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Greetings Loyal Airmen and welcome to this week’s Flight Log. Honestly, nothing pleases the Air Chief more than seeing the continued successes of our writers and artists.  Recently while at the San Diego Comic Con, writer Michael Black won the prestigious scribe award given out by the International Association of Tie-Writers.


Michael won the award for his book, “Don Pendleton’s The Executioner – Fatal Prescription.” Michael has been a valued member of the Airship 27 stable of talented New Pulp writers for many years now.


Among the many stories Michael Black has written for Airship 27, there’s his Sherlock Holmes tale in “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective Vol 6″ and his rousing western adventure in “Bass Reeves – Frontier Marshal Vol. 2″ All of us wish to extend to Michael our happiest congratulations on this award, truly well earned.


Recently the Air Chief hooked up on Facebook with one our aunts, Mrs. Rose Goodrich, of Sanford, Maine, our mother’s youngest sister. Aunt Rose has been posting lots of old family pictures and last week she posted the one above that we had never seen before. It is our grandparents wedding picture. Dorilla Hamilin wed Donat Richer at Saint Ignatius Catholic Church lo those many years ago. They would go on to have ten children; five girls and five boys. Gabrielle, the second daughter was the first to marry and when she had us, made them grandparents for the very first time. Our memory of them are of course their being much older, which is why the beautiful picture touched us. Both were great grandparents and we pray enjoying their heavenly repose. Family is everything, Loyal Airmen. The true treasure of this life.


Next up, our latest pulp thriller is out. “The Bay Phantom 2 – Feast of the Cannibal Guild,” is a fast paced adventure featuring the Memphis avenger, the Bay Phantom and his genius assistant, Ms Mirabell Darcy. This is one you won’t miss. Cover by is Adam Shaw with interior illustrations by Kevin Paul Shaw Broden. The book is now up at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.  As ever, thanks for your continued support.


And finally this week we had to show off our newest toy. A Funko-Top Green Hornet. It is really so cool. Now we have to get out there and find a Kato.  As ever, thanks for stopping by Loyal Airmen. See you back here next week as we say good-bye to July and kick-off Aug.

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  • On 20 Jul | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well last week saw the debut of the first ever Estes Park Comic Con. If you’ve never been to the small Colorado town of Estes Park, you’ll find it nestle in a valley in the Rocky Mountains. A more bucolic setting for a comic convention the Air Chief has never been too.


Upon setting up our table Friday morning, we sat back and this was our view.  Just amazing.


Valerie and the Air Chief (at top left) traveled to the show with our Fort Collins friends, Olivia & Zane DeGaine, (at top right) who it turns out happily were our con neighbors. Which only made the show that much more fun. Olivia had copies of The Wooden Blade # 1, the comic series she and the Air Chief created together. It was a delight watching whenever she sold one and would autograph it. Both she and Zane are wonderful artists who actually met while attending the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art in New Jersey. If all goes well, the Air Chief will also be doing a project with Zane some time next year.


Of course the fun of such shows is the costume players (Cosplayers for short) and Estes had lots of them, including the five truly creative ladies seen above here who stopped by our tables.


One industrious young lady came to the show every day in a new outfit. Now that’s creativity. So all in all for a first time show, Estes Park was fun and we are hoping they’ll  be back next year.


And while the Air Chief was busy at the con, our Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis was busy at the old Hanger 27 putting the final touches on our second class comic, Front Range Tales # 2.  As many of you Loyal Airmen are aware, the Air Chief teaches How to Write Comics & Graphic Novels at a local community college. After our first class last Fall, we put together a comic, Front Range Tales # 1 all written by our students. So in the Spring of this year we had the second class, made up of Scott Ladzinski  (photo left to right) Max Williams, and to our left, Olivia Degaine. So each of them wrote a story for the second issue.  Rob drew Scott’s story, Gary Kato did Olivia’s and Kevin Wiggins took on Max’s. The cover is by Rob from Olivia’s story and the comic is now at the printer’s. We will have it at the Fort Collins Comic Con next month (Aug 24-25) at Olivia and Zane’s table. We all hope you’ll come and check it out. Meanwhile the Air Chief is gearing up for Class # 3 which kicks off on the 5th of Sept.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, thanks ever for stopping by and we’ll be back in seven

