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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well, this year’s Pulp Fest has come and gone. The Air Chief and Chief Engineer were delighted to fly the old Airship 27 back to this show for the first time in four years. And getting to see lots of old friends was the best fun of the entire weekend. Whereas the trip to and from was a modern day travel nightmare we don’t ever want to repeat again. So here’s some pix of the good times.

IMG_0131 297210055_5619728404724180_6960671414301651163_n

After Rob’s two day drive on the road from Missouri to Pittsburgh, he arrived in Steel City midday with plenty of time to set our tables at the con and then ride to the airport to pick yours truly up. Southwest got me there only an hour late, which was no big deal. We had a late dinner and then called it a day. The picture above to the right is the Air Chief talking with talented New Pulp writer Joab Steilglitz.


So Friday got things rolling fast and we were thrilled to have writer Wayne Carey and his lovely wife Brenda across the aisle from us. Wayne is one of the most talented writers in the New Pulp field and Brenda is so lively and vivacious. They were also our dinner partners both Friday and Sat evening.


One of the first dear friend to greet us was Kim Turk. The last time we’d seen Kim, was at the first year Pulp Fest was done in Pittsburgh, along with her wonderful husband Scott. Both were familiar faces at this cone and would attend the Air Chief’s panels on New Pulp Writers. Shortly after that show, Scott passed away, a shock to all of us. For obvious reasons, Kim, didn’t return to the show until this past weekend and seeing her smiling and having fun again. Touched our hearts. The two amigos to the right are Frank Schildiner (in black) and Greg Gick. Both veteran Airship 27 writers who, during the weekend, assured us we’ll soon be seeing lots more of their work.


Another face we never see any more at Windy City was Bill Maynard (top left) and as ever he was jovial and fun to talk with. He was also kind enough to let the Air Chief tag along with him Sunday morning to a local Catholic church for mass. Michael Brown (to right with Air Chief) is a long time New Pulp fan and reviewer. He’s reviewed so many of our Airship 27 titles, plus does from Pro Se, White Rocket Books and all the other New Publishers. He’s very good at it. Getting finally to meet him in person was a pleasure.


More old friend included John Bruening (top left standing) and Jim Beard (seated) of Flinch Book. Both are great pals and terrific writers. Top left almost needs no introduction as he’s a well respected historian of pulps and damn fine writer, Mr. Will Murray. Will and the Air Chief have known each other for ages.


Another familiar face was Mr. Bob Deis, expert on MAMs (Men’s Adventure Mags) whose blog Mens Pulp Mags is extremely popular (at top left) and his publishing partner for # new texture books, Mr. Wyatt Doyle. To right is the latest paperback cover painting Bob acquired at the show from the artist’s widow was there lots of great pieces.


Of course the second the Air Chief stopped by, Bob had Wyatt snapped a pix of us together, wherein Bob tells everyone he’s saluting the Captain. Chuckle. To the right is another super talented duo. On the right is none other than Fred Adams Jr., one of Airship 27’s most popular and prolific writes. Fred has so many great novels and short stories, we can’t remember them all. Whereas he showed up at the show not only to see us again, but to introduce to his pal, Jo speh Ferret, a fellow musician and song writer (at left). He and Fred co-creator a little horror community cable program called Terror Night Theater where they play host to old, black and white horror movies. What with Fred’s constant lecturing him about Airship 27, Joe is looking at contributing stories to us. We can’t wait to see what he submits.


Finally we’re going to wrap up this section with the wonderful news that not only was our deal amigo Rick Lai at the show, from which he’d been absent for a long while due to a progressive health condition, but on Saturday the Pulp Fest committee awarded Rick with the Munsey Award for his Lifelong Contributions to Pulp Fandom. Shortly thereafter, as Rick entered the hotel lobby holding on to his walker which he now requires, pulp attendees rose to his feet and gave him a long, boisterous standing ovation. It was a scene we will never forget. And another reason why we love this amazing community.

