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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we have such a wonderful story to share with you today. It’s truly amazing and beautiful…if you’ve are a believer.


In 2021 we lost one of Airship 27 Production’s finest writers, Greg Hatcher at the young age of 60. In the past few years, Greg had given us three stories featuring his original character, Dr. Fixit; a fellow who made fantastic weapons for super-villains. Yeah, a wacky idea, but Greg made it work. When Greg died, he left behind one last Dr. Fixit tale which he never got to finish. His wife, Julie, made us aware of this fact and so Art Director Rob Davis and the Air Chief decided we’d find someone to finish that story and then collect it with the previous tales and publish a book in Greg’s honor. The writer we recruited to complete the last story was one of the best in New Pulp, our good buddy Fred Adams Jr. Then one of Greg’s own talented friends, artist Christ Kohler, volunteered to draw the cover with Rob coloring it. So we started working on it in earnest.


Last Sunday morning, Nov 13th, the book was posted to Amazon and is now available there in both paperback and on Kindle. Of course, as always, the Air Chief, began spreading the cover and press release all over the internet to let folks know the book was available. And while on Facebook, we note something that about knocked us out of our chair….Nov 13th was Greg’s birthday!!!  No lie!!! We got the out on what would have been his 61st birthday!  And still was, only this time, our friend Greg was able to celebrate it in heaven with the angels. Please don’t tell us it was a coincidence. There are no such things, only a loving God who smiles on all of us.



As most of you Loyal Airmen are well aware, the Air Chief has been sitting on a 130 pg Brother Bones graphic novel manuscript for several years now. In that time a few brave artists have stepped up to take a shot at illustrating it, but alas they quickly bowed out. This script, for the first time ever, tells the entire origin of the Undead Avenger in comic form and obviously we’ve been disappointed at not being able to recruit an artist to bring it to life. So while at the Rocky Mountain Con two weeks ago, one of our many artists friend here in Fort Collins inquired as to if  we had a new Brother Bones projects in the works. We grimaced and explained about the graphic novel script collecting dust in our files. Note, this fellow had already done a short Brother Bones comic and really likes a great character a great deal. Enough, it seems that after getting home, he wrote saying he might be interested in taking on the project, were it to be launched as Kickstarter campaign. We’re not adverse to such, though in all honesty we’ve never been fans of such funding programs. Anyway, we sent him the script and quite a few character sketches previously done by Rob Davis. Two days later, this artist sent us the first four pages of the script in roughs. Apparently he’s having fun reading the script, and is very much interested in taking it on. Don’t want to jinx it just yet by revealing who. But we are excited at the possibility and we’ll certainly keep you posted as things develop.


Cattura 15Cattura 15 5

We already showed you page 15 in progress by Andrea Bormida. This week he’s defining the last panel, defining the team members as they all buckle up aboard N’Atelle’s speedy space ship.



Princess Kumana is on the run from Roman troops in this, Pg # 16 of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 – story by the Air Chief. Art by the amazing Rob Davis. Oh, yeah.



In 1968 we left the army and returned to civilian life in our hometown of Somersworth, NH. We were 21 at the time. Little did we know then that in nearby Dedham, Massachusetts, a comic fan named Martin Greim was in the process of launching his very on fanzine (amateur magazines devoted to comics) to be called Comic Crusader. He would be aided by two fellow fans, Bob Cosgrove and Al Bradford. Within the next year, the Air Chief, through various sources, learned of the magazine and began purchasing copies as soon as new ones were finished. Fanzines were testing grounds for would be writers and artists looking to become professionals. During those years, we had become correspondent pals with then new comic pro artist Joe Staton who worked Charlton Comics. His first real series for them was called PRIMUS based on a TV show about a scuba diver. When Joe agreed to let us interview him for publication, we immediately contacted Greim and asked if he’d be receptive to publishing such an interview. He was only too eager to do so. Then Joe went and did an original sketch to accompany the interview which appeared in issue # 13 which featured a cover by Jim Steranko. Believe Loyal Airmen, in those days Comic Crusader had stuff from lots of folks just breaking into the business such Tony Isabella, Gary Kato and so many others. All names you’d easily recognized. Sadly Martin Greim passed away a few years ago and all his material became part of his estate managed by his two surviving daughters. Earlier this year, Cosgrove and Bradford got their permission to publish an omnibus edition and make it available on Amazon. This whopping book is well over 350 pgs and contains every issue of Comic Crusader except for the very first one, which Cosgrove reports in his intro to the collection is now lost forever.

