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Greetings Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log.  As you read these words, the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis are in Kentucky for the Pikeville Comic & Toy Con.  Meanwhile a few topics here for you to peruse and enjoy.


There is nothing the Air Chief likes better than seeing our friends succeed in whatever they do. Artist Zane DeGaine has been working hard at his craft and last year debut his first ever comic book FASTBACK at a local con. Now he’s just completed an assignment for the latest issue of SKILL SET magazine, which we are holding above.


In the magazine is a 3 page spread article on classic violent macho he-man movies and all the illustrations were done by Zane.  And they are beautiful. Congratulations, amigo!  We’re sure there will be many for such assignments in the future.


And speaking of friends, how about 62 of them who all contributed to the LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION which last week was released as an audio-book from Radio Archives!


Four years ago, Airship 27 Productions published “Legends of New Pulp Fiction,” a giant, 776 pg book containing 62 stories by today’s leading pulp writers and illustrated by 35 of the best graphic artist in the business with a cover by Doug Klauba. The project was inspired as a charity project for then ailing pulp publisher/writer Tommy Hancock. Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier and Art Director Rob Davis, helmed the herculean task aided by Assistant Editors Jaime Ramos & Todd Jones. Upon its publication the book became an immediate success and is today considered the premier introductory volume to New Pulp Fiction.

Shortly after the book’s release, a few fans joked on social media about the possibility of an audio version of the giant tome. At that time, most thought the idea impossible as the logistics and man-hours required would be daunting.  Never tell Tom Brown of Radio Archives something cannot be done. After years of strategizing, Brown assembled six of the finest narrators in the audio-book game, devised a workable schedule and assigned them each X number of stories. Now the project is completed and “Legends of New Pulp Fiction,” is available both as a digital download and a 40 CDs package in two sets.

Legend (2)LEGEND

Volume One contains CDs 1-20 while Volume Two CDs 21-40. Each set’s spine is two inches thick. Readers Mark Finfrock, Joe Formichella, Paul Curtis, Roger Price, Mike and Milton Bagby provide 40 hours of listening thrills and spills.  We are still pretty much in shock about all this. When Tom informed Rob and Yours Truly that this audio version was a reality, both of us were stunned and that’s an understatement. TomBrown  is a creative dynamo and his passion for what he does is inspiring and we couldn’t be any happier with this new and exciting version of our book. New Pulp fans are in for an unbelievable listening adventure.  Whether downloading the digital streaming version or the big two CD sets, Loyal Airmen are getting 40 hours of amazing audio pulp adventures.



Finally, after a long hiatus, we are thrilled to announce the release of Airship 27 Productions newest pulp title – THE PERSONA, Green Fleshed Fiends by Michael Housel.  The Persona is sort of a Dr. Strange – Phantom Detective kind of occult warrior and in this new thriller he battles a German scientist who has figured how to open a portal to other dimensions and thereby allow all kinds of creatures to invade our world. Chris Rawding provides the stunning cover and Kevin Paul Shaw Broden the black and white interiors.  As ever available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Thanks always for your continued support.

Okay, all for this week, Loyal Airmen. Time to head for Pikeville, Kentucky. See you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!




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