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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we are truly very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Boomer.


He’s a Labrador Retriever and was just about two weeks old when he arrived. Life around here just got a whole lot more fun. It is impossible not want to sit and play with the little guy every morning and then walk away with a huge smile. Honestly, Loyal Airmen, life is always better with a dog.



We were thrilled to learn our pal, writer Michael Housel had done up a review of our sci-fi comic series for Silverline Comics – “Beyond the Stars.” You can find it at this link. (



And as we’re discussing this series, here’s the completed page 7 from issue # 3 by artist Andrea Bormida. Shaping up to be our best issue thus far.



Meanwhile it seems like London is the place to visit this year, according to our family. As you’ll recall, Loyal Airmen, our son Kevin and his wife Melanie made the trip there a few months back. Well now our oldest granddaughter, Kristi is over there attending a wedding. Of course she wasn’t going to pass up doing some fun sight-seeing, including this stop at the famous Harry Potter train station. Kristi and her sister Chelsea grew up reading those marvelous books, and even got the Air Chief hooked on them. Something we’ve shared, that love of reading. Anyways, we’re thrilled she’s having so much fun and making tons of great memories.

MYSTERY MEN (& Women) Peek


One of Airship 27 Production’s most popular anthology series of the past few years is our showcase series, “Mystery Men (&Women.” Above left is the cover to Vol 8 – Currently Art Director Rob Davis has begun assembling four new stories for volume 9 which will feature four new great pulp characters. One of these being writer Jamie Ramos’ super cop STEELGRAVE, as depicted above right. This looks to be another stellar volume. Stay tuned. We will keep you Loyal Airmen posted.



Years ago, when the Air Chief was affiliated with a great little comics outfit in Maine called Alpha Production, we created our own female version of Captain America and called her Major Liberty. That’s her up front of Team Alpha in a cover by Paul Pelletier. We later wrote a 16 pg adventure feature the character that was later published in Redbud Studios’ ALL STAR PULP COMICS. Recently when talking with fan/creator Frank Scott, we mentioned the character and he got all excited. Wanted to know if we’d allow him and his pal Kevin Birge to use her in a new super-hero team comic they were cooking up. It would also include Frank’s own “Dangeress” and the Chuck Dixon inspired “Phantom Avenger.”

BlankMajor Liberty pin-up

Here’s Frank’s initial write up for the project.


Dangeress aka The Siren of Strength.  Ageless leader of S.A.G.A. ( The Super Agents Guarding America ) Phantom Avenger ( Origin conceived by the legend Chuck Dixon ) Major Liberty ( Created by Ron Fortier )  The three women caught in a Timestorm initiated by Mr. Friendly , a Nazi scientist bent on winning not just World War Two but EVERY war. His modern day ally an enigma known only as The Actor ( Created by Ron Fortier and myself ) Master of disguise. Impresario of assassination. It is this Trinity of S.A.G.A. who must find a way to end this attempt at temporal terrorism

Story by Frank Scott & Kevin Birge ( Plot elements from Ronald Fortier ) Art/Designs Daniele Danbrenus Spezzani – Letters/Colors Doug Curtis – Story elements ( Phantom Avenger ) Chuck Dixon ) This all looks to be a great and it will be nice to see Major Liberty back in action again, we’ll keep you posted.




And as if all that wasn’t enough to keep the lights on, Loyal Airmen, let’s not forget our “JIN & TONIK” project co-created with the amazing Cesar Feliciano.  The Air Chief wrapped up issues # 1 & 2, with colorist Matt Webb now coloring # 1 and Cesar adding lettering. It’s a long process, as Matt has lots of projects on his table and the moment. Hopefully before the year is out, issue # 1 will be ready for the printers. Till then, enjoyed this wonderful new pin-up from Cesar.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As always, thanks for stopping by and spending a little time with us. Till next Friday, God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!


Greetings Loyal Airmen, recently our good pal, artist Mike Belcher took it up himself to make July his personal Tribute to Independent Comics month. Like the Air Chief, Mike believes the best, most original comics being produced today, around the country, aren’t coming from the big publishers at all but from the small outfits like his own AMK comics, Silverline Comics, Redbud Studio and many other such.

Jigsaw18CVRaBombers V2-1 CVRfnlJPG(2)

As we said above, it’s where the Air Chief does all his comics these days.  Anyways, Mike is doing a pin-up sketch of an independent comic book character every single day of this month to the end of making more people aware of the great comics out there you many have never heard of before.


