• On 5 May | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen. Before get into this past week’s agendy, we want to take a moment to truly thank all of you who supported our recent Kickstarter Campaign.


Because of your wonderful support and generous contributions. the Silverline Campaign for issues # 2 of both BEYOND THE STARS and STEAM PATRIOTS was successful. Books should be sent sometime in June, again with our heartfelt thanks. All this ever does is makes us want to continue giving all of you the best comics we can produce, both in script and art. So stay tuned Loyal Airmen, issue # 3 of BEYOND THE STARS is now in production. Also a fallen reminder, you can purchase copies of both BEYOND THE STARS # 1 and STEAM PATRIOTS # 1 from ( Tell them the Air Chief sent you.



As most modern parents know, these days after your kids grow up, they tend to scatter from Maine, to Conn and Illinois for these three. So when the rare opportunity to hook up arrived last week, they took it. From left to right, standing oldest son Scott, to his left daughter Heather, then her bearded brother Kevin and lastly his wife with glasses Melanie Bisson Fortier. We love these souls more than words could ever say and thank God for them every day. Amen.



After a brief hiatus, artist Rob Davis delivers Pg # 25 of issue # 1 of Boston Bombers Vol 2. He has been constantly blowing us away with his amazing artwork. As we get closer and closer to wrapping up this first issue, the Air Chief if wicked excited to see it in print. Hang in there, Loyal Airmen. It won’t be long now.



With issue # 2 successfully Kickstarted, it’s time for the crew to get back to producing issue #3 and keep the story rolling along. Oh yeah.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and stay tuned. More next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 28 Apr | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, last weekend’s Windy City Pulp & Paper show was the biggest ever! No lie. They broke attendance records.  And fittingly enough Rob and the Air Chief brought along our better halves for the very first time. So we’ve got lots of fun pix to share with you. Hang on to your hats.


As ever, the show takes place at the Westin hotel in Lombard, Il, a suburb of Chicago. The weather proved to cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop our enthusiasm. Left to right above, the Air Chief, Valerie, Theresa Davis and husband Rob. The girls hit it off which was no surprise. They are both fun ladies who have always supported us from day one.


So many of our super talented writing amigos were all around us setting up. From left to right above, we have have Tommy Hancock of Pro-Se Press and his sidekick Aubrey. Then comes Jonathan “Jay” Sweet of Brick Pickle media and lastly writer Matthew Bieniek, always a happy soul.


Left to right above. Writer/publisher Brian K. Morris and Cookie, Martin Gram & Alex and writer pal, Van Allen Plexico.


Writer Fred Adams Jr. and his friend Vivian arrived Sat morning, to our delight. Meanwhile Rob had whipped up a great sale incentive which proved to be a huge success as we sold tons of books. Thanks to all of your wonderful customers.


As is the usual tradition, we gather as many brave souls as possible and go out to a local eatery on the first night (Friday) of the con. This year was no exception. It is a time for good food and conversation before heading back to the con for the annual Pulp Factory Award Presentations hosted my yours truly and Rob.


Above we make our introduction to the audience and then hand out the first prize to Van Plexico.


Then Brian K. Morris accepted three of the five awards for those people unable to attend the show. The last award went to Rob. As ever he was really humble in his little acceptance speech.


Left is a close up of one of the beautiful awards. Thanks to Awards committee member Jay Sweet for procuring them every year. Then the three recipients on hand, Van, Brian & Rob. With a very, very happy Van. This was his second PF award for Best Novel. The first person to every do that.

The winners were. BEST NOVEL – Van Allen Plexico. (White Rocket Books) BEST SHORT STORY – Clyde Hall. (Stormgate Press) BEST PULP COVER – Jeffrey Hayes. (Stormgate Press) BEST INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS – Rob Davis. (Airship 27 Production) BEST PULP ANTHOLOGY – Pulp Reality 5 (Stormgate Press. A boisterous congratulations to all the winners.


