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Greetings Loyal airmen, the Air Chief is really excited to announce our first Airship 27 Productions title of 2018. As the book was released Wed night, 31st of Jan, we actually did get a book out in January. Now that’s what we call just in the nick of time. Those of you who follow this Flight Log will remember that 2017 also started up rather slowly and then picked up speed as the year wore on. So let’s see if 2018 repeats that pattern.


Our first title of 2018 is Vol Six in our highly popular Secret Agent X series. As one of the classic pulp heroes of the 30s and 40s, Secret Agent X has always been a winner with us since we first began producing his brand new adventures for a new generation unaware of the original pulps. In this exciting entry, we have a full length novella by Fred Adams Jr, and then two regular shorts; one by veteran X scribe and the other by a new writer to Airship 27, Kaushik Karforma. In fact Kaushik’s tale, “Escape From Zakopane” is the featured cover scene as done by Art Director Rob Davis, who also did the black and white interior illustrations. Both of us love this character and are thrilled whenever we get a new book out. As ever, it is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. We hope you’ll check it out and thanks for your continued support.


This next section is best described as TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES LOYAL AIRMEN.  Back in Dec. the Air Chief had his annual physical. At that time our Family Doctor noted it had been six years since we had our last colonoscopy. That being the case, and the fact that we remain in really good health and want to stay that way, she suggested it was time for me to have another done. The Air Chief is well aware of the extremely high rate of colon cancer in men in this country and the sad truth is, many die who could have been saved if they had had this test done. And so we wasted no time in making an appointment. Early this week we went to the local clinic and the Air Chief had his second colonoscopy done. As last time, a polyp was discovered…and easily removed. It has been sent to the lab for testing, but the doctor who removed it felt relatively certain it was a typical polyp men our age develop. And so, we were given a “well done” and sent on our way. We mention this because we still have good friends and colleagues past their 50s who have yet to have this simple text done. They are really risking their lives and that is truly sad. Ergo, this posting. Please, to all our Loyal Airmen, if you are beyond the age of 50 years old and have never had a colonoscopy, go schedule one right now. We’d like you to be around with us for a long long time yet.
Thanks, the Air Chief.


Finally for all you Brother Bones fans out there, last week the Air Chief finished his third collection of Brother Bones stories which will soon be published in book form as BROTHER BONES – CITY OF LOST SOULS. The book contains our longest Bones tale yet penned, “The Synthetic Man” wherein our Undead Avenger crosses paths with the legendary pulp villain, Doctor Satan. Also this week we were happy to announce that super artist Michael Stribling will be providing the cover for this new book. Stay tuned for me news as the project moves along.

And that’s it for this Flight Log, Happy February to you all,

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 26 Jan | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log. We start off this week with sharing a few photos from a local school appearance the Air Chief made two weeks ago at the Polaris Expeditionary Learning School here in Fort Collins at the invitation of arts teacher Ryan Grindel. We had visited Ryan’s class in past years along with comic artist Felipe Echevarria and once again, he joined us in this outing.


We spoke with two of Ryan’s classes back to back. In each hour, we broke the class in two groups. One speaking Felipe (see above) discussing comic art while the other half spoke with the Air Chief about writing.


Then after a half hour, we would swap groups. As ever the students were great, enthusiastic and eager to know more about what it was we did. We want to thank them all for having us, to Ryan also for sharing these pictures he took during the visit. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again next year.


Now for a super fun update on a project the Air Chief has been involved with. As most Loyal Airmen will recall, last Fall we taught a class on How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels at the Front Range Community College and had fie wonderful young writers as students. See image above. We had posted this picture at that time. Well before ending the eight week course, these five talented people each wrote a 5 pg script and the Air Chief went and recruited 5 professional artists to illustrate them. The idea being to publish a comic with their stories and it would be called FRONT RANGE TALES. So the artwork came in, first for Jon Bonjour’s tale, then Melisa Nguyen’s, then Aaron Powers, Adam Bruns and lastly Bransen Gage. All the while the Air Chief kept studying the comic pages looking for one image that might make a fun cover for this project. As it would turn out, the last art pages came in from artist Gary Kato who was drawing Bransen’s story FED UP.  (Bran is the young man in bottom row far left.) In that story was the panel above…and we fell in  love with it.  In the story our hero goes to a rather special hardware store that could only have existed in the Twilight Zone.  And so the Air Chief called upon his partner, artist Rob Davis to take that one panel….and use it as inspiration for our cover.


