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Greetings Loyal Airmen, it sure looks like 2023 is speeding along. We’re already in February and the Air Chief not only has tons of projects keeping us busy, but a long three week vacation coming next month followed by the Wicked West Comic Expo here in our neck of the woods followed by the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con in Chicago after that. Busy, busy, busy. So let’s get to what’s happening with both comics and pulps.



With the completion of Pg 20 from Issue # 1 of Vol 2, artist Rob Davis is rapidly nearing the end of that premier issue. Ten more to go. This second volume will, as the first one, be published first as a single issues mini-series from Redbud Studio. Once completed, it will be collected as a graphic novel. Stay tuned.



One of the biggest challenges we face as the publisher of Airship 27 is finding super talented artists to illustrate our great books. And then again, every so often we get blessed with artists like Chris Nye ( above at left illustrating a Teel James Glenn book) and Guy Davis ( above at right) illustrating a Nancy Hansen title). Oh yeah, some days there are rewards.


Nearing completion is our third Bulldog Drummond title, “Baited Hook” by writer Ian Watson. This series re-imagines the classic pulp heroes from the 1920s who the first gentleman adventurer in a pulp series. In this volume, as the previous two, artist Howard Simpson delivered all the black and white interior illustrations (one example at top left) and is for the first time doing the cover for us. Meanwhile yours truly and Art Director Rob Davis designed the back cover and text. (above right). This promises to be another great entry in our series and hopefully will be out within the next few weeks.



Meanwhile colorist Matt Webb adds his special magic to Pg # 15 of “Jin & Tonik” by yours truly and the amazing art of Cesar Feliciano.

As you can see, things continue hopping at Hangar 27 with both comics and pulps. Thanks ever dropping by Loyal Airmen and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!


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