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  • On 13 Jul | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week the Air Chief showed off his new tee shirt showcasing our local comics club. Fort Collins Comics Coffee Clutch Crew. Well last Sat, as we’ve done for the past seven years on the first Sat of each month, we got together for breakfast at the local comic shop, Gryphon Games & Comics. 22 of us were in attendance and one of the first things the Air Chief did was hand out tees to those who had ordered them…then had this group pix taken.  Air Chief in the front, standing behind me left to right, Aryn, Olivia, Shana, Jesse & Adrianne. Behind them Aaron & Scott. Everyone loved the shirts and we’re pretty sure some of the others in the crew will be wanting one once they see these pictures. The fun will be wearing these at local conventions.


Of course when a group of comic book writers and artists get together, you know sooner or later they are going to start making comics and such was the case between the Air Chief and artist Olivia DeGaine. For the past year we’ve been working on a new character, Raizee the Ram. Raizee’s first story had appeared a few weeks ago in Todd Jones’ anthology comics Wicked Awesome Tale. Now he has his own comic, with three complete stories in a black and white 24 pg issue called THE WOODEN BLADE and published via Pulp Fission, the new outfit created by Olivia and her artist husband Zane. Zane will soon have his own comic out there. Olivia and the Air Chief hope to do one Raizee comic a year. Wish us luck.


Of course with most talented people our creators just don’t stick to one format, as is proof by our pal artist Jeff Slemons. Jeff recently finished work on a gorgeous children’s book – BENTLEY GOES TO SCHOOL and here we are holding up a copy at the meeting yesterday.  Note, this coming Sept, both Jeff and the Air Chief will once again be teaching classes at the Front Range Community College here in Fort Collins.  Both classes will be ten weeks long, schedule once a week on Wednesday nights. Ours of course; How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels and Jeff’s, How To Draw Comics. Both of us loving sharing what we’ve learned in our careers with others.


One of our Loyal Airmen recently told me us he enjoyed our movie reviews. So here’s our latest. Sometimes the trailers are spot on. Seeing them for “Ant-Man and the Wasp” we thought this would be one heck of a fun movie and it proved to be so on all fronts. Story was well done, chemistry between leads is there, tons of great FX action sequence perfectly balanced with laugh aloud humor. Not only is this better than the first one, the truth is, the movie Ant-Man is tons way more fun than is comic self. Keep’em coming, Marvel. Big thumbs up to this one.


Meanwhile the latest BROTHER BONES collection “City of Lost Souls” has just been released by Radio Archives via – and is read by J. Scott Bennett. Bennett has a flair for the character and the enthusiasm he brings to his narration is infectious. We had a great time writing these stories and we hope you Loyal Airmen will enjoy hearing them like this.

And that is it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by. See you next week.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, one of the things the Air Chief loves is summer popcorn movies.  Recently we’ve seen two back to back. The first was Jurassic World and then a few days ago we finally caught Incredibles 2. The latter is hilarious and kudos to Misters John Lassiter and Brad Bird.


As usual we did up a little review on our FB page telling folks how much we loved the movie. Hard to believe it has been 14 years since the first one. At one time the Air Chief even had a red Incredibles telephone on his desk. Long since packed away during the move to Colorado eight years ago. But as we sat starting this Flight Log, we looked up at our shelf of music disc and there was Jack-Jack looking back at us. And we’d totally forgotten we had him there. Took a pix to share with all of you. Again, the movie is marvelous and we urge all to go see it if you haven’t already. Next on the Air Chief’s list is Ant-Man & The Wasp, Mission Impossible : Fallout and Skyscraper. See you at the movies.