And here it is. As ever, Rob knocked it out of the ballpark and we’re delighted with it.  The comic itself is at the printers and we hope to have a small ceremony either at the college or local comic shop to debut it to these writers. You can well imagine how excited they are to see their first comic stories in print. We’ll be sure to bring our camera along and snap some pictures.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

Ron – Over & Out!!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen and welcome to this week’s Flight Log. One of the things we get asked all the time in regards to our Airship 27 Production pulp books is…”Where do you find your artists.” As most of you already know all Airship 27 titles use two artists on each book; on to do the cover and the other for the black and white interior illustrations. The thing is, over the years, we’ve met and recruited some of the most talented artists out there and some from really surprising occupations, i.e. day jobs.  Let’s show you a couple examples.


As most of you know, one of the Air Chief’s dearest friends is artist Jeff Butler, with who we produced the Green Hornet comic series for Now Comics long ago. Thing is Jeff is now teaching a local community colleges where he lives. Primarily courses in graphic art. Several years ago he wrote us about a student named Richard Jun that he was really impressed with and suggested we contact Richard; that he might be willing to work with us. So on that strong recommendation we reached out and discovered Richard is actually Dr. Jun, a practicing optometrist who just happens to love comics and drawing. Thus our conversation ultimately led to his doing illustrations for us and to date he’s done several books and is currently working on our second Moon Man anthology. See image above.

Marty Quade Illo 5

And then there’s the story of Brian Loner. Two years ago we were guest at our local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day and during the course of that fun event, a man approached us and said owned a landscaping company here in the city, but had always had a passion for drawing. His name was Brian Loner and when he looked through several of our Airship 27 titles on the table, it was easy to see this was something he dreamed of doing. So we asked him to send us a sample of his work.  A few weeks later Brian sent along a pin-up of Captain Hazzard which was really great and showed us he had the skills to be an illustrator. And so we gave him our first anthology featuring 1930s private eye, Marty Quade (see illo above) and as of today, Brian is half finished his illustrations for it. They are all beautiful. See what we mean about these talented draftsmen coming from all walks of life. Simply amazing and wonderful.


Finally we want to end this week’s Flight Log with a little fun story relating to Pulp History. Way back when the Air Chief began writing new exploits of the one-hit-wonder Captain Hazzard, we simply went along what most pulp historians believing for years, that “Captain Hazzard – Python Men of the Lost City” was the only Captain Hazzard novel ever penned by writer Paul Chadwick using the house name Chester Hawks. It wasn’t until we began the new adventures of Captain Hazzard that long time pulp fan Don O’Malley asked us if we had any plans to adapt the second Hazzard book as well? What second Hazzard book we asked? O’Malley then related this story. By the time the first and only Captain Hazzard book hit the newsstand, Chadwick had already penned a second. Which makes sense when you understand how writers had to keep up with the fast pace of monthly schedules. But when the Hazzard book was considered a flop, the publisher was left holding an unused manuscript…which they then returned to Chadwick and instructed him to turn it into a Secret Agent X adventure. Which shouldn’t have been to arduous a task as Chadwick was the primary writer of that popular series and the pen-name of Brant House. And so he did just that, with lots of tweaking turning this Captain Hazzard adventure into a Secret Agent X yarn called, “Curse of the Crimson Horde.” (See original cover above.) Upon hearing all this, we confessed to O’Malley it would be a fun challenge to tackle and so he actually sent us a copy of the entire Secret Agent X book to go by. Over several months, with it on our desk beside our PC, we pounded away taking the story hopefully back to where it had begun. By the book’s last quarter it really was if we were channeling Chadwick’s spirit as we began to deduce what scenes would be coming up long before we read them. In fact, at one point, we decided to take a villainous character and have them become a noble figure by the book’s climax. Lo and behold, upon reaching those lost chapters, it was the exact same ploy he had used…though not to the extremes we did. In the end, we opted to change the book’s title as well, having made it into something else altogether and Airship 27 released what was then our third Captain Hazzard adventure, “Curse of the Red Maggot.”  From Hazzard to Secret Agent X and eventually back to Hazzard. Only in the world of pulps, Loyal Airmen.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 12 Jan | '2018

Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week’s Flight Log was really short what with the holidays and all. It seemed like things were quiet in both the pulp and comics community. All of which is totally understandable.  But we trust things will soon start to pick up again real soon.


