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Greetings Loyal Airmen, before getting into any comic or pulp stuff, we want to keep you updates on Valerie’s recovery from her knee replacement surgery she had done a week ago today. And the Air Chief is so damn proud of her. Three days after the surgery, a licensed therapist came to the house to see how things were going and explain new exercises Val would need to do as part of her recover. Well, the therapist was simply blown away totally surprised to see Val walking up and down the hall to the kitchen and back to the bedroom without the use of any kind of walker. Then when we showed her how we hourly exercised her leg, as the surgeon had taught us, again she was blown away. In the end, she said was leagues further along in her recovery than 90% of the patients she sees. And that we were making her job lots easier. We’ll be seeing a home therapist twice more this week and the three next before our post op visit with the surgeon. So we got an A+, which was no surprise to the Air Chief, as we are married to the toughest, strongest, bravest woman in the world. Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers. Please, don’t stop now. We both need them more than ever. God bless you all.



Artist Rob Davis, another busy dude, managed to whip up the newest page to issue # 2 of “The Boston Bmbers Vol 2″ and as ever it is stellar. As he does so, the Air Chief is hoping to be able to finish the script for issue # 3. As expected, with Val’s surgery, things got pushed back a wee bit. But we’ll manage, having too much fun doing Bombers again.



Trust us, Loyal Airmen, nobody loves Christmas more than the Air Chief. Our life has been filled with lots of wonderful, cherished memories of this truly beautiful time of year. As children entranced with all the magic, the tree, the story of that Elfish Toy Maker Santa Clause etc. etc. etc. But at the same time, our parents never forgot to stress the real importance of our celebration, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Our Lord, the God who created us, came down to walk among us; to forgive our sins, open the gates of heaven for ever and show us the truth, the light and the way. And as the late Bishop Fulton Sheen remarked, he came down behind enemy lines disguised as an innocent babe. For all his wiles, the enemy never saw that coming. Now it is advent and we once again prepare for his arrival. Oh, you can almost hear the angles singing. Amen.



One of the most popular actors of the silent screen era was Rudolf Valentino, a handsome guy with moody dark looks that his female audiences swooned over. One of the many films this modern day Casanova of the Silver Screen made was “The Shiek” in which he played an Arab prince of the desert. It rocked him to international stardom. So why does the Air Chief bring it up here? Well, one of the books we have in production at Airship 27 is a romance novel by the talented R.A. Jones and somewhere in the story, a dashing hero wearing a turban will appear. The artist doing the cover and interior illustrations asked us if we had any decent reference photos of such…and of course the Air Chief immediately recalled Valentino…and “The Shiek.” We sent the above pix to that artist.  Ah the joys of pulp editing.

Ron – Over & Out!

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