Finally, we’ll end this Con Report with a tip of the pulp fedora to two special ladies who help make our weekend extra special. Super Airship 27 fan, Mikkie McGrath (above with Air Chief & Rob). And none other than our gal Radio Rita, making a special appearance along with us alongside the Airship 27 travel truck. She looks in great in her flying cap and hots pants. Thanks to model builder Rob. Oh, Yeah. And that was this year’s Windy City. Remember, Loyal Airmen, it is not too soon to start making your plans to join us for next year’s show – April 3rd & 4th, 2024. Let’s make that even better.



The completed Cover C to BEYOND THE STARS # 2 by Rob Davis. With only 2 days left on the campaign, things are looking rather dismal. Sigh. Hoping all you Loyal Airmen can come to the rescue. (

Finally a good friend send me a copy of PULP FAN, a new on-going magazine for pulp enthusiast. It’s edited by Jim Main and Robert J Sodaro. Worth your time, Loyal Airmen. Go Google it and pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did.  And that’s it for this week. Happy to be home and put away our traveling shoes for a few months. Oh yeah.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 20 Apr | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ve tons of fun pictures to share with all of you from our time at last weekend’s Wicked West Comic Expo. The show was great. At present, Valerie and the Air Chief are all packed up and flying off to Chicago this afternoon to attend this year’s Windy City Pulp & Paper Show, which is why you are seeing this Friday Flight Log a day early. So let’s get rolling.



Valerie and the Air Chief went to the hall in Loveland, CO. on Friday afternoon to set up our table. There we hooked up with many of the other guests and vendors the same thing. Everyone was excited for the show.


The wonderful folks from Faraway Creations were busy setting up their display featuring Bonnie the Bantha from Stars and our pal Bret Smith wasted no time get on board. These people are truly remarable with their creations. We were also happy to see our writing pal, Aaron Powers had a table directly across the aisle from ours.


To Aaron’s left was sci-fi writer and wild man, Terry Crowley, and then came art teacher Jesse Bonafazi and some of his students. Jesse makes custom action figures and they are great.


Going left to writer above, the Air Chief with artist Abe Akins, sci-fi comic artist Guy Davis and his great new cut out of his lead character in “Bellatrix Rising,” and happily one of really good amigos, fantasy adventure writer Scott Ladzinski showed up to say hi.


One of the big guest was Ben Dunn of Warrior Nun and Ninja High School Fame.  Way back at the start of our comic career Ben and the Air Chief did a fun Popeye comic together. It’s since become a classic among Popeye fans and collectors. This was the first time we ever met and that proved to be a blessing. He is truly a wonderful soul and we hit it off immediately. To far right the Air Chief stands with the dude totally responsible for this great con, our pal Todd Jones. See the halo on his head. Chuckle. Really, one has to be a saint to put on a comic con like Wicked West and make it work so dang well.


Another attendee was Tim Moret, the man behind Novermber’s Rocky Mountain Con in Denver. It is our favorite show of the year and we look forward to it again this year. Tim’s a great guy. Seated to our right once again our con-neighbors were our dear friends, the super talented husband and wife time of Pulp Fission press, Olivia & Zane DeGaine.

IMG_0293 332106917_1187084608837380_373882366983263766_nimg-230415211347-0001

While Olivia and the Air Chief are working on a two year old project called “The Wooden Blade,” Zane and the Air Chief began a new western mini-series to be called “Hamlet’s End.” As it was nowhere ready for this particular show, Zane printed up 25 ashcans which contained the first five pages completed, lots of sketches, and even some sample script pages with a cover that only featured the series’ logo. Thus anyone purchasing one of these collectibles could have Zane do an original sketch on the cover. Any of your Loyal Airmen wanting one of these ashcans can contact Zane directly. ZANE DeGAINE <> Issue # 1 of Hamlet’s End will launch as a Kickstarter Campaign late summer. We’ll keep you posted.


There you have it, Loyal Airmen, our Wicked West Comic Expo report. Can’t wait for next year’s show.


