• On 10 Nov | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, a while back we told you that our latest Brother Bones adventure, “Then and Now,” would soon be appearing in Pulp Adventures # 26.  Well that book is out now and on sale at Amazon. We received our comp copies in the mail the other day.


Editor Rich Harvey once again did a magnificent job the the books layout outs. It’s a beautiful package.


The story is illustrated by three beautiful pieces done by artist Ed Coutts and tells a story from Brother Bones sordid past as Cape Noire hitman Tommy Bonello and the woman he might have loved had things been different. We are damn proud of the story and hope you Loyal Airmen will check it out.


This past Sunday was the Air Chief’s birthday and beside the over 300 well wishes on Facebook, we got a few nifty little gifts, some Amazon gift cards from daughter Michelle and her crew and the above new giant sized Harley Quinn coffee mug from Valerie, which we love. That thing holds a ton of coffee, oh yeah.


And daughter Heather gave me this oh so cool Letscom Smart Bracelet that monitors lots of things to include how many steps the Air Chief takes per day, the quality of our sleep at night, heart rate…etc.etc.etc.  Isn’t technology amazing? Apparently she wants her Old Dad to say healthy. And that’s the plan.


Then today, Tuesday, we woke up to find Mother Nature had baked me a delayed cake.  How do you like her “frosting”?


After a long period of inactivity, Airship 27 Productions has just released its latest title, a weird western novel by Greg Hatcher called THE SILVER RIDERS. It features a beautiful Adam Shaw cover with nine black and white interior illustrations by Chris Kohler.  Book is now available at Amazon in paperback and will soon be on Kindle. If you like your westerns with a taste of the bizarre, you might want to pick up a copy.

And wraps up another busy week at Hangar 27, Loyal Airmen.  Thanks for stopping by as ever, see you next week.

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  • On 3 Nov | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, as we write these words, it is Nov 1st, All Saints Day. Importance to us because it is Mom’s 93rd birthday today. We gave her a call back in New Hampshire this morning to wish her a wonderful day. All of us are betting she’s going to make it a 100, though she scoffs at the idea. Last night was Halloween and Valerie captured this amazing sunset over the Rockies. It is the view outside our front yard.  One of the hundreds why we love living here in Colorado.


Last weekend saw the Air Chief’s final comics event appearance as we were guest, with many of our local colleagues, the comic shops first ever Halloween Comics Fest. Here’s the Air Chief alongside pro artist Zane Degaine. In all it was a great Saturday and we met lots of nice people. Here’s hoping this becomes an annual event.


Nov. 1st also saw the last game of the 2017 Baseball World Series with the Houston Astros winning their first ever franchise championship. We have to tip our baseball cap to both them and the National Champs, the Los Angeles Dodgers for one of the best World Series contest in the history of the game. Both teams were magnificent and we baseball fans got to enjoy some truly amazing games. Congrats, World Champs Houston Astros!!!

Finally, hard to believe but with six weeks done, we only have two more classes in our first How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels course we’ve been teaching at the Front Range Community College.  Working with our five talented writers has been a joy and hard to believe that it will all wrap up in just two more weeks.  As for the future, that will depend on the school and whether they are willing to allow us to continue offering the course.  We’ll keep you posted.

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  • On 27 Oct | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, here we are going into Halloween weekend and the Air Chief is excited as ever to enjoy this fun holiday. Again we’ll be guest, along with other comic creators, at Gryphon’s Games & Comics here in Fort Collins, CO, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. tomorrow, Sat Oct 28th.  The Air Chief will be donning his new top hat for the very first time. Hope to see you lots of local fans and friends. Meanwhile the unpacking in the new house, and new office, continues smoothly.


In the process of going through boxes of things not opened in years, we discovered lots of old comic book ideas that either received very little distribution or where never actually published.  Take the three images above, going left to right.  Black Betty was the idea for a private eye inspired by Queen Latifah, pro artist Dario Carrasco did this presentation page and there actually was a short 8 page strip finished by another artist that never saw print. Then we have Temple & Nash, a cops melodrama created for publisher Tracy Duty’s short lived Comics-For-A-Buck idea. It was 16 pgs and blackand white and this first tale had the cops, a veteran detective and his rookie female partner, on the hunt for serial killer in Tampa. The comic appeared as a mini and maybe a hundred copies were printed and sold during its short existence. Finally we have Satin’s Ways, the concept of a Honk Kong born jewel thief named Satin Wei who moves to Seattle to retire from her line of illegal work.  Gonzalo Martinez was the artist on board and the Air Chief had written a 48 pg debut story. As he was warming up for that project, we whipped out a short 8 pager called the Perfect Murder and Martinez got it finished and it too was published, but in a black and white independent company so again few people ever saw it. And sadly, Martinez, after about a dozen pages on the big book, had to quit due to family commitments. One has to wonder if it will ever be completed?