And to get the ball rolling last Friday morning, Mike this this brand new Mr. Jigsaw illustration which we love. It’s just great. If you are on Facebook, you’ll hopefully be seeing all the other great pieces he’s doing. Thanks again, Mike. You rock!



This is the movie we’d been waiting to see and now that it is here, we urge all of you to please go see it. Human trafficking is real, it is slavery on a scale the world has never known before. All the nations of the world must unite to end it forever. “God’s children are not for sale.”



In writing the mini-series comic “The Crimson Nun” the Air Chief opted to set it against an actual historical time frame of the late 1930 into the start of World War II. To that end, we’ve incorporated some historical figures such as Pope Pius XI (seen above) and his role in the birth of our hero. Stay tuned.



And finally we thought we’d leave you this week with a couple of illustration peeks from two new anthologies we are now producing at Airship 27.  “The Challenger Chronicles” is our first anthology featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s other hero, Prof. George Challenger. Artist Clayton Hinkle is doing a bang up job with the illos for that one (see above left). Then we have our second collection of “The Phantom Detective” a classic old pulp hero, and on board to illustrate that one (above right) is veteran artist Kevin Paul Shaw Broden. Trust me, Loyal Airmen, our artists make our books sing. Will keep updated on the progress of each title and when they are finished and available.

Till then, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.  God bless.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, with summer here, we also enter into what most comic fans know as Convention Season with such events, big and small, happening all over the country. But at the same time in various towns and cities, people sponsor book fairs where quite a few of our Airship 27 writers are invited to be guest.



One such writer was our pal George Tackes who last week was in Peoria, Il to sign copies of both his novel, “The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy” and “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective Vol 17″ in which he had a story. George reported that the show was much fun and he met a lot of other great writers.



Many years back at the start of Airship 27 Production, a half dozen our writers got together to envision an old fashion space hero, ala Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers. From this, the writers all contributed to an overall bible and within two years we’d released Volumes One & Two of “Mars McCoy – Space Ranger.” And after that, he seemed to drift away with little interest among our crew to do a third volume. Still, there were diehard McCoy fans ala Van Plexico, James Palmer and John Bear Ross. When Ross went so far as to submit two new stories two years ago, the Air Chief decided it was time to make this happen. And to that end, a few months ago, while on Facebook, we crossed paths with illustrator Daniele Danbrenus Spezzani and we approached him about doing the interior illustrations for this new, third volume. Much to our delight, Daniele signed. Above right is one of his completed illustrations and we are thrilled by it. He is an amazing artist. Meanwhile another regular artist for Airship 27, Michael Youngblood has already turned in a gorgeous cover. So hang in their space jockeys, Mars McCoy and his team are coming back soon!  Oh, yeah!



We are happy to announce the printed copies of our comic “BEYOND THE STARS # 2″ have arrived and all of you who supported this Kickstarter should be getting your copies as well. Thanks ever and truly hope you enjoy the issue.



We recently told you about our latest radio melodrama “Matilda.” Well it has been produced and released and for a very limited time will be available free on You Tube at this link.

( Take a listen and let us know what you think. The Air Chief loves it.

And that’s it for this week Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping and see you back here next week.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen. Well, after two long months, we’ve finally returned to our Airship Podcast show with recording episode # 91 this past week. It is now up a You Tube and you an find it by simply cutting and pasting this link ( We hope you’ll enjoy.



We received a wonderful notice from British radio producer Simon Collier telling us that our newest radio melodrama, “MATILDA” has been recorded and will soon be featured on their internet radio program, “Another Wavelength.” Think Twilight Zone on radio and you’ll get the idea. This is my second script of Simon and his amazing, talented voice actors and sound crew. Soon as the episode is up and available for purchase on their website, the Air Chief will certainly let you know and post a link. Meanwhile enjoy the awesome poster they did up for the episode. We love it.



Our good pal, and Official Protege, Todd Jones has just put out his, “Wicked Awesome Tales” Collection Volume. It collects all of the last four single issues and contains 18 black and white strip in all. Seven of which were written by the Air Chief, and these paired me with artists Luis Rivera, Gary Kato, (twice) Joe Arnold, Mike Belcher, Scott Ladzinski and Ron Stewart…with many of these lettered by artist Warren Montgomery.  The cover above features characters from the stories hanging out at a local watering hole, and yes, that is indeed our Brother Bones in the bottom left corner. Way to to, Todd. Another great collection, which he’ll be selling at future Colorado shows in the coming months.



