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Greetings Loyal Airmen, and welcome to a really special Flight Log. Few of our closest friends and family members know that when the Air Chief graduated from high school, he had some thoughts of becoming a teacher. Alas, Vietnam and our three year stint in the Army sort of knocked that idea of the rails and upon our return to civilian life in 1968, our entire goal was on becoming a profession comic book writer. Little did we know at that time what a wild and amazing ride those dreams would lead us on. And here we are over 50 years after high school, with over six hundred comics written and published, now both a pulp editor & publisher (when not writing them) and we are about to launch our teaching career. Yup, you read that correctly. On Sept. 27th we’ll begin teaching an 8 week course at the Front Range Community College here in Fort Collins CO.

The classes will be on Wed nights between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM. and the class will run until the 15th of Nov. We will be teaching folks who to write a professional comic script, how to create memorable characters and stories and in the end be able to do a complete Proposal Presentation ready to show perspective editors and publishers. Anyone interested in taking the calls can either go on to FRCC’s on-line site and register there, on they can call the office at 970-204-8686 during normal business hours. The fee will be $149.

To say the Air Chief is excited about this new gig would be a gross understatement. Over the years, we’ve given many, many grade school presentations, adult workshops etc. etc. But now, we’ve finally reached the pinnacle and will be able to share the things we’ve learned…and loved with others. What on earth could be more fun than that? Stay tuned.


While away at Pulpfest last weekend (hope you all enjoyed those pictures from last week’s Flight Log) we also managed to release our latest pulp title from Airship 27 Productions; TALES FROM THE HANGING MONKEY Vol 2 – It feature four new stories by Don Gates, Bill Craig, J. Walt Layne and Nancy Hansen with Lee Houston Jr. These are all set on the tiny South Sea island of Motugra where a cast of colorful characters all hang out. Interiors on this one are by pro artist Mike Harris and the cover above by our own Rob Davis. The book is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you’ll check it out.


And at the start of this new week we put out as yet another title, JIM ANTHONY – SUPER DETECTIVE VS MASTERMIND. It is our fifth Jim Anthony book and is a part novel by writer Adam Mudman Bezecny. Each of the first three stories pits the Super Detective against a different challenge until he deduces all of them were the work of one criminal genius, Mastermind. Jim finally hunts them down in the final story for an all out action adventure climax.  Artist Richard Jun provides the black and white interior illustrations and Adam Shaw that gorgeous cover above. As ever, the book is available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. It’s tons of fun and proof once again that no one at Hangar 27 ever gets any sleep these days.  Ha.


Many years ago, the Air Chief wrote a short story plus a bunch of comic strip adventures featuring a classic pulp hero named I.V. Frost. All of these were done for Moonstone Books and pal Joe Gentile. Ultimately, when the release of their pulp titles hit some roadblocks, we took two of the comic strips and published themselves via Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio.  Now, all these years later, the actual prose anthology has been published and is available for sale at the Moonstone website. Here’s the link ( Note this is a paperback. Should Moonstone later offer a special hardback edition, which is their plan, then it will feature that last, never before published comic strip we wrote. It was illustrated by artist Jake Minor. Meanwhile among the other writers in the anthology itself you’ll find Gene Moyers, Frank Schildiner and a host of other top notch New Pulp scribes. Will be so happy to have this up on our own library shelves.


And finally, the Air Chief is very thrilled to announce the release of Lucky Comics’ MAJOR LIBERTY # 1, a character we created long, long ago for a small Maine outfit called Alpha Productions. Sadly that company folded before the character could be published. Now, all these many years later, pencil artist Kevin Wiggins dug up all 16 pages of her first story and send them along to Lucky Comics where inker Jimmy Hachey did a bang up job inking them. Then Lucky’s own Managing Editor John Helmer lettered the project from our re-written script.  Issue one is the first 8 pgs of her origin tale and will wrap up in issue # 2. Only proving why we never – ever throw away our old scripts.

Finally, we end on a bit of a sad note. The Brother Bones Movie Kickstarter Campaign failed, coming nowheres near reaching its goal. So there will be no movie from Franklin – Husser Entertainment LLC. But that doesn’t mean there aren ‘t lots more Brother Bones The Undead Avenger tales coming your way. In fact the Air Chief is almost 60% finished the next story collection will be sub-titled CITY OF LOST SOULS. So stay tuned. And who knows, maybe one day another movie outfit will come along and get the ball rolling again.

All for now, see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!


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