Okay, then came nightmarish trip home. The only direct flight back to Denver from Pittsburgh Valerie could book for us was one leaving at 8 p.m. on Sunday night. Whereas Rob had a long two day drive back to his home in Missouri, we told him to drop us off at the Pittsburgh airport and go on his way. That was 2 p.m. We’d have six hours to wait. No problem to us, as we had several books in our pack. Time went by then around 6 p.m. the board announced the flight had been delayed by a half hour. No problem we thought. Along about 7 p.m. they announced another delay. So we wouldn’t be leaving till 9 p.m. Again no sweat, we thought. Then at 7:30 p.m with 188 passengers waiting, Southwest CANCELED the flight. The place erupted, as totally angry people rushed to the counter demanding what would happen next? And were told the airline would do its best to get them out at the next available flight to Denver. Which just happened to be TWO FULL DAYS LATER ON TUES MORNING.

The Air Chief left the area, found a quite spot and called home. Valerie had seen the cancellation on-line and we both knew the Air Chief was stuck. We suppose we could have left the airport, found a taxi and gone to a nearby hotel, but we were not inclined to do so. We decided to spent an all-nighter at the airport. Meanwhile Val, and our daughter-in-law Nicole, were scrambling on their PCs to find me a way out of Pittsburgh. They called me an hour later having booked me on a Delta flight leaving at 7 a.m. the next morning for Minneapolis with a three hour layover and then a connecting flight to Denver. Thank heaven. The night in the empty terminal was long, difficult, but we survived. Thank you Lord. The next morning, tired and achy, we happily boarded that Delta flight and started our journey west. We got into Denver at 2 p.m. where Nicole and Val were awaiting me. The Air Chief was home by 3 p.m. Immediately took a long hot shower and took it easy. At 75, these little adventures have lost their luster. Am starting to look at Amtrack a lot more closer in the future.



The really good news after that awful night was finally getting home Monday afternoon to see my copies from the Silverline Comics Kickstarter had arrived in the mail. In which was Beyond the Stars # 1. It is always a rush to hold one’s completed comic. Artist Andrea Bormida and penciler Mike Belcher did such beautiful work. The Air Chief will have copies at our next two con appearances. The Fort Collins Con at the end of this month and the Rocky Mountain Con in early Nov. Oh yeah.

Cattura 10Cattura 10 ink

Meanwhile Andrea continues to work on issue # 2 and finished his roughs and inks for page # 10 seen above. Going to certainly be another wonderful issue.



Finally, “Dracula Unfanged” is here. Envisioned and devised by Christopher Sequeira with a short story by yours truly and many other great writers. Now available at Amazon. If you love vampire tales, you don’t want to miss this one.

Phew, and there you have our Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As if it wasn’t enough. Chuckle. Things never slow down here at Hangar 27. As ever thanks always for stopping by and your support. God bless and see you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 3 Aug | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are dispatching this Flight Log Entry a day early because tomorrow the Air Chief and artist partner Rob Davis will be in Pittsburgh attending this year’s annual Pulp Fest convention. Hoping to see lots of our old pals that we haven’t seen in a few years. We love this con and are glad to be going back to it. Meanwhile are a few things that have come to fruition since last week’s entry.



Meanwhile we finally got our own copies of the new Zorro anthology, “Zorro’s Exploits” from Bold Venture Press. The Air Chief has a story in it, and Rob Davis illustrated one of the 17 stories as well. It is a really great collection and is available now at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Check it out.



We are excited to show you the first few completed pages of “The Wooden Blade” #2 continuing the sword and sorcery adventures of Raizee the Ram. Script by yours truly with truly wonderful art by Olivia De Gaine. Olivia hopes to have the issue finished, printed and available to the world at this year’s Rocky Mountain Con in Denver come the start of of Nov.  Wahooo!



