• On 19 Nov | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week we want to kick off our entry with the news that, after having parted company with Facebook, at the suggestion of our pal Rob Davis, the Air Chief joined the Link-In platform. Should any of you Loyal Airmen wish to join me there, simply go to the site and hook up with Ron Fortier. We’re slowly expanding our network there and would be thrilled to have you be a part of it.

Speaking of joining things, this week we’ll be talking about how many of our comic projects get started. While Link-In one day we connected with a very talented artist from Italy named Andrea Bormita. After a few message exchanges, Andrea said he’d like to work with us on a project and sent along one page outline for a fantasy/science fiction idea he had.


He also sent along five pages he’d completed based on his idea. We’ve put three above here. The second we saw these, we knew he had to work with this truly gifted artist. Whereas upon reading his outline, we found it a bit undeveloped and suggested to Andrea that we might want to tighten it up. Much to our delight he was all for that and gave us the okay to edit and alter the concept any way we thought would work better. Which he have now done.  At present we’ve found a publisher to take on the project and Andrea is now doing sketches of the principle characters.

Cattura Kal pinupCattura Ehrmet

Such as Kal and Ehrmet, two of the Science Warriors recruited to combat an intergalatic threat. Once these are done, we’ll begin writing the first issue. We’ll reveal the publisher in future updates. Hope to title it…BEYOND THE STARS. We will feature more previews in coming weeks.



In this week’s update on JIN & TONIK, artist Cesar Feliciano previews panels from pg 14 of our script in which a character dies. Cesar’s art beautiful captures the emotional impact of the scene, even without the captions. He is a master story teller.

babySmall 15

The panel above left is how Cesar ends pg # 14. No words necessary. What excites me is the story now shifts gears and we go to the Arizona desert and an Indian Shaman. Story shifts gears next to Moscow and the introduction of Darya Tonikova.


Boxing ringsButch

THE PARAGON BOXING ARENA – Boxing arena owned by Crime Boss Oliver Snate. Although a legitimate enterprise, it is still a front for all of Snate’s illegal activities in the city. Also where he crosses path with Butch O’Leary. Once again artist Mike Belcher offers up these preview pieces as he works tirelessly on this 103 pg graphic novel.

AIR-247Gun Show Scalpers illo 2 Final

On the pulp side of things, Airship 27 Production’s latest release as a straight up western, “Marshal Horne of Talon’s Crossings,” by writer Tyler Auffhammer. It features four stories of a tough as nails Nevada lawman. Maine artist Jeff Cram did the black and white interiors (one of them above at right) and the ever fantastic Adam Shaw painted the cover (above to left). Now available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. As ever, thanks for your continued support.

Finally we want to wish all of Loyal Airmen a truly Happy Thanksgiving. We live in the greatest country in the world, with so many blessings. It is the Air Chief’s wish for safety, good health and countless blessings to all of you and your loved ones. Don’t eat too much turkey. See you back here next Friday morning.

Ron (Over & Out!)



  • On 12 Nov | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen,  there are about to be some major changes in this weekly Flight Log. Why you ask? Well, as of last week, in fact on his 75th birthday, the Air Chief was for the third time in as many months expelled from posting to Facebook. We won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say we’ve had enough of their childish, mercenary little games and will not longer participate on that platform. Thus we are shifting the main thrust of our internet presence to this weekly Flight Log. How is that going to change things? Well for the most part, it is going to expand the topics we’ll be discussing. The Air Chief has tons of great comics and pulp projects in the works, either solo or as Managing Editor of Airship 27 Production, so rest assured you’ll be learning all about every one of them right here, every Friday morning. Some on a weekly basis. Oh yeah, lots of stuff coming way. So what say we can started with our look back on this year’s Rocky Mountain Con held in Denver last weekend.


First of all we have to give giant thanks to producer Tim Moret who puts on the show every year, along with his lovely wife Nicole and their staff of super friendly helpers. That’s Tim above in the red shirt standing with Colorado based artist, Guy Davis. Guy is a fun dude who is so into Star Trek and also happens the fellow illustrating writer Nancy Hansen’s new fantasy series, The Silver Pentacle for Airship 27 Production. Guy is currently illustrating the second volume now in production.


