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Greetings Loyal Airmen, the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis just came back from this yea’s Pulpfest in Columbus, Ohio, and honestly, we think it was the best Pulpfest ever. The folks who put it on did a stellar job, the crowds were bigger, we saw lots of Loyal Airmen who have become regulars over the years and made tons of new friends. Sales were really great, as pulp fans came and gobbled up so man of our books. It was most rewarding.


Now unlike comic shows, we see very few costumes at pulp conventions, but lo and behold, this charming lady showed up Saturday in her original Flash outfit and we thought it was terrific. Enough so that the Air Chief had to get a pix with her. We do love the Flash.


Another highlight of the show every year is our getting to moderate the New Pulp Panel. This year joining me on the platform, from left to right, were writers Frank Schildiner, Rick Lai, Jeff Fournier & Jim Beard. That’s the Air Chief to far left having a blast keeping the discussion moving along. Our theme was The Heirs of Weird Tales, whereas part of the con’s overall theme this year was celebrating perhaps the greatest pulp mag of them all, Weird Tales. And so our new pulp writers discussed how the writers who graced the pages of that classic pulp title were not only some of the best writers in the world, but how they influenced them personally in their own careers. It was a fast, fun-filled hour and it seemed out audience really enjoyed it a great deal.

Tuskegee Airmen ... the legacy continues

Finally in regards to the show, the Air Chief needs to give a shout out to ALL our Loyal Airmen, our regular readers who support us so graciously.  During a busy selling period late Sat. afternoon, a gentlemen who had never bought from us before came up to our table and began perusing our titles. He was clearly interested and so the Air Chief began explaining who we were and what we did at Airship 27 Productions. In the middle of our little spiel one of our regular customers came up to the table, realized what we were doing and without any inducement what-so-ever from the Air Chief, turned and told this other fellow that we were the best publisher of new pulp in the hall and that all our titles were of the highest quality and there wasn’t a bad one on the table. Clearly taken with this unsolicited testimony, the newbie looked at him, turned around, scanned our books again and then bought two of them.  WOW!!!  And that Loyal Airmen is why we love you guys and gals so much. We simply could not do any of this without you. Thanks so very, very much!


As you Loyal Airmen know, beside all the writing and editing we do, we also continue to write a very widely read review column called “Pulp Fiction Reviews” where our goal is to bring to you Loyal Airmen a look at some amazing new books coming from small publishers which you would most likely not ever find in an Barnes & Noble store. Such a book was “Weasels Ripped My Flesh,” a collection of great adventure stories taken from the pages of the old Men’s Adventure Mags of the post-World War II era and edited by Bob Deis. It’s a great book and we recommended it highly in one of our recent reviews. Imagine our pleasant surprise when Deis and his co-editors did up the above ad featuring our image and a quote from that review. Here’s hoping this only helps increase their readership. You can find this at Amazon.


And finally we’re going to end this week’s Flight Log with some exciting news. We have just begun talks with the good folks at Radio Archives, an outfit out of California that does audio books in the fashion of old time radio dramatizations. For the past few years Radio Archives has made a name for themselves by adapting classic pulp novels such as Doc Savage, the Spider and many others. These are a hoot to listen to. Recently they’ve hooked up with our friends at Pro Se Production to adapt some of their great new pulp titles and now they are in talks with us to bring some Airship 27 Productions to the air-waves. Again, this is early in talks, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll soon be able to report some partnership that will be bring some of our fine titles to audio.  Stay tuned.

And there you have it, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!

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