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Greetings Loyal Airmen, last weekend Val and the Air Chief were once again guest at the Rocky Mountain Con in Denver as put on by our dear friend Tim Moret. This was the 10th anniversary of the con and we’ve only ever missed one. This was by far the best ever.


Upper left Val holds down the fort…er…our tables. We had lots of comics and pulps and before those two days were gone half this inventory was gone. One of our first visitors at the show was well know Cos-Player HeatherAfter in her Black Window guise. Happy to snap a photo with the Air Chief.


Also appearing at the show was one of my former writing students and now college girl, Gabriella Saenz and her dad, Arthur. Last year Gaby actually did the spot illustration for one of our Airship 27 titles, “Flatiron Death Grip” by Peggy Chambers. Gaby is a guest at most local cons now, her art is beautiful.


Then we had our good friend artist Guy Davis, who is also an Airship 27 illustrator, having worked on writer Nancy Hansen’s fantasy series, “The Silver Pentacle.”  Hopefully will having working on the third entry in the saga.


Then we have artist and 20 yr. army veteran, Kevin Johnson. Several years ago, he and the Air Chief produced the action adventure graphic novel Black Lion. Since then Kevin has devoted his time to his stunning paintings with lots of his work appearing in galleries around at the country. At one point in the show, Kevin stopped by our table and suggested the possibility of our doing another comic project together. We are totally on board with that. Oh, yeah.


Among other well known guest at the show were Mike Baron, (at left) creator of Nexus and The Badger. Busy these days doing his own comics which are big hits as expected. Then there’s Marvel veteran, Bob Hall (at right) still busy drawing sketches for fans. An all around great guy.


Believe us, there’s no lacking of local talent here in Colorado. Hailing from Fort Collins are writer/artist Abe Akin (Left above) and our Official Protege himself, Todd Jones (Right above). These super talented gents are good friends and it is always exciting to see their latest work.


And finally, seated across the aisle from us were the created husband and wife comics team, Olivia and Zane Degaine of Pulp Fission. Olivia and the Air Chief produce the fantasy comic “Th Wooden Blade” while Zane and the Air Chief are hard at work on a new western to be called “Hamlet’s Inn.” In fact, as in the past several years, we went to the show with them, as their truck is the one vehicle that can carry all their gear and ours as well. They are dear friends and Val and the Air Chief are so happy they chose to settle here in Fort Collins.




As for the Air Chief’s sales over the two day show, the three big sellers were the anthology “Dracula – Unfanged” in regards to prose, then the graphic novel, “Daughter of Dracula.” It’s obvious vampires are still a thing. This was followed by my pulp series Brother Bones titles. We actually sold out of several volumes. Then the always popular Sherlock Holmes anthology “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not.” We did sell a bunch of other comics, but the constant seller is the Mr. Jigsaw How to Make a Comic special. We want to thank all the gracious fans who stopped by our table and made the event so successful. Honestly, Loyal Airmen, we just couldn’t do this without.



We’ve told this story several times in the past few weeks. Thirty years ago the Air Chief wrote a 48 script featuring a new comic character, Satin Wei, a Chinese thief who was raised in Hong Kong then fled to America to escape her life of crime. It was intended for Gary Reed and Calibre Press. Sadly, before that project could be launched, Reed opted not to go through with it and that script languished in our files. Over the years several other artists tried to bring it to life, include Chilean Gonzalo Martinez who had helped design Satin. In the end he did complete an 8 pg Satin Wei adventure. Now, thanks to our lifelong partner on Mr. Jigsaw, artist Gary Kato had drawn that story and we had it published via Amazon where it is now available for purchase. Note we also included Gonzalo’s 8 pager as a bonus back up feature and Redbud Managing Editor Rob Davis did the cover based on an old composition by Gonzalo. We are so happy to finally ave this out. And we hope you’ll give it a look-see.



Recently my second cousin, Ricky sent me these photos of his son, Blake, who is obviously a huge Spiderman fan and has enough energy for a bunch of superheroes. Way to go, Blake!!!  Never ever lose that imagination of yours, it’s fantastic.


2020 clr

This one of the final pages of issue # 3!!  Artist Andrea Bormida has only two more to complete and then the book is off to letterer Mike Belcher. After that off to Roland Man and Silverline Comics for another Kickstarter Campaign. Thus bringing us to the half-way mark of this six-issue mini series!!!