Here’s Valerie and the Air Chief at our table. We met so many wonderful people and sold tons of books both pulps and comics. The two of us love this show and the chance to get together with so many friends.


First of which was the Air Chief’s Official Protege writer/editor Todd Jones. He had copies of his latest two Wicked Awesome Tales comic anthology, including the issue with our character Space Smuggler Captain Jain Marlee on the cover by artist Jolyon Yates. Jolyon was scheduled to be a guest at the show but had to cancel out at the last minute.


The irascible, one and only Mike Baron was also on hand. Mike’s the Eisner winning writer who created and wrote two of comicdom’s most memorable characters, Nexus and the Badger. We’ve become good buddies over the years (as we both live in Fort Collins now) and we even did an hour gab-fest panel on writing comics that was lots of fun.


And then we have the comic dynamic duo of husband and wife team, Zane & Olivia DeGaine. Both professional graphic artist creators who operate Pulp Fission. Two of our dearest friends.


Here’s another pal, artist Jeff Slemons, who does hot-rods and dinosaurs better than any other artist we know. Jeff and the Air Chief recently did a six page comic strip for CARtoons magazine featuring an Alabama redneck named Buck Hokum. While at the show we kicked around an idea for a second story featuring the ex-racing car turned bus driver. Stay tuned for more news as that develops further.


And then we have the lovely, energetic super talented Ms Gabriella Saenz. We first met Gaby when she took our course on how to write comics. She was still in grade school. Now she’s a high school senior whose art had evolved into something truly beautiful. In fact she recently did the interior illustrations for writer Peggy Chamber’s book, Flitiron Death Grip and is now in talks with Peggy about adapting it as a graphic novel. That is something we hope happens.


Of course one of the real joys of attending cons is to meet new talented folks like artist creator Dylan Bloomfield who came over to our table with his wife and showed us his brand new children’s book. Dylan’s a really great guy eager to get into publishing and do lots more. We exchanged contact information and the Air Chief is going to do what he can to get Dylan’s career moving forward.

And all this was a small sampling of the good time Valerie and the Air Chief had at this year’s Rocky Mountain Con. Thank you Tim Moret & Company.


Scool of the blind

THE MORTON SCHOOL OF THE BLIND – As many of your Loyal Airmen are aware, earlier in the year we wrote a graphic novel telling the origin of the classic pulp character, the Black Bat which is now being illustrated by Mike Belcher, with his son Aiden doing the lettering and coloring. When completed, Mike will self-publish it via Ka-Blam. We had a great time writing the tale and Mike is doing such an amazing job with the art. Early on Mike had the idea of our previewing sketches by him once a week to hype up the project with all our fans and we created what we called Black Bat Saturday. For the past 22 weeks every Sat Mike would post a sketch of character from the script, or a locale, and we’d do a short write up to accompany. Well, no long on Facebook, Black Bat Saturday has now come to an end to be replaced by this new segment which will appear here in every Flight Log from now until the project is completed and we can announce the release of the book. Our first entry is the Morton School of Blind where former District Attorney Anthony Quinn goes after he is blinded by a criminal who threw acid in his face.



A second comics project we are deeply involved with currently is a huge graphic novel saga called JIN & TONIK. First envisioned by artist Cesar Felciano and further developed by the Air Chief. This is a modern day thriller about two deadly assassins both born at the same minute on the same day; Chinese martial artist Sammy Jin and scientifically enhanced Russian agent Darya Tonikova. As beautifully rendered in Cesar’s sketch above. He’s currently drawing the first opening chapters and the pages are stunning. No definitive plan as to how we’ll get this publish, but it is still early and we have lots of options. For now we plan on keeping all you Loyal Airmen up to date with lots of great artwork.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

And lastly in regards to pulps, Airship 27 Productions just released its first every hardcopy book. BROTHER BONES – Grave Tales collects the first two Brother Bones anthologies, “The Undead Avenger” and “Tapestry of Blood.” All 12 stories in this one volume, containing all of artist Rob Davis’ interior illustrations and the above gorgeous cover by the amazing Adam Shaw. The book retails at Amazon for $24.95 with over 300 pgs of bizarre pulp action. We hope you’ll check it out.

