• On 1 Aug | '2017

Greeting Loyal Airmen. Last weekend the Air Chief and his Chief Engineer packed up the old Airship 27 and flew off to Pittsburgh, PA for this year’s Pulpfest. As we promised all you Loyal Airmen, we actually did take LOTS of pictures, as did many of our colleagues and now we’re only too happy to share 30 of them with you on this rather special Flight Log. So sit back and enjoy.


As ever, once we reached the convention hotel, we carefully unpacked all our boxes of books and proceeded to the main hall where Rob began setting up our two tables. As usual, that means it is time for the Air Chief to get out of his way. You would be amazed at just how efficiently he’s gotten in getting everything up in record time.


Took this shot from across the room, as you can see our two 8 foot tall Airship 27 banners rising up two either side…make it impossible for any con goers to miss us at the show.


And here we are all set up and ready to rock and roll.  Honestly, Rob and the Air Chief do love doing these shows. They are so much fun.


And we couldn’t have been any happier to learn that our Con Neighbor (the vendors set up to our right side) were none other than our two pals, Jim Beard & John Bruening with their still new publishing outfit Flinch Books. Really, if you’ve not seen their books, Google that name. They are doing really good pulp titles and it was a blast sharing the weekend with them.


At one point we took a walk through the hall to get some pictures of just a little of the original artwork from the pulps that we find at these shows. Honestly both in illustrations and cover paintings, these are some of the most beautiful art pieces ever produced in this country. Gorgeous art was the hallmark of the classic pulps.


You can also find some really beautiful facsimile reprints like those in the rack to the left above produced by John Gunnison and his High Adventure Press. Then as ever we find new and fun things popping up like the folks from Monster Bash, who had all manner of horror DVDs, tee-shirts and toys. Fun stuff for sure.


And yet more gorgeous original paintings above left. But of course the real treat of going to these pulp shows is to hook up with our friends and colleagues like the ever affable writer/editor/publisher Win Scott Eckert of Meteor House seen above autographing lots of copies of his newest book. Meteor House has been doing a stellar job of keeping alive the works of the late sci-i author, Philip Jose Farmer.


After having been correspondence buddies for many years, it was a real thrill to finally meet award winning artist Mark Wheatley, here we are above clowning around. Mark was recently voted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame and it was richly deserved.


Other first timers at the show were teacher/writer Micah Harris above holding the Ravenwood novel he wrote for Airship 27 several years ago. Then we had the pure joy of meeting Brenda & Wayne Carey.  Wayne is another writer to Airship 27 and we’ll soon be publishing his amazing Alan Quatermain novel. He’s a little shy, whereas Brenda was really outgoing and fit right in with our wacky crew.


And yet more great New Pulp writers with John Simcoe and our own dear Deborah Brown. John bought a copy of Deb’s book and had her sign it for him.


And here’s the Air Chief and writer Fred Adams Jr. really hamming it up with the official poster for this year’s con. Fred was instrumental in organizing two book store signings in the Pittsburgh area during the weekend to help drum up support for the con and let the local citizens know it was in fact in town. He’s such a great writer.


Two new faces at the show this year were horror writer Joab Styieglitz (to the left) and his pal Mike. Rob and the Air Chief spent an hour with them one night in the courtesy room talking old movies and TV. We hope to have Joab do some work for Airship 27 in the future. He was also kind enough to leave us with one of his novels before leaving.


Chet Reams is gracious, likeable young fan we’ve been Facebook pals with for a while now and it was great to finally meet him in person. His personal treasure during the weekend was getting Bela Lugosi’s horror flick WHITE ZOMBIE on Blu-Ray.


The Air Chief, Wayne Carey & Deborah Brown, who somehow managed to get another fellow writer to buy one of her books. Go Deb!!


The Air Chief with writer/martial arts expert Frank Schildiner, who has written lots of things for Airship 27 and has a new Secret Agent X tale in the works.