22 clr part3

With only a few more weeks to wrap up our Kickstarter Campaign for issue # 2 of BEYOND THE STARS, artist Andrea Bormida is hard at work on issue # 3. Above some of the early pencils etc. Note, with only ten days left, our Campaign for funding # 2 is reaching the half-way mark of our goal. We truly need all you Loyal Airmen to help us reach that goal. Note, even if you missed out on Issue # 1, it is available via this campaign. (


Finally we’re going to leave you with the above logo. Sort of a tease of some rather big news announced recently. We’ll explain in full detail once home from Chicago. Till then, be well and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 14 Apr | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this weekend is the second annual Wicked West Comix Expo being held at The Ranch in neighboring Loveland, CO. Show is Sat 15th & Sunday 16th and starts at 10 a.m. each day. Lots of great guests will be on hand including Warrior Nun creator Ben Dunn and Greg Weisman of Gargoyles fame. Yours truly will also be on hand. We really hope to see lots of our local fans there.




 This project has been a blast for the Air Chief. And thank all of you who supported the initial Kickstarter Campaign. Of course we all wish we could have gotten this second issue to you sooner, but artists Andrea Bormida and Mike Belcher need lots of other gigs to make what they do profitable. Still, we all think issue # 2 rocks and hope if you did grab # 1 you enjoyed enough to come back. Remember this is a 6 issue mini. We’ve got a whole lot more story to tell. So again thanks so much. The campaign launched this past Tues day at this link – (…/silverlinecomics/march23)
Several years ago, a British recording studio asked the Air Chief to write a short radio melodrama for them to produce and sell on their program “Another Wavelength.” The idea, by producer Simon Colier, was to do short, less then ten minutes each, audio plays in the Twilight Zone vein. To that end we wrote “Night Army” and it was our first ever such project. EvCol Studio did a fantastic job with it and you can still purchase an audio copy at this link should you be curious. ( Earlier in the week, Simon reached out to us once more. This time asking for something a little longer. After mulling it over, the Air Chief sent him a comic strip script called “Matilda” which we had had illustrated and featured in our our series, “Ron Fortier’s Tales of the Macabre,” from Redbud Studio. We explained that should he like the story, we might be able to re-write it as a radio script. A few days passed and then he replied saying he was thrilled with the idea and to go ahead and do the re-write. It was done, submitted and given major thumbs up. As of now casting has begun and hopefully actual studio recording will take place in a few weeks. Honestly, we are way excited. Radio scripting is something we never imagined we’d ever do. Life is funny that way. It never ceases to surprise us. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen, we’ll keep you posted on “Matilda” and of course, copies of our story collection can still be had at Amazon.
And finally, wrapping up this crazy busy week, Airship 27 Production is thrilled and proud to announce the release of our fifth Mark Justice’s Dead Sheriff Novel, “A Cold and Lonesome Grave” by writer Phillip Pan. Based on the weird western character created by the late Mark Justice, this entry has the zombie lawman and his allies off to the frozen north of Canada where they encounter none other than Bigfoot. Check out at the amazing cover by Michael Youngblood above. Plus Rob Davis provides the interior illustrations and overall book design. This one is a winner, Loyal Airmen. We hope you’ll check it out. Available as ever from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. As ever thanks for your continuing support.
And that’s a wrap for this one, Loyal Airmen. As ever stay well and God Bless,
Ron – Over & Out!!!


  • On 7 Apr | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well after almost an entire month, Val and the Air Chief are back home in lovely Fort Collins, Colorado. Our time with family in Florida was much fun. Including our seven day cruise aboard the Norwegian Oasis of the Seas.


What an amazing marvel that ship is. We sailed the eastern Caribbean ending on their private island of Coco Key where the Air Chief took advantage of checking off a bucket list item – we did the three part zip-line. It was awesome, though climbing three five story towers wearing a twenty pound harness was a chore this 76 old dude was not expecting. Ha. Above left, on Deck # 8 was a minor recreation of Central Park with flowers in bloom. Great place for a pix with Val and yours truly.