That’s it Loyal Airmen, as ever thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll make it a regular weekly visit.

Ron – Over & Out!




  • On 5 Nov | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week the Air Chief wants to talk comics. In the past few decades we’ve stopped collecting as we did back when we were still in our 20s and 30s. Honestly, ever since comics became “accepted” by the masses and then bought out by major corporations, they’ve become way less fun. The success of the big-budget movies only told these corporations that there was lots of money to be made from these characters and so let’s keep doing the way we always have…and not change a single thing about how we tell these stories. Ergo, all we fans have gotten from both Marvel and DC the past twenty years are the same stories simply done over and over and over again. Which is why the Air Chief and many of his colleagues have said the future of comics lies in the independents. Of course every once in a while we can still be surprised.


Imagine our surprise, when a few weeks ago, while visiting our local comic shop, we found a giant sized Batman comic done entirely by an Italian artist/writer Marini. The art inside was stunning and as we prefer complete, self-contained stories, we plunked down our cash and took it home.


And we’re happy we did, The story deals with Joker kidnapping a young girl who just may be Bruce Wayne’s illegitimate. Daughter, thus Batman is desperate to rescue her and helping him to do, for her own agenda of course, is Salina Kyle, aka Catwoman. Again, the art in this oversized comic is stunning and happily it has a powerful story to support it. We recommend all you Loyal Airmen pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did.


Next up is a book that totally exemplifies the independent experience. “Expendables Go To Hell” came about when actor Sylvester Stallone pitched the idea to the studio for the fourth in his series of his action movies centered around a group of mercenary soldiers. The film series is one of our favorites as well. Anyway the studio nixed that particular plot and so Stallone brought it to veteran comic scribe (and our pal) Chuck Dixon who very wisely took it on. Dixon’s idea was to launch a Kickstarter program whereby fans would pay for the project. He and Stallone developed the plot and then Dixon wrote the actual script with writer Richard C. Meyer. Graham Nolan came on board to do the artwork. No sooner had the project been kicked off then Covid struck and a year came and went with no progress on getting the book finished and out to its supporters.  Now, almost two years later, and it’s a hoot. Meaning, yes dear Loyal Airmen, it was worth the wait.

In the story Barney Ross is knocked unconscious during a fire-fight and wakes up in hell.  Apparently he’s dead now and has a whole new battle to fight against the forces of Satan. But the big surprise was exactly who welcomes him to Hell. None other than Texan Audie Murphy, one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War II who later went on to have a film career in cowboy movies. Murphy becomes Ross’ guide and as the story progresses they meet lots of other historical figures, some good, some bad. Even the rest of the Expendables show up for the huge battle royale at the finale.  All in all “Expendables Go To Hell” is winner in both story and art and now a prized piece of the Air Chief’s comic collection. Oh, yeah.


While on the subject of comics, here’s a panel from pg 13 of JIN & TONIK, written by the Air Chief with art by Cesar Feliciano from his original concept. Cesar puts so much emotion in one panel alone, it conveys dept to the narrative in so many different ways elevating the script. We can’t wait to bring this story to all you Loyal Airmen.


Finally we’ve a new pulp book out this week.  The 8th chapter in Nancy Hansen’s pirate queen saga, “Jezebel Johnston – Revelation.” Like the other previous seven, this is a rollicking action packed pirate adventure. Art Director Rob Davis provides not only the interior illustrations but that gorgeous cover above. As ever available at Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Thank you for your continued  support Loyal Airmen.

Oh, and the Air Chief turns 75 today. Still haven’t figured out how THAT happened. Ha. As ever thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you next Friday morning.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 29 Oct | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, first up a review of a new sci-fi remake.


We first read DUNE as a high school student and fell in love with it. In fact it is one of the few books we’ve read multiple times over the years. And we’ve enjoyed both the David Lynch film version and the made-for-TV interpretations. The Air Chief just watched part one of director Denis Villeneuve’s expanded version and loved it start to finish. The additional scenes he wrote fit in beautifully with Herbert original tale and the cast, led by Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson & Oscar Isaac are perfect for their roles. Will most likely watch again later in the coming week. Magnificent classic retold. Thumbs way, way up.