After too long a time, we’re delighted to announce the 17th issue of Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts is nearing completion. Artist Gary Kato has finished all 24 interior pages plus this nifty new cover (above at left). All that remains now is for Rob Davis to add the logo etc. and then scan the pages and send it off to Ka-Blam in Florida for printing. Once done, it will also be available from (www.Indy like all previous issues. The real fun of this story was our getting to bring back Winnie the Witch, who for several years was a comic host for many of Charlton Comics horror titles. Seeing Jiggy got his start at Charlton, we thought it only fitting that we bring her back in this tale. If you fans like what we’ve done with her, you can expect us to keep around. Soon as the issue is finished and available, you’ll know about right here.



Issues “Beyond the Stars” #1 are going out. To all of you that supported our Kickstarter Campaign, thank you so much. One such friend posted this picture of getting his copy today. Wahooo. Please, when you get your copy, give us some feedback after you’ve read it.

Ask and you will receive. Comic Fan Billy Henning writes. “I was able to contribute a little bit to one of my writing hero’s new projects and I finally got my issue yesterday! I read it last night and it’s FANTASTIC. Ronald Fortier, you’ve still got it, my friend. And that ending! Got to love surprise twist endings. Can’t wait to see what their marriage was like! Keep writing, Ron, I’ll keep reading!!!”



Rob Davis delivers page # 8 of issue # 1 of “The Boston Bombers” Vol 2. As ever his art is gorgeous and attention to detail amazing.

And there you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen, coming to you early. The Air Chief is off to Pulp Fest early tomorrow morning. Then we’ll be right back here next week as always. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!




  • On 29 Jul | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we’re delighted to announce the publication of the second issue of “The Wooden Blade” as created by the Air Chief and his dear friend, artist/writer Olivia DeGaine.


A quick recap. A year or so after having moved to Fort Collins, CO, Valerie and the Air Chief met Zane and Olivia DeGaine at the annual Fort Collins – FoCo Con. As they are both super talented comics writers and artists, we all hit it off and became good friends. At point point the Air Chief mentioned a short 8 page fantasy script we’d written entitled “The Wooden Blade.” It has been intended for another artist who wanted to so a series featuring anthropomorphic animals as the characters. Sadly, though he liked my script, he was unwilling to share ownership of the concept and bowed out. When Olivia asked what kind of animal the hero was, the Air Chief told her she could make him whatever she wanted, if he joined me in the project. Considering Fort Collins is the home of Colorado State University and their sports mascot is a ram, it was only fitting Olivia made Raizee and sword wielding ram. And so issue # 1 was completed much to all our delight. Now, after several years, she has wrapped up work on issue # 2 (see cover above at far right) and it features two stories, one by the Air Chief, the other by Olivia…with her handling all the art chores from pencils to inks, letters and that awesome cover. Ergo, the issue will make its public debut at the end of Aug at this year’s FoCo. The Air Chief can’t wait to get his hands on a copy. Oh, yeah.


Cattura 09 clr

Artist Andrea Bormida continues his wonderful work on our “Beyond the Stars” issue # 2. Above is his completed Pg # 9. Two more pages and we’ll have reached the half way mark of the issue. Moving right along, Loyal Airmen.



Every now and then someone will post a picture on Facebook that makes us laugh aloud. Such as the photo-shopped pix above. Our good friend James Gaubatz saw it and posted it to his page. Upon seeing it we knew we had to share it with all you Loyal Airmen. We’d imagine if this had actually been the Tin Man of OZ, the story might just have ended in a totally different way.  Ha, ha.



As most of you Loyal Airmen know, the Air Chief is a huge fan of the silent sci-fi classic film, “Metropolis” by German filmmaker Fritz Lang. Several years ago Airship 27 published a new anthology featuring stories that took place in that fictional setting. It was a huge success and we are now in the process of assembling “The Towers of Metropolis” Vol 2. Hard at work on the interior illustrations is artist James Lyle. Above right is his latest illustrations submitted earlier in the work. The volume will also feature a cover by Lyle. Stay tuned. More as the project develops.


Jain(1)01 Page 10 inked

Artist Ariel Aguire wraps his inks on Pg 10 of “Ghost World” our newest story featuring space smuggler Captain Jain Marlee. Only two more to go. We love how it is all coming out.