And that’s the point of this Flight Log Loyal Airmen, because in finding these long lost pages, the Air Chief he had actually had 24 pages total.  Black Betty – 8,  Temple & Nash – 16, and Satin’s Ways 8.  In effect they would have combined to make a nice one shot comic book. Sadly there are no high resolution copies of either Temple & Nash or the Black Betty strips. So for the present we’ll contend ourselves with getting the 8 pg SATIN’S WAYS back in print. Who knows, maybe some day we can interest new artists to do new, high res versions of the other two properties. Hope does spring eternal.

Alpha Core

Continuing this week’s Down Memory Lane theme, this coming Sunday, 29th October is the annual Portland Comic Expo in Portland, Maine, and on hand this year will be the four original founders of Maine’s once popular comics company, Alpha Productions. In the photo above taken recently, going left to right are Leni Gronros, Christopher Mills, Bob Cram and Paul Pelletier. After the company folded, both Chris and Paul went on to professional careers in the comic business. Recently it was discovered that all the pages of a super hero comic called Task Force Alpha, thought to have been destroyed in fire, were very much intact in Paul’s attic. Upon this discovery, Bob contacted Leni and plans were made to actually publish the book as a special one-shot and make it available at the con.


Paul did a brand new cover for it, and Bob assembled some added features like a new interview with the Air Chief, allowing me to recount our fun association with this team and some of the comics we created while with them, to include the leader of Task Force Alpha, Major Liberty. If any of you Loyal Airmen are anywhere in the Portland area this weekend, we urge you to check out the Expo and meet the gang. Really wish we could be there, but so happy this has finally come about.

And there you have it Loyal Airmen, Happy Halloween from Hangar 27. We’ll see you back here next week.

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  • On 20 Oct | '2017

Greeting Loyal Airmen, as most of you know, in recent years, Redbud Studio has published several issues of my own comic title, RON FORTIER’S TALES OF THE MACABRE and very recently we collected the first 5 issues into one giant comic.  The idea was for us to have this during our Halloween appearance.  And on every cover, including this new collection, the Air Chief is seen donning a top hat with the number 27 (that for our Airship 27 Productions company).


Well, recently Valerie thought we should find ourselves a real top hat and become the Horror Host in the flesh. We were only to happy to play along and above is the result of all that. Another case of life imitating art. So what do you do you Loyal Airmen think?


Speaking of the TALES covers, four years ago this week, grand kids Cora and Alex helped their grandfather by posing for a cover wherein Cora became the vampire queen and Alex the werewolf. As it turned out, Facebook went and reprinted that image this past Tuesday, on Cora’s birthday. So the Air Chief reposted it along with birthday wishes to a truly awesome young lady.  In Kristi, Chelsea, Cora, Alex, Taryn and Logan, we have the most amazing grand children in the world and that’s a true blessing Loyal Airmen. Family is everything.


Now as most of you know the Air Chief is currently teaching an 8 week course on How to Write Comics at the Front Range Community College here in Fort Collins.  Above is yours truly among my really talented students. Seated left to right we have Bran, Melisa & Adam, while standing the back is Aaron, the Air Chief and Jon.


Reaching the half-way point in the course last evening, we invited two extremely talented professional artists to join us.  Above is Olivia K. Degaine, the Air Chief and Shana Moura.  Both young ladies were on hand to help us talk about character building in comics.


To help illustrate key points, the girls volunteered to draw sketches of the students’ character creations. Above here to the far left is Shana’s depiction of one of Adam’s characters, the lizard pirate was invented by Aaron and Olivia drew him to perfection along with the young lady from Melisa’s tale. In all each girl did up five wonderful illustrations, two for each of our five students and you can imagine how thrilled they were to receive them. We had high hopes for this course and thus far they have all exceeded our expectations.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Next week we hope to announce a new Airship 27 pulp title, till then be good, and start thinking of Halloween. It’s just around the corner now.

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  • On 13 Oct | '2017

Snow 2SNOW 1

Greeting Loyal Airmen, this is what we woke up to this past Monday morning. Winter has officially come to Fort Collins. Snow most of the morning, then by midday the sun came out and melted everything. That’s the advantage of living at such a high elevation and being nearer to the sun. Still, we can expect more of this as the weeks ahead take us further into the season.


