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Latest Flight Log

2014-10-30 09:30:49
  Greeting Loyal Airmen, as promised, we are back this week with lots of pictures from our fun time last weekend as a guest at Rocky Mountain Con # 2.  Remember, this con was established last year as a charity event to collect funds for the victims of the Aurora Movie House shooting a few years ago.  Tim Moret is the genius with the big heart who put this all together and to him go our heartfelt thanks for another great show.  The Air Chief had a blasts meet old and new friends.


Pro-comic book Chad Hardin was the big Guest of Honor at this year's show.  Here he holds up a copy of the super popular Harley Quinn comic series is currently drawing for DC comics.  It was a special treat for the Air Chief to finally meet Chad as he had three of our past Airship 27 pulp titles with his cover paintings, the last being the cover to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol V.  Chad is an awesome dude with a great sense of humor.  Only wish we could had more time to spend together.


Now the fun of these shows is all the costume players and Rocky Mountain # 2 had some truly amazing, creative and just plain awesome cos-players.   My two were the young man abvoe dressed as the new TV Flash.  His costume was almost an exact duplicates of the one worn on the show.  Just fantastic.


Equally amazing...to the point of mind-blogging, was this fellow dressed as Batman's arch enemy, Mister Freeze...complete with bubble dome, goggles and white skin.  It were as if he'd stepped out of the animated series to flown blown life.  We can only imagine the hours of work that went into this terrific outfit.


The second artist guest ye old Air Chief was thrilled to meet a long last was California based artist, Michael Dorman.  As most of you know, Mike is my partner on the new BLACK BAT - DOMINO LADY comic series we are currently doing for Moonstone Comics.  Mike is so damn talented and the work he has done on the Air Chief's scripts is stunning.  He's also a grown up class-clown and kept all of us stitches during the entire weekend.


Amongst our Fort Collins gang of creators present as well was our friend Todd Jones, who just happened to have a booth directly across from Mike's and snapped this pix of Mike and the Air Chief holding up that gorgeous limited editon print Mike had made up just for this show alone.  First thing Sat morning he gave us a copy and it will soon be hanging up on our wall Hangar 27 HQ.


Speaking of that special Denver print, it shows the Black Bat & Domino Lady battling bad guys in 1930 in front of the Colorado state capital building in front of which stands the famous Bronco Buster statue.  Well, while we were all doing our thing at the convention, Mike Dorman's lovely wife Jamie and his son, Trenton, went Denver sightseeing and upon spotting that famous landmark, they stopped and posed Trenton in front of it holding up his father's beautiful art print.  Too cool.


Meanwhile back at the Con, Todd went and snapped this shot of a very well done Iron Man cosplayer...and hey, who is that behind him to the right?  Ha.  The Air Chief manning his booth of course. Which is as good a time as any to personally thank Todd for taking most of the photos in this week's Flight Log.


And here's the Air Chief himself as ever having a grand time.  Sincerely, we so love meeting comic book fans of all ages and spending time with other creators.  We are happy to report we did make a whole lot of new contacts at this show and from those, several new and fun projects were discussed and begun.  Stay tuned.   And hey, do you Loyal Airmen like my new Mr. Jigsaw baseball shirt?  Had it made up just for this show.


Of course seeing all these great cosplayers, ye old Air Chief eventually had to get in on the fun, especially with these two really fun kids, she as Poison Ivy, he as...well he's either Action Jackson ...or even Michael Jackson.  With that Afro, who can tell.  But they were so much fun to talk to and graciously consented to take this pix with the Air Chief.


And finally, we earlier mentioned con promoter, Tim Moret.   Well this year, Tim went and recruited a Girl Friday in the overly competent Amanda Kay.  A seasoned cosplayer herself, she fearlessly took on the task of being Tim's guest co-coordinator and it was her job to see that guest like the Air Chief, were given proper booths, recruited for various panels and just generally making sure all of us were comfortable and had everything we needed to have fun.   As things were wrapping up Sunday afternoon, Amanda went around thanking people and saying goodbye.  When she spotted the Air Chief packing up, she pulled out her smart-phone and asked to us to do a "selfie."   Ha.  And here it is.  Amanda admitted to be wiped out at the end of the show, but said she had so much she's already agreed to do the job again next year.  Bravo!!

And there you have it, Loyal Airmen, a colorful look back at a truly super awesome weekend at the Rocky Mountain Con.  Tim promises next year's show will be even better...and bigger.  Wow!!  We can't wait.

Ron - Over & Out!


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