Wherein we re-united with Joe and his wife Hilary, two weeks ago at this year’s Rocky Mountain Con, we realize then that we had to get a copy of this wonderful tome. Our own copies of the original issues are buried somewhere in the our tomb of stuff. Chuckle. Still at $25, this piece of comic book history was well worth picking up. Just flipping through it has brought back so many memories…and there’s that interview we did with Joe (see above right). Our very first ever published comic related project. WOW.



PRESS RELEASE –  Ron Fortier, Mike Belcher & Aiden Belcher have produced a brand new original Green Hornet comic strip as fan fiction in a PDF. Anyone wishing a copy can have it for free merely by writing either Ron ( or Mike at ( Again this is fan fiction and there is no charge. Merry Christmas Green Hornet fans!

And there you have this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. Thanks for stopping by and see you next week. God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!



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Hi Loyal Airmen, we’ve got one fun, long Flight Log for you this week. As many of you know last week the Air Chief and Valerie headed down to Denver for the Annual Rocky Mountain Con hosted by our dear friends Tim & Nicole Moret. At the same time, Sat, the first day of the show was the Air Chief’s 76th birthday! Oh yeah, and quite honestly there is nothing like having a birthday at a comic con. Take my word for it. Above are several pictures of the Air Chief autographing comics while wearing his brand new Vietnam Veteran’s cap which Valerie gave us that morning as a special birthday gift. To the Air Chief’s left and our con neighbor for the weekend, artist Zane DeGaine. The same fellow we are doing the new western series with. But more on that later, right now we’ve a bunch of great pictures to share with all of you. So hang in there.


A more direct look at part of my two tables of comics and pulps and a nice shot of Zane and Olivia. They are both extremely talented creators. Don’t ask us why, but it seems in the past decade or so Colorado has become a homebase for lots and lots of great comic artists and writers.


Above left are another two such artists. Guy Davis is at left, giving with the peace sign, with Joe Arnold on the right. Good buddies both. And Guy was debuting his new sci-fi series. To the right above is the Air Chief with his Official Protege, comics writer Todd Jones. Todd publishes the fantastic WICKED AWESOME TALES series which has featured lots of our stories in the past.


And then there’s pal Mike Baron, another Colorado resident and the genius behind Nexus and The Badger. The shows big guest was artist Joe Staton, and at right is Joe and is wife Hilary, along with the Air Chief and Val. Joe and the Air Chief’s friendship goes back nearly fifty years. It is always great to hook up with him and Hilary. They made this show extra special.


One of our dearest friends in Colorado, his Rio Herrera. Val and the Air Chief met Rio at the very first big Denver Comic Con. He’s a truly great guy. So when the Air Chief was penning his Zorro story last year, he thought it would be fun to put his pal in the story as a Catholic Padre who gets kidnapped by outlaws and has to be rescued by Zorro. Well when Rio discovered we’d done that, he was thrilled. Being of Hispanic roots, Zorro was always a childhood hero of his. He went out an bought a copy from Amazon immediately. Then he shows up the Con Sat morning and buys a second copy from us just so we could autograph it for him. Sadly we didn’t get a picture together, but the Air Chief later found the above pix on-line. That’s our pal, Rio, with a lovely Zatanna cos-player. Leave it to Rio to find beautiful women wherever he goes. Ha.


Here’s the Air Chief and Val with the show’s creators, Tim & Nicole Moret. They are such a wonderful couple and on Sat night, hosted us for a special birthday dinner at the local Moonlight Diner. Zane & Olivia joined us along with two other of Tim’s buddies, Steve and Matt. A really fun time was had by all.