We’re happy to announce that once again we’ll be guest at the Rocky Mountain Con happening in Denver Nov 6th-7th. Here is the ad posted across the internet by our friend and promoter Tim Moret. “We at Rocky Mountain Con are excited to announce Ron Fortier Will be joining us Nov. 6th & 7th. Ron is an American author, primarily known for his Green Hornet and The Terminator comic books and his revival of the pulp hero, Captain Hazzard. Early in his career he also wrote short stories and co-authored two novels for TSR. In 2017 Fortier was the recipient of the Pulp Factory’s first Pulp Grand Master Award. Get your tickets to meet Ron and all the other amazing guest at this years show!”


Pretty nice write-up. Thanks so much, Tim. And here’s hoping to see many of your Loyal Airmen in Denver that weekend.


Finally artist Cesar Feliciano continues to draw our graphic novel thriller JIN & TONIK. Above is a panel from pg # 12 which he is currently bringing to life. The amount of detail Cesar puts in each panel is truly amazing and he so wonderfully captures the emotion of the scene before what any writer could ask for it. It is joy to be working with this talented artist.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 22 Oct | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, today we want to share with you the evolution of a character we created long ago, space smuggler Captain Jain Marlee.  We created her for a short comic strip and the first artist to draw her was Brian Level, who at the time was only doing tattoos.


Above you have the first page to the very first Captain Jain Marlee story “Smuggler’s Lament.” Center is one of Brian’s early sketches of our gal. Shortly after this was published, we wrote a second story called “Cold Demise” and a Scottish artist, whose name we don’t recall now, did the sketch above at the right. He even did several pages…then for whatever reasons quite the project.


So up stepped artist Luis Rivera and he did a bang up job with the strip, he even drew yours truly as Constable Glick.  AND…managed to get a fully colored version out there. It seemed like Captain Jain was getting more popular with each passing year.


The third Captain Jain tale was called “The Prince” and this time the artist taking on our feisty space smuggler was Richard Jun, who gave her a more punkish look. Here are the two first pages of “The Prince.” Currently it is going to be reprinted in an issue of our friend Toddy Jones’ black and white comic anthology called WICKED AWESOME TALES. Thing is Todd has gotten artist Jolyon Yates to do a color cover featuring our gal.


And we love it. There is a fourth Captain Jain Marlee completed script called “The Lost World” but it has yet to be drawn. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted.


Last weekend the Air Chief returned to Scott’s Bluff Nebraska for the 4th Annual High Plains Mini-Mall comic day. Hosted and put on by my friend Mathew Rhys.  That’s us (0n the left) chatting about comics with Matt during the show.  Pix on the right is me at my table during a quiet moment. As ever it was a really fun day and thanks to all the great folks of Scott’s Bluff who stop by to say hi and picked up a few comics and pulps.


While out in a Chicago area bookstore two of Airship 27’s finest pulp writers shared a store signing event. Upper left is new first time novelist George Tackes and upper right is veteran pulp scribe and co-creator of the hero Doc Atlas, Michael Black. We’re told the event was a huge success. Way go to new pulp writers!

And that’s all for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next week.

Ron – Over & Out!!


  • On 15 Oct | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, a few weeks ago we learned that Amazon would be making hardback editions available to publishers like Airship 27 Production. Deciding to give this a try, Art Director Rob Davis suggested we combine the first two Brother Bones anthologies.


“Brother Bones – The Undead Avenger” & “Brother Bones – Tapestry of Blood,” and combined them into a large size omnibus that will include a total of 12 stories, each illustrated by Rob. He then strongly suggested we approach artist Adam Shaw to do the cover. Adam signed on and this past week turned in his wrap-around cover which is amazing and we can’t wait to show it to you. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen this is going to be one terrific package.


