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Welcome Loyal Airmen to our first Flight Log of 2017.  Again, we hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season.  Winter has descended on Fort Collins this past week and the temps keep going up and down, proving how fickle Mother Nature always is.  Okay, on to some fun stuff, which will portent lots of great things coming down the road this year.

brother bones sketch-page6brother bones sketch-page7

Artist Silvestri Szilagyi, who is working with the Air Chief to do a graphic novel based on the Brother Bones movie screenplay, turned in another six page roughs this past week, above are pages 6 & 7 from that project. Again, these are just roughs.  His plan is to draw out completed the first 20 pages of our 130 page script and we will use those, as well as a few characters sketches, as a presentation package in our attempt to find a publisher willing to take on the project.  Keep your fingers crossed. Of course we are also sharing these roughs with the movie’s producers as they do make excellent storyboards as well.  We will keep you posted.


Happily, Silvestre sent in more sketches, this time of some of the principle characters that appear in the movie/graphic novel.  All based on Rob Davis’ original drawings.  Those in color are by Rob, Silvestre’s the black and white sketches.  Here is his take on Judy, the prostitute who is murdered by Tommy Bonello, thus setting the entire story in motion.

TreyAbelardcharacters-trey abelard

And here we have Trey Abelard, the mob informer.

BoneBrothers1characters-tommy and jack

And of course the twin killers themselves, the Bone brothers, Tommy and Jack. The Air Chief is truly excited about this project but also weary of the challenge to find a publisher for it. Independent comics like this are a hard sell.  But rest assured we’ll give it our best shot.


Whereas we are on a media theme here, we thought it would be appropriate to look at two other Airship 27 Productions titles that caught the attention of Hollywood last year.  A cable network agent approached author Robert Ricci about his west coast private eye, Rutherford Jones in regards to optioning the character for a possible TV series.  Meanwhile, Fred Adams Jr. met as yet another independent film producer interested in his horror/crime series Hitwolf. Both are of course tentative and these are simply initial feelers, but look at what it portents for the future of New Pulp. In one year, there was actual media interest in three of our titles, with Brother Bones leading the charge as it is moving ahead towards production. Whereas the expressed interest in Rutherford Jones and Hitwolf clearly indicates that Hollywood is discovering New Pulp and the great material it has to offer. What new titles will eventually grab their attention. The Air Chief truly believes the year ahead could be a very exciting one for the entire New Pulp community. Let’s make some dreams come true.

Ron – Over & Out!

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