Finally for all our Loyal Airmen here in Fort Collins, the Air Chief will not only be a guest at this year’s Fort Collins Con, we will also be doing a 45 minute presentation on the history of the Green Hornet from radio to comics. Hope you’ll be able to join us. Above to left is Martin Grams’ amazing history of the character which all GH fans should have. It’s available from Amazon. And of course the comic cover on the right is by Jim Steranko which launched the Now Comics series we wrote and Jeff Butler illustrated.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 22 Jul | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, in our enthusiasm to share the news of colorist Matt Webb joining me and artist Cesar Feliciano on our “Jin & Tonik” comic project, we posted an old Gargoyle poster we thought Matt had colored for pal Dario Carrasco. As it turned out, he had not.


Matt graciously corrected us. The cover with the logo is not his work. His work is on brilliant display on the alternate cover to the right above. As to who it was colored the one on the Wicked Awesome Tales cover, we do not know. If you’ve that info, do send it along.  And Matt, sorry for the goof. We are still psyched to have you on board, amigo.


SmallPage 39

Over two years ago, artist Cesar Felciano wrote us saying he had this idea for a series about two assassins; one Chinese and the other Russian. He called it “Jin & Tonik.” We signed on, read his outline and then after a lengthy phone conversation wrote the first issue. It ran 39 pages long. Cesar merely shrugged and said, “Tell the story you way it needs to be told.” And here, at long last is that final page of issue # 1. Now Cesar takes a deep breath as both of us wait to see what magic colorist Matt Webb is about to do to this pages.

Page 1Page 1 CMYK

And here we go. Pg 1 now completely colored. From Cesar’s amazing artwork to depth of mood and atmosphere that Matt’s brilliant colors convey. This is why we love comic books.  Oh, yeah.


Cattura 09Cattura 09 ink

Artist Andrea Bormida continues to plow through issue # 2 of our sci-fi series, “Beyond the Stars.” Above are his pencils and inks for Pg # 9.



Artist Rob Davis turns in Pg # 7 of “Boston Bombers” Vol 2 Issue # 1. This page ends the African prequel and segues into the 1970s in this alternate world adventure. Rob’s detailing is priceless as always.



Under the direction of Chief Engineer Rob Davis, the ground crew at Hangar 27 has been really busy getting Airship 27 ready for our flight to Pittsburgh and Pulp Fest at the start of Aug. We’re loading tons of books and hope to see lots of your pulp pals there. Only two weeks left.  Wow.  And that wraps this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by, stay cool, and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 15 Jul | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, lots of great news to share with all of you this week, so let’s get to it.


Jin and Tonik Inked SketchGIF-small

With issue # 1 of JIN & TONIK reaching completion by artist Cesar Feliciano, a few weeks ago the Air Chief began a hunt to find a top notch comic colorist to join our creative team and turn what had started out to be a black and white project into one that would be done in full color. Cesar’s pages were all but demanding color, they were so beautiful. And yet this quest seemed harder than we’d imagined and we kept hitting dead ends. It was as if there was no one out there willing to take a chance on our spy thriller. Then, out of the blue, our good friend, fellow writer Todd Jones asked if he could reprint the Gargoyle story we’d written for artist Dario Carrasco in his latest addition of his black and white anthology title, Wicked Awesome Tales # 13.


Both the Air Chief and Dario agreed and Todd went ahead with his plans. At the same time he got to use Dario’s old color cover. Upon seeing that cover, the Air Chief recalled it had been colored by Matt Webb; one of the best colorist in comics. Matt has been coloring comics for more than twenty-five years, and has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and just about every publisher in the first half of the monthly Diamond Comics catalog, Previews. Influenced by greats like Jack Kirby and Jim Starlin, Matt’s colors have graced hundreds and hundreds of issues since he began working in the field. A great fan of classic monster films and comics, he often works with artist Neil Vokes, and has recently been providing colors for the very cool retro publisher Atomic Comics.