Along with us on the trip were Val’s sister, Barbara (seated at left) and her husband Gus (in peach colored tee) and of course Val (standing) and the Air Chief. All of us with champagne toasting our recent anniversaries. 50th for Barb & Bus, and 40th for Val and yours truly. On Deck 5 we found this gorgeous Cord Classic. Would have loved to take that home. Same care my pulp hero Captain Hazzard drives.


Also at the other end of Deck 5 was the aft Boardwalk with a full size carousel which you have to know the little kids loved riding. And in middle above, the Air Chief ends his support to the dancing figure with the balloons in front of the Johnny Rocket’s burger joint. Our cabin waiter would surprise us ever day with a new animal figure created from the room’s towels. The bulldog above was our favorite.


Our journey ended on the beaches of Coco Key, where the Air Chief did his zip-lining jaunt. But after that ordeal, it was just lounging in our private cabana only yards from the beach. Talk about a little piece of heaven on earth. It ended all too soon, but the four us will have memories to cherish for years to come.


AIR-274Altiva illo #6

Once back home, it was back to work for the Air Chief. First up releasing Airship 27’s newest pulp title, the fantasy adventure “Journey to Stormrest” by writer Teel James Glenn. This is part of his Chronicles of Altiva series and lots of swashbuckling fun. Rob Davis provided the cover (above left) while artist Christ Nye the nine interior illustrations, of which one is shown (above right) : it being the one that inspired the cover. It is, as all our titles, now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.




Digital “pencils” for the first four pages of “Hamlet’s End”, a western written by the Air Chief and illustrated by Zane DeGaine, to be published by Pulp Fission.Ashcan preview available at Wicked West Comic Expo 2023 in Loveland, Colorado in two weeks.Two cover variants for the ashcan: regular and blank sketch cover.Full first issue (inks and possibly color) later this summer/ early fall.



We are also thrilled to let you know that our comics sci-fi series, BEYOND THE STARS, is getting ready to release it’s second issue via a Silverline Kickstarter campaign. This time, rather putting it in a package with three other titles, it will be paired only with one. The second issue of Scott Wakefield’s excellent STEAM PATRIOTS. We love that idea. Below is the link to where you can sign on. We truly appreciate all the support you gave us with issue # 1. Also let us remind you, if you do sign to help us, there will be the opportunity to get both Beyond the Stars # 1 and Steam Patriots # 1. Below is the link, Loyal Airmen. Thanks so much.



Once again, Loyal Airmen, it’s time for the best pulp show of the year, the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con, held in the Chicago suburb of Lombard, Il. Above left is Chief Engineer Rob Davis & the Air Chief from last year’s show. This year, to entice more of your Loyal Airmen to attend, we’re having a sale special with a “free” book to any purchaser of four. That’s five Airship 27 titles for only $60. Another fun event at the show is the Friday night presentation of the Pulp Factory Awards. We always look forward to that. So if you haven’t any plans for April 20th to 23th why don’t you come by and join us. We’d love to see you there.



And finally, today is Good Friday, marking the end of Lent and the remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of His mission to rescue all mankind from the slavery of sin. He loved us all unto death and proved it on that beautiful cross. May all of you of faith have a truly wonderful Easter when on Sunday morning we will once again shout out, ALLELUIA…HE HAS RISEN….ALLELUIA!!!

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 10 Mar | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen. As you read these words, Valerie and the Air Chief are enjoying the warm sun of Fort Meyers Florida where we will be until the end of the month.  We all of you are also enjoying the end of the winter season and looking forward to Spring.

Of course while gone, voting is going on for this year’s PULP FACTORY AWARDS which will be given out at the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con in Chicago in April. Airship 27’s anthology “THE ADVENTURES OF RADIO RITA” is up for four awards.


