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Greeting Loyal Airmen, we truly hope all of you had a wonderful Easter Holiday, despite being isolated from your religious communities due to the Covid-19 virus threat. We watched the Catholic mass via TV as broadcast from the beautiful cathedral in Denver. When all this has past, we hope we can take a trip south and see that magnificent church up close. Of course the isolation would most likely have been the norm without the health threat as Mother Nature opted to give us a White Easter. Yup, snowed all day Easter Sunday and today, Monday, it is still falling out there as the Air Chief looks out his office window.  Am going to be so happy when winter is finally over for good. Spring can’t get here soon enough.


Last week we gave you a peek at a comic page being illustrated by artist Cesar Feliciano from our project JIN & TONIC. Well, Cesar completed this action packed page and it looks absolutely fantastic. We hope you’ll agree. All that remains to be added now is sound effects and colors. We are still extremely excited about this project and hope we can eventually get it in print. All fingers crossed.


Despite the social quarantine we find ourselves in, there are always glimmers of hope and sunshine as the picture of our Mom, Gabrielle Fortier, taken last week by Samantha James, the social director at the senior facility where she lives. She’s doing great and we thank God for that every day.


So it seems our titling this particular Flight Log was most appropriate because today, April 16th we awoke to 8 inches of new white stuff blanketed Northern Colorado. And two days ago it was over 60 degrees. Honestly, it is beginning to get a wee bit tiresome.


Finally we leave this week with this great illustration Gary Kato did for us a few years ago when we had this idea for a comic character called AMERICAN AMAZON. The concept was she a golden age character published during the 40s and little known today. Then in our story, she is revived in the modern world to take up her battle against injustice. The project never got off the ground for multiple reasons, but recently we were talking to another comic book artist and mentioned this series. He liked the idea a great deal and wants to talk more about it. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. As ever we’ll keep you posted.

Ron – Over & Out.

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