Brett & Jeanni Smith have also become dear friends of ours. It is always great to get together with them (up at left) and lastly one more pix of us with Zane & Olivia. We really talked about the new western comics Zane and the Air Chief are doing and hope to have out by next April. Fingers crossed.



Of course you should never attend a comic con and leave without picking up so new titles. And the Air Chief never does that. At this show, we left with these three wonderful titles. First up, Mike Baron’s NEXUS – Triplets with art by Kelsea Shannon is simply wonderful. If you’re a Nexus fan from way back, then you know how well crafted this sci-fi world is shaped and Horatio steps into this new story as if he never missed a step. We love it and can’t wait for future issues. Whereas BELLATRIX RISING is artist-writer Guy Davis’ long running sci-fi Star Trek inspired webstrip evolved into an original, all new comic adventure. Volume one above, with the hero on the cover is a compendium of this world, which Guy has build up over the years and then book one launches into a brand new adventure that is packed with great characters and tons of action. Guess this con was a sci-fi bonanza after all. Go find these comics now!



Oh, and should you Loyal Airmen wonder, the show was a huge success sales wise as by the end of the two days we sold out of two books and two comic titles (see above). Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tables and picked something up. You fans are the reason we do this stuff and go to these shows. And as ever our Rocky Mountain fans didn’t let us down. Our next show will be the second Wicked West Expo in April of 2023 and looks like we’ll be re-ordering these, and other titles to build up our inventory.



And while we were in Denver, Airship 27 Production Art Director was busy getting our Airship 27’s latest new pulp title, Vol 18 of our best selling series, SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective. This one features two short stories; by Michael Black and Ian Watson. And a novella length mystery by Ray Luis Lovato. With interior illustrations by Rob and a wonderful cover by Warren Montgomery. As always, you can pick this up at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. And as always, thanks for your support.


Cattura 15

Artist Andrea Bormida turns in the roughs for Pg # 15 of BEYOND THE STARS # 2. We so love his composition layouts. He’s a gifted visual story teller and working with him is a joy.



The action continues to heat up in the first new chapter of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 with Rob’s art pretty much exploding off the page. We love this stuff.



As many of you Loyal Airmen know, in the past few years, two different film outfits attempted to get a Brother Bones movie and TV series launched. Both failed due to the lack of funds. Thing is, way back when dealing with the film project, the Air Chief took the finished shooting script and rewrote it as a graphic novel script. It was based on the first ever three Bones short stories and tells his origin in detail. So for the past five or six years we’ve been looking for an artist who would be willing to take on this 130 pg script. And it looks like that may have happened at Rocky Mountain. Yup, an old artist friend started talking to us about Bones and the state of things with the character. We in turn mentioned the script still collecting dust in the files and the end result of that conversation was this artist asked to read the manuscript. He is interested. And we’ll things right there. Don’t want to tease you Loyal Airmen, but all of you keep your fingers crossed. If this moves forward, for the Air Chief it will be a dream come true.

And there you have it, Loyal Airmen. This year’s Rocky Mountain Con was super fantastic…and for the record our next show will be the second Wicked West Expo happening in April of 2023. Here’s hoping we see many of there. Meanwhile, don’t forget to stop by here every Friday morning for our latest entry. God bless you all.

Ron – Over & Out!






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Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you read this, we are only hours away from packing up our comics and pulps for our trip to Denver this year’s Rocky Mountain Con. Happily we’ll be tagging along with our good friends, Olivia and Zane Degaine. Both are talented writer/artists who first met at the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Illustration back in New Jersey. Ever since they moved here to Fort Collins, Val and the Air Chief have truly enjoyed their friendship. In fact the Air Chief and Olivia started the Raizee the Ram comic series, “The Wooden Blade” together of which issue # 2 was just released from their Pulp Fusion comic line.


Meanwhile in the intervening years, Zane had confessed his desire to do a western comic. Something that has always appealed to the Air Chief as well. Then last year, while a guest at Todd Jones’ first ever Wicked West Comic Expo, we did a panel in which we, and the folks in attendance, whipped up an actual proposal for a western comic series to be called “Hamlet’s End.”