Midnight announce

Recently the Air Chief has been having a blast working with the super talented artist Mike Belcher. Mike loves the old Golden Age comic heroes as much as we do and recently we brought back the Invisible Hood in a brand new 8 pg adventure. After wrapping that up, Mike suggest we tackle as yet another old Golden Age comic book hero. We decided one of the hundreds of such crime fighters who only wore a suit and domino mask and the Air Chief proceeded to pen an 8 pg tale entitles “A Greater Calling.” Mike loved it and did up a quick drawing of our hero. Later that night, he discovered that this particular character might still be copyrighted and suggested we change our plans. And so we put our heads together and decided to create our own Golden Age hero, NIGHTSHIFT. That’s him above, courtesy of Mike.  The Air Chief redid the script to incorporate the changes and voila, a new-old hero is coming your way. Stay tuned for more as the project develops.


A few years ago, Airship 27 Productions published ALL AMERICAN SPORTS STORIES Vol # 1. It was our way of paying tribute to all the great sports themed pulp magazines that were everyone on the newstands in the 1940s and 50s. We thought it would be great to bring back sports pulp fiction. Sadly, after getting out this well received first volume, we simply couldn’t get in any more submissions to keep the series going. The Air Chief was really disappointed. Well, about a week ago, acclaimed New Pulp writer Derrick Ferguson came to us asking if we’d reprint a boxing novella he’d one a few years back and was now out of circulation. The Air Chief immediately thought of ALL AMERICAN SPORTS STORIES and told Derrick his novella is going to be a part of Volume # 2, now thanks to him, in production.  We only need two 15,000 words to complete the volume and get it to you, Loyal Airmen.


Shortly after moving here in Fort Collins, CO, the Air Chief got a bunch of comic creators together for a once a month breakfast gathering. On that first meeting of what became The Fort Collins Comics Coffee Clutch Crew there were seven of us at the restaurant. Over seven years later and our number of regular members is nearing 30!! Recently one of our newest members, artist Zane Degaine designed a logo for the group, mimicking the old Come Code of Authority sticker one would see on all comics starting the 1950s up to the later 80s. The Air Chief thought it was so awesome, he suggested doing up tee-shirts and voila, 13 members ordered one. The box came in two days ago and this coming Sat, 7th July, we’ll be passing them out. Tell me these won’t make a splash at our local con appearances.

And that’s it for this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen, thanks for stopping by.  See you all next week.

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  • On 29 Jun | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen, above is a pix of the Air Chief and our daughter Heather, who recently visited us here in Colorado. It was her very first trip to our home in Fort Collins and all of us loved having her with us.


One day, we took her up to the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. If the name sounds familiar, that’s the hotel which served as inspiration for Stephen King’s horror novel, “The Shining.” In the photo on the left, four of us are standing on the front porch of the hotel, the Rocky Mountains our backdrop. Left to right is grand daughter Cora, the Air Chief, Heather and her step-brother Alan. Alan was such a gracious host happily taking time out from his own busy life to make sure Heather had a great time with us. On the right, she and Cora ride a bronze saddle we found atop a rock along a creek that ran through Old Town.


A kind passerby took the shot on the left with all of us still strolling through Old Town. Left to right, Cora, Valerie, Alan, Heather and the Air Chief. The following day Alan took us up to the giant reservoir lake above Fort Collins and the Air Chief snapped the photo to the right. Then on Sat morning, Heather jumped in her rented Jeep and took off for Vail where she hooked up with old college friends at a wedding. The next day she flew back to her home in Chicago. Again, her stay was so great and we will miss her all ready. We have such a great family.


