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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this weekend is the second annual Wicked West Comix Expo being held at The Ranch in neighboring Loveland, CO. Show is Sat 15th & Sunday 16th and starts at 10 a.m. each day. Lots of great guests will be on hand including Warrior Nun creator Ben Dunn and Greg Weisman of Gargoyles fame. Yours truly will also be on hand. We really hope to see lots of our local fans there.




 This project has been a blast for the Air Chief. And thank all of you who supported the initial Kickstarter Campaign. Of course we all wish we could have gotten this second issue to you sooner, but artists Andrea Bormida and Mike Belcher need lots of other gigs to make what they do profitable. Still, we all think issue # 2 rocks and hope if you did grab # 1 you enjoyed enough to come back. Remember this is a 6 issue mini. We’ve got a whole lot more story to tell. So again thanks so much. The campaign launched this past Tues day at this link – (…/silverlinecomics/march23)
Several years ago, a British recording studio asked the Air Chief to write a short radio melodrama for them to produce and sell on their program “Another Wavelength.” The idea, by producer Simon Colier, was to do short, less then ten minutes each, audio plays in the Twilight Zone vein. To that end we wrote “Night Army” and it was our first ever such project. EvCol Studio did a fantastic job with it and you can still purchase an audio copy at this link should you be curious. ( Earlier in the week, Simon reached out to us once more. This time asking for something a little longer. After mulling it over, the Air Chief sent him a comic strip script called “Matilda” which we had had illustrated and featured in our our series, “Ron Fortier’s Tales of the Macabre,” from Redbud Studio. We explained that should he like the story, we might be able to re-write it as a radio script. A few days passed and then he replied saying he was thrilled with the idea and to go ahead and do the re-write. It was done, submitted and given major thumbs up. As of now casting has begun and hopefully actual studio recording will take place in a few weeks. Honestly, we are way excited. Radio scripting is something we never imagined we’d ever do. Life is funny that way. It never ceases to surprise us. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen, we’ll keep you posted on “Matilda” and of course, copies of our story collection can still be had at Amazon.
And finally, wrapping up this crazy busy week, Airship 27 Production is thrilled and proud to announce the release of our fifth Mark Justice’s Dead Sheriff Novel, “A Cold and Lonesome Grave” by writer Phillip Pan. Based on the weird western character created by the late Mark Justice, this entry has the zombie lawman and his allies off to the frozen north of Canada where they encounter none other than Bigfoot. Check out at the amazing cover by Michael Youngblood above. Plus Rob Davis provides the interior illustrations and overall book design. This one is a winner, Loyal Airmen. We hope you’ll check it out. Available as ever from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. As ever thanks for your continuing support.
And that’s a wrap for this one, Loyal Airmen. As ever stay well and God Bless,
Ron – Over & Out!!!

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