So hang on to your hats, western fans. HAMLET’S END by yours truly and artist Zane Degaine will be coming your way as a mini-series early in 2023.  Wahoooo!!!



The action heats up in Chapter One of THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol 2 – We can’t say enough good things about artist Rob Davis’ amazing work on this project. Out humble script jumps off the pages with his dynamic artwork. Just beautiful, page for page.



Artist Andrea Bormida delivers the final colors to Pg # 15 of BEYOND THE STARS # 2.  As always, Andrea is knocking it out of the part. Our space saga rolls along. Can’t wait to see all these pages after letterer Mike Belcher gets a hold of them. Oh, yeah.


Finally we know the holiday season is upon us, but you know what Loyal Airmen, there is such a thing as rushing your life away. Store retailers need to learn some restraint and let us shoppers relax a wee bit between these events. As the cartoon above makes fun. Still life is way too short. Let’s take time to truly appreciate it.

Ron – Over & Out!!


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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well as we being to write this entry, it is Tues 25th of Oct and we’re sick with a chest cold. Came on about three or four days after we returned from our New England trip. The old symptoms of a sore throat, body aches etc. To be on the safe side, Val made sure we went to the clinic for Covid test which happily turned out to be negative. Then it was off to see the family doc, who now has me on several meds including some anti-biotics. After our lung surgery years ago, we are highly prone to bouts of pneumonia and at our age, that’s something to be avoided at all cost. Meanwhile we’re about a week and a half away from this years Rocky Mountain Con in Denver, where we will once again be guest. Truly am praying this little setback is all gone by then, as that is our favorite show of the year and we really don’t want to miss it.


On a much happier note, a few weeks ago we showed you our new Suburu Forester which we’d purchased just before heading off to New England. Well now it sits in our driveway next to the old blue Suburu Outback which has been so good to us all these years. We gave it to our son and his wife to add to their fleet of vehicles in their landscaping business here in Fort Collins. Meanwhile Valerie and the Air Chief are having a blast getting to learn all the fancy new features on our new auto. It is truly amazing how far automobile technology has come since these days when the Air Chief first got his license to drive.



File this episode under Weird. As most of you know, we’ve been writing our review blog, Pulp Fiction Reviews for over twenty years. In that time we’ve received books from both writers and publishers that have arrived in every shape possible. From pristine copies to those so ripped or bent one wonders what game the postal carriers were playing with the package before eventually delivering it into our hands. We thought we’d pretty much seen it all.  Ha. Never say never.

A few weeks ago, much to our delight, Titan Books sent us package. Inside was the newest Mike Hammer thriller “Kill Me if You Can,” written by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan. Folks who read the blog know we are big fans of both the late author and his super talented protégé. So, again, we are very happy and began flipping through to the pages. Which was when we realized several pages had a torn hole in the middle of them. Upon closer examination, we realized something had penetrated the book from the front as if stabbing through the hard cover and penetrating all way through to page 138! We have no idea what was used in the stabbing, but it would appear to have been some kind of very tough nail to have cut that deep into the volume.

Of course the damage is minimal in we are still able to read the book, which we are currently doing. Still, it is strange. And perhaps a case for a tough guy P.I. like Hammer to solve were he able. Our introduction would have been, “Mike, somebody stabbed our book!”



We’re happy to announce that our next SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE is almost ready to be released. This is volume # 18 in our best selling series and features three new Holmes tales by Michael Black, Ray Lovato and Ian Watson. Above are three random illustrations by Art Director from the stories. The cover is by Warren Montgomery and we gave you a sneak peek at it recently. With all fingers crossed, we’ll showcase the release in next week’s Flight Log. Stay tuned.



We are within a week of this year’s Rocky Mountain Con, as hosted and promoted by Tim & Nicole Moret of Denver, our dear friends. This is what the Air Chief considers his “home con.” Tim always does such a great job with. The show is not too big, or too small. And the vendors for the most part all local talent from either Colorado or surrounding states. This year, one of the most talented and comic pros will be the featured guest-star, Mr. Joe Staton. We’ve been fans of Joe’s work from day one and are happy to call him and a personal friend. So Loyal Airmen, check out the ad above here and if you live anywhere within driving distance of Denver, why not make plans to come and join us. It’s going to be a great show.