On the second day of the show three of pals stopped by to check out what was new on the Airship 27 tables. Left to right you have Jay Sweet, Mark Halegua and Steven Hager. Jay is one of our proof readers and Mark a diehard Yankees fan from New York who never misses a chance to dis our beloved Red Sox.


Now if you think the Air Chief simply sits around and has fun at these shows, you’d be only partly correct. You see, all of us love to pitch in and help with the programs. On Thursday night, we did a ten minute reading from our Domino Lady story, “Claws of the Cat,” that appeared in an anthology from Moonstone Books. William Lampkin snapped this pix of the Air Chief setting up his audience for the scene he was about to read.


On Saturday afternoon, as he has done since the con began, the Air Chief moderated the New Pulp Panel. This year’s five panelist from left to right were Michael Maynard, Charles Millhouse, Fred Adams Jr, John Bruening and Wayne Carey. The gentlemen to the front on the right is our dear friend Dr. Art Sippo and of course that’s the Air Chief on the left getting his writers ready to start the show. We had, as ever a nice audience who truly appreciated the panel.


At 18, Michael Maynard is the youngest writer we’ve ever had on a New Pulp Panel. His father is veteran writer William Maynard, and he was in the audience and naturally very, very proud of his son.


Writer Charles Millhouse lives near Columbus and all the years he was writing his Captain Hawkins adventures, he never knew there was a pulp convention nearby. So the year we move to Pittsburgh, he finally discovers Pulpfest. It was a joy to have him join us at last and be a part of this panel.


This was also Wayne Carey’s first panel and he was a great addition to the cast.


After the panel, a fan in the audience came up to get Charles’ autograph. Another fun part of these conventions, meeting our fans.


Final pictures in our album, the Air Chief introducing the New Pulp Panel and he and Wayne Care standing before the Auction Banner in the lobby.


As ever the show came and went too fast. But like previous years, we’ve so many new wonderful memories.  And we did miss those of our pulp family were unable to attend this year. We hope this little report and these pictures inspire many of you Loyal Airmen to one day come and join us. You’ll be truly glad you did.

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  • On 28 Jul | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, as you are reading this week’s Flight Log, the Air Chief is enjoying this year’s Pulpfest in Pittsburgh, PA along with partner, Chief Engineer Rob Davis. But that certainly doesn’t mean we’ve slacked off on getting out new and exciting pulp titles.


Our latest release is THE EYE OF QUANG CHI by the prolific Fred Adams, Jr. It is the first in a mystery series starring the co-joined Chinese-American Smith brothers in San Francisco at the turn of the century. And believe us, it is easily one of the most unique and original mysteries you’ll ever have the fun of reading. The art and cover were all handled by the super talented of Morgan Fitzsimons from England. She is a treasure and we certainly hope to have her do lots more for Airship 27 Productions in the future. As ever the book is now available at Amazon on paperback and on Kindle. As ever, thanks for your continued support.

silver5_finalFinally before heading out, we thought we’d share a sneak peek illustrations with all you Loyal Airmen. The above illustration is by Chris Kohler, winner of last year’s Pulp Factory Award for Best Interior Illustrations and it is for a new weird western novel by writer Greg Hatcher called, THE SILVER RIDERS. We hope to have this out in a month or so. Enjoy.

And that wraps up this week’s log entry. Hopefully next week we’ll have lots of pictures from Pulpfest 2017 to share with all you Loyal Airmen. As ever, thanks for stopping by.

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  • On 21 Jul | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, what with summer in full swing the temperatures climbing through the roof, we’ve been keeping pretty darn busy. Last weekend was a classic example as the Air Chief and Valerie were invited to their first ever wedding here in Colorado.


