• On 19 Mar | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen.  Well seems like Mother Nature decided to give Colorado another winter kiss over the weekend.


Over the weekend a brutal winter blizzard hit the entire state of Colorado starting Saturday. Above is our front yard on Sunday morning (to left) and the aftermath on Monday morning (to right). Here in Fort Collins we got two feet of the heavy white stuff. This, Loyal Airmen, is what we left New England in the first place. Ha. Spring can’t come soon enough. Clean up crews will be working for several weeks before all the streets are free, clear and safe again.


On a real fun note, we received Radio Archives CD audio recording of Airship 27 Production’s “Bass Reeves Frontier Marshal Vol 4 the other day. Here’s our beautiful granddaughter, Cora, holding up one of the sets. Stuart Gauffi is the narrator and he is brilliant on this set. His voice is perfect for a western adventure yarn. We do hope you’ll check it out at their site on-line. You won’t be disappointed.


One of the things we’ve always loved about pulps is how they often mixed genres together. Recently writer Fred Adams Jr. sent us a new novel that simply blew us away. It deals with pirates who just happen to be vampires. Oh yeah, the second we heard that pitch, we were on board. The novel is called “Fangs of the Sea” and our Art Director Rob Davis is doing the the interior illustrations at present along with designing the book’s title logo above. When done, artist Adam Shaw will provide the cover. As ever we’ll keep you posted this. This one is creepy good.


Finally, after a full year of not traveling, Valerie and the Air Chief are planning their first getaway trip for the second week of April. One that is long-long overdue. A little R & R is always a good thing. April will also the start of the new baseball season and our beloved Red Sox are really a totally different team this year having traded away many of their top-notch players over the winter months. One can only hope with Manager Alex Cora back in the dug-out, we’ll get some eager young rookies willing to work hard and show the Fenway fans what they’ve got. Going to be so wonderful to hear the umpires yell out, “PLAY BALL.”

Ron Over & Out!


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