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My name is Ron Fortier, and I have been a professional writer for over thirty-five years. I have worked on comic book projects such as The Hulk, Popeye, Rambo and Peter Pan. With my two most popular comic series being The Green Hornet and The Terminator (with Alex Ross). With Ardath Mayhar I penned two TSR fantasy novels, and in 2001 I had my first play, a World War II romantic comedy, produced.

This site serves as a portfolio of the work I’ve done to date, as a showcase for projects in the works, and as home for my online Journal (below), which will be updated frequently.

I am currently writing and producing pulp novels and short stories for various publishers and have several movie scripts floating around Hollywood looking for a home, and if that isn’t enough, I also have a review column at the website.

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A devoted grandfather of six, at 68, I am thrilled to be part of the new web-comic evolution. Part of this joy is in the realization of a life long dream, that of becoming a pulp writer.

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4 Sep | '2015

Greeting Loyal Airmen, it looks like we’re going to kick off the Labor Day weekend with a really special new Airship 27 Productions book release.


JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – Devi’s Handmaid is the first book in a new saga by Nancy Hansen, a dear friend and one of the finest new pulp writers working today. It is a straight out, old fashion pirate adventure about a young girl who disguises herself as a boy to sign aboard a pirate ship. This is one of those book’s the Air Chief simply could not put down once we started reading. Nancy is such an amazing writer and all our Loyal Airmen should grab a copy of this soon to be classic right now. It features a cover by Terry Pavlet and interior illustrations by our own Rob Davis. The book is now available from Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.


On the comic front, the Air Chief’s work for Moonstone comics continues at a steady pace.  Recently super artist Michael Stribling turned in this cover for the first issue of GUNS OF THE BLACK BAT. It blew us out of the water when we first saw it. Naturally we’ll keep you posted as to when the first issue is completed and on-sale.

big-bookRon Fortier

It was also a big week the Tommy Hancock benefit anthology project we’ve been putting together for over the past month.  At midnight on Monday, the deadline for story submissions ended and we woke up Tuesday to having logged in 62 brand new pulp stories by some of the finest writers in the business today. Thus ended phase one. Now it is on to phase two, getting 62 illustrations, one for each of the stories. To that end we’ve recruited a dozen gifted graphic artists who have begun turning in some amazing pieces. One such came in from our Art Director Rob Davis and it is the illustration for the Air Chief’s newest Brother Bones short that appears in this anthology.  Called “The Hideout,” the story features the three contest winners of the Scaldcrow Games Kickstarter campaign of a few months ago.  All three winners were written into the tale as hitmen trying to rub out the Undead Avenger.  Rob did a fantastic job of capturing their likeness; that’s Mark Kalita about to kick down a door, behind him with long hair is pal Gerald Kuster and then behind him holding a shotgun is Michael Brown. We hope our pulp fans enjoy their cameos. We’ll keep you posted on the book’s continued progress as ever.

So, where did summer go? Here we are entering into the Labor Day weekend and time continues to whip by.  The Air Chief will be the guest at a new one day comic con here in Fort Collins in another week, more about that next week.  Till then, have a great holiday weekend, be careful on the roads if traveling and thanks as ever for dropping by.  See you next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!