We have some stiff competition as we do every year and are hoping all you Loyal Airmen will take a few second to go the ballot site and for us. Vote for the Radio Rita short story by Teel James, Glenn, the interior illustrations by our own Art Director Rob Davis, the gorgeous cover by artist Ted Hammond and finally for the book itself as the Best Anthology.  Again, go to the link below. Note the voting is open to the public, that means everyone. So share the link, tell yours friends about it. We truly need your help and appreciate it greatly.

This is link to on-line ballot = (

So there you have it Loyal Airmen. Our next “new” Flight Entry will be here on Friday morning 31st of March. Till then, be well, and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as Valerie and the Air Chief prepare to fly off to Florida for our long overdue vacation, we’ve a few things to wrap up at Hangar 27.





As all you Loyal Airmen know last year we were thrilled to join forces with two of the best talents in comics today, Andrea Bormida (above left) and Mike Belcher (above right) to produce a new sci-series called BEYOND THE STARS.  The Air Chief penned the script, Andrea did art and colors and Mike the great lettering and logo design. And first issue was Kickstarted successfully by Silverline Comics under the direction of Managing Editor Roland Mann.

Kal ship clrPG(1)

And now we are happy to announce book # 2 has been completed by Andrea and is now currently being lettered by Mike. Silverline has made the decision to begin the new Kickstarter Campaign in April. Trust that we will keep all you Loyal Airmen. Take our word for it, the art in issue two is just as amazing as it was in book one, and the story is picking steam. Thanks always for your continued support.



Meanwhile artist Rob Davis nears the completion of issue # 1 of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 – taking to the skies as the action nears it surprise climax. Gorgeous artwork as always.



Attention all New Pulp fans out there.  The voting has begun for this year’s Pulp Factory Awards and is, as ever, open to you the public. We are thrilled to announce two of our Airship 27 titles are on this year’s ballot.

CAPE NOIRE – A Beest & Beauty tale by Ron Fortier for is up for Best Novel.

THE ADVENTURES OF RADIO RITA – Is up for three awards.  Best Anthology, Best Short Story – by Teel James Glenn and Best Cover by Ted Hammond.

To vote go to ( Please vote and share this link with all your friends and family. Get them to vote as well. We thank you sincerely for you continued support.



Yesterday, March 2nd, our beloved Aunt Blanche Fortier turned 100!!!  Above she’s with her two great grandchildren, Natalie Fortier and Blake Fortier.  Happy Birthday Aunt Blanche. We love you so much, God bless.



And while on the subject of number celebration, in two days, Sunday 5th March, the Air Chief and Valerie celebrate our 40th Wedding anniversary. Hard to believe. Time has flown by. Above is the one picture of that ceremony at the church, it being our second wedding. Seen is our daughter Heather who was ring bearer, and standing behind Val is her best friend Linda. God bless us that day, in more ways than we could ever dream and our journey through this life has ever since been so beautiful and filled with love.


Finally, this coming week-end the Air Chief and Valerie will be packing up for our vacation trip to Florida where we will be staying with family for almost the entire month of March. You heard right, Loyal Airmen, we are gone until the 29th. A long overdue three weeks of fun, sun and just plain relaxation.

There you have it, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for dropping by.  We’ll have something up here next Friday, but just as a cup holder till we return. Take and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 24 Feb | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we the start of Lent this past week, Spring is now within sight. Now there’s a cause for celebration. Meanwhile lots of things happening at Hangar 27 so let’s get cracking.



We are thrilled to announce the release of our third Bulldog Drummond title, “Baited Hook” by writer I. A. Watson. This is of course his re-imagining the classic British pulp hero from the 1920 into today’s world and the stories of action packed from start to finish. This volume contains three such. Artist Howard Simpson not only returns to provide all the beautiful black and white interior illustrations, but he also turned in his first ever cover for us with this project. (above left) It is fantastic. The book now available at Amazon in both paperback on Kindle. As always, Loyal Airmen, thanks for your support.