Friend Jesse & Adriane tied the knot in from a nice gathering of friends and family. We met both of them at last year’s Fort Collins Comic Con and learned they were both from New England, Jesse from Massachusetts and Adriane from our old home state of New Hampshire. Eventually they became regulars of our local Comics Group and we were extremely honored when they invited us to their special day. As you can see from the pix above, it was very much a fun mixture of “new nerd” and traditional ceremony with lots of good friend and company to add to the celebration. Our heartfelt congratulations to them both.


Also at the wedding was our artist pal, Lee Oaks and his children. Lee pretty wowed all of us when he dance the jitterbug with his oldest daughter. Later, he informed the Air Chief that there was a World War II air show at the nearby Loveland Airport and invited us to tag along with him later and check it out. So after leaving the wedding, we come and Val opted to relax and take a nap while the Air Chief changed clothes and waited for Lee to pick us up.


Much like Val, Lee’s daughters begged off and it was just him and his little boy Jonas (pix above) and the Air Chief (near Army jeep) who went off to check out the Air Show. They a B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator on the field for people to walk through and several WWII veterans had been on hand earlier. Happily one fellow, in his mid-90s was still hanging around and the Air Chief had the pleasure of chatting with him for several minutes. He told me he’d been a Seabee in the Navy during the war and stationed in Inat Alaska, which he remembered as the “sh*t hold of the north.” He had us laughing with his stories. It is truly sad that so many of our WW II vets are passing on and with them all their tales of what they experienced. Thankfully across the country, including Colorado, there are volunteer civilian programs where people visit these remaining patriots and record their stories so that they will be forever preserved for future generations.


Been a while since we’ve posted any new Brother Bones art, so it was a delight to get the above in the mail the other day from our pal Gary Kato. As most of you know, Gary and the Air Chief do the comic comedy superhero Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts. So it was nice to see this take on the Undead Avenger. And before you ask, the movie Kickstarer Campaign is down to its last 19 days.


Also out this week were two more Airship 27 audio books. Tom Brown and his readers at Radio Archives do a great job with these and have pretty much done 80% of our catalog to date. Whereas the two latest audio book releases just happened to be by two of the finest female writers in New Pulp today, Nancy Hansen & Barbara. Nancy’s second Jezebel Johnston novel is “Queen of Anarchy” and Barbara’s “Wings of the Golden Dragon” is actually a prequel to her own series about two Chinese American magic heroes operating on the West Coast. Both are available at ( and we recommend them highly. If you like audio books, there are two of the best.


And speaking of sequels, we are truly excited to announce the release of “BASS REEVES – FRONTIER MARSHAL Vol Two.” Again, we are offering up for fictional adventures of the real-life legendary lawman, Bass Reeves, who operated in the Oklahoma & Texas badlands after the Civil War. This volume contains stories by Milton Davis, Mel Odom, Michael Black & Derrick Ferguson. Rob Davis provides the interior illustrations and Marco Turini the stunning cover. Marco won the Pulp Factor Award for Best Cover for his cover to the first book in this on-going series. We hope you’ll support it.  The book is now available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

And that wraps everything for this week, Loyal Airmen.  Next week Rob Davis and the Air Chief will be in Pittsburgh for the annual Pulp Fest. We sure hope to see many of you there.  And yes, there will be a Flight Log next Friday.  As ever, thanks for stopping by.

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  • On 14 Jul | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ve been getting in lots of very cool Brother Bones artwork from many of our artists pals to help promote the in-production movie.


One such amazing piece was penciled and inked by Barry McClain Jr. and when he was finished with it, he sent it off to Warren Montgomery who added some fantastic colors to the piece.  And here it is completed. We love it and think it’s one of the best Brother Bones drawing ever produced. Thanks, guys.


We also thought it would be a good time to remind you that the Air Chief and his partner, Chief Engineer Rob Davis are still doing a monthly Airship 27 Podcast and this week Episode # 29 went live in which we talked about new releases from the company plus all our plans for the up and coming Pulp Fest convention being held this year in Pittsburgh, PA from July 27th to 29th. You can listen to the hour long show by going to this link.  (  The show is also posted to you You Tube as well, simply write Airship 27 Podcast and the entire list of previous shows ill pop up. We have fun doing these and hope our Loyal Airmen enjoy listening in.