And finally, artist Andrea Bormida is back hard at work on Beyond The Stars # 3 with the pencils for page number seven.  Beautiful work as ever.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next Friday.

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Greeting Loyal Airmen, hope all of you are doing great these days. We’ve a lot of fun news this week, so let’s get to it.


Bombers V2-1 CVRfnlBombers

After thirty years, the second volume of “The Boston Bombers” has finally arrived. Last week, artist Rob Davis finished all thirty pages and that nifty cover (above left) and sent the file off to Ka-Blam printers in Florida. When the book is officially available from their on-line store ( we will notify all you Loyal Airmen of that fact and send along a link. Meanwhile, for those of you who still have not read Volume One, (cover above right) we highly suggest you go to either Indy Planet or Amazon to pick up a copy. Volume Two picks up where One left off, so without One, it really won’t be as much to read. Dang…thirty years!! Where did the time go?



Speaking of Rob’s Redbud studio, the good folks at Indy Planet have finally listed Mr. Jigsaw # 18 for sale. For those of you still want to go there and pick up a copy. Here’s the link. (



After a long hiatus working on lots of other projects, colorist-supreme, Matt Webb returns to our “Jin & Tonik” series with the page above. The first to introduce Darya Tonikova. The art is of course by concept co-creator Cesar Feliciano.  This is coming out so fantastic. Thanks ever, Matt.



This week Airship 27 Production continues to rev its releases with two more fantastic titles for all you Loyal Airmen. The first is a spy thriller from writer Lee Houston Jr. featuring his new character, Solitaire. This is the first of a brand new series by Lee. Artist Chuck Bordell provides the nine interior illustrations and the always amazing Ted Hammond the cover.


Nest up is one of the weirdest pulp mash-ups ever, “Blood-Spiller Quarry” by writer Michael Panush. Michael’s last book for us was the recent Dead Sheriff entry. This time, Michael’s launching a series called “Stone Law” dealing with per-historic man. So think caveman-murder-mystery and you’ve an idea what this one is about. Handling all the chores, both interior illos and cover (with coloring assist by Rob Davis) is artist Earl Geier. Earl first work with Airship 27 back in our early days, doing the illustrations for writer Michael Vance’s great horror anthologies. As always, both of these fantastic new titles are available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. And as ever, thanks so much for your continued support, Loyal Airmen.


We recently did a short little on-line interview for a Denver based outfit that focuses on inspirational models in Colorado communities. Needless to say the Air Chief was both humbled and honored by being asked to participate. To see it, simply cut and paste this link. (




Finally we wanted to share these great pictures with all of you. Our daughter-in-law, Melanie, is a marathon runner and a few months back, just prior to King Charles’ coronation, London held it’s annual marathon. So off to Merry Old England went Mel and son Kevin. Mel enjoyed the race and course, but when it came to sight seeing she appreciated all the Harry Potter sites and Kevin had to stop and take a pix alongside the great detective Sherlock Holmes. The Air Chief is so envious. Ha. It was a week long trip and they had a blast.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen, as ever, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next Friday.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, from rain soaked Colorado. We’ve been experiencing one of the wet-est Spring here ever in the Rocky Mountain State. Sure it’s great for the ranchers and farmers, but man oh man do we miss the old sunshine. Ha.



Airship 27 Production’s latest release is a wonderful old fashion pulp thriller, “The Lucifer Stone” written by Bob Madison. It is the story of a college professor who learns gangsters have discovered meteorites that main contain unusual powers that could be destructive in the wrong hands. He sets out to find them and the adventure begins.  Adam Shaw did the beautiful cover (above left) and handling the nine black and white interior illustrations was Kevin Paul Shaw Broden (above right). The book is now available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. As always, Loyal Airmen, thanks so much for your continued support.



As Kevin Broden was wrapping up the interior illustrations, the Air Chief began thinking of what the cover image should be. In the story our hero meets a spunky young woman who helps him fight off the gangster with the old six-shooter she keeps in her purse. At the same time, he grabs a dinosaur thigh bone to wield as a club. We thought if we could get that image of the two of them ready to do battle, it would really great for this book. Thus the Air Chief began digging through his photo files. Trust me, Loyal Airmen, ours is extensive. And sure enough we finally tripped over a whimsical spot piece by the great American illustrator, J.C. Lyendecker of a young lady with a tennis racket and her beau with golf clubs.  (Above left) Hmm, so what if Adam Shaw used this as his starting point; replace the racket for the gun, the golf clubs for a dinosaur bones…and then added falling meteorites in the background. Of course, as he always does, Adam delivered a truly magnificent piece and then handed it off to Art Director Rob Davis to add the logo, author credit etc. And voila, our cover. We think it came out great!!