And now we’re happy to announce the release of our latest Airship 27 title – MYSTERY MEN (  & Women ) Vol 7 – This one features stories by Teel James Glenn, Curtis Fernlund, Harding McFadden with  Eleanor Hawkins and Greg Hatcher. Greg’s Dr. Fixit character nabbing the cover spot by artist Adam Shaw with our own Rob Davis providing the interior illustrations. As always it is available now at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, thanks for your continued support.


And lastly we have to end this week’s Flight Log on a sad note. This past week we lost another one of our pulp colleagues, Patrick Cranford.  Patrick and his brother Scott were regular fixtures in the pulp community and among the first to welcome the Air Chief, Rob & Airship 27. He’d been ill recently and hospitalized but none of us realized how serious matters were. Patrick was a fun loving, good natured soul and he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, my friend. Our deepest condolences to Scott and all the Cranford family.

Ron – Over & out!


Greetings Loyal Airmen, this week the Air Chief has a rather pathetic piece of news to share with all of you. Last Sat morning we discovered someone had gone and hacked our Facebook account. Meaning they’d gotten into it and took it down. Thus when the Air Chief tried to log on, we were told that our account simply did not exist. Thing is the page is STILL there for all the world to see, with its over three thousand friends list, but we cannot access it at all. And if you know anything at all about giant outfits like Facebook, it is pretty impossible to contact a living person in their so-called Customer Service Dept. So, after hours of attempting the impossible, we gave up and began the arduous task of creating a new page. Thanks to help of several of our pulp colleagues like Nancy Hansen, Tommy Hancock and of course our partner Rob Davis, we used our full name and the new page is now up and we are slowly beginning to reconnect with our pages. If you are one of those Facebooks friends, please do reconnect with us. As to the Hacker, we are truly sorry your life is so miserable that the only joy you can find in it is attacking other people. God forgive you and open your eyes to something better.


On a much more positive note, we recently picked up “The James Bond Lexicon” and truly amazing book containing all facts pertaining to Ian Fleming’s famous fictional British spy.  Compiled and written by Alan and Gillian Porter and published by White Rocket Books. If, like us, you’re a Bond fan, you will truly appreciate this marvelous book.


Finally for the longest time the Air Chief is been looking to have a new custom sweatshirt done up with our Airship 27 logo. We love wearing comfortable sweatshirts in the Fall and Winter and last week, on-line we find Rush Order Tees on the internet. Set up an order and had them do up a sweatshirt on a gray colored shirt. It arrived today. Valerie had us order an X-tra Large, fully expecting it will shrink with multiple washings. We love it. We still have a white tee-shirt with the logo that many of your con fans will recognize. Now we can add this sweatshirt.  Hmm, all we need now is a coffee mug.

In what has to be the weirdest Flight Log we’ve ever posted, it now appears, thanks to the help of several really smart friends, we were finally able to change our FB password via our cellphones and get back to our original count. Which means, per the report at the start of this entry, we now have TWO FB pages…and will keep them both. Not a bad idea to always have a back up. Ha.

Ron – Over & Out!


  • On 1 Oct | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, many years ago when starting up Airship 27 Production, we created a new aviation hero molded after the classic flying heroes of the old classic pulps.


That hero was Lance Sky Sky Ranger and after releasing a few anthologies, it became clear to us that writer Bobby Nash had a particular affinity to the character and so we gave him ownership of the character and he wasted no time in running with it. To include writing a Lance Star comic and


we collected all Bobby’s Lance Star stories to date in a Kindle only edition.  After all this Bobby promised to one day do a full length Lance Star novel. We’re happy to announce that day has come. Below is a press release we and Bobby put together and recently released.


Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the return one of New Pulp’s great flying hero, Lance Star – Sky Ranger. Writer Bobby Nash has big fans for this aviation ace.

Get ready on the flight line! A new serialized novel launches in October on Patreon! Lance Star: Sky Ranger returns in an all-new novel-length thriller from Author Bobby Nash at with new chapters releasing each week. Tiers begin as low as $1 a month and helps keep our favorite New Pulp aviators alive and flying.

Lance Star: Sky Ranger “Cold Snap!” will debut in print and ebook from Airship 27 Productions in 2022.