What with Satin’s Ways finally in print, the Air Chief got to thinking how cinematic the story is and how it could easily be adapted to a short, independent 90 minute movie. So we’re putting out the word on social media to any enterprising young filmmaker out there. If interested in such a project, give us a holler.

And that, dear Loyal Airmen is our Flight Log for this week. As ever thanks for stopping by, see you next Friday and God Bless.

Ron – Over & Out!



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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’re going to kick off this week’s Flight Log with a look at Paramount Plus’ new streaming western series from Taylor Sheridan telling the amazing story of the greatest lawman who ever lived in the era of America’s Wild West, US Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves.


We first of Bass over twenty years ago when working on a western comic project it. Intrigued by what we’d heard, we began researching him and discovered Prof. Art Burton’s extensive biography, “Black Gun – Silver Star.” It was absolutely fascinating. We also discovered other books on Bass, including the one by his own relative Gary Paulsen. It seemed after years of obscurity, people were finally begin to learn who this great man was and his role in the taming of the west.


At 16 Bass, a slave, ran away from the Texas ranch he was living on to live with Indians in the Oklahoma territories that made up the Five Civilized Tribes. After the Civil War, Reeves married, built his own horse ranch and started raising a family. When Federal Judge Isaac Parker arrived in Fort Smith to establish a federal circuit court, he soon realized he had a major problem; his white marshals were unable to operate in remote townships settled by freed blacks, native Americans or established as outlaw sanctuaries. In the end the only solution was to deputize black men; one of the first of these being Bass Reeves.


During his thirty odd year career as a marshal, Reeves brought in over 3,000 felons even though he was illiterate and couldn’t even read the writs he handed out. But due to his time with the Indian tribes, he was a skilled hunter-tracker, familiar with the territory and an expert in firearms, both pistols and rifles. He also learned to disguise himself as a vagabond when needing to infiltrate an outlaw camp and find his man. He was in fourteen major gun battles but never wounded once.


In the end, Reeves even hunted down his eldest son who had, in a moment of rage, shot his wife upon finding her with another man. None of the other marshals, in deference to Reeves, would accept the writ. When Reeves learned of the crime, he requested it and rode out to bring in his son. Young Reeves was convicted and sentenced to a life in the Yuma Federal Prison. Reeves retired shortly thereafter, the incident having been the one sour note to an otherwise amazing, and proud career as a lawman. After his death at the age of 70, friends and public officials petitioned the Arizona governor and his son’s sentence was commuted.  Here was  a story even Hollywood couldn’t make up. But no one had ever had the courage to do anything with this incredible story.


Out of sheer frustration, artist Rob Davis and the Air Chief attempted to write a comic graphic novel based on his life. Above are Rob’s sketches of Bass from his youth to manhood. The Air Chief even wrote out the first eleven pages, which Rob penciled, inked and lettered. And guess what? We couldn’t find a single publisher will to take it on. Finally after years of getting nowhere, we opted to go a different route in making Bass Reeves a household name. We decided we’d create a series of anthologies featuring stories of his fictional exploits.


In the past eight years we’ve produced five volumes featuring some of the finest western writers working today; all of which are available at Amazon. In the meantime more and more people were starting projects including Oscar winner Morgan Freeman who was behind the push to do a Bass Reeves series for HBO. Sadly it died in pre-production.


Then other TV series began having Reeves pop up in cameos. One was a time travel series, wherein he shows up when the time travelers need help catching Jesse James. There were also several B-movies rushed into production, none of them very good. Then as if to add insult to injury, some people began spreading the lie that Bass Reeves was the inspiration for the TV cowboy, the Lone Ranger. All of which came about because one of the biographers, in hopes of selling more books, suggested the possibility. Of course it was totally a lie, though as always, lies have a way of spreading like wildflower. Finally, old time radio historian, Martin Gram was so fed up with the falsehood, he went and wrote an essay debunking it and had it published on Amazon.


The Lone Ranger series was produced for WXYZ in Detroit and neither the owner, George W. Trendel, nor the writer/creator of the Lone Ranger, Frank Striker, had ever head of Bass Reeves. Like the rest of the country. The best guess as to a true inspiration for the character might have been Zane Grey’s hero in a book called “The Lone Star Ranger.”