Boston Bombers Vol 2 # 1 is finished and off to Ka-Blam for printing. Wahoooo! All the art, including the stunning cover, is by Rob Davis. Will share it soon. For now, out of the files is one of the earliest concepts of the Bombers (above) by artist Robin Ator.



The script to Crimson Nun # 1 is finished. Came in at 22 pgs and is now off to artist Jesse Thomas. With fingers crossed he approves. We are both beat…and excited. Time for a beer.

And there you have it for this week, Loyal Airmen.  As always thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll see you again back here next Friday.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, we hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s Memorial Day holiday, both family get togethers and barbecues etc. At the same time remembering the purpose of the day, to remember all Americans who gave up their lives for our country.


Valerie and the Air Chief stopped by the Northern Colorado Visitors Center located at Spring Canyon here in Fort Collins. The place as mobbed with hundreds of people, many of them Vietnam veterans. Our salute to Fort Collins for always respecting and honoring the memories of our fallen veterans.



Artist Jesse Thomas has been hard at work on issue #1 and has done rough break downs of the first nine pages we scripted. We were so tempted to show you more, but realized they contain an opening scene which needs to be kept secret until the book is published. Thus the page above is Pg # 8 and we’ll leave you Loyal Airmen to try and decipher what it is all about. Feel free to send along your guesses.


13873170_1164465880242187_5638671572151858666_n01 Page 8 cropped09 color

Over the past ten years, the Air Chief has had lots of fun writing the adventures of space smuggler, Captain Jain Marlee. Those short stories have appeared in various black and white anthologies from various independent comic publishers. We’re happy to announce there is a new Capt. Jain strip now in the works and near completion. It’s called “Ghost World” and is being illustrated by my artist pal Ariel Aguire. The pages at above center and to the right are Ariel’s on the strip. Color is piece was done a while back by another artist whose name we sadly don’t recall. Anyway, Arile and spoke for the very first time last week when we gave him a phone call. He lives out in California. It was a great chat and we enjoyed it a lot. He’s excited about wrapping up “Ghost World” and soon as he does, trust me, Loyal Airmen, we will find a home for it and getting published. Till then stay tuned.



One of the greatest pulp writers of all time was Lester Dent, the creator of Doc Savage. Over his lifetime Dent wrote hundred of great pulp tales, many featuring other heroes only true diehard pulp fans are familiar with. Whereas recently we learned that Dent had wanted to write a western series featuring a mysterious gun-toting avenger called The Cowl. He wrote one Cowl story but it was rejected by the various pulp mags of the day. In the end he merely filed it away and forgot about. Now, after all this time, Tommy Hancock, publisher/editor of Pro Se Press, working pulp historian Will Murray, is about to revive this lost hero via a brand new anthology. And yes, the Air Chief was asked to contribute a story for the book, which we completed only a few days ago. Our story is called “Rattler’s Reckoning” and comes in a little over 14,000.  We’re extremely excited about the project and as soon as the book is finished and off to the presses, we’ll give you Loyal Airmen a loud shout out. Not ever day we get to write a lost pulp hero created by a pulp master.  Oh, yeah.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next Friday.

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Greetings Loyal Airmen, while writing last week’s Flight Log, we attempted to list all the current comic projects the Air Chief is now involved with. Thus we listed ten. Only that was wrong and we’d forgotten one. Really, # 11 –



After several years of now luck finding a talented artist to bring Bones’ original story to comics, our pal Joe Arnold signed on. And now months later, has begun doing actual page roughs and composition. Joe is really excited about the project and trust me, his enthusiasm is catchy. As ever, stay tuned. More of the Undead Avenger is on the way.



CN artist Jesse Thomas turned in the above uniform/color guide to our gun-blasting pulp hero. We love them.  Hope to get back to finishing up script # 1 soon.



Artist Andrea Bormida delivers up the pencils to Pg # 5 of issue # 3.  We aren’t going to preview as many pages for this and future issues as we did with 1 & 2. Lots of amazing surprises in story for you readers and we don’t want to spoil them. So stay tuned and buckle up. What’s coming is mind blowing!!