Learn more about Lance Star: Sky Ranger at


That novel is called “Cold Snap” and will first be serialized on Bobby’s Patreon site before becoming a new Airship 27 title. At the same time Airship 27 is going to do a hard-copy of the Kindle-only collection as big one-two promotion punch for this great new Lance Star novel. Stay tuned Loyal Airmen, this is going to be big.


After a long hiatus, Airship 27 is proud to announce the release of our latest title – The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy by writer George Tackes. Tells the tale of the Great Chicago Fire and reveals who actually started the blaze. This one is pure pulp Loyal Airmen. Chris Rawding provides the cover and Gary Kato the interior illustrations. As always available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. As ever thanks for your continued support.


Finally the Air Chief ran into an “old friend” at a pizza parlor here in Fort Collins the other day. The comic series that launched our comics writing career. Valerie grabbed her cel-phone to take a pick of that really cool figure and yours truly. Never know what you’re going to run into in this town. Ha.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Fri morning.

Ron Over & Out!


  • On 24 Sep | '2021

Greetings, Loyal Airmen. In last week’s Flight Log report of this year’s Windy City Pulp & Paper con, we posted a picture of the wonderful diorama Art Director Rob David made of the two of us along with his pick up truck. The reaction to it was so awesome from our friends, Rob wrote up a little essay on how it all came together and offered a few more pictures. So take it away Rob.


“It’s time to share my latest modeling project. Terry Beatty’s posts on his figure models inspired me to start building model cars again. The first of the new projects was a fanciful scene based on Ron Fortier and I making convention trips as Airship 27. The AMT reissue of their 1934 Ford pickup was the basis painted yellow creame with gloss black running boards/fenders. I printed up the door decal with the A-27 logo on my printer. I built and wired up the engine based on photos I found on the internet (tedious and time consuming!). The unpainted figures were ordered from 3D print service Shapeways and done up to look like Ron and myself.
The pushcart is a bit oversized but is a reasonable replica of the one I use at conventions. I scratch built it with styrene rods and tubes with an aluminum tube handle. The tires are cribbed from a cheap eBay hot wheels purchase that yielded pretty close approximations with a bit of engenuity and paint. The Amazon boxes on top were swiped images from the internet manipulated in Photoshop printed on card stock. The most difficult part was the truck’s chassis and fine parts. These old eyes and thick fingers made for a few expletive filled sessions.
Most fun was scratch building the cart, mostly by eyeballing it ( hence it not being exact to scale- but I’m happy with it!). Lastly I put together the black backdrop bag in the back of the truck using sprues from the kit draped with facial tissue coated with a water/white glue mixture and painted black. Next up may be the Polar Lights 1/25 1966 Batmobile if I can get over the nasty allergic reaction from last week. That one has some etched metal parts, something I’ve never dealt with before. FUN!”
On other fronts Rob has finished assembling our Airship 27 Podcast Episode # 78 which we recorded at the Con. You can find it on You Tube here. ( He adds lots of images at the end from the con floor. Don’t miss this one, Loyal Airmen.
Now for something special. It’s been almost two years since our good friend Mark Halegua passed away. Mark was an enthusiastic pulp fan, collector and seller. He was a regular at both Windy City and Pulp Fest and one of the first of the old gang to welcome the Air Chief and Airship 27 Productions into that community. He was also a diehard Yankees fan, but we forgave him for that. Mark also had aspirations of writing and before he died, he shared some of his ideas and concepts with two well established pulp scribes; Nancy Hansen and Lee Houston Jr.
After Mark’s passing, the two of them contacted the Air Chief informing us that they wanted to take Mark’s notes and write the book he never got a chance to write. And so this past eight months or so, both of them diligently worked together and last week submitted their finished novel. With fingers crossed some time early next year, Airship 27 will release MARK HALEGUA’S THE BLUE LIGHT by Nancy Hansen & Lee Houston Jr.  And that Loyal Airmen, is why we love this community so much. Because these are people who truly love each other. Amen.
Ron – Over & Out.


  • On 17 Sep | '2021

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well we made it to Lombard, Illinois, for this year’s Windy City Pulp & Paper Con and it was arguably one of the best shows ever. Rob and the Air Chief were so thrilled to reconnect with so many of our old friends and made lots of new ones. Which was the best fun of all. We took a bunch of photos and now want to share them with you.