And finally we come to this brand new iteration, Paramount’s big budget, full out western mini-series, “Lawmen – BASS REEVES” starring David Oyelowo as Reeves. Having viewed the first episodes, we enjoyed this retelling a great deal. Are there inaccuracies? Of course there are. Small pieces that could be debated ala did Reeves ever fight in a Civil War battle? It is doubtful. Whereas there is no mention of his mother or younger sister, both of whom were also slaves on George Reeves ranch. Reeves fled to the Indian Nations as a teenager and did not marry until after war. He was never a farmer, as shown in the show, but raised horses. And his first born was a son, Bennie, not a girl as shown in this version. See what we mean? Still, despite these differences, in the end we applaud what we’ve seen thus far. The chief selling point being David Oyelowo’s wonderful portrayal of Reeves. He gives Reeves the nobility and a strength of his character merited. It was said Bass Reeves loved the law and equal justice for all men, which is how he served the badge on his chest. All that is in Oyelowo’s approach. With fingers crossed, the show will only get better. We can’t wait. It’s been a long-long time since this great American hero was given his due. Amen.



Artist Andrea Bormida shows these finished pencil pages for 18 & 19. All getting closer to the book’s finish being Pg 22. So happy to see this rolling along.



Last Sunday the Air Chief turned 77 years old. How that happened, we have absolutely no clue. Still, the family threw me a wonderful little birthday party and gifted me with a bunch of Amazon cards which the Air Chief will certainly put to good use. At the same time, granddaughter Cora and her husband, Calvin, surprised me with two really unique items. The first (above left) is a very heavy, diecast Millennium Falcon pen holder and the book it is set on, “Dining With The Saints” by Father Leo Patalinghug and Michael P. Foley. It deals with two of the Air Chief’s favorite things, faith and good food.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by. We’ll see you back here next Friday morning. Till then, God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!

Logan Marches to Victory

  • On 3 Nov | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we start this week’s Flight Log with a loud cheer to our grandson Logan Fortier.


Logan plays in his High School Marching band. That’s him in the middle above. We are so proud of him and the entire squad. FIRST PLACE at New England States/Regionals with an awesome score of 93.4, best visual, best overall, best guard!! GO BETHEL! Totally with the three hours in traffic and 1am truck return. U.S. Bands Nationals next week in Allentown, PA. Also thanks to his dad, our son Scott, who has always volunteer to drive the team truck with all their instruments to all these tournaments. Now that’s being a Super Dad.



Artist Andrea Bormida adds colors to Pg 16 thus wrapping up it up. He is getting closer and closer to completing this book # 3 and we couldn’t be more excited. Andrea is such an amazing storyteller.



Meanwhile artist Cesare Feliciano has been dappling with coloring & lettering panels from or spy thriller project JIN & TONIK. Above is one of the early results of his efforts. Look great to us.

AIRSHIP 27 PODCAST Episode # 92


And finally, earlier this week, the Air Chief and Airship 27 Chief Engineer Rob Davis recorded our 92th episode of the Airship 27 Podcast. You can find it up at You Tube. Just cut and past the link below. ( We hope you’ll take a listen. We talk about the last six titles we’ve released in the past three months and what’s coming up next.

And that’s our Flight Log for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as we creep ever closer to winter, the title of this week’s Flight Log seems appropriate, don’t you think? It actually refers to one of our favorite pulp heroes from the golden age of the pulps, Scientific Detective I.V.Frost.


Frost and his lovely blonde assistant, Jean Moray, first appeared in the pages of the pulp magazine, CLUES (upper left). They were created by writer Donald Wandrei (1908-1987). He would write 18 stories featuring them that appeared between Sept. 1934 and Sept. 1937. Now jump ahead in time to 2000 and the Air Chief is becoming familiar with pulps. Thus we discovered new anthology from publishers Fedogan & Bremer that collected first 8 of those adventures. Naturally we taken by the gorgeous cover (above right). We loved the stories and couldn’t wait for the publisher to publish the second volume that would supposedly reprint the remaining 10 stories. Sadly the outfit went out of business before that could happen. We would have to wait another 20 years until the good folks at Haffner Press brought us The Complete I.V. FROST (see above right) for which we are eternally grateful.