And finally, the issue of BEETLE GIRL we wrote for Lucky Comics is now available digitally from their site on-line.  Again script by the Air Chief and art by Stan Holder. We hope you’ll check it out.  And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by.

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  • On 7 Jul | '2017

Greeting Loyal Airmen. Well things are heating up in Seattle as producers Erik Franklin and Daniel Husser assembled a majority of the cast for the Brother Bones movie last Friday for a reading of the script.

DDnTfI9V0AAec4Q.jpg large

We’re told that no sooner had they sat down then a fire alarm went off in the building causing the obvious confusion one would expect. As it turned out to be a false alarm, the group returned to the room and continued with their reading. According to both Erik and Daniel it went of fabulously as they truly have a group of super talented artists.


Speaking of such, leading this stellar group is actor David Stoker who will play the Bonello twins and then Brother Bones. Prior to the cast get together, David joined the producers to shoot a special movie teaser in which Brother Bones find his skull mask and dons it for the very first time. Above is a still from that little video that will be posted on the Kickstarter page and throughout the internet once completed. When seeing this image, the Air Chief was simply bowled over. With worries that our character might not translate well to the medium of film, it was a truly gratifying feeling to see this truly frightening image…even with the gruesome skull mask, the energy in David’s eyes is clearly visible. Honestly, Loyal Airmen, with this kind of effort from the team, how can this project possibly fail?


Earlier in the year, as most of you Loyal Airmen know, the Air Chief met and hooked up with independent publisher John Helmer of Lucky Comics. The end result being asked to write a short 8 pg Beetle Girl story for him.  We did so, submitted the script and waited to see who would be recruited to illustrate it. In the meantime, we began our Brother Bones Free Comic Book Day promotion and Lucky ended up putting out a very special 8 pg Bones comic retelling his origin. While that was happening, John landed artist Stanley Holder to draw our Beetle Girl tale and he did a truly amazing job with both the interior pages and the stunning cover above. The book was released this week and you can find it by Googling Lucky Comics. It was much fun to do, has Beetle Girl battling a new villain, Madame Silk…and yes, John is already wanting a sequel. We’ll see if we can squeeze it into an already overly full schedule. Ha.


As some of you will recall, last month Moonstone Books released the pulp novella we had written, “Faces of Fear” with illustrations by Rob Davis. It teams up the Black Bat with the Purple Scar. Well we got our copies in the mail the other, but softcover, with a cover by Dennis Calero and the hardcovers with a cover by Rob. Both books can be purchased on Moonstone’s store website. Check it out, we think you’ll enjoy it.

Barry's Black & WhiteRhianEngel

And finally this week, several more of our artists plans have done their own versions of Brother Bones The Undead Avenger to share with all of us. Above to the left is one by Barry McClain Jr. and the other to the right by Rhian Engel. We loved them both and note, Barry’s will be getting colored by another pal, Warren Montgomery. Soon as it is finished, we’ll be sure to put it up here again. All of this is to continue promoting the Brother Bones Movie Kickstarter campaign which only has a month left to go….and is far from being anywhere near successful. Will be a real tragedy if by the end of the month, the producers pull the plug on the the entire project. But without funding, there really is nothing else they can do. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • On 30 Jun | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, here we are fully into the summer season and Airship 27 has just released a new anthology featuring Private Eye Rick Ruby.


Several years ago writers Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor created a new tough guy character Rick Ruby and brought him to Airship 27 Productions. They each wrote a story and then recruited two more, one from Andrew Salmon and the other by William Maynard. Rob Moran provided the interior illustrations and Mark Wheatley that stunning cover above. We released the book and our mystery fans loved. Then we set about putting together a second volume….which, as we stated above….took a little longer to assemble than we had hoped. But this past week finally saw the release of that second collection.