So we took a chance, messaged Matt via Facebook and asked if he might be willing to sign on to join the JIN & TONIK team…and much to our delight, he said yes. Above are two samples of his first work on our characters, Sammy Jin and Darya Tonikova from early pin-ups Cesar had done long ago and recently retouched. To say were thrilled to have Matt aboard would be an understatement. His brilliant colors are so going to elevated Cesar’s magnificent artwork. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, things are heating up fast on this one.

SMALLPage 38

And to give proof to that last statement, Cesar this week turned Pg # 38.  He’s only one page left and issue # 1 is complete artwise. Now it’s up to Matt to do his magic and then we get it all lettered up. This is going to be one great comic when finished.



One of the joys of writing the adventures of the “new” Green Hornet and Kato was that artist Jeff Butler and the Air Chief got to invent the characters of Paul Reid and Mishi Kato. The idea of a female Kato had first been suggested to me by another comic artist, Steve Erwin. Originally we wrote our proposal for the new Hornet with Steve on board as our partner. By the time Now Comics took the idea and sold it to the then Licensor, Steve had started working for DC comic and was unable to do GH. So we tagged Jeff Butler who we knew was a huge GH fan and the rest, as they say, was history. Imagine our surprise last week when we open our e-mail one day to find a sketch of these characters by our pal, artist Mike Belcher. See above here. Mike not only did a fantastic drawing of Paul & Mishi, when posting it to Facebook pages, he wrote a intro detailing his love of the series from when he was a teenager. In looking at the piece, the we were once again reminded of a crazy notion we’ve been kicking around for the past several years; that of writing a prose novel bringing back these two beloved characters. Re-uniting them, if you well, and picking up where the Now series ended so abruptly. We even spoke with Moonstone Managing Editor Joe Gentile about the idea and back then he’d expressed an interest. What do you think, Loyal Airmen, should we being back Paul & Mishi…or not? Let us know what you think. And Mike, thanks a million.


Things have been super busy at Hangar 27 as we’ve released three new titles in the past five days. Last Friday saw the release of our 5th volume “Bass Reeves – Frontier Marshal” with stories by Michael Panush, Thomas McNulty, Gary Phillips and Mel Odom. Art Director Rob Davis provided the interior illustrations and the cover was done by artist Warren Montgomery. Then on Sunday morning we released the horror novel, “The Last Days of Poe” by writer R.A. Jones. Artist Chuck Bordell did interior illustrations with Adam Shaw turning in that amazing cover. Finally Monday morning saw the release of yet another R.A. Jones’ novel, “Caged Fury.” This is the third in his Jason Mankiller bounty huntre series. Artist Chris Rawding provided the cover and Neil T. Foster the interior illustrations. All three books are now at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll check them out and as ever, Loyal Airmen, heartfelt thanks for your continued support.

And that’s it for this week Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by, stay cool and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 8 Jul | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, the big news this week concerns our beloved Family. Read on.



Artist Rob Davis just delivered Pg # 6 of Issue # 1 of this second volume…and as ever it is simply gorgeous. A friend over on Facebook, upon seeing it, asked where he could purchase the comic. We replied that we are still a long ways from wrapping up this issue #1. When we do, it will most likely be published via Rob’s own Redbud Studio at which time we’ll let everyone know it is available and how to order a copy. Meanwhile, do keep in mind, if you are at all interested in the project via the pages we’ve been posting, you really do need to read Volume One…for the story to make any sense. And that (as seen above to the right) is available from Amazon. Reading Volume Two cold doesn’t work.

Zorro’s Exploits Now Out!


As we are sure many of your remember from a week’s ago, we announced we’d written a story for the new Zorro anthology from Bold Venture Press – “Zorro’s Exploits.” Ours in one of 17 stories in this great book. We’ll we are happy to announce the book has been published and is now available from Amazon in both paperback and hardback. We hope you’ll check it out. We were so thrilled to be able to write a story of this classic pulp hero.


