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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this past week-end we once again headed into Fort Collins’ Old Town for the fifth annual Fort Collins Comic Con, which benefits the Poudre Valley Library. Above left is the Air Chief after having set up my table and banner on Friday. The actual show happens Sat and Sun. To the right was one of the last pictures taken on Sunday afternoon, after a truly awesome weekend. The Air Chief with Valerie, grand-daughter Cora and her boyfriend Calvin.


So many of our friends and colleagues were at the show. To upper left for the first time ever was writer Aaron Powers and his wife Abby. Aaron was one of our students in our How To Write Comics at the Front Range Community College a few years ago. So at his table he had is first published comic plus his first novel. To the right about is old friend writer/artist Abe Akin and his lovely wife.


Sci-Fi Fantasy author Carol Van Natta was a con neighbor across the aisle. Also on hand was Jesse Bonafazi and his step-son Charlie. Jesse teaches a class on cartooning at the local Senior Center and for the first time ever his students, under his guidance, put out other on Blind Dog Comics # 1. Way to go, Jesse!


Two more of our own former students were on hand as well. Gabriella Sanchez, a first time, is a super talented writer and artist. She had lots of beautiful prints. And there was Jon Bonjour, selling his collection of truly funny cartoons. Jon and the Air Chief are currently working on a comic book series to be called BULLDOZER. Stay tuned.


At upper left all the way from Denver is artist James McFarland, who not only does comics, but James has illustrated an Airship 27 book for us. At right is was artist Jeff Slemmons, a truly fun guy and awesome artist.


Also on hand was Hawaiian artist Ka’Rihue whose work is truly fantastic. Speaking of which the Air Chief also picked lots of cool books at the show, as seen in picture top right.

O&Z (2)O&Z (1)

Both Olivia and Zane DeGaine of Pulp Fission comics were also on hand. Someone went up to the second floor balcony to snap a pix of Zane doodling away. Both are dear friends and Olivia and the Air Chief are doing the Raizee comic series called “The Wooden Blade.”


Horror artist Robert Elrod looking dabber as ever in his Fez was another con neighbor in our alley. Robert is a great guy and fun to chat with. To right is the Air Chief’s Official Protege, writer Todd Jones of Wicked Awesome Comics. Todd is one of the primary workers who make the Fort Collins Comic Con as especial as it is. Believe us, he was running around all weekend long.


The picture to the left was taken just after Todd and the Air Chief spent an hour in a Panel room where he prompted us to related stories from our many years in the comics biz. We had a nice audience and they seemed appreciative of the anecdotes we entertained them with.  All in all, as we said above, this was a really great con. Bravo to all involved.

And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. See you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!

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