Then one night, we received a call from Moonstone Books publisher Joe Gentile asking if we knew of a pulp hero named I.V. Frost. What followed was a fun conversation in which Joe explained he had hopes of doing new stories featuring long forgotten characters and he wanted to assign each to one specific writer; i.e. that writer would be responsible for writing not only new prose adventures of their assigned hero, but also comic stories. We signed on instantly and got to work. With a few weeks we’d written a new Frost mystery story and the scripts for three short comic tales. Artist Jake Minor had signed on to do the comics. He actually penciled one completely. Sadly Joe’s hopes for this new venture simply didn’t pan out and in the end, he opted to cut his loses and go a different route. He decided he’d produce a full out prose anthology of new I.V. Frost stories and that’s where my story was eventually published. See cover above left. It’s really a terrific collection of stories. Sadly it seemed like no one would ever see the comic stories, even that one Jake finished.


After a few more years, the Air Chief approached artist Gary Kato with the idea of drawing the two comic scripts that had never been illustrated. Gary happily agreed. Then we approached pal Rob Davis about doing a one shot, full-color comic with them and Rob was on board. Above left is the cover to that one shot and to the right are the first pages of the two stories; “Runaway Robot” and “Speed Demons.” You can still buy copies at ( Gary did such a fantastic job with the art and we thrilled to finally see those stories in print. I.V. Frost now had his own comic book.


All of us were thrilled with getting those two comic stories in print, but still bemoaned the fact that the third, “The Beast Master” had yet to see the light of day. Then a year or later, the Air Chief wrote a new Black Bat novella in which he teams up with the Purple Scar and we offered it to Joe and Moonstone Books. To our delight, Joe published. Then he had the idea of doing a hard cover edition which would come with a bonus feature. The Air Chief quickly reminded him he still had that third I.V. Frost strip by Jake Minor and it would make a great “bonus feature” for his hardcopy edition. Joe agreed and so it finally happened. Above left is the cover to that novella, and to the right are first two pages of “The Beast Master.”


Now after all that, the Air Chief figured that would be the end of our relationship with “Ivy” & Jean. But we were wrong again. We’d failed to take into account that Joe loved these characters as much as we did. So sure enough, in late 2020 we get another e-mail from him asking if we’d consider doing as yet another Frost story. This one would be the back up feature to a new series Moonstone would soon launched called MOONSTONE DOUBLE SHOT.  Above left is the cover to that first issue, which featured a lead Green Hornet story by our friend Mel Odom. The back was “The Vanishing Train,” an I.V. Frost mystery by yours truly with artist Sergio Ibanez doing that wonderful spot illustration. The little book appeared in 2021.


In working with these truly wonderful characters, we’ve often imagined what actors we’d cast to portray them on the silver screen. Our image of the clinical, so serious Prof. I.V. Frost is a young Peter Cushing whereas his sexy, Phd. blonde bombshell none other the gorgeous imp, Jean Harlow. That’s how we see them when writing their new adventures. Doing so makes their dialogue flows effortlessly. Oh, and the purpose of this lengthy essay, guess who sent us an e-mail a few days ago? Yup, Joe came knocking again and we’ve signed on once again. How could we say no? Time to revisit 13 State St. Manhattan and see what the two of them have been up to. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, more as things develop.



Artist Andrea Bormida wrapped up work on Pg # 15 of issue # 3. That only leaves 7 to go, then it is off to letterer Mike Belcher and on to Silverline Comics. Wahoo!


019-Pattern-Modern-Pulp CNVoices10Ink

Artist Jesse Thomas continues to progress with issue # 1 of THE CRIMSON NUN. Above is Pg 10 from that issue, with inks and final coloring. We are really excited to see this issue come to life.



Years ago, the Air Chief  met an artist from Oklahoma named Steve Erwin. He had this idea of us doing a Green Hornet comic book and urged us to write up a proposal. Meanwhile he did up several sketches of what the new Hornet and his new female Kato would look like. Then both of us went to San Diego to sell the idea. Thing is while there, Steve landed a job with DC comics where he would go on to draw Superman and Co-create Checkmate. Meanwhile, we managed to get Green Hornet picked up and Jeff Butler took over the art chores. Still we and remained pals and cheered each other on over the years. We just now learned that Steve passed away. Our heart goes out to his wife Brenda and kids, Paige & Danny. Steve was truly one of the good guys in this crazy business. Above are his original sketches. Rest in peace, amigo. And thanks.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 20 Oct | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well Val and the Air Chief has a great time during our trip back home east to visit friends and family and believe you are going to see quite a few pictures we took while there. We love our family and hate being half a country away from them. That’s why these annual trips are so important to them and us always.