This week Airship 27 Productions released it’s latest pulp novel, “The Adventures of Captain Graves” by writer Thomas McNulty. Best know for his westerns, McNulty sets this tale in the South Seas of the Pacific and it’s glorious old fashion pulp adventure. Ted Hammond provides the stunning cover and the interior illustrations were done by Ed Catto. As ever, we hope you Loyal Airmen will give it a try. Available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon. As ever, thanks for your support.


On the comic book front, pal Todd Jones just released issues # 8 and # 9 of his fun, black and white anthology series, Wicked Awesome Tales. As ever, all of us like to share our strips and fans of the Air Chief will find the same strips in Warren Montgomery’s Fun Adventure Comics. Anyways, issue # 8 of WAT features one story by the Air Chief and another by Eisner Award winner Mike Baron, who just happens to be another Fort Collins resident. Issue # 9 actually features two stories we wrote, one with artist Olivia DeGaine and nails the cover spot with our Raizee the Ram. This particular story will be part of Raizee’s own comic, THE WOODEN BLADE, coming soon from Olivia’s own label, Pulp Fission.  Will keep you posted.


Finally we thought we’d leave you with a sneak peek at some Howard Simpson artwork. Howard is now doing the illustrations for our new “Aviation Aces” anthology. Look for it to arrive either late Summer or early Fall.

And there you have it Loyal Airmen, Happy 4th of July, wishing the United States of America a glorious birthday. Still the greatest country in the history of the world. May God always bless her.

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  • On 22 Jun | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen. After last week’s brief entry, this week’s is a bit longer and covers a bit more ground. Let’s start with the some comics news.


A few years ago the Air Chief created a character called Raizee the Ram in an 8 pg fantasy strip called, “The Wooden Blade.” It sat in our files for just about a year and then along came artist Olivia DeGaine. Olivia was looking for a new project to work on and we showed her the script. Within days she’d done up some amazing sketches of our hero and his world and asked to sign on. So right there and then, we became partner/co-creators of Raizee the Ram. Olivia wasted no time in illustrating that first story and last weekend it appeared in # 9 of Todd Jones excellent anthology, Wicked Tales. Todd debut the comic at last weekend’s mega Denver Comic Con. Since writing that first tale, the Air chief set about writing two more 8 pagers for Olivia, one based on her idea and the other we whipped up detailing how Raizee meets his friend, the Vulture.  Olivia has penciled all the stories and is now inking and lettering them. Once done she, and her husband Zane, will be publishing Raizee’s own comic via their Pulp Fission company. Meanwhile, the original “The Wooden Blade” will see print in other anthologies in the coming months as we continue promote both the character and new series. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you all posted for sure.


Oklahoma based New Pulp writer Mel Odom recently won two Western Fictioneers award. The first was for Best Western Novel, “The Pecos Undertaker” under his penname Colby Jackson and the second for Best Western Short Story, “The Train Robbery,” from “Bass Reeves – Frontier Lawman Vol II” from Airship 27 Productions.  Details can be found here. ( All of us at Airship 27 Productions congratulate Mel on these well deserved awards.


Airship 27 Productions’ newest title was also released this past week.  It is author Wayne Carey’s second Quatermain – The New Adventures novel for us and sub-titled The Lightning Bird.  Carey’s first Quatermain novel, The Beast Men, recently received a glowing review from the members of the on-line H. Rider Haggard society, Haggard the British author who first created the African guide/hunter in his classic adventure book, “King Solomon’s Mine.” As ever this new book, which features a cover by Graham Hill and interior illustrations from Clayton Hinkle can be found at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks for the continued support.

And there you have it for this week Loyal Airmen.  As ever, thanks for stopping by. See you next week.

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  • On 15 Jun | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen. Thus far 2018 has been a really good year for both Airship 27 Productions and the Air Chief flying solo. The Windy City Pulp & Paper con was our best ever and it was followed by a stellar Denver Comic Fest and Free Comic Book Day. All to say the Air Chief pretty depleted his inventory stock of books. What with two local conventions coming up soon, the Estes Park show and the Fort Collins Comic Con, it was time we restocked. So weeks ago we put in a new order and today three big, heave books of our books arrived in the mail. Oh yeah. Pooped us out just carrying them into the house. Ha. Here’s hoping the two upcoming shows continued the selling trend and force us to order even more stock by the end of the year.