As we told you last week, over the past weekend the Air Chief and his writing pal, Todd Jones, headed out to Scottsbluff, Nebraska for a comic event held in one their shopping malls.  First time the Air Chief had ever done such an appearance and it turned out great. Above you see Todd to the left, and us on the right. Funny thing is, this venue being so public, we had as many people stop by our table who hadn’t heard a word about the event as those who had. All total, it was great in the end because we did meet so many wonderful people and sold a whole lot of books. Enough so that the Mall Manager has hinted she will invited as back again next year.  Wahoo.

Ron Fortier 2

And now for some more fun news. While attending this year’s Rocky Mountain Con with Valerie, we got to talking to our good friend, Rio Herrera.  In the past few years Rio has become involved with promoting one of Colorado’s oldest comicbook events, Comicfest held in downtown Denver each year.  Well, he and his associated have invited the Air Chief to be their Guest of Honor at next year’s show and we were deeply honored. Here’s the first promotional poster announcing that appearance with a link to their website. Naturally as time goes by, we’ll fill you in on lots more details.

We see the DC superhero TV shows are back.  Hmm, not overly excited about that fact.  We gave up on Gotham several years ago, as it really had nothing to do with the Batman of the comics. Then Supergirl went off the rails with its second season, focusing on gay issues rather than solid stories and we quit it fast. Now the Air Chief finds himself recalling last years rather awful seasons of both Flash and Arrow and we just don’t care about either any more. Which pretty much leaves the oddball Legends of Tomorrow, which has somehow managed to maintain some elements of fun. Here’s hoping they stay on that track.

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RMC # 5

  • On 6 Oct | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, we just came home from last weekend’s wild and wonderful Rocky Mountain Con down in Denver. It was the show’s 5th year and we tip our hats to promoter and good friend Tim Moret for putting on another truly awesome comic con. Above the Air Chief is all set up and ready to roll.


One of our best surprises was learning we’d been set up alongside comics pro artist and all around great guy, Bob Hall. Bob has been a regular at RMC the past few years but we never had the opportunity to meet him until this weekend. Marvel got into the industry only a few years before us and worked at such houses as Marvel, DC and Valiant. Sitting beside him all weekend, we got to share and swap stories. It was a blast.


Another great reunion was hooking up with again with artist Barry McClain, one of the most talented and hard working artist we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Barry and the Air Chief actually met at the second RMC and from that did the second issue of the private eye series PRICE FOR THE ASKING. He remains as energetic and enthusiastic as ever. Here’s hoping we get to do another project real soon.


Of course what’s a comic con without cos-players and RMC 5 had its share. We wish we could have taken lots more pictures, but we did manage to break away from our table to get a few like the excellent Two-Face above and of course from Star Wars, Asoka Tano, our personal favorite character from the Clone Wars cartoons.


On the last day of the show, a lovely vampire popped up in the booth to our left, which was occupied by a group of professional photographers doing photo-shoots.  So for fifteen minutes we watched as she bared her fangs, struck various poses and had a fun time. As she was wrapping it all up, we grabbed a copy of our graphic novel DAUGHTER OF DRACULA and asked if she be kind enough to pose holding the copy.  And there it is. Con people are just really great.


And finally, as always, lots of the Air Chief’s fans out there often come to the show with copies of some of older works to include either the Terminator books or Green Hornet. Several fans this show actually had copies of Now Comics Green Hornet # 1 written by the Air Chief and drawn by Jeff Butler, with stunning cover by Jim Steranko. We love signing these as they always bring back such great memories.


On the pulp front, this past week Airship 27 Productions released Fred Adams Jr.’s third book in his weird western series, Six-Gun Terrors, this one is sub-titled The Slithering Terror and for obvious reason when you see Ted Hammond’s creepy cover above here. When thousands of snakes begin attacking people and livestock, General Sherman, the Federal Representative in the west, calls on his former Union Scouts turned cow-punchers, Durkin and McFee to accompany a troop of soldiers in investigating the bizarre goings on. Has nature simply run amuck or is there some sinister, supernatural force behind it all.  Available now at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle, and as always, Loyal Airmen, thanks for your support.


Finally, tomorrow, Sept 7th, the Air Chief, and a few of his Fort Collins comics pal, will be at the Monument Mall in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, for a one day comic event. So if you live anywhere near there, please stop on by and say hi. And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll be back here next week.

