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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well after almost an entire month, Val and the Air Chief are back home in lovely Fort Collins, Colorado. Our time with family in Florida was much fun. Including our seven day cruise aboard the Norwegian Oasis of the Seas.


What an amazing marvel that ship is. We sailed the eastern Caribbean ending on their private island of Coco Key where the Air Chief took advantage of checking off a bucket list item – we did the three part zip-line. It was awesome, though climbing three five story towers wearing a twenty pound harness was a chore this 76 old dude was not expecting. Ha. Above left, on Deck # 8 was a minor recreation of Central Park with flowers in bloom. Great place for a pix with Val and yours truly.


Along with us on the trip were Val’s sister, Barbara (seated at left) and her husband Gus (in peach colored tee) and of course Val (standing) and the Air Chief. All of us with champagne toasting our recent anniversaries. 50th for Barb & Bus, and 40th for Val and yours truly. On Deck 5 we found this gorgeous Cord Classic. Would have loved to take that home. Same care my pulp hero Captain Hazzard drives.


Also at the other end of Deck 5 was the aft Boardwalk with a full size carousel which you have to know the little kids loved riding. And in middle above, the Air Chief ends his support to the dancing figure with the balloons in front of the Johnny Rocket’s burger joint. Our cabin waiter would surprise us ever day with a new animal figure created from the room’s towels. The bulldog above was our favorite.


Our journey ended on the beaches of Coco Key, where the Air Chief did his zip-lining jaunt. But after that ordeal, it was just lounging in our private cabana only yards from the beach. Talk about a little piece of heaven on earth. It ended all too soon, but the four us will have memories to cherish for years to come.


AIR-274Altiva illo #6

Once back home, it was back to work for the Air Chief. First up releasing Airship 27’s newest pulp title, the fantasy adventure “Journey to Stormrest” by writer Teel James Glenn. This is part of his Chronicles of Altiva series and lots of swashbuckling fun. Rob Davis provided the cover (above left) while artist Christ Nye the nine interior illustrations, of which one is shown (above right) : it being the one that inspired the cover. It is, as all our titles, now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.




Digital “pencils” for the first four pages of “Hamlet’s End”, a western written by the Air Chief and illustrated by Zane DeGaine, to be published by Pulp Fission.Ashcan preview available at Wicked West Comic Expo 2023 in Loveland, Colorado in two weeks.Two cover variants for the ashcan: regular and blank sketch cover.Full first issue (inks and possibly color) later this summer/ early fall.



We are also thrilled to let you know that our comics sci-fi series, BEYOND THE STARS, is getting ready to release it’s second issue via a Silverline Kickstarter campaign. This time, rather putting it in a package with three other titles, it will be paired only with one. The second issue of Scott Wakefield’s excellent STEAM PATRIOTS. We love that idea. Below is the link to where you can sign on. We truly appreciate all the support you gave us with issue # 1. Also let us remind you, if you do sign to help us, there will be the opportunity to get both Beyond the Stars # 1 and Steam Patriots # 1. Below is the link, Loyal Airmen. Thanks so much.



Once again, Loyal Airmen, it’s time for the best pulp show of the year, the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con, held in the Chicago suburb of Lombard, Il. Above left is Chief Engineer Rob Davis & the Air Chief from last year’s show. This year, to entice more of your Loyal Airmen to attend, we’re having a sale special with a “free” book to any purchaser of four. That’s five Airship 27 titles for only $60. Another fun event at the show is the Friday night presentation of the Pulp Factory Awards. We always look forward to that. So if you haven’t any plans for April 20th to 23th why don’t you come by and join us. We’d love to see you there.



And finally, today is Good Friday, marking the end of Lent and the remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of His mission to rescue all mankind from the slavery of sin. He loved us all unto death and proved it on that beautiful cross. May all of you of faith have a truly wonderful Easter when on Sunday morning we will once again shout out, ALLELUIA…HE HAS RISEN….ALLELUIA!!!

Ron – Over & Out!

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