Recently a reader wrote asking if we’d ever bring “The Mark of Terror” back in print. It was one of our early entries in our new adventures of Jim Anthony Super-Detective series. This was a novel length adventure by Joshua Reynolds, and for the past ten years had only been available in Kindle. Considering we had re-issue several other titles in print last year, the Air Chief & Rob talked it over and in the end Rob put together a new print edition, which is formatted slightly smaller than the original and thus cheaper on the price tag. We here at Hangar 27 aim to please. It is now up at Amazon, along with the Kindle version.


Cattura 19aCattura 19 clrPGPG(19)

Artist Andrea Bormida finishes Pg # 19 of the second issue of our “Beyond the Stars” series. Meaning he has only three more to go and the issue is completed. Whereas this will be the last sneak peek, as the last three pages are something special as all you Loyal Airmen will see when the book arrives. Stay tuned.



We do love giving you Loyal Airmen sneak peeks when possible. So feast your eyes on the forthcoming cover to our second volume of “George Chance – The Green Ghost.” Several weeks ago artist Warren Montgomery wrote asking if he could do this cover. We’ve a new collection of stories waiting in the files. We’ve yet to find an artist to do the needed 12 interior illustrations. Still, the Air Chief saw no reason not to at least have a cover ready when we do. So we gave Warren the thumbs up. Above is the progress of that cover from composition to pencils to ink. Next will come the coloring and then Art Director Rob Davis will add the title logo etc. It should looks fantastic when completed. But first we’ve still got to find an artist to do the illustrations. Wish us luck.



Finally the season of Lent began this past Wed. Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return. Ecclesiastes 3:20 Wishing all our brothers and sisters in Christ a beautiful prayerful Lent.

Take care and we’ll see you next week.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 17 Feb | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, looks like we once again have lots of things to share with you so let’s jump right in, okay.


Last week we gave you a heads up that the latest issue of “MR. JIGSAW, Man of a Thousand Parts” had been completed was off to Indy Planet for printing. Whereas it will be at least a month before the good folks at Ka-Blam printing have it ready for ordering as a single issue. Now as many of you know, every time we put out three issues of the comic, when then collect them in a larger format we call “THE ADVENTURES OF MR. JIGSAW” and we publish this series from Amazon. Okay, so this being issue # 18, it mean we could do a new collection and Editor Rob Davis went ahead and assembled Vol 6 of this series and it is NOW available at Amazon. (See cover to upper right.) It contains all of issues 16 – 17 & 18 and those of you old enough to remember golden age titles, artist Gary Kato’s cover is our homage to the classic first ever cover of DC’s Justice Society of America. So whether you want to wait for the single issue # 18 (and we will let you know when it is out and available) or pick up this new volume of “Adventures” from Amazon, thanks so much for your continued support. We are still wowed by the longevity of this character/series. Gary and the Air Chief created Jiggy well over forty years ago. Wow. That’s a long time.



A few years ago, before Covid times, artist Mike Belcher and the Air Chief announced we would be doing a full length graphic novel telling the story of the classic pulp hero, The Black Bat. This would be the first time his origin would be done in comic format. After we wrote the script, Mike began doing all kinds of great sketches of the characters.


Above left to right are Tony Quinn, Silk, Butch & Carol Baldwin, the cast. Mike even penciled and inked several pages from the opening sequence. Sadly Covid hit and pretty much derailed the projects, as all of us found ourselves having to deal with shots, social distancing and everything else what went with that awful time. Happily Mike’s family and our own were touched by that plague and now it looks we’re about to re-launch the project. Last week Mike made the announcement on Facebook along with the image below.


Here’s Mike Press Release. “A delayed project due to having way too many other things going on. A brilliant and moving script by  Ron Fortier, it bridges the classic pulp origin to comics. My hope is to get production back on track this year. When published, it will be magazine sized like graphic novels of the 80s.”  This is news we are so happy and thrilled to be bringing along with that new cover piece by Mike. Will it be the official cover? Don’t know. Still a long while before Mike finishes this thing. But in the meantime we’ll be sure to keep you posted.



