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Greetings Loyal Airmen, over the past ten years, Airship 27 Productions and other publishers have been spreading the word about New Pulp fiction. In that process we’ve also been recruiting wonderful new writers and artists.


One of the earliest friends we made was writer John Simcoe. This past weekend, John was one of several guest at small writers show in Northern Pennsylvania. There he is above with his table full of amazing works, including our LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION of which John was a contributor. So while setting up at the show, John comes across a table on which is displayed our latest Domino Lady anthology.


Behind that desk was one of Airship 27’s newest writers, Ms. Samantha Linehard. John introduced himself and then snapped the photo above and sent it along to us. We were thrilled to see it and very happy to know Samantha is out there promoting her Domino Lady story in that volume. Samantha was finishing her College Master’s program in Fiction Writing a year ago when she had the pleasure of hearing super New Pulp writer Fred Adams Jr. give a lecture on New Pulp at her school. After the talk, Samantha approached him and expressed her interest in this new pulp stuff. God Bless Fred, he encouraged her to contact the Air Chief and happily she did.


Since moving to Colorado over ten years ago, the Air Chief has made quite a few friend but none more so than Todd Jones and James Gaubatz. In fact we three meet one a week at a local bistro for coffee. Well actually the Air Chief has coffee, James is a tea-guy and Todd usually has an energy. You see we’re all into comics. A few years back Todd and James created WICKED AWESOME TALES and began publishing their own comics. They’ve even been gracious enough to publish several we wrote. So this past week as we were heading for the parking lot, they had me follow them to James’ Datsun. Knowing our birthday, 5th of Nov, is just around the corner, they went out and bought me a surprise gift. About a year ago the Air Chief had bought a POP Green Hornet figure on-line. Sadly we just couldn’t find one of Kato and honestly thought we never would. Well, as it turned out, James happened to be in our Fort Collins Barnes & Noble book store and he saw a POP 2-Set with both of them. He immediately called Todd and Todd told him to buy and they would split cost…then surprise me. Which is what they did in such a big way. And here’s a photo of that set. We’ll take out of the box eventually when we decide where in the office we want to showcase.

Meanwhile, thank you Todd & James. You are dear, dear friends and the Air Chief is so blessed to have you both in his life.

And that wraps up this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next week. Ron Over & Out!


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