Which is as good a time as any to remind you Loyal Airmen that Chief Engineer Rob Davis and the Air Chief continue to record the Airship 27 Podcast once a month via the good folks at Zone 4. And we wanted to you know that all these shows are eventually available to listen on to on You Tube. Simply go to the main site, type in Airship 27 Podcast in the search bar and voila, all our previous 34 episodes will pop up. Note this past week we recorded number 35. It still blows our mind that we’ve been doing this now well over two years and as ever thanks for your continued support. If you want to keep abreast of what’s happening from month to month at Hangar 27, do listen to the show.


A few weeks ago we mentioned that we would soon be publishing the first ever full length Purple Scar novel as written by Gene Moyers with interior illustrations by Chris Kohler. We then went out recruited British artist Graham Hill to do our cover. Graham has done four other covers for us in the past and all have been stellar. Anyway, Graham has begun doing pencil roughs of pulpdom’s most frightening avenger and he just turned in the gruesome piece above. We just had to share it with you all you. This is the stuff of nightmares, Loyal Airmen, for sure.


Meanwhile our friends at Radio Archives continue to release our titles as audio books. This past week they put out the second Captain Hazzard novel Citadel of Fear, which the Air Chief co-authored with pal, Martin Powell. You can find it at the link below. The reader is Stuart Gauffi and he does a fantastic job bringing the adventure to life. (

Hood Poster

A few months ago an artist on-line approached me about working together on any old classic comic hero from the 40s. The Air Chief agreed and did a little internet surfing until we found a character called The Invisible Hood. We then proceeded to write an 8 pg script for the artist in question. Who then promptly disappeared. Yup, just like that, gone. After several frustrating weeks, we opted to put out the word on our FB page that we had this script and no artist. Then, to much to our real delight, artist Mike Belcher replied almost immediately asking to read it. You may recall the Air Chief and Mike had worked together a little over a month ago on a very short 3 pg strip and both of us enjoyed the experience. We happily sent Mike the script and overnight he produced the gorgeous colored pin-up above. Yup, Mike is on board and we know you are going to love this one when completed. Stay tuned.


Finally the Air Chief has to believe that some of you Loyal Airmen do remember the days before Cable on how many of the networks actually produced original movies themselves.  Aptly called “made-for-tv-movies.” There were hundreds of these made in the 60s and 70s. One the Air Chief remembered fondly was “Sherlock Holmes in New York” which starred Roger Moore and Holmes, Patrick Macnee as Watson with John Huges and Prof. Moriarty and Charlotte Rampling as Irene Adler. We even then Holmes fans and the idea of Moore taking on the role was intriguing. We watched the airing with great expectations and it was a really well written, acted story with a great little mystery….which we humbly did solved before the Great Detective. This all happened in 1976 and ever since that one viewing, the Air Chief has longed to see it again. Well, among our wonderful Christmas gifts this year were several Amazon gift cards and we wasted no time ordering a copy of this movie. It arrived last week and this coming weekend we plan on making a batch of popcorn, seating ourselves in our comfortable recliner and once again entering one of Sherlock Holmes’ most unique cases on the busy streets of New York. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you do get to revisit only memories.

And there you have it for this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!





  • On 5 Jan | '2018


Greetings Loyal Airmen and Happy 2018.  The image above is the finished cover to a role-playing module called “Ron Fortier’s CAPE NOIRE RPG” and is based on my Brother Bones pulp stories. After two full years, T Glenn Bane and his team at Scaldcrow Games finally got her wrapped up. Poor Glenn had suffered some serious health issues in the past year which slowed the game’s completion. But one he was 100% again, he and wife Theresa Bane devoted themselves to getting it finished. Right now the Air Chief doesn’t have all the details as yet as to where and how you Loyal Airmen who are into gaming can pick up a copy. All this was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and we have to assume their initial goal is to send out copies and rewards to all the people who supported the project. Note, Rob Davis and the Air Chief are planning on having copies of the book at the Windy City Pulp & Paper con this year. Both of us can’t wait to get our hands on it.  And all this was made to me on New Year’s Day. Now that’s what we calls tarting the year with a bang!!


