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Greetings Loyal Airmen and welcome to our first Flight Log of 2024. Have a few updates as ever to share with all of you, so let’s get cracking.


Bombers V2-1 CVRfnlBostonBombersV2-16l

After finally launching the second Volume of Boston Bombers last year (color cover above), artist Rob Davis hasn’t wasted any time getting to work on the second issue of this mini-series we are doing via his Redbud Studio. That’s a new page for issue # 3 (above right). Not exactly sure how many issues this volume will run. With Rob hard a work illustrating issue # 2, we wrapped writing issue # 3 about a month ago. The plan, the series will take as many issues as is needed to tell the story. Guess you could say the Air Chief believes each story, like water, finds its only perfect level. Stay tuned.



One of the many projects the Air Chief is excited about in 2024 is the new Brother Bones graphic novel which will for the first time detail his origin. Artist pal Joe Arnold, who recently wrapped up the second issue of Mike Baron’s amazing “Thin Blue Line” is the driving force behind this push to get Bones out there. He’ll be handling the art chores (that’s his poster above middle) while our amigo, Todd Jones, will be assuming the role of Associate Editor on the project. The story will be broken up ala a mini-series and get the Kickstarter Treatment. We’ll provide further information as it starts to happen. Above upper left is faux-cover done up by Kenneth Stock, the Bones fan who actually cast that Brother Bones bronze figure in the picture (above right).



Donat_2Donat sketchFatherDumont

High Kickpinup

In last week’s entry we told you how artist Javier Lugo was in the process of illustrating the first issue of “Chivalry, Inc.” a new series we are doing for Silverline Comics. Now the word “new” is by no means accurate in regards to the age of this concept. Much like my thirty years of waiting to get “Satan’s Ways” realized this was another one of those projects that we’ve tried to get made for decades. Along the way several truly talented artist tried their hands of Valerie Chevalier and her supporting cast, to include ex-cop Donat Richer and Catholic priest Father Dumont. Sadly, as wonderful as their art was (a small sampling shown above) for whatever reasons, these folks simply could not stick the project and so the Chivalry folder kept adding lots of great new art, but no comic. And now, with all fingers tightly crossed, that’s all about to change. Meanwhile, we thought it would be fun to open that folder and share some of that marvelous art with all you Loyal Airmen.



On New Year’s Eve, Valerie and there Air Chief watched¬† the movie “John Carter” again. Every time we do, we are transported to that time when we were young and first discovered Burroughs and John Carter Tars Tarkas and the beautiful Dejah Thoris.¬† It was a magic time in our life and that movie allows us to relive it. That’s movie magic.

And there you have our first Flight Log of the New Year Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Lout!

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