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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we want to talk about some of the comic projects currently in the works.


In the past, working with Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio imprint, Airship 27 Productions has delivered comics that features pulp heroes in the series ALL STAR PULP COMICS. To date we’ve done four of these and are currently looking at assembling a fifth.


Schedule to appear in issue # 5 of ALL STAR PULP COMICS will be the first ever comic strip adventure of the classic golden age pulp hero, The Crimson Mask. Above to the left is the anthology we produced at Airship 27 years ago, while at right is a panel from the Crimson Mask comic strip written by Mark Davis and being illustrated by the super talented Luis Rivera. To say we are excited about this is putting it mildly. We’ll keep you posted as more strips are announced for the comic.


Meanwhile work continues on the giant sized, full-color issue # 16 of Mr. Jigsaw – Man of a Thousand Parts. This is going hopefully going to be our super-duper Christmas special, as the main story, “Miracle on Christmas Island” finally has our Jiggy coming to the aid of that merry old elf from the North Pole. This 25 story was written by the Air Chief and is now being illustrated by Gary Kato. After which Mort Todd will apply his coloring-magic and…is schedule to draw the cover. The rest of the giant-sized comic will reprint the previously colored Jiggy adventures we’ve put out in the past few years. At present, our guest is when completed, it will be at least 50 pgs long. Sit tight, Loyal Airmen, this one is going to be worth the wait and then some.


More happy comics news. After two years, we’ve finally collected all three issues of the mini-series PARADISE FALLS. It is a science-fiction murder mystery that takes place in the futuristic city of Paradise Falls. Written by the Air Chief with art by John D. Williams, letters by Warren Montgomery (who also colored the covers) and edits by Redbud Studio head Rob Davis.  PARADISE FALLS, the complete collection is now available at – we hope you’ll enjoy it. John’s artwork is truly something unique.


Finally, because the Air Chief they are so adorable, here’s the latest pix of our son Kevin’s two bulldogs, Moxie (female) on the left and Zuko (boy) the right. Such truly lovable pets.  And there you have this week’s Flight Log Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!

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