The Air Chief is also thrilled to announce the release of ATHENA VOLTAIRE – PULP TALES.  She is the creation of artist/writer Steve Bryant and pretty much a cross between Indiana Jones & Laura Croft Tomb Raider. For years Steve has been doing comic adventures of the lovely Ms. Voltaire, a genuine pulp hero. Then about two years ago he invited a bunch of writing colleagues, the Air Chief among them, to write a prose short story for a collection and the result was this new anthology which was released the last week of December. You can find it on Amazon or at your local comic shop. The Air Chief’s story is called “The Austrian Prisoner” and we had a blast writing it. We hope you’ll check it out.

And so a new year is truly off to a great start. We hope as every you’ll continue to stop by every Friday morning and enjoying they year with us.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 29 Dec | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, and here we are with our last Flight Log of 2017. Wow, has this year flown by at hyper-speed. And all in all in was a really great year with lots of great things happening to the Air Chief, his family and friends. Chief among these was obviously buying our new home and Val seeing we finally got out new office to display so many of our books, DVD movies and action figures that had been stored away in boxes for the past seven years.  Dang, we found books while unpacking that we had forgotten we even had. Now how cool is that?

The second awesome event was finally getting to teach a class on How To Write Comics at a local community. That’s been a dream for many years and realizing it was nothing but a blessing. My five students were incredible and we are so looking forward to next Feb. 21st when we launch our second class. Keeping fingers crossed we’ll have an even bigger turn out this time.

As most of you Loyal Airmen know, Val and the Air Chief love going to the movies and we see dozens over the course of the year. Earlier on Facebook this week, we reflected on what we considered the top five of the year.  (1) Wind River – an amazing crime drama set against a cold, unforgiving Wyoming winter.  Easily the best written film of the year. (2) Wonder Woman – finally, Warner Bros. puts out the film all we fans have been clamoring for and sure enough it is easily the best new DC movie in the past ten years. Gail Godat was awesome and setting the tale in World War 1 was pure genius. (3) Kong of Skull Island – What can we say, we’ve always loved the Big Gorilla and re-imagining him in the late 60s during the Vietnam era really worked better than we thought possible. In the end it was just a great summer popcorn movie. (4) Baby Driver – another throw back to 70s exploitation flicks, this one about a shy, quiet youth who, once behind the wheel of a car, becomes a bloody, fearless maniac. A crime thriller with a heart.  And finally, (5) Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie’s detective hero, Hercule Poirot has never been more cunning, clear and charming as portrayed here by Kenneth Branaugh. There was a time, primarily the 50s, when Hollywood gave us tons of mystery series ala Charlie Chan or the Thin Man movies. We’d so love to see such series make a come back. Happily Orient Express did well enough that a second with Branaugh is now in production, Death on the Nile. We can’t wait.


How our annual physical yesterday and we’re happy to report it was a very good one.  Doctor said vitals are strong. There are a few minor concerns. We need to drink lots more water to keep ourselves hydrated and avoid future kidneys issues. All in all, for being 71, we maintain a positive attitude, walk two to three miles a day, eat a healthy diet and get lots of good sleep. Now that’s a recipe for good health and we plan on sticking with it.


Knowing so many talented artists, it was nice surprise to get the above sketch just before Christmas from artists John Williams. John is our artists on the  PARADISE FALLS 3 issue mini-series and at present we’re are wrapping up the third and final issue.  Hopefully we’ll see it out in early 2018.


And finally, one of the most bizarre classic pulp avengers was the Purple Scar. To date Airship 27 Productions has done two anthologies featuring this horrific hero. Early in 2018 we will publish the first ever full length Purple Scar novel by writer Gene Moyers.  Believe us when we say this one is going to be special. And with that little tease, we’ll wrap up this final Flight Log of 2017.  All of us at Hangar 27 want to wish all our Loyal Airmen a truly awesome, wonderful and HAPPY 2018.  We’ll see you “next” year!

Ron Over & Out!