Want to thank all my friends and family who took time to send me prayers in helping me get over the cold that sapped me at the start of the week. Amazing what a few short days can make. We are feeling lots better, almost totally free of the nagging cough that plagued us. Getting both our voice and normal energy back as well. So it looks like we’ll be seeing at the Rocky Mountain Con for sure. Thanks again, Loyal Airmen.

Ron – Over & Out!




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Greetings Loyal Airmen, well Valerie and the Air Chief are once again back home in Colorado after our ten day trip back to New England. We had a great time visiting with family and friends.


During our trip we stayed at Wells Beach, Maine. Our rental was one mile from the beach itself and four out of the ten days we were there, Valerie and the Air Chief would walk down to the beach to see the sun come up over the Atlantic. It was breath-taking. Also a bit chilly. Happy Val had packed some cold weather gear.


Upper left, the Air Chief took a hike along the beach at low tide. That’s us waving to Val still on the viewing deck. Later that same day son Scott drove up to see us. It is always so great to see him.


A few days later our daughter Michelle and her husband Chris met up with us and drove us up along the Maine coast through places like Kennebuck Port (where the former President Bush and his family have their estate) and Sebago Lake. At one point we past a house selling pumpkins and stopped to take the pictures above.


We ended our trip with a drive up to Colchester, Vermont to visit our brother Paul. The Fall colors were fully on display. Valleys and mountains covered as if by a giant colorful quilt draped over the landscape by Mother Nature. We so love New England in October.


We grew up loving the old black and white Universal monster movies. Much more so than what passes for “horror” flicks these days. So you can easily image in just how much fun we had watching Marvel’s WEREWOLF BY NIGHT on Disny Plus. A perfect Halloween gift to all of us fans.


Cattura 14

Artist Andrea Bormida turns n pencil pages for Pg # 14 of “BEYOND THE STARS” # 2. We love his panel compositions.

MARK VANDER ZANDEN311659257_5696379810385281_4202478397057635313_n

We’ve often said we at Airship 27 Production have the best fans in the world. Well that’s no understatement as we’re about to show you. Several years back a new writer/editor/publisher entered the New Pulp community and almost immediately became a great addition to our ranks. His name is Mark Vander Zanden (above) left and once a part of our pulp gatherings, Mark set a goal for himself of collecting every single Airship 27 title currently in print. Art director Rob Davis and the Air Chief were so bowled over by this enthusiasm, we actually acquiesced to Mark’s plea that we de “new” editions of those title that had long gone out of print. His sincerity won us over in the past few years we’ve done just that, allowing Mark to keep adding to his collection.  Yesterday afternoon, Mark posted the above photo (to the right) stating with arrival of our last two releases, he now owns the entire Airship 27 library.  WOW!! We honestly are at a loss of word. Talk about making the impossible happen. Meaning what you see on that book shelf is 267 Airship 27 titles.  Again…WOW!!  And way to go, Mark. Thanks so sincerely for your wonderful beyond the call support of our humble efforts. Oh yeah, we have the best fans ever!!

Ron – Over & Out!



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Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week’s Flight Log is a wee bit small as by the time all of you are reading this, Valerie and the Air Chief will be wrapping up our two week trip back to New England to visit family and friends. Still, for those of you who actually check this out weekly (for which we are most appreciative) there are a few nifty little pieces.


Cattura 13 inkCattura 13 clr

In last week’s log entry, we showed off the finished inks to Pg 13 of Book # 2 by artist Andrea Bormida. Since posting that, Andrea finished the colors to that page.  We think, as always, he did a fantastic job.



A few weeks ago we announced we would soon be publishing a new Chinese fantasy adventure by writer Barbara Doran and give you a sneak-peek at one of the interior illustrations by artist Gary Kato (above left).  Well Colorado based cover artist Guy Davis used that very illustration to inspire him to create the finished cover for the book (above right). It just went up for sale at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Trust us Loyal Airmen, the realms of Chinese magic are different than what most of us are at all familiar with. This is an awesome book and we hope you’ll check it out. As ever, thanks for your continued support.

