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Greetings Loyal Airmen, the Air Chief is terribly excited to let you know we’ve just released our first Airship 27 title for 2024. Oh yeah. Read on, McDuff! (See we had Shakespear in school too.)



Airship 27 is so proud to announce the release of “JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – CAPTAIN JOHNSTON” the 9th book in the Pirate Queen saga by Pulp Grandmaster Nancy Hansen. In this chapter, her daring Jezebel finally gets her own ship and crew and begins to start the next and most exciting stage of her pirate career. Historically accurate in every detail, these books are amazing reads. As ever our own Art Director Rob Davis provided all the black and white interior illustrations, (above middle) while Canadian artist Ted Hammond the absolutely gorgeous cover (above left). If it looks even a wee bit familiar, that’s only because way back when, Ted did the cover to Volume 4 “MOURNING STAR” for us and the Air Chief has always loved it. Enough so that we went back to Ted and asked if he’d like to do a second for us and he delivered. Note, this book is dedicated to his daughter, Stephanie, who passed away in 2023. As ever it is available now at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Again, thanks for your continued support Loyal Airmen.



The Air Chief has been a huge Luke Combs fan for several years now. We believe he’s one of the best Country Western singers/songwriters working today and love all of his music. Recently, we thought we’d use some of Santa presented Amazon cards and buy Luke’s two latest CDs, “Growing Up” and “Getting Old.” When ordering them on-line, we thought it strange that the cover photos looked very, very much alike. It wasn’t until the CDs arrived yesterday that we realized…putting them side by side, they formed on continuous image. (See above.) Someone in his group is a very creative designer. We can’t wait to listen to them. So, what kind of music do you Loyal Airmen enjoy?



Our son Kevin and his wife Melanie love bulldogs and ever since they married, they’ve always had one. Whereas several years back to acquired a brother a sister, Maxi and Zuko. A few days ago he sent along this pix of them which the Air Chief found adorable and wanted to share with all of you. Dogs are such beautiful and loving creatures.

Alright Loyal Airmen, we’ll end this short Flight Log here. Things have been hopping around the old Airship 27 Hangar with lots of great new story submissions coming our way. And after launching Nancy’s new Jezebel Johnston title, you can expect to several others popping up soon enough. It’s looking like 2024 is going to be a busy year. So stay with us.

Ron – Over & Out!

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