As all you Loyal Airmen are aware, Airship 27 publishes a showcase anthology series called. “MYSTERY MEN (& Women) and in every issue we introduce brand new pulp heroes to the our fans. Back in Vol 8 which we released last year (cover up at left by Rob Davis) writer Mark Allen Van gave us the story of a mob hitman named Stephen Killdare who was rescued from death by none other than Satan. The Master of Hell now commands Stephen, as KILLDEVIL, to do his bidding.  Above center is the sketch Rob did for that story. Now the writer, using the on-line site, Forge, has put together a Killdevil action figure at upper right. Forge allows customers to assemble various elements, ala shoes, clothes, weapons, hats etc. to custom create their own figures. We think Mark did a pretty decent job of capturing Killdevil and has himself a really nifty new toy.



Artist Olivia DeGaine is hard at work on the third issue of “The Wooden Blade.” She is doing a truly awesome job as we continue to the adventures of Raizee the Ram and is pal, Orai the Vulture. Olivia is truly doing an amazing job with this comic series and with fingers crossed we may have this issue done in time for the Wicked West Comic Expo.


Cattura 19acover clr partcover clr part C

After Silverline Comics successful Kickstarter to release “Beyond the Stars” issue # 1, artist Andrea Bormida turned to focusing his efforts on several of his other of his on-going projects. Most professional artists work on several series at the same time. It helps them be more creative and by always focusing on the same story or characters daily. So now, after that brief hiatus, Andrea is nearing the completion of issue # 2. Above at left are his pencils for Pg # 19. Meaning there are only three more pages and the issue wraps. At the same time he began toying with a cover idea, center and to right above. We love the composition and can’t wait to reveal it in its entirety when the book is finished. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen.



Finally we’re going to leave you with a really awesome sneak peek. A few weeks ago we mentioned the fact that we had a brand new “Mark Justice’s The Dead Sheriff” novel in the works. This one was written by Phillip Pan and features our zombie lawman in the Canadian Rockies where he encounters the legendary Sasquatch better known as Bigfoot. Art Director Rob Davis is drawing the 9 black and white interior illustrations with artist Michael Youngblood doing the cover. Michael just turned in the rough pencil sketch above and both Rob and the Air Chief were bowled over. This is going to be make a truly awesome cover. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, it should be coming you way very soon now.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Thanks as ever for stopping by and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!




  • On 10 Feb | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re really excited to announce that the 18th issue of Mr. Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts has been completed and hopefully will be published by the start of March. In this one we chose to start the story at our friend Rick Lowell’s great comic book shop in Portland, Maine.



And of course it wouldn’t be right to do this story without having Rick and his lovely wife Laura, appear as well. For those of you who follow the series, this one is follow up on a story we did way back in Issue # 15 where Jiggy’s friend, Dan Miller, got a job writing Mr. Jigsaw comics for Last Ember Press. Well that first issue is out and so Rick has invited Dan and Jiggy to his store to debut the first issue with a personal appearance. With fingers out the actual comic will be out by early March. We’ll keep you posted.



Meanwhile back on the comics front, artist Olivia DeGaine is plowing ahead with her pencils for out latest story of Raizee the Ram and his vulture sidekick, Orai.  Above are the first two features of a story called “Flatlands” which will be featured in issue # 3.


Cattura 19a

Truly happy to announce, after a lengthy hiatus (working on other projects) Italian artist Andrea Bormida has completed the roughs for Pg #19 of our series BEYOND THE STARS # 2.  All that remains is three more pages and that issue will be completed.  Wahoo!!!  Andrea’s work constantly amazes me.



And now we offer up the first page of JIN & TONIK completed.  After Matt Webb did such an amazing job with his colors, artist Cesar Feliciano sat down and add the lettering.  And as we’ve always said, the letters are what merge the script with the art. So now we have a comic book in production. WAHOOO!

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Pretty much a comics only entry, though we do have several new Airship 27 pulp titles nearing completion and hopefully we’ll be able to announce those soon. Till then take care, stay safe and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!