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A new Golden Age begins here.Extraordinary Comics Group presents Extraordinary Comics #1© /TM Frank FiddySeben Scott & Kevin Birge 2024Featuring the first ‘Golden Age’ appearance of Major Liberty (created by Ronald Fortier with Golden Age variant conceived by me, Frank Scott) facing the threat of the Master Apes!Cover , logo , letters , colors by the extraordinary ???? Dave Mowry.  Note for you Loyal Airmen, Dave was the talented dude who inked artist Jeff Butler on our Green Hornet series for Now Comics.
Recently our friends from France (now living in Switzerland) Randa Hassan and Sherif Nagti were in Fort Collins and visited with Val and the Air Chief. They’ve finally self-printed their own book. It’s a cross between a comic and children’s book that deals with the history of Rock N Roll. Sherif is the artist, a great guy, while his wife Randa is co-writer.  Scattered throughout the book are Q R codes that when scanned on a cellphone allow the reader to “hear” the song being discussed. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page listed here (My friends have just printed their new book, a cross between a comic and children’s book dealing with the history of rock & roll. Check out their FB page. ( It is their hope to soon find an American publisher. Believe me, Loyal Airmen, this book is wonderful.
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We were also thrilled this back week to receive our copies of BEYOND THE STARS # 3 after a bit of a delay. The book looks fantastic. With its release, we are now officially half-way through this six part mini-series. Kudos to the amazing artists Andrea Bormida and Mike Belcher. Thanks guys. And as you Loyal Airmen can see above right, that’s Pg 10 from Issue # 4 now in progress.
Back in 2014, when the Air Chief and Rob Davis attended the Windy City Pulp & Paper Show for the very first time, we met a tall, likeable fellow named Rick Lai. We were soon to learn that Rick was not only a talented writer, but an authority on classic pulps and their history. Over the years all of us became good friends until at one con, Rick confessed his loved of those 70s and 80s spaghetti westerns starring Lee Van Cleef. Enough so that he suggested a new anthology and we happily went along with creating “Rick Lai’s Major Sabbath. See above right. We know Rick was delighted with the book. We had, and still, plan to do more though Rick will have to read them from above. You see, Loyal Airmen, this past Tuesday, Rick passed away after a long, long medical condition. And for us who knew him in the New Pulp community, the world just became a little colder, though we’ll always remember what a great guy he was and how all of us were blessed to call him friend. Rest in peace, Rick. Hope to see you again one day.
Artists Javier Lugo (pencils) and Jesse Hansen (inks) continue to bring issue # 1 to visual art. This is beautiful stuff, Loyal Airmen. We’re really happy and excited about this project moving forward.
Finally, as you are reading this, tomorrow, May 3rd is the annual Free Comic Book Day across the country and as we have in the past 15 years, Val and the Air Chief will be at our local comic hangout here in Fort Collins, CO, Gryphon Games & Comics between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you’re anywhere near the area we hope you’ll stop by and say. Or, you’ll visit your own comic shop in your town. And we hope all of you have a great time.
Ron – Over & Out!

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