess we’re still got some stories to tell.

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  • On 28 Dec | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you are reading these words, another Christmas has come and gone. Just like that. Now the gifts have all been unwrapped, the guests from out of town packed up and gone home, and Mom & Dad can actually kick back and relax for a little while before the cleaning needs to get done. The Air Chief and Valerie truly hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was just amazing. So much fun to be with our loved ones again, while knowing those who have left us had to be smiling down from heaven.


Speaking of that, most of you know that over two years ago our dear friend and fellow pulp writer, Mark Justice passed away.  Months later we had the honor of publishing his weird western novel, “The Dead Sheriff.” Shortly thereafter Rob and the Air Chief met Mark’s widow, Norma Kay Justice, at a PulpFest Convention. What a wonderful lady. Several months later, Norma Kay wrote telling me Mark had actually begun a second Dead Sheriff novel which was never completed. The Air Chief asked to see and ultimately completed that book, sub-titled, “Cannibals & Bloodsuckers.” Last week we released it, our last official Airship 27 Productions of 2018. Because of that, Norma Kay set up an interview with the Air Chief on radio station Kool Hits 1057 out of Ashland, Ky. This was the station on which Mark had his morning show for many, many years. Now the station, in his honor, host the Mark Justice Breakfast Club Christ Memorial show every year on the day before Christmas. Out little 20 minute talk about Mark and Dead Sheriff # 2 was aired during that program.  If any of you Loyal Airmen would like to hear it, simply cut and past this link –  (…)

The Air Chief has promised to get the book out before year’s end and thanks to artists Zachary Brunner (cover) and Art Cooper (interiors) and part Rob Davis on book designs, we fulfilled that goal. The book is now available on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  And to Mark, whose spirit guided us all the way, thanks.


Now onto our family Christmas fun. By Christmas morning, Santa’s surprises were packed by the tree and fireplace. Valerie set out some really awesome breakfast treats as we awaited the younger members of the clan to show up. Both our grand kids, Cora and Alex, has spent Christmas Eve with their respective significant others.  By one in the afternoon everyone was finally gathered, coffee poured and it was time to start digging into those brightly wrapped packages.  That’s Alan in the recliner, Valerie in foreground, Nicole at center, with Calvin and Cora behind her.


While the Air Chief began snapping pictures. In left, Val again in foreground, behind her left to right is Alex’s girlfriend Chloe, then Calvin and Cora. To right, Cora modeling her new Pea Jacket with brother Alex and Chloe looking on.


Alan shows off the replica Baseball World Series Trophy showing the Red Sox as 2018 Champions, while Val was really surprised to find she had a brand new Pipka Old World Santa to add to her growing collection.


Chloe was really happy with her new electric hand massage machine and Alex had the biggest gift, his gun case.


And the Air Chief was delighted with this replica of a 1930s cocktail shaker shaped like an airship. The originals appeared soon after the first giant Zeppelins came out of German factories. Soon air ships were the craze around the globe and this snazzy mixer soon appeared in all the fancy metropolitan bar scenes.  We love it.


And there you have it Loyal Airmen, our last Flight Log of 2018.  We want to end this one with wishing all of you a truly awesome, amazing, wonderful new year. Let’s make 2019 the best one of all.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 21 Dec | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, here we are closing in on Christmas and this week we want to share a movie review we recently posted on our Facebook. We rarely repeat them here on the Flight Log, but this one was special due it’s amazing animation. So here it is –

“Let’s be clear, Peter Parker was and will always remain “our” Spider-Man, and we think Stan Lee & Steve Ditko were geniuses for creating him. It doesn’t mean we are not aware of Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and the others, we just have never read any of these “other” Spideys. Upon seeing the first trailers for INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, we knew that lack of familiarity with these characters wasn’t going to stop us from seeing this new animated flick. Which Val and the Air Chief did this afternoon…and it blew us away. Scene for scene, this movie has everything; a solid story, breath-taking animation (that really raises the bar here), tons of action and humor perfectly combined. By the time it was over, we were pretty much into sensory overload. WE LOVE THIS MOVIE….the writers did a great job in giving us a linear story that anyone could follow, even folks who get confused with the whole multi-verse stuff. That Val loved it as much as the Air Chief did is all you need to know. In years to come, the folks teaching animation history will point to this film and say it changed everything….for the better.”


Those of you Loyal Airmen who follow this strip on a regular basis are aware that the Air Chief has an interest in genealogy. Leaning about one’s family history is always fascinating. Recently a friend on offered to trace hour line with the information the Air Chief provided him. Above, going from left to right, and starting with our name, we were able trace our ancestry all the way back to 1681 and the birth of one Jean Baptiste Fortier. As it turns out that was the exact same name as our won grandfather, so passing along names seems to have been a tradition. Now we also know that the Fortiers came to Quebec in the early 1640s from France. Originally the name had been Fortiter and somewhere along the time was altered. Antoine Fortier was the French pioneer who moved to Canada is most likely Jean Baptiste’s father.