Over the past year, we’ve been enjoying Netflix a great deal as part of our nightly television viewing. Aside from the Marvel Comics original series, we’ve also appreciated many foreign shows such a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries from Australia. Starring Essie Davis, the stories are set in Melbourne in the years right after World War One, and Miss Fisher is a private eye and often a pain in Inspector Richardson’s butt. Based on a series of bestselling novels, the production values are simply amazing what with costume, old cars etc.etc. We just wrapped up season one this week and have started watching two. If you like old fashion who-dunnits and are lucky enough to have Netflix, we highly recommend this show.

Finally it’s been almost two weeks since my successful cataract surgery. Life without eye glasses has been a really wonderful experience, though by habit the Air Chief still finds himself reaching for them….even though they are not there. We’ll eventually get use to this glasses-free life. And there you have this week’s Flight Log. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll catch you next week.

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  • On 8 Jun | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  As promised, this week we want to share with you our pictures and experiences from our second part of our trip back east. After leaving NH, we traveled south to Bethel, Conn. to spend four great days with son Scott, his wife Katie and our grand kids Taryn & Logan.


One of the interesting things we learned about Bethel thanks to Scott & Katie was that it was once the home of “The Greatest Showman” P.T. Barnum and there is marvelous statue of him in front of the town library.


Here’s the Air Chief with son Scott. He is such a great human being, we are so proud of him. He is a great father, devoted husband and all around fun soul willing to give you the shirt off his back should you need it. In many ways Scott, is so much like a man he never really got to know, our own father, George Fortier. Both were gifted by God with truly wonderful hearts. We miss Scott  and his crew so much, these visits are special.


One day they took us to a local ice cream joint and both Taryn (above) and her brother Logan, ordered these massive creations that were filled with ice cream, cookies, candies and whatever else could be imagined. Watching them attempt to eat them all was a hoot.


Later that day, Katie booked us a room at this new fun game place called ESCAPE ROOM.  The idea being people are locked in specially designed rooms filled with clues and given an hour to figure out the puzzles and find the key that unlocks the door.  All the while the groups in the rooms are being monitored on closed-circuit TV by the “Game Master.” Well the group above, left to right, Air Chief, Valerie, Katie, Taryn, Scott & Logan, give it our best shot but the room beat us and we were unable to solve the final clues. Although our Game Master did say we’d solved 80% of the overall puzzle.  The photo was taken after our release.  Honestly, if you ever have an opportunity to do one of these Escape Room things, go for it. It was a blast.


On our last night in Bethel, Scott & Katie treated to a wonderful dinner at a Japanese Grill. Taryn loves shrimp while Logan is steak man.  The Air Chief and Val chowed down on chicken and scallops.


Driving home from the restaurant Scott took us past a famous diner where ever Sat night car enthusiasts gather to show off their classic wheels. All the while the public address is playing classic 50s and 60s music. We stopped and checked out some truly gorgeous cars. What memorable way to end our trip.  Thanks Scott & Katie. We made so many great new memories.  Until next time.


And after a few long weeks, we are happy to announce the release of our latest pulp title at Airship 27 Productions. WU DANG – First of the Wanderer is by the ever popular Barbaro Doran, this being her fourth book for us. It’s an action packed adventure that begins in Shang Hai and ends in 1848 San Francisco during the Gold Rush. Now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  As ever thanks for your support.