Greetings Loyal Airmen. So here we are only four days from Christmas as we write this entry. And as to be expected there is very little news to share with all of you this week.  Rob and the Air Chief pretty much shut down Hangar 27 as all our amazing writers and artists are off enjoying well deserved time with their families. Last minute shopping need to be done and a whole lot of cookies baked before the Jolly Old Elf makes his appearance. Anyway, that’s all a good thing in that it is our fondest wish all of you of faith, doesn’t matter which, will take some time to thank the Creator of All for the blessings we all have beyond counting. As Christians, our family will be remembering the baby Jesus in that little manger in Bethlehem being welcomed to our world by both poor shepherds and rich wise men. He came to love us all, to serve others and in so doing give us the example of how each and everyone should live our lives….in the service of others. Be they family, friends or neighbors. That is the message of Christmas to our family and we hope it is for yours as well.


In the course of this year, Airship 27 Productions released a whopping 24 titles. We kicked off 2017 with our second  “Quatermain – The New Adventures Vol 2″ and just a week ago released “Tales of the Golden Dragon,” by Barbary Doran.  This is the third in Barbara’s series about two Kung Fu heroes, Dragon & Tiger, who live and protect the Northwest city of Strikeport. This book contains interior illustrations by Gary Kato and Rob David furnished the beautiful cover you see above.  The book, as all our titles, is available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon. So it has been another truly stellar year and we have to thank special groups for making it all possible. The first being all our amazing writers and artists who have produced these wonderful books and the second is YOU, our Loyal Airmen who have continued to support us; not only by purchasing our books, but by telling your friends about them, sharing your reviews on-line etc.etc.etc. We really can’t thank you enough. Whereas the Air Chief does promise we will endeavor to continue bringing the best in quality New Fiction in the coming year. We’ve tons of great projects on the way, both continuing series and the launching of brand new ones. Trust us, you won’t want to miss any of these coming your way in 2018.


Finally, this being Christmas, we wanted to give all you Loyal Airmen a little gift, ala a peek at what will become the cover to our first new book of 2018 – SECRET AGENT X – Vol 6. The above was penciled by art Director Rob Davis and features a scene from writer Kaushik Karforma’s story.  And wait till you see it completed. Till then, be good to one another, pray for Peace on Earth and Good Will to All men.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 15 Dec | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope all of you are getting into the wonderful spirit of this holiday season. So many things to do, to see, to participate in etc..etc.. matter how you celebrate.  As for the Air Chief, we received our first Santa surprise last week and to say it was a surprise, is an understatement.


One of Airship 27 Productions most welcomed new writers is Michael Housel.  Michael’s been with us over a year now and gave us the new mystic hero, the Persona a year ago. Note, a sequel is coming your way in 2018. Anyways, a few weeks back Michael wrote us saying he’d walked into a store and seen something he thought we’d truly appreciate and it he bought it for us. Naturally the Air Chief felt really awkward here as we really don’t want our creators buying us anything. Totally NOT necessary, as they already give us their amazing stories and art which fuel Airship 27 in the first place. At that balking, Michael assured us it was just a little something.  Yeah, right. Two weeks later we go to the post office and are handed this big, heavy box with his return address on it.  Upon getting home, we opened it up to find a limited edition fully painted King Kong model kit.  WOWSER!!  Obviously Michael had seen some earlier posting when we mentioned it being our favorite movie of all time. And so, being the overly generous soul he and his lovely wife Donna are, they bought it for the Air Chief as a Christmas gift.  Of course Valerie has made us promise not assembling it with glue (the smell sickens here) until warmer climes when we can put it together outside on the backyard picnic table.  Ha. Rest assured, when that day comes, we’ll snap a few good pix of the assembled kit and post them right here.  As for Michael & Donna Housel, you folks rock!!!


And speaking of generous giving, the Air Chief wants to thank all his old friends at Alpha Productions. After twenty-five years they finally released the long-lost superhero comics team title, TASK FORCE ALPHA. The Air Chief had created Major Liberty for that project and contributed a back up story featuring the hero known as Nightflyer. And today the mail brought us a big box filled with these, more so than we ever expected.  So we tip our hats to old amigos Leni Gronros, Bob Cram, Paul Pelletier & Chris Mills.  Trust me, if you can ever get a hold of one of these, you’ve got yourself a real collectors item.

And that’s it for this week Loyal Airmen.  As ever thanks for stopping by, hope you survive the holiday craziness out there and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out

MYSTERY MEN ( & Women) Vol 5

  • On 8 Dec | '2017

Greeting Loyal Airmen, as we rush full tilt towards Christmas, we here at Hangar 27 are keeping as busy as ever doing out best to get out our last few projects of 2017.


