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Greetings Loyal Airmen, and as the heading applies, here comes June and we are officially into the summer season. You have notice, this week’s Flight Log is coming to a day early; on Thursday instead of Friday. The reason for that being, tomorrow morning, bright and early, the Air Chief will take Val to the orthopedic clinic for minor surgery to repair a tear in her right rotator cuff. It has been paining her for a few months now and tomorrow we get it fixed. Will certainly appreciate any of your prayers for her quick and speedy recovery.



The comics project front, work progresses on artist Javier Lugo’s pencil pages currently being inked by Jesse Hansen. We hope to show you more of those as the project develops.



When writing the character of Darya Tonikova for JIN & TONIK, this was the model we had in mind. The Indiegogo campaign is still on-going and we do need your help, Loyal Airmen, to reach our goals. (


AIR-298Sherriff of Hell illo 3 copy

After an extended hiatus, we’re happy announce the latest title from Airship 27 Production. “The Sheriff of Hell” is a weird western novel by Canadian Carson Demmans about a British dandy who ends up in the western town called Hell. How he becomes its sheriff and what happens then is a fun read. Artist Adam Shaw provides the stellar cover and Sam Salas the nine black and white interior illustrations. As ever the title is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Thanks for your continued support, Loyal Airmen.

And there you have it for this shortened week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for stopping by and for allĀ  your support on our many projects, both in comics and pulps. God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!

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