After wearing glasses since the Air Chief was 13 yrs old, this past Monday, we had eye surgery to remove a cataract from our right eye.  We had had the same surgery way back in 1995 to remove one from our left eye. Since then our glasses had feature a clear piece of plastic because we had 20/20 in the left eye.  Monday surgery’s has now done the same thing for the right eye and the picture above is the happy Air Chief holding up the last pair of eye glasses he will ever wear. We thank all our friends and family on Facebook who send their prayers and well wishes, and of course the doctors and nurses and above all our loving God, who continues to bless us in so many way we could never count them all.  71 years old and we seem to be getting younger.  Ha.

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  • On 1 Jun | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well Valerie and the Air Chief are home again, after a really fast two weeks back east visiting friends and family.  We will be sharing pictures from that trip with you over the next two entries. The first part deals with our stay in New Hampshire. Enjoy.


Upon our arrival in the Granite State, we hooked up with Val’s family at a local restaurant and had a great time together. Seated around the table going left to right are, Andy Fagen and wife Sandy Fagen (she is Valerie’s younger sister) then next to her is Desiree and Ronnie Mailhot (Ronnie is Valerie’s younger brother) and across from him is Barbara and Gus Papajohn (Barbara being Valerie’s older sister). Then of course Valerie and up front right, the Air Chief. These are really a special people and we so loved being with them again.


The following day we headed down to Dover to the Wentworth Home to see Mom. She looked fantastic and both Valerie and the Air Chief were overjoyed.  During our week long stay we visited with her four times, above is a picture taken on our last day. What a truly remarkable woman. She’ll be 94 in Nov and is still painting.


One of the major reasons for this trip was to see our grand daughter Chelsea receive her Master’s Degree at the University.  Above (left to right) are friend Steve and his son Nathan in his arm.  Our son-in-law Chris, oldest daughter (and grand daughter) Kristi, Chelsea, their Mom Michelle and Steve’s wife Kristin.  All of us were so happy and proud of her. Happily the forecasted rain held off until after the outdoor ceremony was over.


Valerie, Chelsea and the Air Chief. What a truly wonderful day for our family.  Chelsea finished her Master’s work in only one year, doing an accelerated program.


At the party for Chelsea, we had to get a pix with our beautiful grand daughters. We love them so much and it was a pure joy to be with them again, even for this little while.


While in New Hampshire, we stayed at Andy and Sandy’s home, they generously inviting us to do so. Andy, a one time car racer, is now retired and into model plane flying. At one point he brought the Air Chief down to his basement workshop. We’ve seen him flying these beauties and he is truly a pro at it. A super talented guy and most gracious host.


Of course we also did see a few dear friends other than family during our stay.  One of these being Kim and Ron Paradis. Ron and the Air Chief worked together side by side at a General Electric facility for 30 years. Like the Air Chief, he is also a Vietnam veteran. A truly good friend.  We managed to squeeze in a breakfast together at a local restaurant before he had to run off and shoot nine holes…being an avid golfer now retired.

And there you have part of our stay in NH and neighboring Maine.  Next week we’ll tell you all about our trip south to Conn. and visit with son Scott and his crew.


And now for some comicbook fun, this new press release from publisher Warren Montgomery. (Fun Adventure Comics! #8 from Will Lill Comics on sale July 11th featuring the ever popular Brother Bones by Ron Fortier. Cover art by Barry McClain Jr. Issue #6 now on sale, and issue #7 on sale June 13th. Available in print and digital. Visit

That’s it for our first Flight Log of June. See you back here next Friday.

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  • On 25 May | '2018


Greeting Loyal Airmen, as we explained in last week’s Flight Log we are still back east on vacation visiting family.
But while gone we wanted to give you a special peek at the cover to our forthcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE Vol 12…done by none other than our own Art Director Rob Davis.  This is the first time Rob has done a cover for this series and those are his detailed pencils above.  Wait till you see the finished piece.


And finally the above logo pretty much speaks for itself.  This is a new anthology now in production we think is going to be great fun. Stay tuned.  And come back next Friday and ye old Air Chief will be back at Hangar 27.

Thanks for stopping by,

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