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Greetings Loyal airmen, as we’ve no new releases for a few more weeks, we thought we’d show off some art be assembled for several upcoming title.


As most of you are well aware, the best selling series from Airship 27 Production is our SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective and we’re happy to tell you Vol 16 of that series is coming along nicely. This will feature stories by Ian Watson, Greg Hatcher and Lee Houston Jr. At present Art Director Rob Davis is doing the interior illustrations and at the right (above) is one such completed. One of the elements of Rob’s work that all of us admire so much is his detailing. That illustration demanded a lot of time and attention, from the cobblestones on the street to the actual buildings and streetlamps. Rob is truly a master illustrator. He also took time to adapt the back-cover text we did up and designed it with that picture of London. We think it looks super. But wait until you see the cover. We’ve put together something really terrific for this one. Stay tuned.


One of our favorite writers at Airship 27 is the wonderfully talented Nancy Hansen. Many of you Loyal Airmen will recognize that name as Nancy is the author of the amazing Pirate Queen Saga Jezebel Johnson which we’ve publishing for the past few years. Well, Nancy has kicked off another series with us and this one is an all out fantasy entitled THE SILVER PENTACLE. While editing the first volume, we starting thinking ahead as to who would be best suited to do the illustrations for this series. The first thought we had was of our pal Guy Davis, a Colorado resident. After explaining the concept of the series to Guy, he delighted us with signing on. To day he’s done several terrific illustrations including his latest which is above here. We couldn’t be happier. This is really going to be a gorgeous package when it is completed, with both a great story and beautiful artwork.


And finally, as most of you Loyal Airmen are aware, when releasing WHO’S WHO IN NEW PULP months ago, we told people all proceeds would be going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and with weeks of the book being out we sent them a check for over $300. Well after another three months up at Amazon, we are now sending them a second check, this one for $409. We can’t thank all of you who supported this project enough, and our 222 writers and artists who participated. The New Pulp Community is wonderful indeed.

Ron – Over & Out!

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