AIR-277Silver Pentacle 2-Illio 08sm

After a long period of no new releases, we are delighted to announce the arrival of “The Silver Pentacle Vol 2″ by Nancy Hansen. This is the second in her series about a post apocalyptic world wherein a star being from beyond our universe comes to Earth to assemble a team of super beings in order to save and rebuild our world. It is great fantasy adventure and Colorado based artist Guy Davis provides both the beautiful cover (above left) and all nine of the black and white interior illustrations (one such above right). The book is now available from Amazon now in paperback and soon on Kindle. As ever, Loyal Airmen, we thank you for your continued wonderful support.



Early on in the history of DC Comics, the idea of teaming their two greatest heroes (Superman & Batman) and so they created the monthly title called, “World’s Finest.” Okay, so every Wednesday afternoon the Air Chief and his Official Protege, Todd Jones get together at the local comic shop for some coffee and comic talk with others of our friends. Imagine our surprise when we jumped into Todd’s car, wearing our Super man tee, to see he was sporting a Batman one.  Yup, we both instantly shouted, “World’s Finest!” It’s fun folks, that’s what comics are all about.


You Tube

As we started this Flight Log talking about Brother Bones and artist Joe Arnold it’s only fitting we end that way in a very cool fashion. Joe has taped himself sketching Bones and that video is now available at You Tube. Should you want to check it out, here’s the link. It’s a lot fun to hear Joe ramble as he discusses the Undead Avenger. (

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. Been a busy week and we like it that way. As ever thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!


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Greeting Loyal Airmen, some time last year, we posted a list of the 8 comic projects we were currently involved with and the artists we were working with on each. Recently, we tripped over that list and saw that quite a few things have changed and thought we’d take this week to bring you all up to speed. So sit tight. Here we go.


Mr. Jigsaw Man of the Thousand Parts remains our longest running series ever, done with my pal Gary Kato and edited by Rob Davis, published via Rob’s Redbud Studio. We did finish issue # 18 but sadly it has yet to become available at ( Whereas it is one of the three issues contained in the 6th volume of The Adventures of Mr. Jigsaw available from Amazon. Hopefully, we can get cracking on issue # 19 before year’s end.

JPG(2)Kal wind flat 13

BEYOND THE STARS – Having wrapped up a successful Kickstarter Campaign for issue #2, Silverline Comics hopes to have that issue out to all supporters in June. Meanwhile artist Andrea Bormida is hard at work on the art for issue # 3. Which is our cue to get cracking on script # 4 of this planned six-issue sci-fi mini=series.

FB_IMG_1536059185007SMALLJin and Tonik Ink Sketch 2 CMYK

JIN & TONIK, the spy thriller graphic novel series we are doing with artist Cesar Feliciano. Issue one has been completed illustrated and we are awaiting the gorgeous coloring by Matt Webb.  Matt was recently very, very sick with pneumonia and is just now getting back on his feet. We are really happy he got through that and we should soon start seeing more pages from him.  Note, in regards to our participation, we have written the first two scripts.

Black Bat COVrBlack Batt

THE BLACK BAT – The graphic novel origin of this classic pulp hero. Artist Mike Belcher is still hard at work on, when time allows. Mike is penciling, inking and lettering, with his son Aiden on coloring chores. After a good start last year, Mike and his family got sidelined with other responsibilities that forced him to do more paid art commissions and set this aside for a little while. Per our recent conversation, it is his hope to get back to do pages on a regular schedule soon. At which time he will self-publish the book via Ka-Blam and his own imprint. So it is very much alive, BB fans.


THE WOODEN BLADE – The ongoing anthropomorphic series featuring the adventures of Raizee the Ram and Orai, his Vulture side-kick continues at a good pace. With issues one and two out from Pulp Fission Comics, artist Olivia DeGaine hopes to have issue # 3 out in time for the Fort Collins Comic Con the weekend of Aug. 26-27. Both of us are having a blast with these stories.


THE BOSTON BOMBERS Vol Two Issue # 1 –  Artist Rob Davis has been bowling us over with his amazingly beautiful pages for this sequel to the 30 yr old Boston Bombers book. At present he’s approximately four pages from wrapping up issue # 1 and will publish via his own Redbud Studio imprint. Stay tuned, Loyal Airmen, you don’t not want to miss this one.


CHIVALRY INC – Artist Javier Lugo who initially signed to the project, dealt with some major setbacks over the past year. This book is still set for publishing via Silverline Comics and in Javier’s recent message, he’s still very much on board and hopes to start work on it as soon as he finishes his current comic project.


