Peter Pan
Mr. Jigsaw
Street Fighter
The Green Hornet
The Boston Bombers
Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe
The Terminator: The Burning Earth with Alex Ross (2003)
Days of the Dragon (2004)
Temple & Nash (2004) with Johnny Atomic
Daughter of Dracula (2007)
Brother Bones (2008)

Price For The Asking (2010)

Ron Fortier’s Tales of the Macabre (2011)

Paradise Falls (2014)

I.V. Frost Scientific Investigator (2014)

Guns of the Black Bat (2016)


Web Comics (Modern Pulp)

Doctor Satan – Checkmate in Red
Mr.Jigsaw – New Adventures



Trail of the Seahawks (1987) with Ardath Mayhar
Monkey Station (1989) with Ardath Mayhar
The Hounds of Hell with Gordon Linzner (2004)

Brother Bones -The Undead Avenger (2005)

Captain Hazzard РPython Men of the Lost City  with Chester Hawks (2005)

Captain Hazzard – Curse of the Red Maggot with Chester Hawks (2006)

Captain Hazzard – Citadel of Fear with Martin Powel (2007)

Ghost Squad – Rise of the Black Legion with Andrew Salmon (2008)

Captain Hazzard – Cavemen of New York (2010)

Brother Bones – Tapestry of Blood (2013)

Lady Action – The Sands of Forever (2015)

Captain Hazzard – Custer’s Ghost (2016)



Where Loves Takes You (2001)


Short Fiction

The Raid on Tauron IV (1974)
The Hero-Maker (1974)
The Bride of Balan (1981) with Glenn Arthur Rahman
Skeleton in the Closet (1985) with Kevin J.Anderson

Fury in Vermont (2005)

The Spider in The Invisible Gang (2006)

The Phantom in The Fastest Hero (2007)

Last Day on the Job (2007)

The Miss Beantown Affair (2007)

Domino Lady in Claws of the Cat (2009)

Green Hornet in Eyes of the Madonna (2010)

The Yellow Dog (2010)

The Avenger in Justice Is Mine (2011)

The Hot Dog Kid (2011)

The Ghoul (2013)

The Lawman (2013)

The Monsters of Adobe Wells (2013)

The Spider in Spider Trap (2014)

Red Blizzard (2014)

Hell From Above (2015)

Tony Quinn For The Defense (2016)

The Desert Contest (2016)