Cattura 08Cattura 08 clr

Above is artist Andrea Bormida’s completed Pg # 8 from the second issue of Beyond the Stars. First is the roughs and then final inks and colors. For all of you who helped support and make our Kickstarter Campaign a success, keep in mind comics (including issue # 1) will ship this month.



Only a few weeks ago we announced that Pulp Factory Award winning artist Clayton Murwin had signed on to do the illustrations and cover for writer Bobby Nash’s (himself a PF Award winner) first ever Lance Star Sky Ranger novel called “Cold Snap.” Not only has Clayton begun work on the interior pieces, he took a moment to do up a terrific new Lance Star piece. (Above left.) Though not the official cover, we loved it so much and had to share it with all of you. Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks Clayton. That piece would make a great print/poster. Hint – hint. Oh, and a reminder, there are already 4 Lance Star Sky Ranger anthologies still available at Amazon. Above Right is the cover to Vol one.



And as we said at the start of this entry, here is the best news ever!!! Cora our grand daughter and her boy friend of eight years, Calvin became engaged over the weekend. He proposed, after asking her father for his permission and gave Cora his late grandmother’s ring. God bless them. No concrete wedding plans yet. Will most likely be scheduled for some time in 2023. Valerie and the Air Chief, and all family members, are so happy for them.

And that’s a wrap for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 1 Jul | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, in a few days our country will celebrate the 4th of July and the Air Chief thought it might be a good way to kick off this Flight Log with our latest Press Release from Airship 27.



Airship 27 Production is happy to announce that one of this year’s Pulp Factory Award winning artists is joining the Lance Star team. Clayton Murwin, winner of the Best Pulp Cover for Pulp Realities Vol 2, will be the solo artist for Airship 27 Production’s first full length Lance Star novel, “Cold Snap” as written by another Pulp Factory Award winner, Bobby Nash. Murwin will do all nine interior illustration and the full color cover. Overall book design will be multi award winner, Art Director Rob Davis.

“As you can see, we’ve assembled an all star team,” reports Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “Over the years Lance Star has become one of New Pulp most popular hero all thanks to Bobby. Now, at long last, he and his Sky Rangers fly into a full length adventure at the top of the world and we couldn’t have a better artist on board for this thrilling book thank Clayton Murwin.”

“Lance Star – Sky Ranger : Cold Snap” is expected to be released later this year.



Meanwhile ace artist Cesar Feliciano turns in Pg # 37 of our new spy thriller JIN & TONIK. Only two more to go and issue one is complete. At least artwise. Next comes letters and then, hopefully with all fingers crossed, we can find someone to color this project. To date the Air Chief has struck out in his attempts to find a talented colorist. If you know anyone with those skills willing to be a part of our team, which means no cash up front, we share profits AFTER the book is published, then by all means have them contact the Air Chief immediately. Thanks.



What seems like ages ago now, my pal, artist Dario Briton Carrasco created a character called The Gargoyle who operated out of Boston in the early 1950s. He asked us to write several comic scripts featuring the characters and we ended up penning three. There was going to be a graphic novel, but it never came to fruition. Over the years, all three of those shorts have been printed in various black and white anthologies, the latest being Wicked Awesome Tales # 13 from by friend Todd Jones. The issue will make its first appearance at this coming weekend’s FanExpo in Denver. be sure to stop by Todd’s table and pick up at copy.

AMK Comics –


One of the Air Chief’s current favorite independent comics is Mike Belcher’s excellent full color series, “The Man in the Mask.” It has some of the best writing in comics today and the art is classic old school Golden Age graphics. We can’t rave enough about the series. Well this past week the mailman not only delivered the third issue but also a brand new AMK comic, this one done completely by Mike’s son, Aiden Belcher. Aiden,who grew up loving comics learned from his dad how to color and letter and did that task on “The Man in the Mask” books for several years. Now he’s written and completely illustrated four stories, each from various genres, and slap them together as “Timeless Tales.” This is a real fun comic book and we loved it. Should you be at all interested in checking them out and supporting this great father and son team, head on over to their web page. (

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 24 Jun | '2022

Greeting Loyal Airmen, looks like summer is racing onward at breakneck speed and the Air Chief is doing his best to keep up.