The Ruby Files Vol Two is now officially out and available on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. This second entry features two new stories by Bobby and Sean, who this time are joined by Alan J. Porter and Ye Old Air Chief himself. That’s right, we liked this character so much, we sat down and wrote our own Rick Ruby story which was tons of fun to do. Doing the interior illos in this book was the amazing Nik Powliko and we thrilled that Mark Wheatley came back to do this second cover. Honestly, the four stories in this new book are top notch crime tales pitting Ruby against some slick baddies. We hope you’ll take a look and give it a try. Now to start thinking of a volume three.  Ha.


On other fronts, many of you Loyal Airmen have been asking where the Brother Bones role-playing-game,  “Ron Fortier’s CAPE NOIRE” is? It was schedule to be out months and months ago. For the answer to that, here is the new Update that was posted on the game’s Kickstarter page a few days ago.

“Thank you all for your continuing support! We have come through all manuscript edits and are at the layout stage. Once this process is complete, we will order a proof and, once it is approved we will order the extended fulfillment.

We could not be happier with this product. The juice has definitely been worth  the squeeze. It took a great deal of work from many people to capture the characters of Ron Fortier’s fiction in our RPG. The product was much bigger than we originally anticipated, not just in page count (close to 400), but also in the wide scope of Ron Fortier’s imagination.

Unfortunately, I suffered a concussion and the long term complications of the condition were really bad migraines when I worked for too long at a shot on the computer. The condition is now under control. It was not my intention to alarm anyone. I was not certain if I was going to share this at first, but I feel that you all deserve to know anything that affects the production of this product. It was you that made this product possible and you whose opinion matters most to me.”

Thank you all,
T. Glenn Bane
Scaldcrow Games

The Air Chief was not aware of Glenn’s medical mishap and upon seeing this contacted him via Facebook to wish him well and a hasty return to complete good health. Glenn is a great guy and it truly sounds like this game is going to something pretty amazing for all of us.


Finally, the producers of the Brother Bones movie have taped a short two minute interview with actor David Stoker who you see above. David will be playing three crucial parts in the film, first both Bonello twins, Jack & Tommy, then ultimately our hero, Brother Bones. He’s a gifted actor who brings much to the project. You can find his video interview on our Kickstarter page. Simply find Kickstarter via your search engine, then write in the words Brother Bones and that will bring you to the page to view this and the previous interviews, including one by the Air Chief. As of now the campaign is moving at a snail’s pace we really need all your help in making it successful. So once you’ve found our Kickstarter page, please, spread the URL all over the internet, twitter, whatever to reach as many people as we can. Without that, this may not happen. Something the Air Chief doesn’t want to think about.

And there you have it for another week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here in seven.

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  • On 23 Jun | '2017


Greetings Loyal Airmen, last week we happily displayed some new Brother Bones sketches done by fans over on Facebook to help promote our Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the movie.  Well our old pal, model maker Jase Marshall of Marshall Collectibles has been busy as well with putting together a brand new Brother Bones figure that will be the definitive movie version. Above is some preliminary work.


For those fans who donate at the top $800 tier level on the campaign, they will be receiving one of these limited edition movie version figures of the Undead Avenger and to assure that, they will also get this certificate of authenticity stating that after the campaign is over, Jase will never again do a movie edition of figure of Brother Bones. Ergo, those who the own will have a very real treasure from the film.


As you’ll also recall we recently showed people the actors who will be appearing in the movie and the roles they would take on using character sketches done up by Airship 27 Productions’ own art director Rob Davis. Thus above, we have actress Paige Henderson who will be playing crime reporter Sally Paige. We also talked about the coincidence dealing with the name. Well, after some thought, we had a neat idea and approached Canadian artist Ted Hammond, showed him the images about and asked if he might draw Ms. Henderson as Sally. He was only to happy to comply.