SATIN’S WAYS – A project that was going to go to Silverline Comics but we ran into problems finding an art team, and then learned the Silverline’s 22 pg format wouldn’t work with our pg count per issue. In the end, we pulled it from them and recruited Gary Kato to do the entire 48 pgs which will then be published by Redbud Studio. We’ll keep you posted. We’ve forgotten how many different artists were connected with this over the past twenty years. With Gary on board, we’re guaranteed it will now come to completion.


HAMLET’S END – New western series we kicked off last year with artist Zane DeGaine. Still moving forward with hopes to have issue # 1 from Pulp Fission Comics available at this year’s Rocky Mountain Con in Nov. All fingers crossed. This one will be in full color.



And finally our latest in progress project based on a 1997 series from Antarctic Press and created by Warrior Nun’s own Ben Dunn. Ben gave us the green light back in April at the Wicked West Comix Expo where we met for the first time. Our artist on this one is Jesse Thomas and he’s now working on the first nine pages of script number one which we cranked out last week. The plot for this one has been slowly germinating and with God’s inspirations coming together in a truly excited fashion. This one is going to be a blast.

And there you have them, Loyal Airmen. Ten comic projects all be juggled daily by the Air Chief. We must be nuts. Hahahaha.



Meanwhile back at good old Airship 27, Rob is busy doing his illustrations for “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective” Vol 19.  And as ever his work is gorgeous, ala the illo above. Artist Howard Simpson will be providing the cover for that one. And believe me, Loyal Airmen, we’ve at least four other titles nearing the finish line so in the next week or two expect to see them popping up at Amazon.

And there you have it Loyal Airmen, what the Air Chief is currently juggling creatively.  As always thanks for stopping by. Stay well and God bless.

Ron – Over & Out!



  • On 12 May | '2023

Greetings Loyal Airmen, well last weekend’s Free Comic Book Day was the best one we have ever participated in ever since moving to here at Fort Collins’ own Gryphon’s Games & Comics.


The first time ever, Valerie joined the Air Chief and once we set up our table and banner, 10 a.m. arrived and the doors were opened. In streamed SO many fans, old friends and new. And most eager to buy our comics and pulps. Image to right above is one of many of our amigos also present, writer Aaron Powers.


To left Zane and Olivia hustling to sit as fans were pouring through the door. We want to thank the management at Gryphon’s for providing the free coffee and donuts for later later to all the creators.


Pals Abe Akins (to upper left) and Jesse Bonafazi (to upper right did extremely well.


Artists Lee Powell (upper left) from Cheyenne and our own Sesil (upper right) had a blast.


Once in this great comic shop, fans were browsing like crazy while to upper left, the Air Chief talks to another great fan. We sold out of half our stock, both in comics and pulps.


Our con neighbors to our left were two charming young ladies, the one on the right was Lee, an artist and this was her very first time showcasing her work. Above right is pal Tom Webster and behind him artist Marissa Hughes. We were at the shop from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In all the show was a tremendous success and we left with so many wonderful memories. Thanks one and all.




Now that we’ve been given the green light to write a brand new Crimson Nun mini-series for creator Ben Dunn, work has begun in earnest on the project. Including our announcing the artist we’ve recruited for the project is Jesse Thomas. Those are his sketches above to left of the old covers published back in 1997. Jesse is a published comic artist having worked for Zenascope Comics in the past and eager to get cracking on this proposed four issue mini-series. Sit tight Loyal Airmen, we’ll have lots more to show you in the weeks ahead.



My wonderful Aunt Jeannette, Mom’s sister, shared some old family photos with us recently. Above that’s her with her troop of nieces and nephews. Of all of them, we can only positively identify our own younger brother, George, at far left, and the fellow to the far right is yours truly, the Air Chief. Hard to believe we were ever that young.  And one more.


Mom’s family, the Richers, lived in Sanford Maine and visited them every Sunday afternoon, while growing up. So here’s a family pix of sisters, brothers and parents. Our Mom, Gabrielle Fortier, is at center in the light colored overcoat, behind her right side is her mother, our Memere Dorilla Richer, the due in the uniform is Uncle Jean Richer, this was 1951 and he served in the Army during the Korean Conflict. Behind him to on the right is our dad, George Fortier, and then in the fedora is our Pepere Donat Richer. It is so amazing to see these pictures. So many memories are locked up in that house and with those truly wonderful people. God truly blessed both the Fortiers and the Richers.

And that’s it for this week, Loyal Airmen. As ever thanks for stopping by. Take care and we’ll see you back here next Friday.

Ron – Over & Out!