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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you are reading these words, another Christmas has come and gone. Just like that. Now the gifts have all been unwrapped, the guests from out of town packed up and gone home, and Mom & Dad can actually kick back and relax for a little while before the cleaning needs to get done. The Air Chief and Valerie truly hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was just amazing. So much fun to be with our loved ones again, while knowing those who have left us had to be smiling down from heaven.


Speaking of that, most of you know that over two years ago our dear friend and fellow pulp writer, Mark Justice passed away.  Months later we had the honor of publishing his weird western novel, “The Dead Sheriff.” Shortly thereafter Rob and the Air Chief met Mark’s widow, Norma Kay Justice, at a PulpFest Convention. What a wonderful lady. Several months later, Norma Kay wrote telling me Mark had actually begun a second Dead Sheriff novel which was never completed. The Air Chief asked to see and ultimately completed that book, sub-titled, “Cannibals & Bloodsuckers.” Last week we released it, our last official Airship 27 Productions of 2018. Because of that, Norma Kay set up an interview with the Air Chief on radio station Kool Hits 1057 out of Ashland, Ky. This was the station on which Mark had his morning show for many, many years. Now the station, in his honor, host the Mark Justice Breakfast Club Christ Memorial show every year on the day before Christmas. Out little 20 minute talk about Mark and Dead Sheriff # 2 was aired during that program.  If any of you Loyal Airmen would like to hear it, simply cut and past this link –  (…)

The Air Chief has promised to get the book out before year’s end and thanks to artists Zachary Brunner (cover) and Art Cooper (interiors) and part Rob Davis on book designs, we fulfilled that goal. The book is now available on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  And to Mark, whose spirit guided us all the way, thanks.


Now onto our family Christmas fun. By Christmas morning, Santa’s surprises were packed by the tree and fireplace. Valerie set out some really awesome breakfast treats as we awaited the younger members of the clan to show up. Both our grand kids, Cora and Alex, has spent Christmas Eve with their respective significant others.  By one in the afternoon everyone was finally gathered, coffee poured and it was time to start digging into those brightly wrapped packages.  That’s Alan in the recliner, Valerie in foreground, Nicole at center, with Calvin and Cora behind her.


While the Air Chief began snapping pictures. In left, Val again in foreground, behind her left to right is Alex’s girlfriend Chloe, then Calvin and Cora. To right, Cora modeling her new Pea Jacket with brother Alex and Chloe looking on.


Alan shows off the replica Baseball World Series Trophy showing the Red Sox as 2018 Champions, while Val was really surprised to find she had a brand new Pipka Old World Santa to add to her growing collection.


Chloe was really happy with her new electric hand massage machine and Alex had the biggest gift, his gun case.


And the Air Chief was delighted with this replica of a 1930s cocktail shaker shaped like an airship. The originals appeared soon after the first giant Zeppelins came out of German factories. Soon air ships were the craze around the globe and this snazzy mixer soon appeared in all the fancy metropolitan bar scenes.  We love it.


And there you have it Loyal Airmen, our last Flight Log of 2018.  We want to end this one with wishing all of you a truly awesome, amazing, wonderful new year. Let’s make 2019 the best one of all.

Ron – Over & Out!!

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