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Greeting Loyal Airmen, and welcome to this week’s Flight Log.  We would guess many of you  are football fans and if so you witness perhaps the greatest second half comeback victory in last Sunday’s Super Bowl contest between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.


At the end, the Patriots had come overcome a 25 point deficit to tie the contest and force an overtime, a first for the super bowl.  And the Patriots came out on top, winning it all much to delirium of Patriots fans around the country. Tom Brady is easily the greatest quaterback to ever play the game, and the Air Chief will argue that fact with any naysayers.  The numbers don’t lie. Anyway, as you’d imagine the internet was abuzz the day after and among all the cool things we saw posted was the above wonderful image of Captain America wearing Tom’s number twelve. It’s by artist Craig Shepard, who just wrapped up his pencils on the Captain Hazzard graphic novel. We love it and of course had to share it with all of you. Brady now becomes the only quaterback to have won 5 super bowls. Oh, yeah. It was a good day to be a New Englander.


The the pulp side of things, last week saw Airship 27 Productions release its third title of the year, JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – Queen of Anarchy by writer Nancy Hansen. This is the second in Nancy’s pirate queen saga and believe us, a great swashbuckling actioner. Art Director Rob Davis did double duty on this one. He provided the interior illustrations (as he did on the first book in the series) and then that gorgeous cover you above.  Book is now available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. As ever, thanks for your continued support. If you like pirate adventures, this one is for you.


On the “finally” good news front, some things the Air Chief penned almost three years ago are finally going to see print. I.V. Frost was a scientific detective created for the pulps by the late Donal Wandrai. We were asked to write both new prose stories and comic strip adventures of Frost by our good pal, Joe Gentile, at Moonstone books and we complied. We penned three comic strips and short story. Then, as often happens in the world of publishing, things went awry and those plans were shelves. Eventually the Air Chief Recruited artist Gary Kato and we actually put out a full color comic book featuring two of those three comic strips via Redbud Studio. Now, having regrouped, Moonstone is putting out a full anthology collection of I.V. Frost stories featuring that solo short story we did plus others by such New Pulp stars as Barry Reese, Frank Schildiner, Gene Moyers and many others. Now if you’ve paid attention reading this, you see that this still leaves one comic strip unaccounted for.  Well, as they always do after releasing a paperback edition, Moonstone later does a special, pricier hard cover addition and in this case, the I.V. Frost hardcover edition’s “bonus” feature will be that final comic strip, as written by the Air Chief and drawn by Jake Minor.  Note, the anthology is scheduled for a June release and you can pre-order it from you local comic shop.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Later today Episode # 24 of the Airship 27 Podcast will go up on You Tube. We hope you’ll check it out. Till next week…

Ron Over & Out!

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