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  • On 29 Sep | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, well this past week has been a really hectic one for the Air Chief. First it began with a few days of jury duty, which in the end we were dismissed. Not a fun subject, so let’s move on to the better stuff. A while back you told you how the old Alpha Comics gang out of Maine had discovered long lost artwork concerning an abortive team title called Task Force Alpha.  Above to the left is an old Paul Pelletier drawing of what was to be the cover. Well, after all those years and having worked for both Marvel & Paul and become a well respected professional, Paul has returned and drawn the cover to the book which is going to the printer next week. Above are those pencils and you can see just how much his amazing talent has grown over the years. This giant one shot, being edited by old friend, Bob Cram Jr. will feature several stories and an interview with the Air Chief about those wild and crazy days with a group of New Englanders thought it would be fun to create their own comics line. Stay tuned, more as it develops.


Moving on to other really fun news, two nights ago the Air Chief began teaching his first ever college course in how to write comics and graphic novels at the Front Range Community College here in Fort Collins. Four very bright and eager young people signed up for the course and we Wed night for the very first 90 minute session. Obviously the Air Chief was a wee bit nervous but Jon, Bran, Adam & Melissa immediately put us at ease with their own love of comics and eagerness to learn how to create them. The session went super fast and we sent them off with their first assignment to write a 3 pg script detailing a short story about them personally. We are going to be really excited to see what they submit and now, more than ever, are looking forward to working with them over the next seven weeks. Doing this has been a dream of ours for a long time, finally making it come true is just fantastic.


Shifting gears back to pulpdom, one of the coolest new pulp heroes created in the past decade has to be Steve Bryant’s battling aviatrix, Athena Voltaire. A comic book hero, Athena appeared in her own webstrip before graduating to several comic incarnations. Several years ago, Steve approached a group of new pulp writers inviting them to write actual prose short stories featuring his lovely globe-trotting, Nazis fighting gal. The Air Chief was one of those lucky scribes invited aboard and penned something called, “The Austrian Prisoner.” Now that book has finally been assembled and will soon be published by Action Labs. The image on the right above is the cover and the book is still be solicited in the current Diamond catalog for a Nov. release. If you like tough, fast paced pulp thrills and spills, don’t let this one pass you by. Order a copy today.


And finally, the fifth annual Rocky Mountain Con takes place this weekend and once again, the Air Chief is a guest at what is easily the best, most exciting and family friend comic con in the entire state of Colorado. We had a blast there last year and can’t wait to get back again. Hope to see many of you there.  Show opens Friday night and runs to Sunday after noon. Tell them the Air Chief sent you.

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  • On 22 Sep | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, as most of you know by now the attempt at doing a Brother Bones movie failed earlier this year. And as disappointing as that was, it by no means meant the end of the Undead Avengers exploits. Far from it. As time as allowed, the Air Chief has been hard at work on a new collection of Bones stories and am happy to announce one of those, “Then and Now,” will be featured in the new issue of Pulp Adventures # 26. A few years ago they published “The Hideout,” another Brother Bones short and it was an obvious hit with their readers. When we offered them the new tale, they were only to happy to accept.  Note, both “The Hideout” and “Then and Now” will be part of the new, in progress book which we truly hope to have wrapped up by the end of the year. If that happens they you can expect its release early in 2018.  Which us luck and in the meanwhile, go grab a copy of this excellent pulp mag.


About a month ago, as we do regularly, we put out an ad for artists looking to find talented creators to illustrate our books. It is one of the most challenging parts of our work here at Airship 27 Productions.  As it turned out, three fellows responded to the ad, one of them being our friend Ed Catto.  Ed is one of the three owners of Captain Action Enterprises LLC and we’ve had the good fortune to work with him in the past few years in doing the Captain Action and Lady Action books. He’s a really wonderful person and very easy to work with. So imagine our surprise, and delight, when Ed asked if he could try-out for us.  The Air Chief sent him, and the other recruits, a scene from a new Fred Adams thriller wherein a private eye goes into a seedy hotel and there has a brief discussion with a slimy clerk. Well, of the entries turned in, Ed’s was by far the best of the lot. In fact, it was of such professional quality, both Art Director Rob Davis, and the Air Chief, immediately asked him to sign on and do a book for us.  Happily he has agreed and will soon begin work illustration writer Thomas McNulty’s south seas tale, “The Adventures of Captain Graves.” We couldn’t be more excited. Above is a photo of Ed and the “sample” illustration he turned in to us. It is easy enough to see why we got him signed up fast. Welcome to Airship 27, Ed.