Artist Cesare Feliciano turned in Pg # 36 of this comic project. Only two more pages and issue number one, in regards to the art, is completed. That leaves lettering and coloring. We’re still on the hunt for a talented colorist, so if any of you Loyal Airmen know of such, send them our way. Please.


Pg 11Pg 12Pg 13

Artist Olivia DeGaine is moving at warp-speed to wrap Raizee’s latest adventures for issue # 2 of our Wooden Blade series. Will be really anxious to see these pages completed and what she whips up for a cover. She’s doing such a great job with this series.


Cattura 07Cattura 07 inksCattura 07 inks B

From rough layouts to colors, artist Andrea Bormida delivers Pg # 7 of the second issue of “Beyond the Stars.” We so love his work.



As this week’s log isn’t as loaded as previous entries, we thought we’d end it with giving all you Loyal Airmen a sneak peek at two of Art Director Rob Davis’ new illustrations for the current “Bass Reeves – Frontier Marshal Vol 5″ now in production. This, as the previous four volumes in the series, has four new adventures featuring the greatest western lawman who ever lived. Rob, like the air chief, is a western buff and especially enjoys illustrating this series. As we’ve mentioned before there is at along last going to be an actual Bass Reeves mini-series for television created by writer/director Taylor Sheridan and coming from Paramount. Let’s hope the get it right.

And that’s a wrap for this week Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 17 Jun | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as we move closer to the month of July and the mailing out of the Silverline sci-fi giant comic, of which our “Beyond the Stars” was a part, we’re excited as to the several Stretch Goal items that became available. None more so than the BTS trading card.


Artist Andrea Bormida and our letterer, artist Mike Belcher worked together to design this special card that all who donated to the campaign will receive with their comics. It features three of the Science-Warriors from the story, Aa-Naal, Kal and Is-Brt. Gonna be a great collectible.

BEYOND THE STARS Book # 2 Pg 3 8

Cattura 08

Meanwhile BTS artist Andrea Bormida continues work on issue two. Above is his early pencil roughs for pg # 8. Once again, he captures the Air Chief’s script beautifully, bringing all the action and drama to magnificent visual live.



Airship 27 Art Director and supreme artist, Rob Davis turns in pg # 5 of Boston Bombers Vol 2. After several pages of detailing the Roman Legion exploring Africa, he turns his artistic eye to a wall of Masai warriors. Things are heating up, Loyal Airmen.  Oh yeah.



Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the release of “Yokai.” Continuing the further adventures of  Space hauler, Captain Tony Michaels and his alien co-pilot/partner, Jiin of Tz-en. Ted Hammond delivers the stunnng cover above and artist Don Simpson, the creator of the comedy super-hero Megaton Man does the wonderful interior illustrations.With this series, Carey has recaptured that old world space opera magic made popular by writers like E.C. Tubb, Andre Norton and Jack Vance. Available now from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever Loyal Airmen, thanks for your continued support.



Artist Olivia DeGaine continues to work on completing our THE WOODEN BLADE # 3 featuring our sword wielding hero, Raizee the Ram. Her hope is to have the issue completed by the Fort Collins Comic Con which happens in Aug. All fingers crossed.


So look what showed up in the mail; my copies of my latest graphic novel, BLACK LION. A full color book available at Amazon, Loyal Airmen.

PODCAST # 85 –

Thumbnail85 copy

As many of you Loyal Airmen are aware, the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis do a regular video podcast on You Tube. We’ve been doing it for several years now telling folks what we are up to with Airship 27 Production. This past week we recorded episode # 85. Check it out, it’s less than an hour of madcap fun and two really crazy jokes.  Go to link. (

And that’s it for this week Loyal Airmen, thanks ever for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday. Till then, take care and God bless.