TH Sally

And here is that sketch. Ted cut Paige’s hair, and dressed her in the appropriate costume…and voila. We sent copies to Ms. Henderson and the producers. This is just a little tease on how she will eventually appear in the film.


Speaking of the producers, last Sunday, Father’s Day, the Air Chief, along with writer-director-producer Erik Franklin (above) were both guest on Dr. Art Sippo’s fun podcast show, Art’s Review where we spent a full hour and a half talking about the movie and the Kickstarter Campaign. It was tons of fun and Erik and the Air Chief are starting to line up more such podcast appearances. The Kickstarter Campaing is rolling along and we need to keep that going.

And on more good news for these talented movie producers, their very first feature film, the sci-fi REVENGE OF THE LOST, has been picked up for sale and rent on Amazon Prime. (  Hope you’ll support their efforts. The success of this first film could have lots of positive affects on the Brother Bones project.


And finally we’re going to leave you with two really super cool visuals. Actor David Stoker is so excited about playing the twin Bonello brothers and then later Brother Bones, he and his own brother, a photographer, did up the composite image above, showing him as the deadly twin assassins. He posted it in a message to the Air Chief about a week ago.


We were so taken with it, we thought it might be fun to get Rob Davis on board to do a drawing giving David the needed look, i.e. hair and clean shaven face, plus the proper 30s attire to make it all gel according to the description of Jack and Tommy in that first origin story. He turned in this absolutely great piece and there you have actor David Stoker as the Bone Brothers. Now how cool is that? In the end, we hope all you Loyal Airmen will continue to spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign. The more people we can reach, the better our chances of making our goal and funded the movie.

That’s it for another week, as ever, thanks for stopping by.

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  • On 16 Jun | '2017

Greetings Loyal Airmen, we’ll we’re coming up on two weeks since the producers of the Brother Bones the Undead Avenger launched their Kickstarter Campaign to raise the fund to make the production possible. If you’ve been visiting it on a regular basis (you have, right?) then you’ll see we’ve only made a little progress. Nowhere as much as we need for this to be successful. In lieu of this ongoing appeal, several of the Air Chief’s artist friends have begun doing their own sketches of the Brother Bones for us to use int he promotion campaign.


The first to do so with the sweet image above was our friend Andrew Law who hails from Australia.  What a wonderful drawing.


The very next day Mike W. Belcher sent in the beauty above. We’ve seen lots of Mike’s work on Facebook in the past and love his straight up cartoony styling. This is an awesome piece.

Brother Bones

Next our old buddy from the Black Bat comics, Michael Dorman sent this one with Bones leaping into gun-blazing action.  Again, another winner. Honestly hope we see lots more of these. They help pump us all up that are part of this process.


This creepy Brother Bones is from the fertile imagination of artist Geoff Mosse.

Not much more to add this week, Loyal Airmen. Save we are indeed writing brand new Brother Bones stories for a hopefully new collection to have out by year’s end. Till next week, thanks for dropping by.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 9 Jun | '2017

Greeting Loyal Airmen, we’ve some exciting news for you this week. And all of it in some way deals with promoting, a subject the Air Chief learned a great deal of while earning our degree in Business Management.


As much as having a talent for writing or editing is vital, those elements focus on the creative aspects of our endeavors. Whereas there is also a practical side, a business approach to one’s career whether it be as a writer or artist. This past Sunday we were only delighted to be a guest once again on Richard Keller’s radio program about local authors over on station KRFC here in Fort Collins. That’s the Air Chief above wax poetically about new projects while fellow guest, author Joe Siple looks on. It was a fun hour and we’re told the show is syndicated across the web to over 50,000 listeners. So if even one tenth of that audience now goes out and buys just one of our books, we’ll be very, very happy indeed.


Last week we mentioned the fact that the producers of the Brother Bones movie had cast all the major roles. Above is actor Paige Henderson who will be playing Cape Noire crime reporter, Sally Paige. That the name Paige pops up like this was pretty much serendipity to all of us. Paige is truly an amazing talent and very eager to take on the role.


