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Hi Loyal Airmen, we’ve got one fun, long Flight Log for you this week. As many of you know last week the Air Chief and Valerie headed down to Denver for the Annual Rocky Mountain Con hosted by our dear friends Tim & Nicole Moret. At the same time, Sat, the first day of the show was the Air Chief’s 76th birthday! Oh yeah, and quite honestly there is nothing like having a birthday at a comic con. Take my word for it. Above are several pictures of the Air Chief autographing comics while wearing his brand new Vietnam Veteran’s cap which Valerie gave us that morning as a special birthday gift. To the Air Chief’s left and our con neighbor for the weekend, artist Zane DeGaine. The same fellow we are doing the new western series with. But more on that later, right now we’ve a bunch of great pictures to share with all of you. So hang in there.


A more direct look at part of my two tables of comics and pulps and a nice shot of Zane and Olivia. They are both extremely talented creators. Don’t ask us why, but it seems in the past decade or so Colorado has become a homebase for lots and lots of great comic artists and writers.


Above left are another two such artists. Guy Davis is at left, giving with the peace sign, with Joe Arnold on the right. Good buddies both. And Guy was debuting his new sci-fi series. To the right above is the Air Chief with his Official Protege, comics writer Todd Jones. Todd publishes the fantastic WICKED AWESOME TALES series which has featured lots of our stories in the past.


And then there’s pal Mike Baron, another Colorado resident and the genius behind Nexus and The Badger. The shows big guest was artist Joe Staton, and at right is Joe and is wife Hilary, along with the Air Chief and Val. Joe and the Air Chief’s friendship goes back nearly fifty years. It is always great to hook up with him and Hilary. They made this show extra special.


One of our dearest friends in Colorado, his Rio Herrera. Val and the Air Chief met Rio at the very first big Denver Comic Con. He’s a truly great guy. So when the Air Chief was penning his Zorro story last year, he thought it would be fun to put his pal in the story as a Catholic Padre who gets kidnapped by outlaws and has to be rescued by Zorro. Well when Rio discovered we’d done that, he was thrilled. Being of Hispanic roots, Zorro was always a childhood hero of his. He went out an bought a copy from Amazon immediately. Then he shows up the Con Sat morning and buys a second copy from us just so we could autograph it for him. Sadly we didn’t get a picture together, but the Air Chief later found the above pix on-line. That’s our pal, Rio, with a lovely Zatanna cos-player. Leave it to Rio to find beautiful women wherever he goes. Ha.


Here’s the Air Chief and Val with the show’s creators, Tim & Nicole Moret. They are such a wonderful couple and on Sat night, hosted us for a special birthday dinner at the local Moonlight Diner. Zane & Olivia joined us along with two other of Tim’s buddies, Steve and Matt. A really fun time was had by all.


Brett & Jeanni Smith have also become dear friends of ours. It is always great to get together with them (up at left) and lastly one more pix of us with Zane & Olivia. We really talked about the new western comics Zane and the Air Chief are doing and hope to have out by next April. Fingers crossed.



Of course you should never attend a comic con and leave without picking up so new titles. And the Air Chief never does that. At this show, we left with these three wonderful titles. First up, Mike Baron’s NEXUS – Triplets with art by Kelsea Shannon is simply wonderful. If you’re a Nexus fan from way back, then you know how well crafted this sci-fi world is shaped and Horatio steps into this new story as if he never missed a step. We love it and can’t wait for future issues. Whereas BELLATRIX RISING is artist-writer Guy Davis’ long running sci-fi Star Trek inspired webstrip evolved into an original, all new comic adventure. Volume one above, with the hero on the cover is a compendium of this world, which Guy has build up over the years and then book one launches into a brand new adventure that is packed with great characters and tons of action. Guess this con was a sci-fi bonanza after all. Go find these comics now!



Oh, and should you Loyal Airmen wonder, the show was a huge success sales wise as by the end of the two days we sold out of two books and two comic titles (see above). Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tables and picked something up. You fans are the reason we do this stuff and go to these shows. And as ever our Rocky Mountain fans didn’t let us down. Our next show will be the second Wicked West Expo in April of 2023 and looks like we’ll be re-ordering these, and other titles to build up our inventory.



And while we were in Denver, Airship 27 Production Art Director was busy getting our Airship 27’s latest new pulp title, Vol 18 of our best selling series, SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective. This one features two short stories; by Michael Black and Ian Watson. And a novella length mystery by Ray Luis Lovato. With interior illustrations by Rob and a wonderful cover by Warren Montgomery. As always, you can pick this up at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. And as always, thanks for your support.


Cattura 15

Artist Andrea Bormida turns in the roughs for Pg # 15 of BEYOND THE STARS # 2. We so love his composition layouts. He’s a gifted visual story teller and working with him is a joy.



The action continues to heat up in the first new chapter of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 with Rob’s art pretty much exploding off the page. We love this stuff.



As many of you Loyal Airmen know, in the past few years, two different film outfits attempted to get a Brother Bones movie and TV series launched. Both failed due to the lack of funds. Thing is, way back when dealing with the film project, the Air Chief took the finished shooting script and rewrote it as a graphic novel script. It was based on the first ever three Bones short stories and tells his origin in detail. So for the past five or six years we’ve been looking for an artist who would be willing to take on this 130 pg script. And it looks like that may have happened at Rocky Mountain. Yup, an old artist friend started talking to us about Bones and the state of things with the character. We in turn mentioned the script still collecting dust in the files and the end result of that conversation was this artist asked to read the manuscript. He is interested. And we’ll things right there. Don’t want to tease you Loyal Airmen, but all of you keep your fingers crossed. If this moves forward, for the Air Chief it will be a dream come true.

And there you have it, Loyal Airmen. This year’s Rocky Mountain Con was super fantastic…and for the record our next show will be the second Wicked West Expo happening in April of 2023. Here’s hoping we see many of there. Meanwhile, don’t forget to stop by here every Friday morning for our latest entry. God bless you all.

Ron – Over & Out!





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