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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well Todd’s Wicked West Comic Expo is now history after a truly awesome fun weekend. The Air Chief and Valerie really had a blast at the show reconnecting with old friends and make lots of new ones.


Consider the above left witch an unofficial greeter to the con. She was TOTALLY CREEPY!! Our pal, photographer Mike Barry was also on hand doing his thing, snapping pix of the show. He was gracious enough to stop by our table and take this really nice pix of Val and the Air Chief.


Our con neighbor to the left was pulp writer and former student, Terry Crawley. Terry and the Air Chief recently wrote a horror movie screenplay which we hope to show independent filmmakers. Next was the lovely and ever bubbly Gabriella Zaenz, another former student now in college studying art and education.


Across the aisle from us were Zane & Olivia DeGaine. The Air Chief is working with both these super talented artist on various projects. This includes the western comic project of which you’ll see pages below. To their left was legendary comics writer Mike Baron showing off a cool new con banner.


Another old friend, Scott Ladzinski, stopped by to give us an autographed copy of his just published first novel, “The Twins of Aimsire,” which we’d helped edit for him the past few years. It was a joy to see his labor of love finally in print. It is the first in a truly wonderful fantasy series and now available at Amazon. If you liked books such as “Lord of the Rings” you will love “The Twins of Aimsire.”


Also at the even were Lee Oaks (left) with his table full of really fun mini custom figures. Then there was the creator of the Rocky Mountain Con himself, Tim Moret (right). Val and the Air Chief consider his show, RMC, our home con and look forward to be guests there every November.


Two other con guests included Aaron Powers, a really terrific writer who does both comics and prose. He’s written for Airship 27 in the past and is currently working on another short for our Rick Ruby Private Eye. Series. To upper right, was a truly welcome sight, artist Felipe Echevarria, a dear friend who had, up until this weekend, been absent from the con circuit for six years. Having him there and getting reacquainted was a really joy.


Having artist Joe Arnold on hand was also terrific as Joe is the artist currently bringing to life the new Brother Bones graphic novel which will for the very first time tell the entire origin story of our Undead Avenger in comics. The pages he’s finished are fantastic. All you Bones fans are in for a real treat.


And finally we end our Wicked West report with our buddy, official protege and con found, the one and only Todd Jones. Putting on a con is hard work, Loyal Airmen. Work Todd never shirks in making sure his show is fun for everyone, from out of town guests, to the local fans. And it is a goal he never fails to achieve. Thanks ever, Todd, once again you rocked it!!



As promised above, here are some of artist Zane DeGaines’ newest pages for our western comic series, “Hamlet’s End.”  Issue # 1 will be 22 pgs. The book will be funded via Kickstarter. Stay tuned for more as the project develops.



This is a Kindle only title that reprints all of writer Gene Moyers previous five DL stories. Accompanied by all the interior illustrations by James Lyle. Again, available from Amazon only on Kindle.



We are thrilled to announce that issue number one of JIN & TONIK by the Air Chief and artist/creator Cesar Feliciano is finished. Artist/letterer Mike Belcher completed the lettering last week and now all thirty-nine pages are back in Cesar’s hand to launch the funding program. Stay tuned for more info as soon as we have it.

And that, Loyal Airmen, is it for this past week. Phew, first the Windy City Pulp show in Chicago and now Wicked West Comic Expo.  We aren’t as young as we use to be ha. Time for a little more rest. See you back here next Friday,

Ron – Over & Out!


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