Ron (Over & Out)



  • On 10 Jun | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we kick of this week with something truly special and a long time coming.


As many of you already know from past entries, long ago the Air Chief was involved with writing a Rambo comic series for an outfit called Blackthorn Comics. Sadly it failed after only one issue, all of which we relate in detail in our memoirs book. Ultimately several decades later we were able to alter those four scripts and created a new hero, Jamal Lyons, a former Navy Seal codename Black Lion. Then about three years ago we hooked up with former Army Sergeant Kevin Johnson and began producing the this four issue mini series via Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio. Last fall we released the 4th and final issue.


And now the Air Chief is proud to announce the release of the series as a collected graphic novel from Amazon. See covers above. Aiding Kevin and the Air Chief in putting this all together were colorist Arrick Church and letterer Warren Montgomery. Artist Shannon Hall did the cover. The book is over a hundred full color pages of action and adventure. And we’ve added a bonus section in the back, being the actual chapter from our memoirs which recounts how and why the Rambo book failed and eventually rose again to become Black Lion. We hope all you Loyal Airmen head over to Amazon and check it out. As ever thanks for your support and patience. Right now the Air Chief is wound for sound.


Page 35 SMALL

Artist Cesar Feliciano continues the birth of Darya Tonikova with Pg 35 of issue # 1 of our new spy action thriller. The book itself will be a total 0f 38 pgs when completed. We are still on the hunt for a top notch colorist to complete our production team. Keep in mind, there is no up front money for this project as it is Cesar’s plans to fund the comic via some kind of on-line funding program. Still, these pages beg for colors and the Air Chief is keeping all fingers crossed we’ll find someone soon.



In the past months schools at all levels have been conducting graduation ceremonies to honor their students’ achievement. Here, the Valerie & the Air Chief were thrilled to congratulated our granddaughter Cora on receiving her Associate Degree in Business Administration from the local community college. She was an honor student and all of us are so proud of her. Left to right above, Val, Cora, Cora’s mom Nicole and the Air Chief. Son Alan snapped the pix. Cora hopes to eventually enter Colorado State University to complete her four year studies.



Arguably one of the best, and funniest, episodes of the original Star Trek TV series was “The Trouble with Tribbles” written by sci-fi author David Gerrold. We remember reading about Gerrold and his career in the pages of the then new genre monthly, “Starlog.” Beside working on ST, Gerrold also wrote for such sci-fi series as “Sliders” and “Babylon 5.”  Last week, while at the local comic shop with pal Todd Jones, we learned that Gerrold would be coming through Fort Collins on Wed the 8th and stopping to visit a friend who lives here. Todd worked quickly to set up a store-signing and it all happened today. He invited the Air Chief to tag along and we were only too happy to do so. David Gerrold showed up right on time at 11 a.m. and for the next three hours regaled us with dozens of great stories from his amazing career. He is one of the most personable souls we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Among all the books on his table, was the one above (left) with the behind the story of that famous Star Trek episode # 44. We had him autograph it, which he gladly did. Then later, before he had to leave, we had this shot taken together. Sincerely, David Gerrold is a truly wonderful human being and blessing upon blessing, today the Air Chief made a new friend.


As if meeting one of the finest sci-fi writers in the world wasn’t enough fun for one day, the Air Chief returned home later that day to discover for the second year in a row Airship 27 Production was nominated for the PulpFest Munsey Award. This is the award given out every year at PulpFest and named after pulp pioneering publisher Frank Munsey. The award is given to folks who’ve made positive contributions to pulp history and fandom. In the nomination both yours truly and Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis are named for our efforts with New Pulp to keep pulp literature and its fandom alive. We are flattered and extremely honored by this recognition and want to thank those people who nominated us and wish all the nominees congratulations. They are John Betancourt, Richard Bleier, Henry G.Franke III, Chris Kalb, Rick Lai, William Patrick Murray, Gary Phillips, Sheila Vanderbeek, Howard Wright and Dan Zimmer.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As can see it was a very eventful one at that. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all here next Friday. God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!