Which then explains the our family coat of arms, which we’ve posted here in the past, and that led to the Air Chief find the Fortier-Picard vineyards still in operation today. Truly fantastic stuff on all our amazing ancestors.


And finally, with Christmas only three days away now, we want to wish all you Loyal Airmen, and your loved ones a truly joyous MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Here’s hoping Santa Clause grants all your Christmas wishes.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 14 Dec | '2018

Greetings Loyal, Airmen, as you all know, one of the things we loved doing with Airship 27 Productions is bringing back long forgotten pulp characters. Several years ago we challenged our writing colleague, Chris Bell, to find us an actual pulp private eye who had appeared in pulp magazines that we could bring back.  After six months of searching, Chris found Marty Quade.  Quade had appeared in the popular Ten Detective Aces magazine and his stories were straight up crime tales.

10DetectiveAces-1941-05Marty Quade Prelim Sketches

After reading several of these, Chris made up a bible and we recruited four of our regular writers to whip up four brand new Marty Quade tales. The next challenge was finding an artist to do illustrate these stories. As it would turn out, the Air Chief all but tripped over Brian Loner at our comic shop a few years back during Free Comic Book Day. Although he has his own lucrative business, Brian loves the draw and ultimately we gave him the assignment of illustrating the first ever new Marty Quade collection.  Above to the right are some of his early sketches.

Marty Quade Illo 9_Final_FLAT

And here is one of Brian’s completed spot illos. There will be a total of 12 in the completed book. With those nearly done, it is up to the Air Chief now to get out there and find a cover painter. With fingers crossed this new title will be out early in 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited about that.


Now that we are in the Christmas season, the Air Chief is really enjoying everything about the holiday. From writing Christmas cards to giving and receiving gifts. Thing is it seems every single year, one or two of our writing colleagues surprises with unexpected gifts of both generosity and thoughtfulness. Such was the case this past weekend when a trip to the Post Office netted the Air Chief a very big package and a very little package, both from wonderful writing pals.


The little surprise came from Emily Jahnke. Earlier this year, she and her family took a great trip to New York City and visited all the fun tourist locales that are so plentiful there. At one point they went to the famous Empire State Building and Emily recalled the Air Chief was an avid fan of the movie King Kong. All of which is gospel, as it remains to this day our favorite. So while passing a gift shop in the building, Emily saw the above little piece and bought it for us. Then she hung on to it all this time so that she could surprise us come Christmas.  Emily, you succeeded superbly. And we wish you could have seen our smile upon opening you box. We truly love this new addition to our ever growing collection of King Kong memorabilia.  Thank you so much.


At the same the Postal Clerk was also handing the Air Chief this massive, soundly constructed box that was darn heavy.  Upon carefully opening it in our office, we beheld this incredible sports plaque featuring six of the greatest Red Sox players to ever take the field. On the top in the large photos are left to right, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski and David Ortiz, while the lower tier were three actually signed baseball cards with Fred Lynn, Dustin Pedroia and Jim Rice. Honestly, our mouth dropped at the sight of it. This coming on the year our beloved Red Sox won their fourth World Series in 15 years. This amazing gift, which will soon go up on our office wall was the gift of Michael and Donna Housel. Michael is one of our finest young writers at Airship 27 Productions and you can expect to see a whole lot more of his amazing fiction in the near future.  For now, thank you Michael & Emily, from the bottom of the Air Chief’s heart.  A Merry Christmas to both of you and your loved ones.


Finally we want to end this week’s Flight Log with a few words of hopefully helpful advice. Have you ever started reading a book and found it was simply bad? Then you kept pressing on in hopes that it would eventually somehow get better?  The Air Chief does a regular review blog, Pulp Fiction Reviews, and over the course of a year, we normally read and review between 40 and 50 books.  Whereas most of them we can generally find something good to mention, even if it isn’t fantastic. Recently were were send a review book and after some twenty pages realized it just wasn’t our cup of literary tea. And yet we persisted for the next two weeks managing to get through the first 104 pages. But the book was still nonredeemable and we finally had to toss it aside.  No, we do not write bad reviews. If a book is bad to us, it still may be okay to another reader. We merely choose not to review it. Although the Air Chief wishes we’d just put it down two weeks ago.  The great writer James Joyce once said, “Life’s too short to read a bad book.”  Amen to that.

See you all next week.

Ron – Over & Out!