And that’s our short Flight Log for this skip week, Loyal Airmen. Val and the Air Chief will be back home by next Friday. Hope to see you back here then. God bless.

Ron (Over & Out!)


  • On 30 Sep | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen. We’ve got some excellent news for you to kick off this flight Log. For those of you who were unable to support our Kickstarter Campaign for issue # 1 of our sci-fi series, BEYOND THE STARS, we are thrilled to announce it can now be bought on-line.

SMALL-MOCKCattura cover B clr blots

The book is now available from Indy Planet at this link. Including the alternate covers. So you that’s where you go. ( Meanwhile artist Andrea Bormida is hard work on completing issue # 2.  We’ll keep you posed with it is finished and published.

SHERLOCK HOLMES – Consulting Detective.

As most of you Local Airmen are well aware, Airship 27 Production’s best selling book series, is our Sherlock Holmes anthology series, “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective.” We are currently working on Vol 18 with Art Director Rob Davis doing the interior illustrations.


And this time we recruited artist Warren Montgomery to do our cover, as seen above in various stages. Warren had done a Bass Reeves – Frontier Marshal cover us last year that impressed both Rob and the Air Chief. He’s a terrific artist and we own, thanks to his generosity and kindness, several of his amazing prints to include one of the movie Frankenstein and the other of the Green Hornet and Kato from the 60s TV show.  Above left to right are 1) early pencils, 2) finished inks and 3) fully colored. The next time you Loyal Airmen will see this is when the book is finished and then it will sport the title logo etc. Something really great to look forward to.


ZepsOvrAfricaCVRZep_Illo 7 A

After almost two and a half years, Airship 27 Production proudly announces the release of its newest title, “Zeppelins Over Afrika” by writer Gene Moyers. This is an alternate world adventure wherein World War One is chiefly fought in the air via might Zeppelins. Of course all you Loyal Airmen know the Air Chief loves airships and this book is a real treat. Artist Brian McCulloch provided the beautiful cover (above left) while Army Vet Mike Harris the nine stunning black and white interiors. (One such above right.) The book is now up at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. We hope you aviation buffs will pick up a copy and as ever, thanks for your continued support.


Cattura 13 ink

Artist Andrea Bormida wraps up the inks on Pg # 13 of book # 2 of our six issue sci-fi mini-series, BEYOND THE STARS. Next comes colors and on to the next page. Past the half-way mark now.



After a year of debating, Valerie and the Air Chief bit the bullet and we’ve bought a brand new car. It is a 2022 Suburu Forester. We ordered it several months ago and it just came in this past week. We’ve still paperwork to sign and won’t be officially picking it up until we return from our forthcoming trip back to New England to visit family and friends. Still nothing was going to stop us from going to the dealership to see and the salesmen snapped the photo above for us. See how wide Valerie’s smile is. Our old Suburu Outback has been super good to us. We bought it ages again while still living in New Hampshire and it was a great car. But it was time to change and get something newer. Hope this one brings us as much good fortune.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As mentioned above, next Friday the Air Chief will be in New England. Be well, stay safe and God Bless. See you in two weeks.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 23 Sep | '2022


Greetings Loyal Airmen.  We kick off this week’s Flight Log with the gorgeous art above by Jamie Chase. As most of your Loyal Airmen know, the original King Kong is our favorite movie of all times. Chase’s depiction of the beautiful Fay Wray as Ann Darrow in Kong’s grasped appeared over on Facebook last week and it truly bowled us over. We had to share it with all of you.



Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis continues to turn new illustrations for “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective Vol 18″ now in the works. (Above left.) This continues to be our best selling series and all previous 17 volumes are available in both paperback and on Kindle at Amazon. Including # 1 (above right) with the gorgeous Mark Maddox cover. If you’re a true Holmes & Watson fan, you really should check them out.


Cattura 13

Artist Andrea Bormida turns in his roughs for page # 13 of the second issue of our sci-fi mini-series, BEYOND THE STARS. Meanwhile, we recently wrapped up the script for issue # 3 and Andrea loved it. Always good sign when you make your artists excited.

