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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as the wonderful image above depicts, the special star has appeared in the heavens and soon our savior will arrive. In this last week of Advent we pray for all of you with the courage to put aside the hustle and bustle of this commercial world we live in and reflect on the true meaning of this time. Get your house in order, surround yourselves with the people you and let’s get this journey to Bethlehem on the road.



Artist Jesse Thomas is keeping busy with more pages of our Crimson Nun project finished. Here are the pencils and inks for Pg # 17. The action is really starting to heat up here.  Hopefully issue # 1 will be out early in 2024. We’ve a truly awesome Fred Lang cover in the files and the book will be published by Ben Dunn’s Antarctic Press. Stay tuned.


Buck Jones cover artBuckJones21stBKCVR

With the year coming to a speedy close, we are thrilled to announce the last title from Airship 27 Production for 2023 will be “Buck Jones in the 21st Century” by Darryle Purcell. This is a terrific, fun fantasy adventure where the famous western stars of the early 40s, Buck Jones, is brought into the 1970s by government agents, via a secret time machine, and he aids them fight communist spies operating out of the Arizona desert. It really is a wild romp and Purcell, an Army Vietnam veteran, former Hollywood animator and self-publisher, provided all the art for the book, from his dandy cover above left and all the black and white interior illustrations. Rob Davis designed it all and it is now available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your continued support.



After we wrapped up our new I.V. Frost story last week for Joe Gentile’s Moonstone Pulps, it was back to work on script # 3 for the second volume adventures of The Boston Bombers, which we are doing with artist Rob Davis. And we finished that two days ago. Above are years old sketches of some of the Bombers cast done by artist Robin Ator. Sadly Robin only ever worked on these preliminary pieces and never got to illustrate the comics. But having these wonderful pictures in our files, we thought you Loyal Airmen might enjoy seeing them.



A week ago or so, we made it known that “Jin & Tonik” co-creator and artist, Cesar Feliciano would be taking over the coloring chores for that project.  Above to the left above is Pg 18 of issue # 1 as colored by Matt Webb. Matt’s a pro colorist and it’s obvious. On the right above is that same page only now colored by Cesar. Keeping in mind, this is new to Cesar, we were blown away. He’s totally got the knack for this and we are confident the finished book is going to look fantastic. We’ll keep you posted.



And finally in just two days we will have come to the end of our Advent journey to that small stable in the little town of Bethlehem where a baby boy was born to Mary & Joseph. Our God and Savior, come in human form, helpless and vulnerable, so that he might save us from our sins and lead us back to our heavenly. It is our wish, Valerie and the Air Chief, that all you Loyal Airmen have the most beautiful, loving, Merry Christmas. God bless you all,

Ron – Over & Out!

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