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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope all of you had a truly wonderful Christmas. We are writing the start of this Flight Log the day after and wanted to share a few little bits with all of you. As ever we received lots of beautiful, loving Christmas cards whereas the one that made us laugh aloud arrived from son Scott, which you see above left. Too funny Scott. And if you’re at all curious as to what Santa brought the Air Chief, there were lots of great Amazon gift cards which we appreciate so much, being the avid reader we are. Then on opening gifts under the tree there indeed were several fun surprises like the Lainey Wilson CD Album, “Bell Bottom Country.” Her song, “Heart Like a Truck” is one of our favorite the past few months. Then we received a new Funko Pop, this one of Spike Spiegel from the classic anime series “Cowboy Bebob.” While over the years the Air Chief has contributed a half dozen comic strips to pal Warren Montgomery’s comic series, “Fun Adventure Comics.” Well, Warren collected all of them in one huge omnibus and someone in the family saw it on or Amazon wish list. Oh yeah. Way to go Santa. We hope all you Loyal Airmen also received some wonderful surprises as well.


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We are thrilled to inform you that Florida based artist Javier Lugo has begun work in earnest on “Chivalry Inc.” This is another one of those projects we created decades ago about a female private eye that for one reason or another simply could not get off the ground, though several super talented artists worked with us on it in the past. Now Javier is on board as is Silverline Comics which will be published the mini-series. Above is the symbol for Valerie Chevalier’s agency, Chivalry Inc. “For People in Need.” A sketch of Valerie and the roughs of pg # 1 by Javier. Yes, Loyal Airmen, we are really excited about this one. Look out 2024, here comes Chivalry!



Just received the final story for “The Adventures of Radio Rita – Vol 2.” Hot dog!! Ready for new flying adventures with the redheaded ace of Hangar 27? Oh yeah. This volume’s writer are Curtis Fernlund, Gene Moyers, Glen Held and Samantha Lienhard. As ever, this will be one of many great new titles we have coming your way in 2024 from Airship 27 Production. Stay tuned.

And that’s a wrap for this, the last week of 2023, Loyal Airmen. As always, thanks for stopping by weekly. We truly appreciated all your support and wish you and all your loved ones a truly Happy New Year.



Ron – Over & Out!

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