MR. JIGSAW – Man of a Thousand Parts.


A quick reminder that all Mr. Jigsaw comics (1 – 17) are available at ( as are other Redbud Studio Titles. With the release of # 17 a few weeks ago, lots of you Loyal Airmen have been inquiring where to go to buy the regular issues. We are currently scripting # 18. Gay Kato and the Air Chief created the break-apart hero over 40 years ago. Amazing.

And that’s it for this week’s Flight Log, Loyal Airmen. As always thanks for stopping by and stay safe.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 16 Sep | '2022

Greeting Loyal Airmen, well after almost two months of blistering summer heat, Mother Nature has finally agree to turn the page and lower some of those temps to a more Fall like normal. Most welcome relief for many of us.



Artist Rob Davis continues his amazingly beautiful work on the new Boston Bombers series. He’s working on issue # 1 of Vol 2 and we love his work. He just turned in Pg # 12 (above left). If you are at all intrigued by this pulpish alternate world adventure, we’d happily remind that volume one is very much available at Amazon (cover above right) and the perfect introduction to this world and its fantastic female leads.



Matt Webb continues to add his brilliant coloring to issue # 1 of JIN & TONIK. Art by Cesar Felicano, story by the Air chief. Going to be truly beautiful comic when completed.



Last week our good pal, artist Mike Belcher did up several pin-up sketches of the various incarnations of the Green Hornet & Kato based on our Now Comics Green Hornet series. Imagine the our surprise when the mailed showed up this week with truly beautiful prints of those pieces. We wasted no time affixing them to the bookshelf right behind our chair, where we now see them every morning upon entering the office. Thanks so much, Mike, you are truly awesome friend.



Barbara Doran is one of our regular writers at Airship 27  and in the past has given us several great adventure fantasy novels centered around Chinese magic and mythology. She now working on a new series dealing with special magicians known as the Book Hunters and volume # 1 “Apprentice” is currently being assembled. Artist Gary Kato has done the nine black and white interior illustrations (see above right) and Colorado based artist Guy Davis will finish the color cover. Keep an eye on future Flight Logs Loyal Airmen as we’ll announce when the book is up and available. This one is really different.

And that’s our entry for this week. As ever, thanks for stopping by, be good and God bless,

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 9 Sep | '2022

Greetings Loyal Airmen, with September finally here and Labor Day now in the rear-view mirror, it’s time we say so-long to summer (though by our continued 90s weather that’s sounds silly) and hello to Fall and the opening of schools across the country.



We received so many wonderful comments on last week’s Flight Log showcasing artist Mike Belcher’s tribute to our old Now Comics run on the Green Hornet which we did with artist Jeff Butler. Well Mike turned in a final piece, after we’d posted that entry and of course we wanted all of you to see it. Above, it features (left to right on top – Britt Reid and Ikano Kato, Britt Reid II and Hiyahsi Kato, Alan Reid (the short lived GH) and finally the major stars of that particular series, Paul Reid & Mishi Kato. Seeing these pieces by Mike was certainly a trip down memory lane for the Air Chief.


Cattura 12 clr

Artist Andrea Bormida wraps up Pg # 11 of issue two of Beyond the Stars. We love this page. The composition and design of the ships stellar.



Every morning the Air Chief and Valerie, after having our first cup of Coffee, set off on a mile and a half walk around the neighborhood. If time permits, we’ll do a second one later in the day to maintain our three miles a day goal. Well yesterday, we got out there just as the sun, in all its wonderful splendor was rising over the tree tops. We were delighted and Val whipped out cell-phone and snapped the pix above. We’re reminded of how Saint Francis had names for all of God’s majestic creations, calling this beautiful orb in the heavens his Brother Sun. And of course, by night we have the splendor of Sister Moon. He was truly a blessed and wise soul. Today Brother Sun was magnificent.



Finally we end this week’s Flight Log with a great illustration of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from Rob Davis which is part of Airship 27 Production’s newest volume of “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective Vol 18.” This one features two short stories and one novella. Now in production. We’ll keep you posted as it comes along.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!