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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ll by the calendar we’re only a week away from this year’s Windy City Pulp and Paper Con in Chicago. You can bet the Air Chief and Art Director Rob Davis of Airship 27 will be there holding down the fort at our two tables. Not only are we looking forward to seeing lots of old friends, but the fun of presenting this year’s Pulp Factory Awards on Friday night. Hopefully we’ll have photos to share with you when we come home. For now, onto all our other projects.


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At the same time we are in Chicago, May 5th will have arrived and the official launch of the Silverline Comics’ Kickstarter Campaign to fund our new sci-fi series BEYOND THE STARS. Above to the left are the finish pencils to artist Steven Butler’s alternate cover. We’ve known Steven for many years. He was a familiar artist at Marvel Comics for many years drawing their Black Cat character from the Spiderman series. Having him doing a cover for us is just amazing. To upper left is a yet another promotional piece from series creator/artist Andrea Bormida.

Cattura 03Cattura 03 inksCattura 03 clr

And above is Pg 3 of Book # 2, where the bar room brawl continues. Hoping we can get this published, Loyal Airmen.


You should also be aware, Beyond the Stars is one third of this campaign. Silverline’s plans are to put together a mega comic that will feature it and two other premier sci-fi titles, Obsoletes and Krey. Above is the image from the Kickstarter Campaign. So folks helping back the project will actually be getting three number one issues in one volume. As indicated before, you can go to the page now and sign up to be notified of the launch at this link. (



One of the things you learn quickly in the small publishing world is it sometimes takes a long-long-long time before a short story you’ve written actually gets published. As we write this, the Air Chief currently has five such shorts out there awaiting their arrivals. Of the five, we feel relatively certain you will see three in print before year’s end. The first of these is our Dracula tale coming from the Australian publisher. Last we looked, it is due out next month in fact. All fingers cross. Then we have Bold Venture Press assembling their second giant Zorro anthology in which we have a tale. With that one, we’re thinking late Summer or early Fall. And finally, the tribute book for our pal Derrick Ferguson (above at right) who passed away last year. Tommy Hancock is putting that one together and we have a story in it starring Derrick. No idea when that will see the light of day. As for stories 3 & 5, one is for another anthology from Tommy and Pro Se press and the other for a new monster anthology from Sean Taylor. Again, no current news on either, but we’ll keep you posted if we learn anything. We like writing shorts, but at present, it sure looks like comics are our main creative path forward.



Artist Cesar Felciano turns in Pg 31 of our comic thriller “Jin & Tonik.” In that page Russian scientist deal with gene manipulation as we look into the origins of super assassin Darya Tonikova. Meanwhile, Cesar offer this hyper intense study of Sammy Jin, our Chinese martial artist. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, things are going to bet wilder.



Airship 27 Art Director & Chief Engineer, just got home from a fun filled weekend at Kansas City’s Planet ComiCon. And posted the above image on FB. It’s a model he made up of the two of us. Pretty much action figures – standing still. We still love it and wanted to re-share it with all of you. You can expect to see it on our table at Windy City for sure.

PROMOTING – BEYOND THE STARS – Below is a new add from Silverline Comics and the link.

SCIENCE-WARRIORS are called to SAVE mankind!
Support the project by going to this link and signing up for the official notification when it goes LIVE! Don’t be the last one to know.
Please, Loyal Airmen, feel free to cut and past this ad and write-up anywhere on-line. Even with all our hype and promotion, this Kickstarter Campaign can only succeed with your help spreading the word.
And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Thanks ever,
Ron – Over & Out!


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