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Greetings Loyal Airmen, so did you miss us? Okay, just kidding. Valerie and the Air Chief had such a wonderful time in Florida the past two weeks. It truly was great to just get away, see family, old acquaintances and even make a few new friends along the way. Hope you don’t mind us sharing some of photos of the fun we had.


One of our first jaunts was going from Fort Myers to Leesburgh to visit Valerie’s brother, Ron. Yes, we know, we share the same name. Above left is (left to right) the Air Chief with brother-in-laws Ron and Gus. Note this was taken on the edge of a huge gator filled lake Ron lives by. The second Val snapped the pix, a big old gator splash into the water right behind us. Needless to say, we move out of there fast. The photo above to the right is of yours truly meeting a fan, Alan Letcavage. He works for Triple AAA in Fort Myers, and had provided Gus with some very helpful information in the past. When Gus learned he was a big comic book fan, he set about this meeting. We brought along a few of our graphic novels as a gift and autographed them on the spot. Alan’s a great guy and was a pleasure to meet him.


Next on our agenda was hooking up with my sister Ann Cormier and her husband Norm. We went to Sunday mass with them at their church in Fort Myers, then had lunch with them and spent afternoon visiting with them at their home in North Fort Myers. Then along about dinner time we met up with Val’s sister and husband at a local steak house, as we’ve done for the past three years and took the above photo. Left to right, Air Chief, Valerie, Barbara, Ann, Gus and Norm. What a fun day. Love our family so much. A few days later we were off to Jet Blue Park to watch a Red Sox Spring Training Game.


By this time other friends of ours from back East had arrived to join us. Photo at left above, left to right, Renee & Vic, Air Chief & Val, and Gus and Barbara. Priot to the game starting, we stopped to have our pictures taken near two of the Sox’s World Series Trophies and we got to show off our Sox tattoo we’d had done way back in 2004.


Of course what’s trip to Florida without going to the beach at least once. Top left is Val and the Air Chief enjoying the warm weather at Lover’s Key Beach in Fort Myers while at right is a typical sunset at the tourist haven of Key West where we spent the last few days of our trip.


While there, we finally got to hook up with super publisher and good pal, Bob Deis. We’ve known each other for several years. Bob and his pal, Wyatt Doyle publish The Men’s Adventure Library reproducing some of the finest art and stories from the classic Men’s Adventure Magazines of the past. And much to our surprise and delight, Bob gifted us with their latest title, “Pollen in Print 1955-59″ which reproduces some of the most amazing published art work of this great American Illustrator. Will be reviewing the book soon as we’ve had a chance to sit down and catch our breath.


Finally, Bob snapped this selfie of the two of us outside the popular Blue Heaven where we had met up for a delicious breakfast. And our last Florida pix, most appropriately, Val and the Air Chief at the most southern point in the Continental USA. Two fantastic weeks and lots of great new memories we will certainly cherish throughout the coming years.



Of course while we were gone, worked continued on those great new comic projects we filled you in on last Flight Log. Artist Cesar Feliciano kept busy adding two more great pages to our JIN & TONIK projects.


Satin way p7-p8 partial

And artist Crisanto Moreno continues to do page roughs for Part One of SATIN’S WAYS. These roughs are invaluable to artist as they explore different ideas of composition and page layouts before they commit to complete pencils and final inks.



We are also thrilled to announced that issue # 1 of BEYOND THE STARS, by the Air Chief and artist Andrea Bormida is finished. Over the past week, artist Mike Belcher wrapped it up with his dynamic lettering, merging our script with Andrea’s amazing pages of artwork. Above is one of the original pages he’d first posted on the Linked-In site which got us to contact him inquiring as to what it was for. Which then led to his inviting us to come up with a story and then just like that this new series was born. Eventually it will be published Florida based Silverline Comics via a Kickstarter campaing. Stay tuned for all the details, Loyal Airmen, as we’ll post them here soon as they are available. Honestly, it’s been a long – long time since the Air Chief has been so excited about a comic project. Stay tuned.


And finally a reminder we will be a guest at the first ever Wicked West Comic Expo held this weekend in nearby Loveland, Colorado. Truly hope to see lots of our friends and fans. The Air Chief will have two tables filled with comics and pulps. Come on by and say hi. And there you have it Loyal Airmen, another Flight Log in the books. Thanks as ever for stopping by and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!

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