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23 Jun | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week we happily displayed some new Brother Bones sketches done by fans over on Facebook to help promote our Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the movie.  Well our old pal, model maker Jase Marshall of Marshall Collectibles has been busy as well with putting together a brand new Brother Bones figure that will be the definitive movie version. Above is some preliminary work.


For those fans who donate at the top $800 tier level on the campaign, they will be receiving one of these limited edition movie version figures of the Undead Avenger and to assure that, they will also get this certificate of authenticity stating that after the campaign is over, Jase will never again do a movie edition of figure of Brother Bones. Ergo, those who the own will have a very real treasure from the film.


As you’ll also recall we recently showed people the actors who will be appearing in the movie and the roles they would take on using character sketches done up by Airship 27 Productions’ own art director Rob Davis. Thus above, we have actress Paige Henderson who will be playing crime reporter Sally Paige. We also talked about the coincidence dealing with the name. Well, after some thought, we had a neat idea and approached Canadian artist Ted Hammond, showed him the images about and asked if he might draw Ms. Henderson as Sally. He was only to happy to comply.

TH Sally

And here is that sketch. Ted cut Paige’s hair, and dressed her in the appropriate costume…and voila. We sent copies to Ms. Henderson and the producers. This is just a little tease on how she will eventually appear in the film.


Speaking of the producers, last Sunday, Father’s Day, the Air Chief, along with writer-director-producer Erik Franklin (above) were both guest on Dr. Art Sippo’s fun podcast show, Art’s Review where we spent a full hour and a half talking about the movie and the Kickstarter Campaign. It was tons of fun and Erik and the Air Chief are starting to line up more such podcast appearances. The Kickstarter Campaing is rolling along and we need to keep that going.

And on more good news for these talented movie producers, their very first feature film, the sci-fi REVENGE OF THE LOST, has been picked up for sale and rent on Amazon Prime. (  Hope you’ll support their efforts. The success of this first film could have lots of positive affects on the Brother Bones project.


And finally we’re going to leave you with two really super cool visuals. Actor David Stoker is so excited about playing the twin Bonello brothers and then later Brother Bones, he and his own brother, a photographer, did up the composite image above, showing him as the deadly twin assassins. He posted it in a message to the Air Chief about a week ago.


We were so taken with it, we thought it might be fun to get Rob Davis on board to do a drawing giving David the needed look, i.e. hair and clean shaven face, plus the proper 30s attire to make it all gel according to the description of Jack and Tommy in that first origin story. He turned in this absolutely great piece and there you have actor David Stoker as the Bone Brothers. Now how cool is that? In the end, we hope all you Loyal Airmen will continue to spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign. The more people we can reach, the better our chances of making our goal and funded the movie.

That’s it for another week, as ever, thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!