Windy City happens because of two amazing fellows and their loving, supportive wives. To upper left is Doug Ellis and Deb and to the right we have John Gunnison & Maureen. These four souls work tirelessly to make this great show happen and we owe them big time.


We arrived Friday afternoon, checked into the Westin Hotel and later came down to the hall to start setting up. Which is primarily Rob’s task. He’s got a system and the Air Chief does his best to stay out of his way. It was really humbling to have so many of our colleagues come over to inquire as to how we were feeling and tell us they had prayed for us during our recent surgery. This is the best community in the world.



There were so many vendors at this show, as always, selling everything from original pulp paintings to books, magazines, comics etc. Above is our pal David White with his tons of old magazines and comics and to his right a shot of the Airship 27 tables. Both of which were overflowing with two years worth of titles.


As we said, we met up with lots of old friends such as Dexter Fabi to left above and Gordon Dymowski with the Air Chief on the right.


Fellow publisher Rich Harvey to the right and writer Greg Gick with the Air Chief.


To upper left, writer Bill Maynard and to right Martin Gram above in checkered shirt with his Green Hornet mask, and a buddy.  Martin had copies of his giant History of the Lone Ranger on Radio book at the show and the Air Chief picked up a copy.


And then we had old friends who have since become writers ala Jay Sweet upper left and George Tackes with the Air Chief showing off the Sherlock Holmes with his story in it.


Writer Matthew Bieniek had his own table for the first time and was joined by his lovely wife Stephanie.


New writer Mark Vander Zander joined us, along with his girlfriend Robin.


Happily our pals from Pro-Se Press were set up across the aisle from us, manned by Tommy Hancock, the head honcho (in orange shirt) and is pal Texan Aubrey Stephens. We always have great time with them. On the Sat night of the con Tommy hosted an Irish Wake in the hotel bar in the memory of our dear pal writer Derrick Ferguson who passed away in March. It was a really great time, all of us reliving memories and sharing them. Derrick would have loved it.


Our pal Derrick Ferguson and one of his latest Dillon titles.


Another shot of Pro-Se table and the biggest surprise to the Air Chief, the model diorama Rob made up of us with his old truck and stack of Amazon boxes ready to go to the show. That’s the Air Chief on the right in his baseball cap and Rob with arms folded in blue shirt. This wowed all our friends when they came to our tables and saw it.


And we’re happy to report the Sunday New Pulp Panels were on. Upper left features moderator Gordon Dymowski with Mike Black, Jay Sweet, Doug Klauba & George Tackes. The second panel, upper right, featured moderator Andy Fix, Brian Morris, Dale Cozort, Mark Vander Zanden & Matthew Bieniek. Again a really great mix of old and new guard in New Pulp.


A tradition for New Pulp creators is to hit up a greasy burger joint on Friday after the show. And a bunch of us did just that, allowing Air Chief to snap two selfies. At upper left (going clock-wise) Air Chief up front then Matthew Bieniek, Rob Davis, Jay Sweet & Andy Fix. Second (clock-wise) George Tackes, Aubrey Stephens, Gordon Dymowski, Tommy Hancock, David white and the Air Chief. To say a good time was had by all would be an understatement for sure. So happy to have the newbies join us this year.


Another first was the fact that the Air Chief and Chief Engineer Rog actually recorded the Airship 27 Podcast # 78 while at the hotel. The major portion was done in our hotel room Sat. morning, and then Rob took lots of small video clips later throughout the main hall to cut and splice into the main part. Once all put together we’ll be up at You Tube. Hopefully by next week. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this show.


Of course you know the Air Chief wasn’t going to come home empty handed. Above is a shot of a few of the new books we picked up at the show. The biggest by far was that Lone Ranger monster assembled by Martin Gram and his partner Terry Salomonson. There’s the new Dillon, and other great reads we can’t wait to dig into. As ever, it was such a great show. Can’t wait till next year and who knows, maybe we’ll see you there, Loyal Airmen.

Ron – Over & Out!