Happily Paige is joining a truly stellar cast, and director Erik Franklin just composited two collages with the entire speaking cast. There is half of them above, to include Paige and David Stoker, who will be both the Bonello Brothers and Brother Bones.


And there’s the second half with such amazing actors who will be bringing the Air Chief’s characters to life. Sometimes we need to pinch ourselves.


And if all that wasn’t enough, we met earlier in the week with artist pal Jeff Herndon to discuss his painting the Brother Bones movie. Jeff is excited as he’s never been commissioned to do an old fashion movie poster and is as enthusiastic about this project as the Air Chief.


As if all that wasn’t enough, producers Erik Franklin & Daniel Husser launched the Kickstarter Campaign to fund the movie. They are looking to get $100,000. Oh yeah, not a small sum by any means, Loyal Airmen, and we’ve only got two months to raise it in. Thing is, in today’s movie making game, it really isn’t a lot when one considers the price of everything, from actors to costuming and a classical music score. None of these items is cheap. If you would like to help us, the Air Chief is posting the link to that Kickstarter Paige and up front, anything you can do to help us achieve this dream will be appreciated beyond mere words.



And less you think everything we are doing is about Brother Bones, trust us, we are still involved with all our other projects, both pulps and comics. To that effect, the new issue of Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts was just published this week. It features two stories by the Air Chief and Gary Kato and sports a neat cover by artist Darren Goodhard and colors by Mort Todd. We love it and hope you will as well. Copies can be had as ever from (  And there you have it for another Flight Log, Loyal Airmen, a rather packed one for sure.  And honestly we don’t see things slowing down for a while.  Thanks for stopping by.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 2 Jun | '2017

Greeting Loyal Airmen, we are happy to report that things are moving ahead as planned for the Brother Bones movie and last week auditions were held in Seattle by producers Erik Franklin & Daniel Husser.


Dozens of actors showed up and for two long days, Erik & Daniel, directed them through readings for many of the 20 speaking parts that will be required for the film. In the end, they pretty much filled most of their cast, with only a few left to find.  What was also exciting is that the sculpture finished the skull mask and now a seamstress-costumer is working on making Bone’s slouch hat. It was crucial to have the mask finished first so that the hat could be custom sized to work with it when donned by the actor.


After only a few days deliberation, everyone on the team agreed we’d found our Brother Bones in Seattle based actor, David Stoker.  (See above.) David’s reading was fierce, bringing an intensity to his portrayal of the Bonello twins and ultimately being able to convey the grim presences of the Undead Avenger.  Upon hearing he’d been given the lead, David, himself a comic book/genre fan, was thrilled and has vowed to pour his heart and soul into the role. We’ve no doubt he will be fantastic and the Air Chief personally cannot wait to see him wearing the white skull mask.


Meanwhile, after a long hiatus, Airship 27 Productions has finally released a new title and it is the third in Nancy Hansen’s amazing pirate saga, JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – SEA WITCH.  The hero continues her adventures living among the buccaneers and freebooters of the Caribbean.  The book features interior illustrations by our Art Director Rob Davis and a stunning cover by Denver’s own Laura Givens as seen above. Book is now available in paperback from Amazon and soon on Kindle. If you love seafaring, classic pirate stories, the Jezebel Johnston books were made for you.


On other Brother Bones items, our good pal, Todd Jones, will be reprinting the short Bones comic strip, “Needle Justice” in the next issue of his own comic anthology series, “Wicked Awesome Tales,” and to highlight that fact, they adopted Rob Davis’ preview movie poster for their cover. Looks pretty sweet to us. Copies will be available at Todd’s table at this year’s Denver Comic Con next month.

And that’s it for this incredibly exciting week. Thanks for stopping by Loyal Airmen and we’ll see you back here in seven.

Ron – Over & Out!