Upper left is Air Chief with sons Scott (to my right) and Kevin (to my left). Then a shot of the shore of Wells Beach Maine were we stayed during our trip. Had lots of awesome seafood while there.


Our daughter Michelle with Val and Val and the Air Chief with beach in background.


A covered bridge in Saco, Maine.


Michelle and husband Chris on Bridge. All of us with New Hampshire’s Mount Chocorua in the back.


Val use to go hiking up Chocorua as a teenager. Air Chief and Michelle, it was a cool day up north.


Final pix with our grand-daughters, left to right, Kristi, Air Chief, Val & Chelsea. Finally on our last day in New Hampshire, we had lunch with Valerie’s sister Sandy and her husband Andy. They were kind enough to have us as house guest our first night there. In all we had a great time and it came and went way too fast. We so love our family.



So happy to announce the release of our new volume in the SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective series. This one features stories by I.A. Watson, Ray Lovato & Jonathan Casey. Art Director Rob Davis provided the interior illustrations and artist Howard Simpson painted the beautiful cover above. It is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As always, Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your continued support.


image_6483441sister blood pencil sketch

Sister Blood is a character we created for my Brother Bones series several years ago. When writer/editor Adam Messer, invited us to write a vampire story for his newest anthology, it was the perfect opportunity for us to pen a new Sister Blood tale and open another chapter in the Brother Bones saga. Now it’s out and we need our help in making this amazing collection a reality. Please support us and do share this posting with all your internet contacts. Thanks for your continued support.




And while the Air Chief was on vacation, artist Andrea Bormida whipped up several more pencils pages from BEYOND THE STARS # 3. At this rate, he is not far from completing it.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As always thanks for stopping by and checking out what’s up at Hangar 27. Until next Friday, be well and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!!

Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you read this, Valerie and the Air Chief are winding down our last few days in Maine on vacation. We’ll be home next Tuesday 17th. Meanwhile, today, Oct 13th, the new vampire book we are a part of has officially launched its Kickstarter program.


Above is the finalized cover by Jeffrey Hayes. We think it’s a knock-out. And we’re reposting the other ad to allow you to better see the names of all the writers who have contributed. The book is being published by Adam Messer’s Valhalla Press and was edited by Winfield Strock III. The list of writers participating is stellar and we are thrilled to be a part of this project. Below is the link to the Kickstarter page. Simply just copy and past it to your search engine. The hope is to have the finished book out next Spring; with your help and support of course.


So there you have it Loyal Airmen. Take care and thanks, we’ll be back next week with the usual shenanigans.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 6 Oct | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, and welcome to October, better known around here as Halloween time.


As most of you Loyal Airmen know, the Air Chief has had a fascination with vampire stories ever since seeing those old Universal Dracula movies. To the point of writing the graphic novel, “Daughter of Dracula” which was beautiful rendered by my pal, artist Rob Davis. Then later, when writing the on-going Brother Bones series, we decided to add a sexy vampire to the supporting cast and thus Sister Blood was born.


Earlier this year, our pal, fellow writer/editor Adam Messer, invited us to contribute to his new vampire anthology book. “The Blood Runs Deep” and we were happy to sign on. Initially we had a difficult time coming up with a new twist on the theme until we remembered Sister Blood. A quick message to Adam asking if we could do a Sister Blood tale for the collection and he happily agreed. Now the book is nearly assembled (see official add above) and on Oct 13th. (Yes, it is a Friday the 13th) the Kickstarter will launch and we will debut the gorgeous cover by Jeffrey Hayes. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, this is going to be wild. IMPORTANT NOTE – do check out the Flight Log next week to see the official cover to this book. It’s stunning.



