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Greetings Loyal Airmen, later this afternoon Valerie and the Air Chief will be in Old Town, Fort Collins, at the Northsiade Aslan Community Center to set up our tables for this year’s Fort Collins, Comic Con. As you can see from the media ad above (left).  We hope to see many of our Loyal Airmen from both Colorado and neighboring Wyoming there. We will be found at Tables E-6 and E-7 with lots of goodies both pulps and comics.  Here’s a sample.

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And those are just some of the comics. We’ll also have quite a few pulps as well.


So as you can see, Loyal Airmen, lots of good stuff. Again hope to see you there.

MYSTERY MEN (& Women) Vol 9


A few weeks ago we told you our latest volume of “Mystery Men (& Women)” was nearing completion and voila, it is now on sale at Amazon. Once again our wonderful showcase series features four tales of four brand new pulp heroes. First we have Jaime Ramos’ Steelgrave, then Jonathan Sweet’s Black Wraith, followed by Mark Allen Van’s new Killdevil tale. Wrapping it all up is Jarrett Mazza’s first work for Airship 27 and the creation of his character The Zig-Zag Man. Art Director Rob Davis provides all the interior illustrations and that great colorful Killdevil cover above. The book is now available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. As ever Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your continued support.


Enola Holmes 2

The Air Chief was just thinking the other on how good actor Henry Cavill was in playing Sherlock Holmes in the two made for Netflix Enola Holmes movies. Makes one wonder why no smart producer hasn’t approached him about doing an actual Sherlock Holmes series for the streaming outfit? Mentioned this on FB and the response from friends and colleagues was overwhelmingly in support of the concept. So come on, Netflix. Make it happen.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Tomorrow and Sunday will find Valerie and the Air Chief having fun at the annual Fort Collins Comic Con. Hope to see many of your Loyal Airmen there.

Ron – Over & Out!

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