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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as we write these words, it is Nov 1st, All Saints Day. Importance to us because it is Mom’s 93rd birthday today. We gave her a call back in New Hampshire this morning to wish her a wonderful day. All of us are betting she’s going to make it a 100, though she scoffs at the idea. Last night was Halloween and Valerie captured this amazing sunset over the Rockies. It is the view outside our front yard.  One of the hundreds why we love living here in Colorado.


Last weekend saw the Air Chief’s final comics event appearance as we were guest, with many of our local colleagues, the comic shops first ever Halloween Comics Fest. Here’s the Air Chief alongside pro artist Zane Degaine. In all it was a great Saturday and we met lots of nice people. Here’s hoping this becomes an annual event.


Nov. 1st also saw the last game of the 2017 Baseball World Series with the Houston Astros winning their first ever franchise championship. We have to tip our baseball cap to both them and the National Champs, the Los Angeles Dodgers for one of the best World Series contest in the history of the game. Both teams were magnificent and we baseball fans got to enjoy some truly amazing games. Congrats, World Champs Houston Astros!!!

Finally, hard to believe but with six weeks done, we only have two more classes in our first How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels course we’ve been teaching at the Front Range Community College.  Working with our five talented writers has been a joy and hard to believe that it will all wrap up in just two more weeks.  As for the future, that will depend on the school and whether they are willing to allow us to continue offering the course.  We’ll keep you posted.

Ron – Over & Out!

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