Last year Sherif & Randa Hassan, a married couple from France, visited Fort Collins. Randa’s mother lives here and they traveled here to see her. At the same time, Sherif is a comic book writer/artist and wanted to meet local comic fans, so someone at our local comic shop gave them our e-mail and they contacted me. Two days later, myself, James Gaubatz and Todd Jones met them at the comic shop and we had a great time. Now, a year later, and Randa has come back this time alone because Sherif is back in France not only because of his day job but he is also putting the finishing the touches on their first ever book, “Rock ‘N Roll Bedtime Stories.” This afternoon she met with the Air Chief and James (photo above) (Todd was unavailable) and showed us a black and white mock up of that book. It is simply fantastic, beautiful, everything a book like this should be. It seems Sherif’s second love after comics is rock and roll and he merges his two loves in this amazing project. Once completed, they hope to crowdfund at the link below. ( Note the book is in English and truly worth your support Loyal Airmen. Thanks ever.



The Air Chief is thrilled to announce, for the third week in a row we have a new title release from Airship 27 Production.  “The Return of the Crimson Howl” is a dark superhero novel by first time writers Paul Landi & Jason Clark. Sam Salas provides the interior illustrations and Ted Hammond the cover. Despite the brightly colored image, this one we would suggest for adults only. It is grim. Thus making it another release appropriate for October and Halloween. As always, it is currently available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Thanks always for your support, Loyal Airmen.



Last week we showed off artist Andrea Bormida’s new pages for issue # 3 of “Beyond the Stars.” Now we get to see them in full color. Oh yeah.



Next week Valerie and the Air Chief are flying back to New England for our annual Fall visit with friends and family. And in the previous two years, we’ll be staying at a motel in Wells Beach, along the beautiful coast of Maine. It is one of our favorite places and we’ll get to see a lot of family, friends. The head of that list being our daughter Michelle and her family and our boys Scott & Kevin will be driving up from Conn. and Massachusetts to join us as well.  Anyways, the Air Chief won’t be sending out notices for next Friday’s Flight Log, but IT WILL POST…as we are scheduling a post to show off the cover to the new vampire anthology we’re a part of. So we hope you’ll check it out.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping. We’ll be back in Colorado on the 17th and back to writing pulps and comics. Take care,

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 29 Sep | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well we’ve another great Airship 27 anthology to show off this week. But before we do that, here’s a final pix from last week’s beautiful wedding of our granddaughter, Cora and her now husband Calvin.


Believe us when we say hundreds of photos and videos were taking during that truly wonderful day. But the Air Chief had to share the one above upon seeing it. The latest member of our family, Boomer, was not excluded from the festivities and was with us all day long. In the reception hall he became a huge star with all the little children there, never mind lots of the adults as well. He was so loving and well behaved we are extremely proud of him. And this shot of him with Cora and Calvin is precious. Again, we had to share it with you.



With the release of last week’s “The Challenger Chronicles Vol 1″ and now we have “Mars McCoy – Space Ranger Vol 3″ out as well, it seems the log jam has finally broken at Airship 27. Fingers crossed you’ll be seeing two more very shortly. Meanwhile this great collection featuring our space opera hero Mars McCoy features five fantastic stories. One each from writers Russ Anderson, Robert J. Mendenhall, Wayne Carey and two by John Bear Ross. Artist Daniele Danbrenus Spezzani provides the black and white interior illustrations (ala above right) and Michael Youngblood the gorgeous color cover (above left). If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Flash Gordon etc. we think you’ll really enjoy the adventures of Mars McCoy.  Again available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. As ever Loyal Airmen, thanks for your support.



The biggest challenge to both writers and artists of comics, are the “talking-head” scenes. Obviously we’d all like every page of a comic to be filled with tons of visual action. But alas, in telling a “complete” story, there are required scenes to carry the narrative along. What we called “spear carriers” during a play. Our blessing is working with gifted artist like Rob Davis who are skillful enough to make even a “talking-head” scene look both dramatic and beautiful. Thanks, pal.



After a brief hiatus working on other comic projects, artist Andrea Bormida is back doing roughs for Pages 13 & 14 of our BEYOND THE STARS # 3 for Silverline Press. Keep in mind, each issue of this six part mini-series is 22 pages long. Meaning after he finishes these two, he only has 8 page to go before wrapping it up and reaching the half-way mark in our saga. Stay tuned. Lots more great sci-fi action is coming your way.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for much for stopping by and God willing, we’ll see you back here next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 22 Sep | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week’s Flight Log is a truly special one for the Air Chief. You see, just a few days ago, as you read this, our granddaughter, Cora, married her best friend, Calvin Hyland in a beautiful ceremony at a local vineyard.


