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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s Memorial Day holiday, both family get togethers and barbecues etc. At the same time remembering the purpose of the day, to remember all Americans who gave up their lives for our country.


Valerie and the Air Chief stopped by the Northern Colorado Visitors Center located at Spring Canyon here in Fort Collins. The place as mobbed with hundreds of people, many of them Vietnam veterans. Our salute to Fort Collins for always respecting and honoring the memories of our fallen veterans.



Artist Jesse Thomas has been hard at work on issue #1 and has done rough break downs of the first nine pages we scripted. We were so tempted to show you more, but realized they contain an opening scene which needs to be kept secret until the book is published. Thus the page above is Pg # 8 and we’ll leave you Loyal Airmen to try and decipher what it is all about. Feel free to send along your guesses.


13873170_1164465880242187_5638671572151858666_n01 Page 8 cropped09 color

Over the past ten years, the Air Chief has had lots of fun writing the adventures of space smuggler, Captain Jain Marlee. Those short stories have appeared in various black and white anthologies from various independent comic publishers. We’re happy to announce there is a new Capt. Jain strip now in the works and near completion. It’s called “Ghost World” and is being illustrated by my artist pal Ariel Aguire. The pages at above center and to the right are Ariel’s on the strip. Color is piece was done a while back by another artist whose name we sadly don’t recall. Anyway, Arile and spoke for the very first time last week when we gave him a phone call. He lives out in California. It was a great chat and we enjoyed it a lot. He’s excited about wrapping up “Ghost World” and soon as he does, trust me, Loyal Airmen, we will find a home for it and getting published. Till then stay tuned.



One of the greatest pulp writers of all time was Lester Dent, the creator of Doc Savage. Over his lifetime Dent wrote hundred of great pulp tales, many featuring other heroes only true diehard pulp fans are familiar with. Whereas recently we learned that Dent had wanted to write a western series featuring a mysterious gun-toting avenger called The Cowl. He wrote one Cowl story but it was rejected by the various pulp mags of the day. In the end he merely filed it away and forgot about. Now, after all this time, Tommy Hancock, publisher/editor of Pro Se Press, working pulp historian Will Murray, is about to revive this lost hero via a brand new anthology. And yes, the Air Chief was asked to contribute a story for the book, which we completed only a few days ago. Our story is called “Rattler’s Reckoning” and comes in a little over 14,000.  We’re extremely excited about the project and as soon as the book is finished and off to the presses, we’ll give you Loyal Airmen a loud shout out. Not ever day we get to write a lost pulp hero created by a pulp master.  Oh, yeah.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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