Finally if all goes as planned our next Airship 27 title should be SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE Vol 10 with stories by I.A. Watson, Greg Hatcher & Aaron Smith. Here’s a peek at one of Rob Davis’s wonderful illustration which will appear in that volume.  Fingers crossed it will be coming your way soon. And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by.

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  • On 15 Sep | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we’re thrilled to announced the return of a super popular character to all our Young Airmen. But hey, let me post the official Press Release beneath the cover.


THE BOY DETECTIVE RETURNS  -Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release “Barry Baskerville’s Marvelous Memory,” the fifth in its children’s book series about the young Boy Detective.   In this new tale, Barry, besides his usual games and riddles at school, manages to save his parents from a pair of unscrupulous con artist posing as insurance salesmen. Once again Dr. Richard Kellogg, professor emeritus of psychology at Alfred State College, spins a fun, informative story that young and old will relish while Hawaiian based artist Gary Kato provides the beautifully colored illustrations.  “Barry Baskerville’s Marvelous Memory” shows children how close observations, adequate repetition, and mnemonic techniques can enhance their memorization skills.  The hero of the adventure is a precocious youngster named Barry Baskerville who has dreams of becoming a famous detective just like Sherlock Holmes.  “We have tons of fun with this series,” admits Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “To date we’ve done one book a year and believe the audience for Barry Baskerville is growing in leaps in bounds. This is a perfect series for parents and grandparents wanting to get children hooked on reading.”

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – PULP FICTION FOR A NEW GENERATION!   Available now in paperback from Amazon and on Kindle. (


On the comics front, Rob Davis and the Air Chief thought it would be a good idea to do something fun for Halloween this year. So with that in mind, we collected all the stories from the first five issues of RON FORTIER’S TALES OF THE MACABRE, all 20 of them, then added a bonus story to the package. Rob did up a fun new cover (see above) fitting for the holiday and voila the book, all 132 pages is now on sale at Create Space on-line. Below is the link.
(  We really think you’ll enjoy it.


Finally, as the week wraps up, we’re happy to announce the release of our second C.O. JONES adventure, “Skinners” by writer Fred Adams Jr. This one has Jones, a World War II veteran in Los Angeles working as a private eye when he gets called into a blackmailing conspiracy. As ever, with Jones, there’s black magic involved and pretty soon he comes to realize all of Hollywood’s monsters aren’t all up on the big silver screen. Rob Davis provides the cover (see above) and Javier Lugo the black and white interiors. The book is now available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, we thank you for your continued support.

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  • On 8 Sep | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week we posted a few pictures of our new office being put together. We showed you some very EMPTY shelves being set up. Well here are those same shelves and as you can see they are not empty any longer. And these pictures were taken days ago…so even they aren’t totally accurate in HOW filled up the new office is rapidly becoming.  Oh yeah. We are loving it.


Speaking of things we love, there’s the Fort Collins Comic Con which happened two weeks ago. Friends and con people are still posting pictures from what was a great weekend, including this new one that just went up to day of the Air Chief holding up a copy of his TALES OF THE MACABRE.  Speaking of that particular series, Redbud Studio is now in the process of putting together all of the first five issues…that’s a total of 20 short tales by the Air Chief and various super talented artists.  Plus we’re adding a 21st that has never appeared in the series before.  This Collection Volume One will sport a new Rob Davis cover and we’re keeping our fingers crossed we can have it out by Halloween.  We’ll keep you posted.


Meanwhile our friends at Radio Archives are still producing fantastic audio book versions of our Airship 27 titles. Their latest release, which you can find now at ( is the Air Chief’s own CAPTAIN HAZZARD – Custer’s Ghost as read by Stuart Gauffi. We love the job Radio Archives does and hope you’ll check this out.


Finally, a little while back we told you about reviving our old Alpha Comics character Major Liberty and she finally debut in her own title from Lucky Comics. Well the one-shot Alpha special being assembled editor Bob Cram is still coming along nicely and lots of people have begin doing pin-ups.  One of these is Bob’s younger brother Jeff Cram, who is a graduate of the Kubert School of Illustration. Above is the start of his sketch and we wanted to share it with all of you.  If done by next week, we’ll post the finished illustration as well.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Tomorrow Rob and the Air Chief will be recording episode # 31 of the Airship 27 Podcast. If all goes well, we will post the link to it here next week.  Till then, take care,

Ron – Over & Out!