Cora and Calvin met in high school and began their love story as simply good friends. Then as time went by, that genuine friendship evolved into something more; something truly precious. And so love grew and this Wednesday, they tied the knot pledging their loyalty and devotion to one another forever.


Members of Valerie’s family flew in at the start of the week and Tuesday night, after rehearsals were finished, we took them to a local restaurant for dinner. Going around the table, left to right, we have Adeline, Desiree, Ronnie, Barbara, Cora (bride), Kailen, Rory, the Air Chief, Val, Calvin (groom) Gus, Annette and Chris. To say all of us had a fun time would be totally obvious. Everyone was thrilled and excited that night, knowing the following Wed afternoon would be a day we’d all remember.


And so the BIG DAY arrived Wed afternoon and Cora Horne became Mrs. Calvin Hyland. Calvin is a member of the National Guard and looked handsome in his uniform while Cora was a dazzling bride. In the photo about, in the foreground are her parents, Nicole & Alan Horne, and way in right background in the blue shirt with white hair, is Roger Bagiga, Nicole’s dad. Oh, the smiling dude in the black robe in the left is one happy Air Chief who had the singular honor of officiating. It was a day all of us will remember forever. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.



And while the Air Chief was busy with family fun, Airship 27 Art Director was busy getting our latest title ready for release. THE CHALLENGER CHRONICLES is our first in a new anthology series featuring the adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle’s “other” famous hero, Prof. George Challenger, first appearing in Doyle’s classic “The Lost World.” In this new collection, writers Gordon Dymowski, Barbara Doran, Michale Panush and Samantha Lienhart send the good professor on a quartet of fast paced pulp adventures. Artist Clayton Hinkle turned in all interior illustrations along with this exciting color cover. We hope you Loyal Airmen will give it a look. Available now at Amazon in paperback and shortly on Kindle. As ever, thanks for your continued support.

And there you have it for this wild and crazy week, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks so much for stopping by. Take care and stay well.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 15 Sep | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen. As most of you dog owners already know, puppies grow super fast and such as been the case with our golden lab, Boomer.


As you can see from the photo above, he’s getting to be a big boy. And of course as you’d imagined, he’s really spoiled around here. Ha.



Much to my surprise and delight, artist Jesse Thomas sent me the roughs to the last 13 pages of The Crimson Nun #1. The Air Chief has looked at all of these closely and they are simply fantastic, totally the scenes as we envisioned while writing the script. Hang in there Loyal Airmen and fans of Antarctic Press we’ve got a winner coming your way.



Air-187AIR-228Bass5CVR copy

As most of you Loyal Airmen are already aware, Bass Reeves was the greatest lawman ever to operate out of the west during the post-Civil War era. He captured over 3,000 outlaws in a 30 yr career, was never wounded once, and survived several major gunfights. All of this took place in the badlands of what we now call Oklahoma. In a few months Bass’s story is coming to television in the form of a an 8 week series created and written by Taylor Sheridan, the fellow behind the popular series Yellowstone. So we thought to get you Loyal Airmen ready for looks to be a terrific western saga, we’d remind you that Airship 27 has been one of the biggest Bass Reeves boosters for over a decade and already in our catalog,we have five “Bass Reeves – Frontier Marshal” anthologies all still available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. And oh yeah, we are currently assembling Vol 6. Giddy up, cowboys..and cowgirls! Oh, and for the record, Bass Reeves was never the inspiration for the Lone Ranger. That was a lie put forth by a biographer of Reeves to sell more copies of his book.



Whereas we really didn’t have all that much new stuff to report on this week, we thought it might be fun to share with you Loyal Airmen to of the original covers for Volume One when printed by the late Caliber Press. Art by my Green Hornet pal Jeff Butler. As for Vol Two now in production, Rob Davis is drawing issue # 2 and the Air Chief is writing the script for issue # 3.  How long will the series be? Honestly don’t have an answer save, as long as it tells us to tell the entire story. Stay tuned.

Ron – Over & Out!