Mystery Men ( & Women) Vol 5 out this week, is our 23rd release of the year. It features three great pulp adventures starting with the introduction of writer Gene Moyer’s new character THE SHRIKE in a full length novella.  She is spotlighted on the cover by the super talented Canadian artist Ted Hammond.  Then we have a new Nightbreaker tale by Thomas Deja from his popular Shadow Legion books and finally a Doc Atlas adventure by writers Michael Black and Ray Lovator.  Art Director Rob Davis provides the 12 interior black and white illustrations to make this one of our stellar titles ever.  Available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.

Doc Atlas Logo

Meanwhile as we’ve mentioned Doc Atlas, here’s some other great news.  Doc Atlas is the creation of writers Michael Black and Ray Lovato, childhood pals who grew up loving pulp fiction.  They created Doc Atlas years ago as their homage to the classic heroes ala Doc Savage, Jim Anthony and Captain Hazzard. Since then they’ve written a half dozen Doc Atlas adventure that have been published via various publisher.  But as of 2018, Doc Atlas will be exclusive to Airship 27 Productions. We’ve entered into a mutually beneficial agreement with these talented writers in which they have agreed to produce one new Doc Atlas book (be it a collection of shorts or full length novel) each year exclusively through Airship 27.  Believe me when we say, we couldn’t be happier. You Loyal Airmen are going to be getting some really great New Pulp fiction from these two amazing writers.

Page 4 pencils and inks low  rez

As we always love to show off new artwork, here’s a penciled page from a new Captain Jain Marlee Space Smuggler story we wrote called Ghost World. Our pal Ariel Aguire is inking it over another artist’s pencils and we thought you’d enjoy see how a great inker enhances a comic page.  Enjoy.  And finally, Rob and the Air Chief recorded episode # 34 of our monthly Airship 27 Podcast this evening.  Next week, once up on-line, we’ll post the link to it. And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log.  Now get out there and wrap up all your Christmas shopping.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 1 Dec | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we wanted to chat with you about just how cool the internet can be. One has to figure most of you Loyal Airmen have either watched or been told about the amazing new western mini-series that is currently running on Netflix.  “Godless” is a seven hour classic western melodrama written and directed by Scott Frank (pictured above). At this writing Valerie and the Air Chief have seen the first five episodes and we are totally hooked. Honestly, this series has echoes of every classic cowboy flick you’ve ever seen from Lonesome Dove to Shane with little touches throughout that pay homage to a half dozen other great westerns. The large cast is fantastic with so many interwoven stories as to keep even the most jaded viewer on board. Frank is a truly original writer.

Another aspect of the production we absolutely love is the lush, bold music score by composer Carlos Rafael Rivera and we confess, until today we had never heard of him before. Then, through the magic of the internet we learned Mr. Rivera lives in Florida where he is a musical director at a school and has worked with Frank before on the gruesome crime thriller “A Walk Through the Tombstones.” Anyways, on the whim the Air Chief reached via Facebook and lo and behold was able to connect with Mr. Rivera and tell him just how much we love his music. He was grateful and responded almost immediately. The Air Chief is keeping his fingers crossed the studios will record all of the music to “Godless” on disc so that one day we can own it and listen to it over and over.  You gotta love the internet.


As most of you Loyal Airmen know, it has been months now since the Brother Bones movie project came to a unsuccessful finale. Since that time the Air Chief has devoted himself to focusing on the positive and writing brand new Brother Bones adventures to share with all of you. But at the same time we’ve felt really bad that all our great supporters never even got to read the amazing movie script writer Erik Franklin had written based our our collaborative story.  The more we thought about that the more we began realizing there might be something we could to correct that one issue. So we entered into talks with both Erik and Airship 27 Productions Ace Art Director Rob Davis. The result is we’ve all agreed that movie script needs to be published and we are going to do it. As yet we’ve not decided on a final format (wither paperback or comic shaped) but one thing you can tell you, it will be the actual shooting script from which the movie would have been made….and…Rob is going to profusely illustrate plus doing a new original cover.  We’re excited about the project and hope you will be as well. Don’t expect too soon, as all of us have lots on our plate to wrap up before the end of 2017 but a good bet would be this book will be available at the start of next year.  As ever, we’ll keep you posted.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!